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Hi. Elon Musk will not save us. Sorry.

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00:00 - Intro
04:16 - Is Elon Musk Any Good?
11:00 - Bad Billionaires
15:45 - The Boring Grift
27:30 - Escape To Mars

Executive Producer Katy Stoll (@KatyStoll). Co-Written by David C Bell (@moviehooligan). Directed by Will Gordh (@will_gordh). Edited by Gregg Meller. Graphics by F. Clint DeNisco.

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Ladda ner



  • 11:11 when the cringe is too strong.

    goauld88goauld884 timmar sedan
  • I hate elon musk truly.

    Joe HanJoe Han5 timmar sedan
  • When you say 40% of chargers are from tesla; in Canada its 100%...

    Derek DrozdzikDerek Drozdzik9 timmar sedan
  • According to peterson basically everything is impossible

    ezioezio17 timmar sedan
  • Comparing Tesla to the other electric cars are kind of joke. You have to have something that people want, nobody wants to replace their gas car less performing vehicles. And they sell solar panels to charge cars. I agree with somethings you say, but you really miss the mark on some of these points. You sound like some of the companies pointing out their flaws without doing a little more digging.

    BatwingBatwing19 timmar sedan
  • You’re missing some big points on starlink. All the other satellite companies are awful, and I mean awful. It’s really hard to run a cable through over 5000 acres just for 10 people.

    BatwingBatwing19 timmar sedan
  • Of course he’s not, he’s an imposter, making money from someone else’s name

    Wonky GustavWonky Gustav21 timme sedan
  • You know I actually love the bugles, actually a great jingle

    FoldLeftFoldLeft22 timmar sedan
  • I stopped like Elon when he said "My idol is Eddison" Everyone with brains knows Eddison didnt do anything, he was unintelligent and uncreative and destroyed the lifes of many just because he had the money to buy out other people that inveted stuff because they where low on money... A bad person.

    atwaxatwax23 timmar sedan
  • Finally somebody who understands elon character i had this conversation with my brother many times and probably half of what you said came up in it but we always end the conversation with he brought something new to the game which is talking about the future which seems to be talked less about these days

    ibrahem hamdiibrahem hamdiDag sedan
  • just imagining the risk of one of those electric cars catching fire in one of those tunnels makes me nervous

    jasonbailjasonbailDag sedan
  • Elon doesn't want Star Trek space communism, he wants Galt's Gulch... and to be John Galt

    JagdkartoffelJagdkartoffelDag sedan
  • Gasoline cars are quite literally 10 times more likely to catch fire than Tesla's. Why would you so blatantly lie about that?

    Jake PetersenJake PetersenDag sedan
  • What really gets me about Musk and the whole cult of mars colonization is how little perspective they have about the concept of "habitability." The absolute least habitable land mass on the planet has hundreds of people living on it year round and these people regularly get drunk and run around outside naked during the harshest weather conditions possible. This behavior would of course kill you instantly anywhere on mars, any day of the year, in any weather. The absolute worst case scenario in terms of climate change would still leave the majority of the earths surface thousands of times more habitable than mars. Any technology capable of sustaining life on mars could, by definition, even more easily sustain life on a post apocalyptic earth. The only two possible events that MIGHT actually make earth harder to live on than mars are a total global thermonuclear war or some kind of mass impact event, and I'm not even so sure about those.

    Gordon ScottGordon ScottDag sedan
  • Jeff bezos is definitely a better innovator for the government to spend money on.

    CalvinCalvinDag sedan
  • Here's my idea. We start an international grass roots fund to hire ACTUAL scientists to build a functioning rocket that will take Elon Musk and his bougie friends with him. If I'm correct, that will leave us with only the world leaders who weren't stupid enough to follow Irony Man into the stars. That way, we stop his massive climate-destroying funding campaigns and reorganize global politics through a process of intellectual osmosis where the richest and stupidest are diffused into the vacuum of space leaving only sensible Earthlings within the permeable membrane of our atmosphere.

    Andy The DishwasherAndy The DishwasherDag sedan
  • So what you're saying is ... Elon Musk invented the Enclave.

    Andy The DishwasherAndy The DishwasherDag sedan
  • The anti-Elon circlejerk in this comment section is just as pathetic as all the Musk fanboys. So much bitterness and desperation

    Matthew MielcusznyMatthew MielcusznyDag sedan
  • Musk fans are a manifestation of the same 'optimistic' psychology, which we all posses, that causes us to waste our money on lottery tickets and roulette wheels. There aren't any beneficent billionaires; that would be an oxymoron. 🌻

    Ian PIan PDag sedan
  • Nothing But Control & Manipulation Every aspect controlled, how are you supposed to know when people go out of their way to mess with your head and hide behind anonymous accounts etc Time will tell and I can’t wait til this is straightened out. It’s clear money is supporting and protecting money, I always expected that. Those hiding their faces don’t interest me one bit, if they don’t have the balls to put their face or name to words it won’t matter what sentences I get. Not the least bit interested. I’m staying on the side of the creators that can’t stick up for themselves or that are constantly getting shat on by the bully. I hate the bullies. I hate the bullies. I hate the bullies. i have no time nor positive wishes for them. Time will tell it all and then we’ll see.✌🏼♻️🤍

    Kevin Philip QuinnKevin Philip QuinnDag sedan
  • fking shave, Caveman.

    Green NightsGreen NightsDag sedan
  • you got a problem with everyone else, but your all perfect, right? stfu

    Green NightsGreen NightsDag sedan
  • The measure of the greatness of a man is given by the amount of people who criticize him just to get their 5 minutes of attention and give a little meaning to their life, othwerwise meaningless. By the way, who is this poor Leonard Hofstadter's copy? But much less nerd and much more stupid? I've never heard of him, what did he accomplish in his life?

    Roberto PreatoniRoberto PreatoniDag sedan
  • Twenty seconds in and ...no. I'm out.

    Steve LockhartSteve LockhartDag sedan
  • Ironyman...thats it.

    BainsworthBainsworth2 dagar sedan
  • So, just to point out, Captain Gabriel Lorca (Star Trek Discovery) was from the Mirror Universe meaning he was an evil reflection of our universe. So Lorca taking Musk as a “pioneer “ and someone to look at as an example of human potential kinda makes sense. Cause Lorca is after all... a bad guy...and Musk is, well... not great? Just saying lol

    Infinite Omni-BusInfinite Omni-Bus2 dagar sedan
  • I'm just gonna say it, I never liked Iron Man...

    Zed - OrcZed - Orc2 dagar sedan
  • you're SO SMART compared to Elon musk - you have a beard

    Dort MallDort Mall2 dagar sedan
  • Wow, there's a lot of negativity here

    JRB the producerJRB the producer2 dagar sedan
  • Elon Musk speaks his fear for an AI takeover, at the same time he sells you a brain chip that can make you symbiotic with AI. I don't trust that shit

    lalalalalalalala2 dagar sedan
  • This video is idiocracy, the figurehead of it is a representetaive of that, and most hater commenters are also the same. I hope your ancestors stay forever on earth driving a Mitsubishi i-MiEV. I'd give you reasons, but it's too obvious. Clickbait to the max. Quite disgusting bunch of socialists.

    coder entitycoder entity2 dagar sedan
  • OK, so you think the answer is to convert existing cars to electric? Have you done an analysis or presented a paper on this surprising claim?

    Steve MicklerSteve Mickler2 dagar sedan
  • Not an Elon fan - but pointing out the little biases peeking through on the "thousands of rockets being launched" when you meant Satellites and Bitcoin mining using as much power of a country - I've heard it's as much as a mid-sized city and much of it utilizes leftover power that would be otherwise wasted. But Elon's emits the hallmarks of a shyster and is cringy for sure. The (justified) hype train of hate is large fueled by his alleged market manipulation.

  • Good to see some constructive criticism of the person who seems to be both a massive visionary and a real-life James Bond villain :D

    longbowslolongbowslo3 dagar sedan
  • Where does Neuralink play into this fool's dystopia I mean utopia?

    Allen NatianAllen Natian3 dagar sedan
  • elon musk is the im not like other girls of billionaires

    Pj MathisonPj Mathison3 dagar sedan
  • Lmao ... I just watched Elysium and I kept thinking about it before he got there 😂😂😂

    Ano NymousAno Nymous3 dagar sedan
  • Poor people talking about rich people. Never seems to get old

    Keven CampanaKeven Campana3 dagar sedan
  • This guy is just tucker Carlson for the left lmao

    Excellent EricExcellent Eric3 dagar sedan
    • what could this possibly mean?

      Joshua Gibbons-EyreJoshua Gibbons-Eyre3 dagar sedan
  • Elon is not your friend, but don't forget....neither is Cody Johnston.

    gloominousdoom11gloominousdoom113 dagar sedan
  • You are no my frend too. A some more news for ya (: You will not save us too!

    BlesnivBlesniv3 dagar sedan
    • @Proper User He can't. Musk fans only like him because he says 69 occasionally and sells awful flamethrowers. They don't give a shit about what he actually does.

      Joshua Gibbons-EyreJoshua Gibbons-Eyre3 dagar sedan
    • Give a single fucking example of something Elon musk has done that would save the world for climate change and stuff.

      Proper UserProper User3 dagar sedan
  • don't forget to like, subscribe and BUY MY ANTI CAPITALISM MERCH! the internet is such a joke. idiocracy is just around the bend.

    No AndnoNo Andno3 dagar sedan
    • There's a difference between creating an option for dedicated fans to show their support for you, and exploiting labour, crushing workers rights, profiting off apartheid, spreading deadly conspiracy theories, etc etc. How about you go back to your ben shapiro videos if you're gonna act like an idiot.

      Joshua Gibbons-EyreJoshua Gibbons-Eyre3 dagar sedan
  • Cops need guns when citizens have guns. Tackle the latter and solve the former.

    alan jenkinsalan jenkins3 dagar sedan
  • I mean this is the same guys who visited Epstein even after he was jailed for advice and was on Amber's side on her case vs Johnny Depp. Can't expect human decency from these kinds of people.

    Sarako33 -ioSarako33 -io4 dagar sedan
  • Every time I see that CNBC correspondent (Contessa Brewer) marveling about some flashy lights in a underground tube and polishing Elon's d*** (metaphorically speaking) it makes me sick. It makes me hate humanity a little bit more.

    TheCubicPlanetTheCubicPlanet4 dagar sedan
  • Heya, I like your English, it's so easy to understand! Thanks!

    Ilya AzimuthIlya Azimuth4 dagar sedan
  • The funny thing about the Star Trek Discovery clip is that that was spoken by Captain Lorca who was actually *SPOILERS FOR SEASON 1* from the evil alternate universe that Trek has. It turns out that Lorca was evil the whole time and just wanted to get back to his own universe. So technically you could argue that this praising of Musk came from a character that is a literal bad guy anyway, and therefore completely in character for him to say. Perhaps an accidental slip up as he was trying to speak to Stamets. Yeah I'm a nerd. Anyone reading this is too, so chill.

    1chi TheKilr1chi TheKilr4 dagar sedan
  • Wow, people on this chanel big brain

    7Alpha7Alpha4 dagar sedan
  • He’s literally a rocket engineer. He has a computer science degree and a physics degree.

    David BurnettDavid Burnett4 dagar sedan
    • At least learn to lie properly.

      Proper UserProper User3 dagar sedan
    • No that's bullshit he doesn't have a single degree in science he has a degree in economics and arts he was even rejected from university of Stanford for his PhD in energy Physics. Bruh you could have atleast done a simple Google search.

      Proper UserProper User3 dagar sedan
  • Elon alive and well is proof of the fraud. If he isn’t hammered into the ground by titans of industry/govt like Nicola Tesla where his body is swept under the rug and all his other worldly inventions stolen by the govt then he isn’t doing much except putting lipstick on old technology. Elon = Electric emperor with no clothes.

    D. P.D. P.4 dagar sedan
  • Even charging an EV from coal power is still environmentally friendly than most gas cars. They are far more efficient. And don’t involve pipelines and oil drilling.

    Wes MagyarWes Magyar4 dagar sedan
  • I just realised that the Enterprise is actually mass transit space bus. But seriously all those super rich guys could be funding alternative energy sources. There are tons of ideas here now that just need money for development and construction.

    Andrew Koa StephensAndrew Koa Stephens4 dagar sedan
  • who looks at their car merchant and thinks that its their friend

    Slec80Slec804 dagar sedan
  • Mmm you made some half ass points. The internet offering is revolutionary. The cost for internet in rural areas is the same as star link. Though the speed is less the 3mbps, stark link gives rural unconnected places faster internet speeds of 100mbps. For the same price of other companies. The price is high and speeds are slower then urban areas but for rural and unconnected areas of the world this can get them online and open greater opportunities for them.

    BlankBlank4 dagar sedan
  • There's an interesting sff novel in here somewhere. I personally would have zero problem with sending Musk and all the other billionaires to Mars and then hanging up the phone on them, while we get on with saving the planet.

    Morgan SmithMorgan Smith4 dagar sedan
  • How pathetic! Elon Musk is not perfect, neither am I, neither are you! Some may even dispute his reputation as an innovator. But, without contest, he has a capacity, as a (multiple) CEO to make things happen, to realise dreams, to implement business plans, to make his company (-ies) survive what would have doomed any other, that has no modern day rival! Chapeau bas, Monsieur Musk!

    François BadouxFrançois Badoux4 dagar sedan
    • This might be the most pathetic thing I've read all week

      Joshua Gibbons-EyreJoshua Gibbons-Eyre3 dagar sedan
  • Man I keep seeing this guy in my recommended, I didn't know discount john Oliver had SEcrone channel.

    Die WindowsDie Windows4 dagar sedan
  • Not going to lie, the man facinates me. He is as intelligent as he is stupid, that said you would think the man was a cult leader with how much of that intelligence gets exaggerated. His real genius is how he markets himself, it doesn't matter if you love or hate him his name is on everyone's mind. If I wasn't so desensitized to this sort of thing it would a little scary. I can't wait for Elon to go full L . Ron Hubbard and and make a space Jesus religion.

    Les KelleyLes Kelley4 dagar sedan
  • P.T. reinvented

    Maca VelliMaca Velli4 dagar sedan
  • Watched the first half hour and had to stop. More than half of what you are saying is just flat out wrong. You say you don't want to talk about his tweets but that's most of the video. Everything I watched was just a manchild crying about a billionaire because he has money, even though he is one of the few actively trying to help. I hope this is for entertainment only, if you are trying to be a real journalist, try harder.

    Luc FlaschentragerLuc Flaschentrager4 dagar sedan
    • It's sad to see people this dense. You made it all the way to half an hour through a video cataloguing Musk's shitty actions and all you could think was "this mustn't be true! Space daddy would never!" I hope you start getting some self-awareness soon.

      Joshua Gibbons-EyreJoshua Gibbons-Eyre3 dagar sedan
  • Check out Solving the Money Problem for a different view

    Topdog525Topdog5254 dagar sedan
  • America wanted a Billionaire Philanthropist as President, they got an immature criminal idiot fascist with temper issues. Then they wanted one as the Savior of their Industry and they got a greedy, insanely overrated weirdo narcissist with little to no education in the fields he ventures into and no interest in cooperation. Oh and he's also a fascist as a boss! Please stop trying to find the good billionaires, ok?!

    YeeSoestYeeSoest4 dagar sedan
  • If I got mad at all the trials and errors of innovative companies too I’d kms

    Alex CarleAlex Carle4 dagar sedan
  • Ironic that Las Vegas wanted a new ""people moving system"" when they used covid as an excuse to gut public transportation. I think what they really meant, judging how the wanted it to go by the convention center, is a TOURIST moving system

    AlexisAlexis4 dagar sedan
  • Awesome take down.

    Luis José Chávez F.Luis José Chávez F.4 dagar sedan
  • If he wants to be remembered as like Tesla, he's gonna have to die broke and alone.

    Larry RoseLarry Rose4 dagar sedan
  • The only thing that this video was missing was the perspective that having all of your eggs in one basket is bad. There are more threats to human life than just climate change. We've got nuclear war, supervolcanoes and asteroids too. So long as one major planetary event can obliterate us and partially reset all known life, humanity is basically on a trial run. If you can set us up off planet, though, we will pretty much keep on growing into the cosmos. We are the ultimate invasive species! Plenty of times in my science education, I was reminded that we have seed vault libraries to preserve plant life and biodiversity, should the worst happen. However, we have nothing of the sort for humans. Gaining that one single foothold will be a major transition point from "one grumpy dictator can decide to end human civilization with nukes" to "Humanity will almost certainly persist beyond their beginnings". It's not about saving the world or saving people..... It's about creating an insurance policy. It's about preserving the existence of the species at all. We can definitely destroy ourselves, we got that one down, but saving ourselves.... That we can struggle with. Having a backup doesn't hurt. Making sure, the best you can, that humans won't just END one day is not a bad life goal. It doesn't help our current quality of life, it doesn't directly benefit us personally, but it would be comforting to know that we can't just stop existing as a whole very easily. Oh, and as usual, thanks for making such amazing content! :D

    kasinkokasinko5 dagar sedan
  • Ya but musk knows his cars are bs and his wealthy friend s who orchestrated the pandemic told him it's all bs. The virus is real vaccines questionable how effective they really are but they were able make a huge profit.

    otha cindyotha cindy5 dagar sedan
  • Yes! More and more incredible people I keep finding . The real true heroes if you ask me . This guy and many more . Few more but I have a feeling they are just beginning to show their capes in numbers . Applause to you brother . And team behind your work . Keep it up

    Luis MartinezLuis Martinez5 dagar sedan
  • Bill gates has done nothing but have more years over Elon to his agenda . Perfect so far just not one good word about gates . He deserves to go to Mars with Ellon . Grimes prob will not be invited . That’s for heard .

    Luis MartinezLuis Martinez5 dagar sedan
  • Wow . Makes more sense the more you watch this . Watching to the end is key if you want the best view point to make your own assessment. Don’t see Elon’s work the same and I never was behind it in the first place . But now I see more than I did .

    Luis MartinezLuis Martinez5 dagar sedan
  • You earned my sub and future attention. Great information . New spin on this guy . Makes sense

    Luis MartinezLuis Martinez5 dagar sedan
  • 14:50 he's not an inventor he is an innovator. Here’s the difference: an invention brings an idea into tangible reality by embodying it as a product or system. An innovation converts a new idea into revenues and profits. Inventors can get patents on original ideas, but those inventions may not make money. For an invention to become an innovation, people must be willing to buy it in high enough numbers that the firm benefits from making it.

    Robert HensleyRobert Hensley5 dagar sedan
  • “Presented by : The not so boring man” 28:12 🤘🏾😂 The timing of the logo is *DA* *BOMB* 💣☠️

    RayoomTa KWTRayoomTa KWT5 dagar sedan
  • Elon Musk and Mars,Elon go for it take all your minions and don't come back. Just as long as I am where your not.He's not looking to populate Mars for philanthropy he's going there to exploit it and profit for the investors for the billions he's spending on Space-X Etc... to go there for mineral rights and what have you, Oops there are no rights or laws, OSHA, regulations on Mars at least none you could enforce. Elon will be as Cohagan in the movie "Total Recall" As long as he's profiting and supplying Earth with whatever he will be able to do as he pleases almost as he is now except he will be untouchable on Mars.

    Eric SwainEric Swain5 dagar sedan
  • Elon's A Mad Man ! Hidden behind philanthropy, Anyone fostering in AI as he is and Neral implant Chips in people is my Enemy. By the way, Neral implant Chips are primed to hit the market soon, and it's aimed at Gamers to start. Not too hard to figure this one out and the outcome.Your children will no longer be your own.

    Eric SwainEric Swain5 dagar sedan
  • The problem is... his cult followers would die for him no matter what, even if they lose all their life saving on the doge hustle

    IssacNewtonIssacNewton5 dagar sedan
  • I'm surprised no one has pointed out his similarities with the last US president. You know, being a person that inherited riches, maintains wealth through cons that benefit only him, and became famous because his facade was pop culturally relevant.

    Michael EarlsMichael Earls5 dagar sedan
  • It warms my heart that someone else realizes this guy is just an asshole trying to escape the planet to set up his own dystopia on Mars.

    Michael EarlsMichael Earls5 dagar sedan
  • *Grimes disliked this video*

    VersidiousVersidious5 dagar sedan
  • If I had a penny for every nebulous Elon quote I've seen Elon simps parrot on Instagram, I would be as rich as Elon.

    traketsotraketso5 dagar sedan
  • Nicely done, it's always great to see hucksterism get debunked.

    Articulate99Articulate995 dagar sedan
  • IOW: Elon Musk is no more _outstandingly evil_ than any other wealthy CEO... but when you compare him with the messianic cult following that has grown up around him, and what the Musk cultists _think_ he is... compared to that, he looks like a bad guy.

    DarqeDestroyerDarqeDestroyer5 dagar sedan
  • seems jelly

    Michael LimbaughMichael Limbaugh5 dagar sedan
  • The people who hate cancel culture the most are the ones with the most skeletons in their closet 👀

    Gilded SongbirdGilded Songbird5 dagar sedan
  • Thank you for making this video. I just stumbled across your channel after searching for Tesla related content. After reviewing your information and references presented, I am happy to report that both myself and my wife have cancelled our Tesla vehicle orders. Thanks 👍🏻

    Joe BloeJoe Bloe5 dagar sedan
  • Based soyboy

    uBaHftwuBaHftw5 dagar sedan
  • yeah he is a bat shit crazy weirdo that just so happens to be the 2nd richest person on the planet that we know of right now, but we like him for it so.....

    Nicolas BardoNicolas Bardo6 dagar sedan
    • He's not just weirdo he's morally bankrupt.

      San TeSan Te6 dagar sedan
  • Will he go the path of Elizabeth Holmes?

    12ken12ken6 dagar sedan
  • At 19:40 you claim that Loop only has a capacity of 800 pph after referencing some hit piece article. It was confirmed on the 29th of May, with real people, that it has a capacity of over 4400 pph, 1% off their computer simulation which also estimates 55,000 pph for the full city wide Loop. Better than subway. Also you missed huge innovations behind The Boring Company, like the fact they built and use an electric-boring machine on rubber wheels vs. the 100 year old diesel-machine on rail way tracks and all the headaches those bring. Therefore immensely decreasing the cost of tunneling in general.

    Jonathan MayerJonathan Mayer6 dagar sedan
  • At 14:02 you claim "as important as electric cars are, they're actually useless in terms of the environment if their batteries are charged from fossil fuels". This is wrong. Electric cars, even when charged from coal burning power plants (the worse CO2 emitters there are) still cause lower total life-cycle emissions than driving a petrol or diesel car. (This is ignoring the fact that the electric grids of the world are de-carbonizing because solar and wind is the cheapest power source there is and the "fueling infrastructure" already exists in every house that can turn on a light bulb.) This is because of the efficiencies of large power plants, the grid and the EV itself. It's just physics, and I don't appreciate you spreading false information like this when part of solving the global climate crisis relies on de-carbonizing and electrifying the entire global transport fleet.

    Jonathan MayerJonathan Mayer6 dagar sedan
  • I miss cracked smh

    Mr UnreliableMr Unreliable6 dagar sedan
  • I love how Elon pushed for amazing improvements, which woke up big players in established industries to stop taking old tech for granted, but I always thought that everything he did was pretty obviously geared toward making money, not a better world. With regards to the innovations and inventions, he's like a modern-day Edison, using others to improve already existing technologies and stamping his name on them.

    MuskietMuskiet6 dagar sedan
    • He even said he values Edison more than Tesla, because Edison got everything out there and available

      lalalalalalalala2 dagar sedan
  • Love it

    Jorge RangelJorge Rangel6 dagar sedan
  • That pose in the thumbnail is the exact one my sociopathic ex-boyfriend used to do to try and smooth over his lies and other toxic behaviors 🤢

    Rachel DeSimoneRachel DeSimone6 dagar sedan
  • Any credible scholar studying Mars and space technology will tell you that even after a combined climate/nuclear catastrophe Earth will still be more habitable than Mars. Any dome you build on Mars can be built here. Air and water can be produced and recirculated in the same manner as on Mars. The list continues. It's not a debate, really.

    krampuszkrampusz6 dagar sedan
  • I just got to 3:57 and I'm out, noting the channel name so I never come across this grating presenter again

    mkcontemkconte6 dagar sedan
  • I used to like elon musk Then this video opened my eyes and slapped me across the face and reminded me that Good billionaires don't exist

    Jeff BonJeff Bon6 dagar sedan
  • You have completely missed the Mars point. The point is not to leave Earth in case of climate change. The point is to set up on a second home, a failsafe incase something catastrophic happens on our pale blue dot. Not once has Musk ever insinuated that we leave Earth for good and just move to Mars. Not once.

    Marsman StudiosMarsman Studios6 dagar sedan