The Sims 4 Cottage Living: Official Reveal Trailer

Make friends with animals, live off the land, and enjoy village life with The Sims™ 4 Cottage Living Expansion Pack*, launching July 22 at 10 a.m. PT. Preorder or buy by September 2 and get the Gnome on the Go Digital Content!** (This content will become available when the pack launches.)

Preorder or buy by September 2 and get the Gnome on the Go Digital Content**! This content will become available when the pack launches. Cook with the family using the freshest ingredients, explore the forest, or head to town to meet the locals. Whether Sims are hugging a cow, making friends (or enemies) with their chickens, or growing the biggest vegetables around, the countryside is abundant with new experiences and ways to connect with the world around them.

Available ­­­July 22 at 10 a.m.PT on Origin PC/Mac, Steam, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, PlayStation®4, and PlayStation®5.

Learn more about this Expansion Pack:



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  • Came back because we can't stop "moo-ving" to the Simlish bop “Be Sweet” by Japanese Breakfast 💃🎶🐮

    The SimsThe SimsMånad sedan
    • @Angelic SEcroner Np! ☺️

      ✰𝓂𝓊𝒻𝒻𝒾𝓃✰✰𝓂𝓊𝒻𝒻𝒾𝓃✰4 timmar sedan
    • @✰𝓂𝓊𝒻𝒻𝒾𝓃✰ omg, thank you for answering. I thought I wouldn’t get an answer! 😊

      Angelic YoutuberAngelic Youtuber7 timmar sedan
    • Can you make a sims safari .....that will so cool 🦁🦓🐆🐘🦒🐊🦏 or n sims zoo 🦍🐒🐅🐘🐻 or houses racing ,training and .....🐴🐎

      Monica BothaMonica Botha13 timmar sedan
    • @Angelic SEcroner yes you can I think!

      ✰𝓂𝓊𝒻𝒻𝒾𝓃✰✰𝓂𝓊𝒻𝒻𝒾𝓃✰Dag sedan
    • Is the sim in the orange dress singing to birds at the beginning and end supposed to be Michelle Zauner?

      McSquawkMcSquawk3 dagar sedan
  • How many times people want a real lama pet in this game? Not to mention that there's other animals in this game.

    WilczycaCzarownicaWilczycaCzarownica3 timmar sedan
  • where are the cars EA ???

    VitalioTanksVitalioTanks4 timmar sedan
  • Guysss i need a horses🥺🥺🥺

    Tosia MatusiakTosia Matusiak4 timmar sedan
  • still waiting for horses 🤧

    AᴋᴜDᴜᴅᴇᴢAᴋᴜDᴜᴅᴇᴢ5 timmar sedan
  • ok... but why cant i buy it its not showing up in my game or on my EA desktop... i did not pre order it but i would like to buy it

    judy matsonjudy matson7 timmar sedan
  • No horses?! Seriously?

    Tharien PieterseTharien Pieterse8 timmar sedan
  • Poor bunny

    Alexandra TulipanAlexandra Tulipan9 timmar sedan
    • And fox

      Alexandra TulipanAlexandra Tulipan9 timmar sedan
  • where is the car???

    If GreatIf Great10 timmar sedan
  • This would've been soooo perfect if they had kept the graphics from the Sims 3... The Sims 4 just looks so terrible. Hate how fake it all looks 😫

    Raquel CoelhoRaquel Coelho11 timmar sedan
  • Love this pack, and I got a stuff pack idea for babys, babys get new bassinets and cribs, babys get clothes and etc.., and stuff like that just a little idea.

    Karissa Nugent15Karissa Nugent1517 timmar sedan
  • sprawdziłam na własnej skórze - EA oszukało nie dostaje się do wersji pudełkowej gratisu "zestaw zajęty gnom" - kupiliśmy dziś dodatek w empiku i niestety danego zestawu nie przypisało mi do konta na originie - infolinia EA jak zadzwoniłam powiedziała ze ten zestaw był tylko do dnia premiery dla osób kupujących wersje elektroniczną - LUDZIE CO KUPIĄ WERSJE PUDEŁKOWĄ ZESTAWU NIE DOSTANĄ. Sprawdziłam na własnej skurzę - szczerze to ich postępek w EA jest nie fer - miało być podobno do każdego dodatku kupionego przed 2 września - to jest oszustwo - w wersji pudełkowej tego bonusu nie dostaniecie.......wiem bo kupiłam i tego nie dostałam zestawu.

    Mig MigMig MigDag sedan
    • Mogli by napisac ze osoby ktore kupuja w pudelku nie dostana tego, to bym kupila cyfrowo jednak nigdzie nie bylo napisane nic zupelnie NIC XDDDDD

      Natalka_KwiatkowskaNatalka_Kwiatkowska22 timmar sedan
    • Ja tak samo. Jestem STRASZNIE ZLA. Jesli przejrzymy zwiastun i jego opis - NIGDZIE NIE MA NAPISANE ZE OOSOBY CO KUPILY W PUDELKU NIE DOSTANA XD! Jest tylko napisane ze do 2 wrzesnia kto kupi to dostanie zestaw. Czuje sie oszukana. Specjalnie kupilam wczesniej bo chcialam to ladne drzewo, chcialam zrobic domek w stylu elfickim. A teraz co? XD nic. To zalosne i nielegalne. Oszukali nas. NIGdzie nie ma napisane ze w pudelku osoby nie dostana tego zestawu boze jaka jestem wsciekla pisali ze kazdy dostanie do 2 wrzesnia nei wiem co zrobic

      Natalka_KwiatkowskaNatalka_Kwiatkowska22 timmar sedan
  • Yeaahhh todayyyyyy!!! :D

    12nunchaku12nunchakuDag sedan
  • This is a every good pack but can’t will till they do something for babies

    Every thing lyricsEvery thing lyricsDag sedan
  • I’ve just bought it on Origin and the platform doesn’t recognize that I have paid for it. I was charged in my credit card but Origin doesn’t recognize that and keeps telling me to purchase it. What the actual ****?!

    Gabriel TeixeiraGabriel TeixeiraDag sedan
  • Cant wait to try it out today

    Colorful ReactsColorful ReactsDag sedan
  • I want to ask a question

    Lucinda BrantleyLucinda BrantleyDag sedan
    • How do you install the new pack on Xbox I don't know if you know this type of stuff but if you do can you help me please🤔

      Lucinda BrantleyLucinda BrantleyDag sedan
  • Is this on the gallery? Love the look but I suuuuuuck at building.

    J BJ BDag sedan
  • I bought this game in a box today and don't have the bonus promised. I feel scamed. You you did not say that the bonus is not in the physical edition. What I should do now? if you said about it, I would buy it in digital version.

    Natalka_KwiatkowskaNatalka_KwiatkowskaDag sedan
  • 2:09 pls explain bc i bought a physical copy (pre ordered it right away) but i don’t have this content???

    LucLucDag sedan
    • Yep, I guess it's only if you buy it digitally through Origin. And it HAS to be Origin because I saw someone who bought the pack through Steam not get theirs either. They should have been more clear about this

      RUSH InRUSH In7 timmar sedan
    • @Natalka_Kwiatkowska Exactly like its bs :/

      LucLucDag sedan
    • I bought this game in a box today and don't have the bonus they promised. I feel scamed. They did not say that the bonus is not in the physical edition. What I should do now? if they said about it, I would buy it in digital version. They have NOWHERE written that people who buy the CD will not get a bonus

      Natalka_KwiatkowskaNatalka_KwiatkowskaDag sedan
    • me too . im so angry

      Natalka_KwiatkowskaNatalka_KwiatkowskaDag sedan
  • ✨Идеально✨

    Elvira MElvira MDag sedan
  • It's time, but why isn't it released yet?

    hitmontop16hitmontop16Dag sedan
    • oh its out! :)

      LisaNobodyLisaNobodyDag sedan
    • idk, im still waiting too lol

      LisaNobodyLisaNobodyDag sedan
  • I haven‘t bought anything of the sims 4 since snowy escape because the packs were so lacking (especially the dream home decorator mess and the cash grab lack luster kits) but this seems like it has replay value, a good amount of gameplay and is like most of the sims 4 beautifully done

    Konstantin BauerKonstantin BauerDag sedan
  • Dang EA some of us have to wait until 13:00 to play. I miss those days where you're pre-ordered games were ready to download at MIDNIGHT.

    Sherrell CloughSherrell CloughDag sedan
  • Why do I remember a trailer with an old man taking about his country life with his wife. I feel like I changed time lines

    Tori ElizabethTori ElizabethDag sedan

    Rosario ArenasRosario ArenasDag sedan
  • Jahaaaa mein Key ist angekommen für das Spiel!! Ich verabschiede mich von der Menschheit auf ungenaue Zeit😱😱😍😍😂😂😂😂😂 Ist schon nh Weile her, dass ich mich bei Sims soooo extrem gefreut habe auf ein neues Pack

    Edel_eselEdel_eselDag sedan
  • It's the 22nd and my game isn't on origin 😢😭😢 when is it coming?

    Michelle Al FardanMichelle Al FardanDag sedan
    • You can Dowland it in after 6 hours from now.

      ArtsimArtsimDag sedan
  • 0:46 Reginald? Is that you? 🤔😲 🎩 🐔

    Ivy99999Ivy999992 dagar sedan
  • Omg I'm so excited :-)

    Brianna MurrayBrianna Murray2 dagar sedan
  • 🖤

    chilledselfish.chilledselfish.2 dagar sedan
  • theres no parrots? 😢 still good job this looks awesome.

    Nixa45q_ _Nixa45q_ _2 dagar sedan
  • I wanna virtually high five that grandma who hit the guy with her handbag, absolute legend.

    Alysia SlatteryAlysia Slattery2 dagar sedan
  • This ad gives me peter rabbit vibes

    ThegrimreaperThegrimreaper3 dagar sedan
  • What is your favourite Sims 4 EXPANSION PACK ????

    HD Clips FrHD Clips Fr3 dagar sedan
  • LOL... right after a modder released Farmland? Original...

    BeautyGamerSpiceBeautyGamerSpice3 dagar sedan
    • But you know that they worked on it no 1 months but more than year and they didn't know about it?

      ArtsimArtsimDag sedan
    • they have probs been working on this for years it was just an unfortunate coincidence

      Emily BonhamEmily BonhamDag sedan
  • I think this is expasion pack^-^

    MustaLampiMustaLampi3 dagar sedan
  • FARIESSSSSSSss would be so perfect

    Angel FacesAngel Faces3 dagar sedan
  • please please add horses!!! its cool but you have every animal except for horses maxis please add horses!!!!!!!!!

    Faithlyn RobertsonFaithlyn Robertson3 dagar sedan
  • I can't wait to get the new pack, I hope there are more animals like pigs or geese or goats or sheep

    Denis-Andrei BaiDenis-Andrei Bai4 dagar sedan
  • all this could be included in seasons and cats and dogs pack...

    Ieva I.Ieva I.4 dagar sedan
  • Me: ugh I’m sick of the Sims, I’m never giving them money again! EA: Farms lol Me: TAKE MY MONEY

    eKarlyeKarly4 dagar sedan
  • I think this is Spring core

    Nina DrelichNina Drelich5 dagar sedan

    GeexyGeexy5 dagar sedan
  • I just wanted horses 😢😢😢

    Tinkerbell -858Tinkerbell -8585 dagar sedan
  • Omg i just want Horses is it to much to ask for? T^T

    BlackwidowBlackwidow5 dagar sedan
  • When are they going to set up an electricity system? With cables and socket currents I'm already tired that everything works with wireless electricity

    Leonardo CruzLeonardo Cruz6 dagar sedan
  • this got me hyped for the sims 4 again not gonna lie

    Strawberry PoosieStrawberry Poosie6 dagar sedan
  • I'm going to make an animal sanctuary with this instead of using the game to exploit animals :)

    Reilly ParkReilly Park7 dagar sedan
  • I think a crossover between the Elder Scrolls series and the sims would be awesome. Just think about all the Khajiits, high Elves and Argonians we could make in sims 4.

    Maz MazMaz Maz7 dagar sedan
  • Do I hear a farm game pack coming up??

    Da ShortyDa Shorty7 dagar sedan
  • Где. СУКА. Лошади?😘

    Juli & BettiJuli & Betti7 dagar sedan
  • SIMS SOME WISHES: Model and singing career (like get to work) HOLIDAY PARKS, horses and fairys😌

    Michelle GörtzMichelle Görtz8 dagar sedan
  • 40€ wtf ???

    Mr. GAMERFUNMr. GAMERFUN8 dagar sedan
  • I hope they add expansion pack for country living... like horses!!!! 😀

    LJLJ8 dagar sedan
  • can‘t wait to play!!! 🥺

    simseatingpizzasimseatingpizza9 dagar sedan
  • Is that PlayStation 2 graphics? Or a mobile game graphics super bad

    Senpai MEOSenpai MEO9 dagar sedan
  • Where are the horses?🥺😭

    Thea SophiaThea Sophia9 dagar sedan
  • Cool.

    LadidaLadida9 dagar sedan
  • So it's basically the UK. Love it.

    Lydia LorraineLydia Lorraine9 dagar sedan
  • What happens if I pre order it? DO i get it or wait with everyone else?

    Anastasia BalogloyAnastasia Balogloy10 dagar sedan
    • @Pixelkirsche no, still at 22th July. Just when you open Origin 22th July and you Pre-order this pack, Origin automatically will download this.

      ArtsimArtsim6 dagar sedan
    • you get it a day earlier than the others

      PixelkirschePixelkirsche9 dagar sedan

    dominika maszewskadominika maszewska10 dagar sedan

    FluffytutorialsFluffytutorials10 dagar sedan
  • Question: do you get bunnies, birds with this pack? and do you have to have the Pets game pack as well as this pack to be able to have them?

    Madeleine GraceMadeleine Grace10 dagar sedan
    • Nah only this pack. What you see in the trailers for the Expansions and DLC always only come from what was shown. They do not create cross pack functionality with trailers

      KidTheMagicianKidTheMagician10 dagar sedan
  • Some contact the creators at sims to make either a pack for horses or for a zoo

    Ghost ViperGhost Viper10 dagar sedan
  • god, I want this so bad but it is the same price as the game itself. but it's understandable, it is a amazing pack.

    🌊•Armin Arlert•🌊🌊•Armin Arlert•🌊10 dagar sedan
  • 2:07 I’m sorry BIKES ok 👌 that’s cool

    Mina’s QuestionsMina’s Questions11 dagar sedan
  • Me: im not gonna freak out… That one rabbit in the trailer: blip? me:AAAAAAAA-

    Mrs. Cream puffMrs. Cream puff11 dagar sedan
  • It's ridiculous that fake bakery that you can only see a from the sims 4 have lost the ability to captivate us...besides an expansion with only 3 animals !! do you stuff your creativity and money in a hole??? for God's sake stop just putting a shitty bar downtown in all the worlds you create!!

    Fabi Sims GamesFabi Sims Games11 dagar sedan
    • What? Bakeries are already in the game since 2015, why are you mad that there are only fake bakeries in this world? Of course it will be fake because bakeries are a part of a retail system. They can't add them in this expansion unless they patch that feature to the base game...but if they did patch the retail system to the base game so that you won't have a fake bakery, people will complain how they are giving away features for free.....

      KidTheMagicianKidTheMagician10 dagar sedan
    • Yeah its almost as if every English village has a pub...

      Mr Doctors13Mr Doctors1310 dagar sedan
  • My heart stoped when I saw the opening scene and thought that it was a fking Disney princess pack😂 but no joke this pack looks amazing🤩🐄🦙🐇🦊🐓

  • The comment section is like slightly less toxic than their other trailers lol, still pretty toxic

    BellayaniBellayani12 dagar sedan
  • No horse? No pig? Wait no PIGS? WTF

    Izabelle ArminIzabelle Armin12 dagar sedan
    • why no pigs 1. Haram 2. Forgot to add pig

      Muhammad Naufal AllaamMuhammad Naufal Allaam10 dagar sedan
  • if someone knows what song this is, please do tell.

    Winter GoatWinter Goat12 dagar sedan
    • @Natalia Górzna thank you

      Winter GoatWinter Goat8 dagar sedan
    • Developers pinned it

      Natalia GórznaNatalia Górzna12 dagar sedan
  • Oh boy can't wait to see what Kevin does

    Anthony KellerAnthony Keller13 dagar sedan
  • Oka, so I understand not wanting the pack to be industrialized with the cows and lamas, however there's not a lot of animals that thrives at being alone. I know for a fact that cows are incredibly social and I would really wish that the sims team fixed the animals sheets so that you could have two in a house, because that's way more realistic. For not to mention a little more helpful if you want to both have a cows and lama but don't want to have the biggest lot size.

    DharlingDharling13 dagar sedan
  • 0:55 proper foxes instead of dogs in skin? As exciting as it is, it'll be awkward seeing them next to the Sims Pets "foxes" after this. It's like seeing a cosplay next to the real thing

    The Chaotic MuffinThe Chaotic Muffin13 dagar sedan
    • @Natalia Górzna I know, I never said the foxes in this EP were copies of dogs. I said the "foxes" from Pets are just dogs.

      The Chaotic MuffinThe Chaotic Muffin12 dagar sedan
    • Foxes are actually wild npc animals with new animations and behaviours. They are not just a copy of dogs.

      Natalia GórznaNatalia Górzna12 dagar sedan
  • wait im genuinely exited

    Serella XSerella X13 dagar sedan
  • Hmm I wish you could add bikes cuz that could be amazing and you could put a kitten or puppy in the basket :0 and ride the bike while the pup or kit is in

    bobateabobatea13 dagar sedan
  • this pack is not bad. i don’t know why a many of the people don’t understand this 🤷🥵

    hrishahrisha14 dagar sedan
  • Jej w końcu dodatek

    KubixuKubixu14 dagar sedan
  • 2:03 finally *jeb_* in TS4

    TalyTaly14 dagar sedan
  • Why can't any a s im...approach Mrs crumplebottom

    Vivian LangVivian Lang14 dagar sedan
    • Sims storyline history

      Memento MoriMemento Mori13 dagar sedan
  • I’m actually excited about the concept of this pack. Something fans have actually been asking for. Since it’s the Sims 4, I’m sure it will disappoint.

    LAdwv7495LAdwv749514 dagar sedan
  • Sims 4 is shocking. Not only is it boring the expansion packs are extortion. Sims 2 will always be the best with CC

    Mellow YellowMellow Yellow14 dagar sedan
  • 0:25 mrs Crumplebottom? Is that you? O.O

    LunadimensioLunadimensio15 dagar sedan
  • 0:24 Pana Zadecka?

    MikozMikoz15 dagar sedan
  • show de bola amei !!!

    Renato augustoRenato augusto15 dagar sedan
  • I hope we get more recipes! 🤩 Especially breakfast ones besides Eggs & Toast or Pancakes 🥞

    Corvidae DownCorvidae Down16 dagar sedan
  • I swore I wasn't gonna get any more expansion packs and then I saw the bunny 🐰

    Eviered SunshineEviered Sunshine16 dagar sedan
  • I love the animals so much, and the town. But please release horses soon.

    Mostly AnthologiesMostly Anthologies16 dagar sedan
  • For example Mortemer Goth Trait 1: Leo Sun × AB = Some Best Trait Trait 2: Leo Moon × AB = Some Worst Trait 3: Monkey × AB = Some Other Trait Bella Goth Trait 1: Leo Sun × O = Some Best Trait Trait 2: Gemini Moon × O = Some Worst Trait 3: Dog × O = Some Other Trait Cassandra Goth Trait 1: Virgo Sun × A = Some Best Trait Trait 2: Virgo Moon × A = Some Worst Trait 3: Rat × A = Some Other Trait Alexander Goth Trait 1: Pisces Sun × B = Some Best Trait Trait 2: Pisces Moon × B = Some Worst Trait 3: Ox × B = Some Other Trait I don't know if the Chinese Zodiac Sign related to Jupiter Sign.

    大連人渴望普及廣州話與正體字大連人渴望普及廣州話與正體字17 dagar sedan
    • what

      Memento MoriMemento Mori13 dagar sedan
    • About what are you talking?

      ArtsimArtsim16 dagar sedan
  • how nice, my birthday is September 1st.... I WILL GET YOU, RIDEABLE BIKE!!!!!!!

    dani swagdani swag17 dagar sedan
    • Mines on the 3rd

      Framerate ReelFramerate Reel13 dagar sedan
  • Call me when there’s horses.

    Haley WrightHaley Wright17 dagar sedan
  • Notice that there still aren't any horses. They're gonna put them in their own overpriced pack

    ZalyBrainlessGeniusZalyBrainlessGenius17 dagar sedan
    • @Memento Mori true. What could you even do with them, if you can't use them for riding

      ZalyBrainlessGeniusZalyBrainlessGenius12 dagar sedan
    • Devs says horses can be added on the future

      Natalia GórznaNatalia Górzna12 dagar sedan
    • i dont really even think they are going to add horses, like cars

      Memento MoriMemento Mori13 dagar sedan
  • is that mrs.crumplebottom i see @ 0:26 ????

    angela marieangela marie17 dagar sedan
  • Are we gonna get cars for the sims 4

    The Promised LifeThe Promised Life17 dagar sedan
    • no

      Memento MoriMemento Mori13 dagar sedan
  • Embroidery should be in knifty accesories.

    Sul SulSul Sul18 dagar sedan
  • I am so excited for this!

    Monica SwayzeMonica Swayze18 dagar sedan
  • Okay. I'm not complaining like AT ALL with this pack. It's beautifully made and all that. Although, I'm a bit sad we got no horses. I can imagine my sim walking a small little shetland through a forest, and teaching her kids how to ride too! I also wish we had pigs and maybe goats, but I'm still so super excited for this pack to come out!!

    Maddison TaylorMaddison Taylor19 dagar sedan
    • They will probably release a stuff pack called "farmfriends" or something and have it fill off small animals, like the did with my first pets

      Tori ElizabethTori ElizabethDag sedan
  • okay... i need this. right now.

    Ingrid MiljutaIngrid Miljuta19 dagar sedan