Rich Bride vs Broke Bride / Funny and Awkward Moments

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Single vs Relationship / Funny Relatable Situations!:
Each bride is beautiful in her own way. Regardless of whether she is rich or poor. Funny and ridiculous situations also do not look at the financial condition of the brides)

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  • megan. looks. pretty. in her. wedding. dress and. make a part. 2. that. poor mom va rich mom okay i. wanna. see. when. they. all. have. a baby.

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  • Me: do I only see a ring on the poor gril friend Troom troom: shh I'm trying to hide it

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  • Its so funny

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  • One thing money can't buy is family and love

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    • How to make marmaid from your end

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  • Am I the only one who thinks braids are for black ppl ;-; like its their culture and part of who they are and I think you shouldnt ´use/steal it´ its just a question just dont get offended. have a nice day

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  • But one thing is missing poor people can’t buy iPhone 11 because they don’t have money so

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  • The rich girl when she picked out her outfit and she came out she looked Beautiful I think that was Megan

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  • every girl dreams of being fancy tho

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  • What's wrong with being poor? Don't judge people's financial situation. What is wrong with you guys!?

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    • Nothing is wrong with them what’s wrong with you so what’s wrong with them you can just say money doesn’t grow on trees that say you don’t need to just be a little bit rude

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