Waterproofing My Life With FLEX TAPE - JonTron

Seal the hole in your soul, with FLEX TAPE!!


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Jon Jafari - Himself

Director/Writer - Jon Jafari
Assistant Director/Line Producer/Director of Photography - Sergio Torres
Gaffer - Mike Shayne
Makeup/Special Effects- Melanie Licata
Production Assistant - Andrew Reynoso

Post Production:
Lead Editor - Jon Jafari
Assistant Editor - Andrew Reynoso

Disclaimer: This video is parody and in no way associated with the Flex Tape brand.

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  • Is nobody talking about how John predicted flex glue

    tvheadtvhead6 timmar sedan
  • Ah a meme

    RED HOODRED HOOD8 timmar sedan
  • Instead of just fixing your actual pipes…

    Ray LastRay Last9 timmar sedan
  • This is like 10 memes in one video

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  • always have to come back to this masterpiece

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  • I’ve came back to this video so many times and I laugh harder each tine

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  • You gotta laugh to the fact the jiz napkin is one of those shop paper towels lmao

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  • This is such a fun one, I've probably seen it 3 or 4 times and I'm still watching it again lol, this entire video is gold lol

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  • You just stop quik liks with flex tape?🤣🤣🤣 won't see that coming

    The Gospel of the fallen angels.The Gospel of the fallen angels.23 timmar sedan
  • Yaaaaaaay

    Ryan WolfRyan WolfDag sedan
  • "Couple of turd stains" what have you been doing to these buckets?

    E MartiE MartiDag sedan
  • Still funny

    Andrej MarkovićAndrej MarkovićDag sedan
  • 0:00 Every goddamn ad for a glue/waterproof seal be like:

    SUGOYSUGOYDag sedan
  • Home Repair Boat Marine Automotive RV Camper Outdoor Gear Construction DIY Projects So Much More oh wow i didnt know u can put flex tape of ''SO MUCH MORE'' rlly good job phil

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  • buy flex

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  • This was the first video I saw Then I immediately subscribed

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  • 10:12

    Samuel SanchezSamuel SanchezDag sedan
  • cap

    Kyle Christian CacanogKyle Christian CacanogDag sedan
  • I still come back for that out of breath declared statement of him as Phil: "This is Phil Swift with FlexTape! I'm a prostitute!"

    Willy GearhartWilly Gearhart2 dagar sedan
  • Jon Sounds so much like Billy Crystal

    SparlsmasterSparlsmaster2 dagar sedan
  • 4:02 If you get it you get it

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  • I can't wait for this video to reach 100 million views.

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  • 4:52 philosophers be like

    Hell_RainXDHell_RainXD2 dagar sedan
  • Schools:I sawed this mitochondria in half

    creative corecreative core2 dagar sedan
  • Johnny Star?....you fucking dumb that's Anthony Sullivan

    FroppyFroppy2 dagar sedan
  • 0:00 to 0:18 THE NINTENDO DS SHOP THEME!

    Glitchan BlackGlitchan Black3 dagar sedan
  • I remember I used flex seal in my parents drains

    XxConnection UserxXXxConnection UserxX3 dagar sedan
  • I dare someone to put something on the game boy fridge no rickroll

    Suction cup sansSuction cup sans3 dagar sedan
  • 9:43-9:54 Nice

    Charles BananaCharles Banana3 dagar sedan
  • 9:39 It just works

    3DS Playz3DS Playz3 dagar sedan
  • 7:49 Why doesnt he just use a piece of paper? he could turn the bucket, put paper on it, spray on the paper, turn it around and spray one last time from inside. But nooo, better use 20 litres of this shit. Phil you disappoint me.

    SkeasySkeasy3 dagar sedan
  • Hello people from 2069!!

  • He fixed the boat changed the colour from silver to white and slapped on a motor....

    Maoz OhanaMaoz Ohana3 dagar sedan
  • So when is he going to eat his flex tape?

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  • How does this man not have 420.69 million subscribers already

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  • I knew i had seen this guy before, but i couldn't figure out where Then 1:28 hit me

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  • 6:57

    Jordan BustleJordan Bustle4 dagar sedan
  • 4:52 me when someone says I shouldn’t go drive thru

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  • Flex tape: *exists* Jon: *I ‘ L L T A K E Y O U R E N T I R E S T O C K*

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  • Flex tape is god in tape form.

    Jaxon TylerJaxon Tyler4 dagar sedan

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  • Idk who this man is, but I'm sure glad I got recommended him. I'm on my 3rd video and this dude is fucking hilarious.

    TheBaddestLarryTheBaddestLarry4 dagar sedan
    • It’s Jontron. Welcome to the club. I’m jealous of the journey you’re about to go on.

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  • I like the nightmare sequence at the end.

    SgtPunterSgtPunter4 dagar sedan
  • AMD yet in didn't fix my fucking bike

    Noah CorderoNoah Cordero5 dagar sedan
  • Ah yes a legendary video has shown up on our recommendation page kids shall learn new things in Jon's way

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  • You Still Left The Other One Phil You've Done Half A Job And You Got A Full Smile

  • meme reacting to meme this where the people truly get mind blown epic job jon

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  • El missa gringo no exis…

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  • society

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  • When Two Memes collide.

    Borhanuddin RubelBorhanuddin Rubel5 dagar sedan
  • " I, Phil Swift here for Flex Tape. The super strong water proof tape can even repair you broken marriage".

    Vinh Thanh Pham (David)Vinh Thanh Pham (David)5 dagar sedan
  • 4:54-4:56 yo I just found him 😱

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  • 1:59 yo that’s true 🤣

    39.Darshana S39.Darshana S5 dagar sedan
  • Why

    Injun77Injun776 dagar sedan
  • The moment a spokesperson has to make a video about their product explaining the common sense of how to use it, then there's a problem with our society...... Then someone eats Flex Tape (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻

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  • This is officially an internet classic, it will be remembered for ages.

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  • Plug up those eyes that nose is still breathing that got me dying of laughter

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  • Remember when JonTron talked about video games?

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    • Yeh

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  • Single handedly gave this guys bloodline millions

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  • Why does he sound like a cross of ice age manny and lion kings timon and a hint of bill burr

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  • Here before 69 mil views

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  • fun fact but my mother is friends with the film producer who filmed flex seal

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  • Jon has just predicted Flex Glue a year in advance. Jontron is psychic confirmed ?!

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  • He sounded like swagger souls at 8.20

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  • This man dosent create memes. He himself is the meme

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  • 1:56 the best part. Can’t stop laughing.

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  • 8:21 LMAO 🤣

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  • the products did worked and you look stupid here

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    • @Reise Lukas [WorldsmithClub] as if american have perfect grammar

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    • Your grammar doesn't make you look any better

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  • Guten tag

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  • i hate how i decided to make my name xd_philswifts because of this video

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  • Slap tape

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  • I saw some flex tape on the counter...l chucked it

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  • to those who want the why why would you do that meme it is from 4:53 to 4:55

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  • This shits to funny

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  • 7:11 He can only see Martians because of flex tape in smokin

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  • Phil swift needs to be in smash bros

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  • Earthquakes: Never again with FLEX TAPE!!!

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  • Wierd flextape but ok.

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  • leave the poor kitty alone (;´д`)ゞ

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  • Seal flex

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  • Tape Flex

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  • The flex family of products have convinced me from the start.

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  • 6:55 S.O.S.

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  • T

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  • F L E X I C I N T A

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  • Seal the hole in your soul, with FLEX TAPE!!.

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  • The boat part looks like they painted a line down the center of the boat That's what I laughed at when I first saw the infomercial on tv

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