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30 - Wrong Time

Ladda ner



  • I’m not even a seltzer guy but I’ll give it a try, bring it to Canada boys

    O CanadaO Canada7 dagar sedan

      sizzurp250sizzurp25011 timmar sedan
    • Noooo cappp💯💯💯💯💯💯💯

      InstaLive *InstaLive *16 timmar sedan
    • @imnoop GT up

      Triangle VidsTriangle Vids2 dagar sedan
    • Fuck the LCBO btw. They're too government operated. Don't change shit.

      SumOfItSumOfIt3 dagar sedan
    • Hg

      hello 1hello 14 dagar sedan
  • Come out with a special edition “Nelk boost” and in description call it “full send the Alc Levels” garuntee it sells tf out make it like 12%

    FLIXFLIXMinut sedan
  • They should come with cans with step wise instructions on how to shotty a can, something like cooking instructions on ready to eat meals but with more graphics

    Kunal KetkarKunal KetkarTimme sedan
  • POWER MOVE!! Congrats 🥳😈👑💯💯

    King BrolyKing BrolyTimme sedan
  • Australia next

    Liam WoodLiam Wood3 timmar sedan
  • NELK TO 7 MILLY (and Kyle looks way better with a beard)

    Jefferey LankstonJefferey Lankston3 timmar sedan
  • just put in my reservation com on indiana soon!

    xxxg0t3mxxxxxxg0t3mxxx3 timmar sedan
  • Honestly my wife said if I get on this channel I can do whatever the fuck I want to do so I you pick me I’ll get on a bridge and jump off if u want me to keep up with steve I can do it no problem jus saying. If you want me to fuck up brad i got it for steve it’s a win win situation to be honest.

    Drew AguilarDrew Aguilar4 timmar sedan
  • I’m happy dad jus saying. My son will love if I was on your channel and I’ll do some crazy shit.

    Drew AguilarDrew Aguilar4 timmar sedan
  • Put me on here and I bet I can put drink steve😘

    Drew AguilarDrew Aguilar4 timmar sedan
  • So Jesse doesn't have any part of nelk. Anyone care to answer

    Unknown TruckerUnknown Trucker4 timmar sedan
  • you need to get these in south africa

    Virtue FNVirtue FN4 timmar sedan
  • Bigggg hype

    Matthew CornellMatthew Cornell5 timmar sedan
  • Imagine drinking that shite made by teenagers on SEcrone lol

    PabloPablo5 timmar sedan
  • When's nelk coming to big island Hawaii

    McKinley MitchellMcKinley Mitchell6 timmar sedan
  • Dude those ppl at the Wisconsin airport found got told by Kyle they were dropping a seltzer in two months and told nobody?

    Joe VokinsJoe Vokins6 timmar sedan

    isoiso7 timmar sedan
  • 🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌

    Kalab Templeman Vlogs & TechKalab Templeman Vlogs & Tech7 timmar sedan
  • Come To CANADA!!! I Will Full Send on stream all night

    GenonowGenonow7 timmar sedan
  • Good shit boys really glad to see this

    Harrison StinnetteHarrison Stinnette8 timmar sedan
  • The tacit guatemalan pharmacokinetically switch because fur customarily mess up regarding a damp harmony. curly, cagey tortoise

    AvixteAvixte8 timmar sedan
  • A movement calm down its only 6 mill subs

    krazykowkrazykow9 timmar sedan
  • where do I buy stock?

    sophisticated cavemansophisticated caveman10 timmar sedan
  • I quit drinking 2 years ago...looks like thats fucked . wait seltzers not even really considered ..ehhhh ??? It'll be fine.

    4200time B4200time B10 timmar sedan
  • Congrats bois true quality

    Sean CordovaSean Cordova10 timmar sedan
  • Congrats salute

    shaun Ebyshaun Eby11 timmar sedan
  • 🖕👱🍊

    Dorsal DestroyER.CDorsal DestroyER.C11 timmar sedan
  • I'm Canadian and I say wait and stick with the original ingredients

    Joel FossheimJoel Fossheim12 timmar sedan
  • Need this in the uk

    Charlie BruceCharlie Bruce13 timmar sedan
  • Bring happy dad to Tulsa Oklahoma to the liquor distribution centers down here

    Mr_fahreheit11Mr_fahreheit1113 timmar sedan
  • Y'all getting in Michigan errrrr?

    Tim LeTourneau IITim LeTourneau II14 timmar sedan
  • 3 more dayyyyyyyyyysssss

    Morgan BridgesMorgan Bridges14 timmar sedan
  • get this to the canadian boyssssssssss!!!!!!!!!!

    sizzurp250sizzurp25014 timmar sedan
  • I was going to make a review on these but after researching I see they are only in California ! I need a case in Alabama boys 🗣🍾

    ALTER EGOALTER EGO14 timmar sedan
  • hope it gets to sweden! :)

    KevinoKevino14 timmar sedan
  • Michigan let's go

    KrakenPipeKrakenPipe14 timmar sedan
  • Im from nova scotia canada and we dont have beerstores so fml

    shaneo halixander mr paintershaneo halixander mr painter15 timmar sedan
  • Less Carbonation.. you’re winning.

    its jRoeits jRoe15 timmar sedan
  • Shine soda

    Andrew Humphreys II 777Andrew Humphreys II 77715 timmar sedan
  • 7:43 I actually really like that can design a lot

    Soflo SportsSoflo Sports15 timmar sedan
  • 200lb pot ash de seed with blowers plant seeds

    Andrew Humphreys II 777Andrew Humphreys II 77715 timmar sedan
  • Ya should of consider emotion for the flavors since ur brand is Happy Dad..... Example would be like Sad Berry, Crazy Cherry, Kind Lemonade, Angry Apple Idk just thought that would’ve made your brand a lil extra unique

    kknKookies alldaykknKookies allday15 timmar sedan
  • Sheeeesh y’all are sober it’s crazy to see the old days and how it catches up gotta stay healthy now respect nelk boyz 💯💯

    Alex MartinezAlex Martinez15 timmar sedan
  • Hopefully we get it here in Australia

    Chris BurgessChris Burgess16 timmar sedan
  • this is what happened since rona didn't step back. Corona took a big loss on this one

    edward Shaylitsaedward Shaylitsa16 timmar sedan
  • You guys should’ve framed the can cut out

    Kaiden MartinKaiden Martin16 timmar sedan

    Saiyan PrideSaiyan Pride17 timmar sedan
  • They deserve this and more. All the hard work they put off camera is paying off. Keep up the good work!

    Adalid OregonAdalid Oregon17 timmar sedan
  • We are not like any other SEcroners sounds like any other youtuber

    Þorbjörg RagnarsdóttirÞorbjörg Ragnarsdóttir17 timmar sedan
  • Ima go ask every liquor store in Oxnard California for some Happy Dads

    Chango PeludoChango Peludo18 timmar sedan
    • Definitly need it in South Africa bro gonna sell ou so quick, no cap

      nieooj gotoynieooj gotoy17 timmar sedan
  • You guys are helping me get over an abusive breakup. Love you guys. Cant wait for happy dad!!!

    Tim DalyTim Daly18 timmar sedan
  • Can't wait till Nelk buys the Leafs

    DonairsauceDonairsauce18 timmar sedan
  • Bro im from cali im 20 and ive only stuck to blowin trees i hate beer i hate the taste , tequila or mescal i love but you cant be sippin on that thats for shots , but now that happy dad is coming out i might start brewing it

    Chango PeludoChango Peludo18 timmar sedan
  • Dude imagine a NELK college and high school and elementary school😳

    Cj marcelCj marcel18 timmar sedan
  • its made from liberal piss

  • Nelkohol

    Erik LagesenErik Lagesen18 timmar sedan
  • Moving down to Florida next month. Pumped to see the product in stores! Good stuff boys

    Alex KinneyAlex Kinney19 timmar sedan
  • Happy Mom's next year boys.

    Sloppy Pasta EntertainmentSloppy Pasta Entertainment19 timmar sedan
  • danny duncan

    NighTimeNighTime19 timmar sedan
  • waiting in fucking FLORIDA !!!!!!

  • I heard Washington let’s fucking goooo!!!!

    Michael HernandezMichael Hernandez21 timme sedan
  • So proud of y’all!

    Tru NotesTru Notes21 timme sedan
  • Happy Dad is, by far, NELK's best business idea. After 3-4 years of strong sales, giant booze companies will be lining up to pay a fortune for it. Success in the liquor industry (or any industry!) comes a ton easier with Uncle Dana as an advisor...maybe an investor too. Steve, as a centimillionaire, will be quite a sight to see. He'll be giving away Teslas, stacks of cash and Rolexes as tips.

    Lola2333Lola233323 timmar sedan
  • Bring it to Denmark!!!!

    DjocoWattDjocoWatt23 timmar sedan
  • Definitly need it in South Africa bro gonna sell ou so quick, no cap

    Xander Van Der MerweXander Van Der Merwe23 timmar sedan
  • When will you guys send it to Europe? All the Seltzers here are @ss

    Pierre TranPierre TranDag sedan
  • South Africa needs this!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Fallyn LodrichFallyn LodrichDag sedan
  • Bring it to IDAHO!!

    Dunken SmithDunken SmithDag sedan
  • Ship some to Ohio

    ian broskiian broskiDag sedan
  • Make tall boys and I’ll buy a bunch

    WhySoMustyWhySoMustyDag sedan
    • Depending on the cost I’ll buy a thirty

      WhySoMustyWhySoMustyDag sedan

    Stijn van der VeldenStijn van der VeldenDag sedan
  • I’ll take your entire stock📈

    Deadass? ?Deadass? ?Dag sedan
  • NELKahol was a missed opportunity. Cringe, but missed opportunity.

    ty ity iDag sedan
  • Steve -“we need Mexico”

    Robert MorganRobert MorganDag sedan
  • Everybpdy likes a cold seltzer, they should drink it warm or boil it and see if its good

    FitzFitzDag sedan
  • So how long till it hits montana im stoked

    Tyler WildmanTyler WildmanDag sedan
  • Alberta is hard on the seltzer’s bring em here

    StephenMc2000StephenMc2000Dag sedan
  • Nelk is always good vibes...

    Btar DojaBtar DojaDag sedan
  • "This beer is gonna appeal to everybody" Kids: 🙃

    Es Ti DiEs Ti DiDag sedan
  • Happy dad... now the boys gonna think it’s for the boomers

    Dominick BrownDominick BrownDag sedan
  • Lets go 💪💪

    Patrick JacobsenPatrick JacobsenDag sedan
  • Keep it in beer store

    Lazar StojanovicLazar StojanovicDag sedan
  • If you are bringing it to Canada bring it to BC please

    SleeepyisHereSleeepyisHereDag sedan
  • Who dafuq are you guys

    Harvey -Harvey -Dag sedan
  • get that shit to louisiana asap

    tyler accardotyler accardoDag sedan
  • Been here since 1 MIL!! Can’t wait to see the insanity that’s about to happen!!! LETS FUCKING GOOOOOOOOO

    BlameablepasteBlameablepasteDag sedan
  • I don’t know why they named it happy dad I think a seltzer called full send would sell better. They’ll still make profit tho . Full send seltzer sounds way better to

  • So excited to hear we'll be some of the first ones to get it here in Vegas

    Jim McDonaldJim McDonaldDag sedan
  • Any chance the beer can be sold in Oklahoma 😏🤣 I’m tryna try it to ots

    Cesar MolinaCesar MolinaDag sedan
  • song at 20:40?

    Taylor NorrisTaylor NorrisDag sedan
  • Drop in lbco

    Thor petersonThor petersonDag sedan
  • You should calab with Danny Duncan

    Carla RodriguezCarla RodriguezDag sedan
  • Bring it to Quebec boyss

    Michael CiganaMichael CiganaDag sedan

    Trevor CarterTrevor CarterDag sedan
  • 👏

    Sunzilla LightingSunzilla LightingDag sedan
  • The commitment to make sure you release a great product is the bestttttttttttt ... like he said most people just release something to put their name on it Happy for yall and ready to try it :)

    Morgan BridgesMorgan BridgesDag sedan
  • Nelkohol

    SolarSolarDag sedan
  • fukin love wen you mention Ireland boys.. such a movement.

    WatSayinkMenツWatSayinkMenツDag sedan
  • when is it gonna be in texas?

  • Boxes should come with a shotty tutorial, just for all the rookies out there lmao.

    bcvbb hyuibcvbb hyuiDag sedan