Key and Peele: Clear History

Key and peele

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  • Porn is bad Mkayy

    TheRussianTiger97TheRussianTiger97År sedan
    • Haha, incognito goes _vrooom_

      ItzMeFurzanItzMeFurzan5 dagar sedan
    • @Meowke . yes

      halal manhalal man29 dagar sedan
    • Is not porn watching womens doing red rocket in dogs, mkayy.

      DTG. cOmNaDTG. cOmNaMånad sedan
    • @THE TRUE KLLER LEGEND nah thats fine

      mr.totolosemr.totolose2 månader sedan
  • Should have just left and told her you are going out to return some video tapes.

    AlexanderAlexander12 timmar sedan
  • the guy who wrote this scene. Deserved an Oscar.

    虞だ虞だパイセン虞だ虞だパイセンDag sedan
  • 2:06 Idk why, but the way he spits out the water just kills me.

    La Bomb-AhhhLa Bomb-Ahhh2 dagar sedan
  • And u thinking abt ME Right Baby ? 🤣

    Mark ZukenbergMark Zukenberg3 dagar sedan
  • So that's where it came from

    Andrews D. R.Andrews D. R.3 dagar sedan
  • "That's crazy" and leave. Crisis averted. Stay strong paisanos.

    gatfatfgatfatf4 dagar sedan
  • Holy Moly !!! I totally lost it !!! ^^^^^

    trung nguyentrung nguyen4 dagar sedan
  • I just use incognito mode when I search for something like how to use shampoo or something

    the real noahsnoahthe real noahsnoah4 dagar sedan
  • What is worse than horses?🙄

    Kshitij PalKshitij Pal4 dagar sedan
  • he should've gone incognito mode

    MylestheoneMylestheone4 dagar sedan
  • My search history would even make Satan himself convert to Christianity

    Fawkes.Fawkes.5 dagar sedan
  • And here we see the meme of Peele was birn

    Morgan BucailleMorgan Bucaille5 dagar sedan
  • Is it worse to be caught searching about drugs, rainbow cockroaches, and Mario and Sonic making out at school or be caught watching porn?

    Jerry the MouseJerry the Mouse6 dagar sedan
  • The most relatable skit ever.

    SlyHikari03SlyHikari037 dagar sedan
  • Him not just the women but the children to

  • Nigga threw around some big tech words and thought she was finna give up. You ain't shit brah😂😂

  • *worse than horses?!!*

    MC ZappaMC Zappa8 dagar sedan
  • One of the best skits in History !

    leonidas Ephialtesleonidas Ephialtes8 dagar sedan
  • 1:46 Meme

    Ahmed SherifAhmed Sherif9 dagar sedan
  • "porn??.. oh what pornography", is the best dialogue

    Pandu KamatPandu Kamat10 dagar sedan
  • 1:49😂😂😂

    Black swap vnBlack swap vn11 dagar sedan
  • so this is where the meme came from

    Ameer AqhariAmeer Aqhari11 dagar sedan
  • I used to know somewhat "big" girl. Annoying.

    Jim LaheyJim Lahey11 dagar sedan
  • Admit it guys ya come for 1:48

    Alfian Dwi PrasetyoAlfian Dwi Prasetyo11 dagar sedan
    • @Dabudebu huh i just post a joke what do you mean?

      Alfian Dwi PrasetyoAlfian Dwi Prasetyo18 timmar sedan
    • Nope. I've come specifically for comments like "so that's what the sweating guy meme come from" And also I'm a key and peele enjoyer. I like the scat sketches.

      DabudebuDabudebu22 timmar sedan
  • he be looking at r/prolapse

    Oliver RevilloOliver Revillo12 dagar sedan
  • Anyone know the background song that starts when he sweats

    LinickLinick12 dagar sedan
  • 7 years ago. 7,7 million views

    Andrea CheabnAndrea Cheabn12 dagar sedan
  • Use incognito mode.

    REHAN KHANREHAN KHAN14 dagar sedan
  • Ingagnito mode enters the chat

    Allan JbaraAllan Jbara14 dagar sedan
  • Dude they REALLY made Keegan look like a woman in this one

    Isak SagnellIsak Sagnell14 dagar sedan
  • Now I know where that meme came from

    ExplodingCreeperExplodingCreeper15 dagar sedan
  • That meme tho

    المهم tvالمهم tv15 dagar sedan
  • Why the hell she play him like that

    02protoman02protoman15 dagar sedan
  • By now they're both swimming in a pool

    arya talebnia hirarya talebnia hir17 dagar sedan
  • did you know futa is actually less gay than regular porn regular porn is 50% girl 50% guy which means it’s 50% gay futa is 2 girls but one has a cock meaning it’s only 25% gay 2 girls is 0% gay but then its lesbian so its actually 100% gay

    BorealisBorealis17 dagar sedan
  • Mom! Dad is sweating again!

    Leo ZicongLeo Zicong18 dagar sedan
  • Lol

    Isaac YellowhorseIsaac Yellowhorse20 dagar sedan
  • 1:48 when you're making a meme in class and the teacher walks up behind you

    Nika SpitzerNika Spitzer21 dag sedan
  • He spat sweat! HE SPAT SWEAT! 😭

    Soul YounesSoul Younes21 dag sedan
  • its guy like this in real life that are the reason a lot of women don't understand porn is normal for guys to watch

    Metal Over MatterMetal Over Matter21 dag sedan
  • This is one of the historic sketches, it will always be remembered for comedic excellence

    Aditya RajwareAditya Rajware22 dagar sedan

    Bacaonhair666Bacaonhair66622 dagar sedan
  • Funniest key and peele video hands down

    Mr ChickenMr Chicken22 dagar sedan

    ErasableNinja ✔ErasableNinja ✔23 dagar sedan
  • Ah yes...the root of the meme

    PastelCakePastelCake23 dagar sedan
  • This is amazing! 😂

    Sul2004Sul200423 dagar sedan
  • "As long as its not some weird stuff' Got me dying

    Thomas The Offroad TrainThomas The Offroad Train23 dagar sedan
  • When you trying to take a shit and someone is trying to open the door : 1:51

    karim 23karim 2324 dagar sedan
  • Two memes in one

    Wilfredo AlemanWilfredo Aleman24 dagar sedan
  • So the famous sweating GIF was hiding this insanely funny scene, glad I finally decided to look it up :D

    JackTheWolfJackTheWolf24 dagar sedan
  • This why you don't share a computer with your spouse

    Privateer LiewPrivateer Liew25 dagar sedan
  • On the Origins of Memes.

    SireSquishSireSquish25 dagar sedan
  • Just say it was DuckDuckGo

    AnthonyAnthony26 dagar sedan
  • This is officially a hood classic

    RemiliaRemilia27 dagar sedan
  • Chrome guestmode

    Arthur SchopenhauerArthur SchopenhauerMånad sedan
  • “Chicks with dicks...👀” 🤣🤣

    J MJ MMånad sedan
  • i love how it just shoots out of his hair 😭

    riley graceriley graceMånad sedan
  • So this is where this meme came from

    EliteAsian0916[五毛]EliteAsian0916[五毛]Månad sedan
  • There's no way that he watch h4ntai that's the only thing left in the list

    sakura supremacysakura supremacyMånad sedan
  • 1:32 ohh so that's where this came from

    DropD1sasterDropD1sasterMånad sedan
  • Every person does *

    thekeys2lifethekeys2lifeMånad sedan
  • I don't get this Sketch. What exactly is porn? 🤔

    S. SeagullS. SeagullMånad sedan
  • One of the most famous memes

    K2 MorK2 MorMånad sedan
  • This dude messed up😂😂😂

    Nathalie RaborNathalie RaborMånad sedan
  • Turntables

    Mitchell JuliusMitchell JuliusMånad sedan
  • when he looks her in the eye at 1:03!!

    MageOfAquariusMageOfAquariusMånad sedan
  • how do these guys always come up with the perfect voice, personality and delivery for each skit premise?:

    MageOfAquariusMageOfAquariusMånad sedan
  • Marvel is better than had to be said

    Von-TVon-TMånad sedan
  • Y'all don't know about Tor browser and Duckduckgo and it shows...

    Slimzz TvSlimzz TvMånad sedan
  • That is so fucking hilarious XD

    Kait KatKait KatMånad sedan
  • Tik tock sweat dripping had me dying

    brandon sparkbrandon sparkMånad sedan
  • Pov you found the meme

    the sniperthe sniperMånad sedan
  • Plot Twist: its CP.

    Cherador de CalcinhaCherador de CalcinhaMånad sedan
  • Music?

    不要鸡掰啊不要鸡掰啊Månad sedan
  • i just want to thank you for how many fitting gifs this made for discord answers

    OrkristLoLOrkristLoLMånad sedan
  • So THIS is where the meme came from!! 🤣🤣🤣

    Jeremy BurkettJeremy BurkettMånad sedan
  • Who the fuck checks if the history has been cleared or not?

    Celabro SpaceCelabro SpaceMånad sedan
  • Just say you do it for more mb

    You know this faceYou know this faceMånad sedan
  • Pornography?? 🤣🤣

    Culturisk LoungeCulturisk LoungeMånad sedan
    • It’s really funny

      O Half a CokeO Half a CokeMånad sedan
  • So this is where it came from

    DianeDianeMånad sedan
  • Eto pala yun hahaha

    myroh floresmyroh floresMånad sedan
  • this is what happen when you let women go to school

    Storm ZStorm ZMånad sedan
  • 1:49 I have finally found the great meme

    Mzwakhe NikeloMzwakhe NikeloMånad sedan
  • Aren't they the perfect couple.. I mean damnnnnn😢😅🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂😭

    Lennaile WallerLennaile WallerMånad sedan
  • Just delete the porn tabs, and use Incognito Mode from then on.

    Mrgokujr2018Mrgokujr2018Månad sedan
  • LMAO!!!

    Chris AlindiChris AlindiMånad sedan
  • 1:47 a historic moment

    Jamie McCallumJamie McCallumMånad sedan
  • Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh This is meme hahahahahahah 1:45

    Asadbek KhaymurzayevAsadbek KhaymurzayevMånad sedan
  • Why was this deleted?

    shut up and take my moneyshut up and take my moneyMånad sedan
  • Here legend was Born...

    banan gamingbanan gamingMånad sedan
  • holy shit, i knew jordan peel only for his horror movie..holy shit this was funnny AF!

    d td tMånad sedan
  • 🤣🤣🤣putain, je vais mourir 🤣

    Cardo JeremyCardo JeremyMånad sedan
  • Let's be honest, we searched for this

    ShomieShomieMånad sedan
  • 1:46 oscar winning scene..🙌🙌

    46,X-D, Shreyas Pattnaik46,X-D, Shreyas PattnaikMånad sedan
  • Who here in 2021

    JokerpapabearJokerpapabearMånad sedan
  • Incognito on chrome for the win.

    Caleb MoenCaleb MoenMånad sedan
  • 😂

    RequiemRequiemMånad sedan
  • We have ignito

    EGGIFYEGGIFYMånad sedan
  • No matter what I am watching... I am thinking about you 😄

    Entertainment & Information HubEntertainment & Information HubMånad sedan