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Home Improvement the game. Where's the Nobel Peace Prize.



Special thanks to the Pixel Art Guild for JonTron art!!


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  • Having the SNES Top Gear theme in here brought a tear to my eye.

    ThoughtStreamThoughtStreamDag sedan
  • Why did JonTron delete the Jurassic Park the Lost World video?

    Weegee-96Weegee-962 dagar sedan
  • "WHERE'S THE PILLSBURY DOUGH BOY AWARD!?" is my new favorite quote of all time.

    Kilroy Was HereKilroy Was Here2 dagar sedan
  • If that's what chainsaws can be sign me in the rest of America

    night botnight bot9 dagar sedan
  • Tim Allen for smash, when?

    a ba b12 dagar sedan
  • this quality in 2012. ooof amazin

    Addu BoxAddu Box12 dagar sedan
  • home improvement walked so last man standing could run

    The_IronReaperThe_IronReaper12 dagar sedan
  • Who still watching in 2021!

    Galante SirujanoGalante Sirujano15 dagar sedan

    AwesomaticAwesomatic16 dagar sedan
  • Looks like Super Metroid.

    russellrussell16 dagar sedan
  • It’s kind of a relief to see that the devs gave this game idea exactly the level of effort it deserved.

    Dan CicalaDan Cicala16 dagar sedan

    Speedy87j_Shado87jSpeedy87j_Shado87j23 dagar sedan
  • The 90s was also set on being the edgiest decade in history. Or was that the Mid 2000s?

    Colin GZ Network PlusColin GZ Network Plus24 dagar sedan
  • what a classic, just another look back in time to an era long gone, missed but missed but always fondly remembered

    Faceless CoversFaceless Covers25 dagar sedan
  • I miss old Jontron. I love the new stuff, but this is just so nostalgic

    JeebbersJeebbersMånad sedan
  • This is were the fun really begins.

  • 6:12

    Ben ConwayBen ConwayMånad sedan
  • 1:26

    Ben ConwayBen ConwayMånad sedan
  • Since in the game world, it was all set on a sound stage, Tim Allen was fighting people in costumes. So he cut a guy in a raptor suit in half with a chain saw.

    TheAlanirvinTheAlanirvinMånad sedan
  • When I think of “Home Improvement,” I think of how it was way stupider than the early 90’s sitcom, “Dinosaurs.” 🤷🏻‍♂️

    Benjamin StevensBenjamin StevensMånad sedan
  • >ants ants everywhere Turns out this game wasn't actually an adaptation of home improvement, but the book armor by John stakley

    Dick KickemDick KickemMånad sedan
  • Classic

    ScrapeScrapeMånad sedan
  • Omg, you brought up the bird talking just seconds before my brother said “holy shit, that bird can talk”

    The Villainous Queen of HeartsThe Villainous Queen of HeartsMånad sedan
  • I seriously want to know who thought this game was a good idea?

    The Villainous Queen of HeartsThe Villainous Queen of HeartsMånad sedan
  • I’m

    Praise the SunPraise the SunMånad sedan
  • Jon was right. They just don’t make em like Cool Spot anymore.

    Harrison DalrympleHarrison DalrympleMånad sedan
  • The sacred texts!

    Inappropriate UsernameInappropriate UsernameMånad sedan
  • Best part 8:11

  • Ah, there's the Shiet meme

    itaketheSQUAREitaketheSQUAREMånad sedan
  • 5:02 why does that background music give me gas gas gas vibes?..

    And I OopAnd I OopMånad sedan
  • Watching this for the first time in 2021, this is old af

    MxYeahBoyMxYeahBoyMånad sedan
  • Here i thought this'd be like a 16 bit house flipper.

    The Duchy Of MilanballThe Duchy Of MilanballMånad sedan
  • Pause at 2:04

    Fredrick CanalesFredrick Canales2 månader sedan
  • Ngl I kinda wish he did the show and not the game but can't complain about another JonTron video

    Ramen, Literally RamenRamen, Literally Ramen2 månader sedan
  • Umm house-flipper on steam?

    LeeLooLeeLoo2 månader sedan
  • Someone PLEASE help. The song that immediately plays in the background from 0:26 to 0:48. It’s hitting me HARD with nostalgia and I remember maybe a clock level?!? I don’t know but this is making me crazy. I’m nearly positive it’s a gameboy platformer. Someone please come to my rescue and tell me what it’s from before I lose my mind. Edit: I’m not sure how I found this so quickly but thank god I did. My hunch was dead on, and the game is called “Super Mario Land 2: 6 golden coins” for anyone who cares. And the ‘clock’ level that was so imprinted on me was actually a gears level of inside a mechanical toy Mario, that I easily confused since it looks so incredibly similar to the SM64 clock level, the gears in each look identical. Anyways WOW what a freaking blast from the past.. I haven’t had a nostalgic burst from something that was hidden in my brain for literal decades like that in years. Completely forgot about that game, but as soon as I quickly zoomed through a SEcrone full-play and heard all the songs and saw all the levels and the unique areas with their bosses.. man it all came rushing back. This game came out in 92, I was 2 at the time, and my dad actually owned the game with the og gameboy. I didn’t play this until I was between 4 and 6 and I remember the accomplishment I felt in clearing each area, and eventually (took me a VERY long time) beating it was a huge gaming milestone for me at that age. The game is honestly incredible for a gameboy game at the time, it drew a lot off of super Mario world released a couple years prior, and it’s so unique and interesting for a Mario game then or now. DEFINITELY worth a quick run through on an emulator just to experience a non-linear Mario game that really propped the gameboy up and showed the world that if developed properly the gameboy was capable of great quality games. Oh and the music is by far the best part. So many catchy, unique, and very rememberable songs to go with this game (obviously since it lead me down this rabbit hole). Lol so happy I’m sharing this ridiculous nostalgic flashback that I just had, and me recounting my childhood experiences like I’m some 78 year old man talking too long about nothing anyone cares about hahaha. Good stuff. Now let’s finally watch this video 😬.

    Brandon PiattBrandon Piatt2 månader sedan
  • My god.. we need to bring back rage faces

    milking cow suprisemilking cow suprise2 månader sedan
  • Jon using rage comic faces: Himself later: “ThAt OnE dIdNT AgE sO WeLL

    Cthulhu FoxCthulhu Fox2 månader sedan
  • Where is the remake we've all asked for?

    Miss SurrealMiss Surreal2 månader sedan
  • masochistic: deriving sexual gratification from one's own pain or humiliation.

    1cjckc 9oook91cjckc 9oook92 månader sedan
  • 6:13 I love how jontron went outside just for one joke. Like he actually is annoyed that the game did something cool.

    DilloninatorDilloninator2 månader sedan
  • 6:13 Lets be honest, this is why y'all are here

    H SH S2 månader sedan
  • This video is the reason I think of dinosaurs on the rare occasion home improvement is mentioned

    ScyScy2 månader sedan
  • What's the music at 5:04?

    My new channelMy new channel2 månader sedan
  • The game music in this video is the best part

    AusnenAusnen2 månader sedan
  • Was swanky really a thing nine years ago?

    BillyDaWhaleBillyDaWhale2 månader sedan
  • here in 2021 reminiscing on the good ol' days of youtube... man times have changed so fast...

    MrCalverinoMrCalverino2 månader sedan
  • I've seen this video countless times and yet it still makes me laugh. Jon doesn't upload more often because then his videos would pose a health risk, it'd be too much quality content for people to physically handle.

    I'm Sorry RumhamI'm Sorry Rumham2 månader sedan
  • you can rush Sonic? Huh.

    KingLichKingLich2 månader sedan
  • Good god. I remember when this was the new jontron episode

    Eoin McMahonEoin McMahon2 månader sedan
  • 6:12 kids when they see you eating something

    Powergrindnoisecrust Funk fo’ that assPowergrindnoisecrust Funk fo’ that ass2 månader sedan
  • 6:05 im dead XD

    Sarah_ AnimationSarah_ Animation2 månader sedan
  • had to come here for nostalgic jontron

    Ryan ValdesRyan Valdes2 månader sedan
  • The fact that the editing quality and style still holds up perfectly almost a decade later is honestly astonishing

    Lil SticcLil Sticc2 månader sedan
    • Agreed. Present Jon has some funny moments but his early videos were so energetic and chaotic and I loved it so much more

      Insert badass-funny-wierd name here!Insert badass-funny-wierd name here!2 månader sedan
  • What nostalgia Home Improvement was... but not this game.

    Mr. Maritime Train 1912Mr. Maritime Train 19122 månader sedan
    • Who had memories of Home Improvement

      Mr. Maritime Train 1912Mr. Maritime Train 19122 månader sedan
  • Home improvement rocks

    Stoleskiキリスト教徒Stoleskiキリスト教徒2 månader sedan
  • is this better then game grumps lol

    Stoleskiキリスト教徒Stoleskiキリスト教徒2 månader sedan
  • 9 years in the future from this video. Bring back some dinosaurs

    Like ButtonLike Button2 månader sedan
  • 9 years later and the intro music from Jon's old videos is still so cool!

    Lord LogheriLord Logheri2 månader sedan
  • 3:55 - 4:02 are probably one of most favorite sounds Jon has made, that grunt he makes with the explosion sounds lived rent free in my mind for many years.

    風間愛風間愛2 månader sedan
  • Are all the dislikes people who really love Cool Spot?

    Mathew SoltanMathew Soltan2 månader sedan
  • Wow, I was so young when this came out

    softaimxatrsoftaimxatr2 månader sedan
  • I was 4 when this came out

    Batman 2020Batman 20202 månader sedan
  • They have a show on the history channel now.

    Nathen ShawanaNathen Shawana2 månader sedan
  • 1:55 makes my day

    Creamy GoodnessCreamy Goodness2 månader sedan
  • I've watched the HE series 6-7 times now. Currently sitting through another round. Possibly one of the best shows ever made. I'd argue HE would thrive as a game now, maybe in VR where you do various projects etc. Don't forget to check out the show Assembly Required which reunites Allen and Karn (Tim and Al) in a modern reality TV show.

    Evan PageEvan Page2 månader sedan
  • Miss these days 😞

    PandaLuck TVPandaLuck TV2 månader sedan
  • Omg I’m mad I just noticed I didn’t have notifications on for you... I am soo sorry I neglected to do so till now

    Holo SohmaHolo Sohma2 månader sedan
  • Unironically, Home Improvement is an amazing snes game and something i play often

    FoxCraftFoxCraft2 månader sedan
  • "That show, that would be totaly viable show in real life?" Wish granted jon. Now in 2021 Tim has that show called Assembly required.

    Matej HorvatMatej Horvat2 månader sedan
  • The 7:21 part kills me every time.

    DanDan2 månader sedan
  • dude ballz was my nostalgic game! me and my sisters played it alot!!

    sweetblackblood1sweetblackblood13 månader sedan
  • 6:14 SHIET

    TigerBoi87TigerBoi873 månader sedan
  • da fok

    MeMes MeMeSMeMes MeMeS3 månader sedan
  • 2021

    Craig ThompsonCraig Thompson3 månader sedan
  • 0:22

    WildVortex45WildVortex453 månader sedan
  • Ollllld School.

    Mark FergusonMark Ferguson3 månader sedan
  • Its funny because as soon as I saw the graphics, I thought about Zombies Ate my Neighbors and also the Wayne's World Super NES game too. Best games.

    Casey 3-P-OCasey 3-P-O3 månader sedan
  • Ah yes, my Favorite intro was the one that raptured me eardrums.

    gas station boner pillsgas station boner pills3 månader sedan
  • getting a jontron ad before the episode >>>>

    mustard.mustard.3 månader sedan
  • 2:02

    mustard.mustard.3 månader sedan
  • SHIET!

    Jason SinnJason Sinn3 månader sedan
  • When I was a kid, they said this game was not real "intro into the show". I was severely dissapointed. My life was a lie, it was real!

    WarThunder Cinematic.WarThunder Cinematic.3 månader sedan
  • 6:14 when I mess up

    Derpy ChickenDerpy Chicken3 månader sedan
  • 1:56 Lmao

    Derpy ChickenDerpy Chicken3 månader sedan
  • Tim Allen's stand up specials are among the best out there.

    TORYN NielsenTORYN Nielsen3 månader sedan
  • 6,522nd comment

    Ryley SamsonRyley Samson3 månader sedan
  • A.. aaan... Aaaann. ANTS EVRYWEEEH

    Ty SandiferTy Sandifer3 månader sedan
  • A wise man once said "PRINT DAT SHIIIIIT"

    NotEminemsBurnerAccountNotEminemsBurnerAccount4 månader sedan
  • I just came here to dance on the intro music...

    10,000 Suscribers Without videos10,000 Suscribers Without videos4 månader sedan
  • Act like Tim Allen's grunting wasn't the only redeeming quality of the show SURE

    b bb b4 månader sedan
  • Tim Allen 4 smash

    Myself Awesome DudeMyself Awesome Dude4 månader sedan
  • Holy technology 🤣

    C17 KelledylifeC17 Kelledylife4 månader sedan
  • SHIET!

    Peter PandaPeter Panda4 månader sedan

    Bruno BallicoBruno Ballico4 månader sedan
  • id play a perfect strangers game, a mork and mindy game... it doesnt matter make more tv games, i wanna play a george lopez show nes game

    lards nygaardlards nygaard4 månader sedan
  • 1:07 em John I’m pretty sure those are see through, I think you should probably censor that

    ChugzChugz4 månader sedan
  • Who disliking dis?

    BREADBREAD4 månader sedan

    JN StudiosJN Studios4 månader sedan