Catastrophic flooding across western Europe as politicians blame climate change - BBC News

More than 120 people have died and hundreds are still missing after record rainfall caused the worst flooding in parts of Western Europe for many decades.

In Germany dozens of people were unaccounted for, with the Chancellor Angela Merkel describing the floods as a catastrophe.

Torrential rain has also devastated parts of Belgium, the Netherlands and Luxembourg.

Survivors have described the terrifying speed at which water levels rose.

Some politicians in Germany say the extreme weather is the result of global warming and they're calling for more urgent action to counter climate change.

Clive Myrie presents BBC News at Ten reporting - from Jenny Hill in Erftstadt, Germany - Anna Holligan in the Dutch town of Valkenberg - and chief environment correspondent Justin Rowlatt on the threat posed by climate change.

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  • Climate change yes but humanity is not driving Climate change ,planet earth is driving Climate change as it has for milena, if there were no humans on the earth Climate change will still be happening your all being misled.

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  • Time is running out, one day mother earth will not be able to sustain us anymore if we do not heed her warnings

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  • Politicians are the reason why the world is in that mess

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  • Whether or not you agree or disagree with climate change is irrelevant. We need to be taking better care of the planet than we are. Governments and big business need to be accountable for what they are doing. People need to stop being hypocrites and buying the latest gadget every year etc. etc.

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  • Friends, climate change is global! and if this does not concern you now, no one knows what will happen tomorrow! 07.24.21 at 15-00 GMT conference "The global crisis - this already affects everyone." Join, there will be a lot of useful information on this topic. All goodness and happiness!

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    • @Neojhun Ok Einstein, who can't even process such a basic and simple to understand concept, tell us where the replacement power comes from? Do you understand what happens to energy prices when it becomes a scarce commodity? Do you understand that power is what our economies run off in ALL sectors. You are obviously clueless about the carbon trading banks how they are going to work and who set them up too.

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    • "reduction in Co2 means poverty for the middle class" lol that is an insane fallacy. Zero reasoning, just ideology wishing.

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  • I don't blame climate change, I blame the governments. Their ideas they think are good only make things worse. Electric cars don't help, nuclear power plants don't help, and above all politicians don't help. Don't blame mother nature. Start blaming Biden, Xi and all the other dumbasses who've made the world a living hell.

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