My Magic Hair, Get’s Me Anywhere

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  • the slap was everything, if only in rl girls could slap rich boys and then they would help with their family cases and then life a happily ever after BAH-

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  • The title without abbreviation: *My magic hair get is me anywhere*

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  • When she said her dad loved to comb her hair gave me Rapunzel vibes

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  • 1:49 what kind of five years old would talk like this? They wouldn't even understand

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  • him in his mind when he gets kissed: last time i checked, this was not in the script

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  • Dude. This is not real. Also DESLIKE. And a 5 year old is smart enough to make her own descisions? THERE'S NOTHING MAGIC ABOUT YOUR HAIR! CLIC BAIT

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  • 1:40 does that scene remind anyone of anything- or is it just me?-

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