GRAND FINAL! NaVi vs Gambit - DreamHack Masters - HIGHLIGHTS l CSGO

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Best moments is the video where you find the best plays of the game with the best clips, best frags, csgo pro highlights, twitch highlights, with the best players in the world like coldzera, s1mple, device, stewie2k,kennys, niko, scream, fallen, симпл, zywoo, trk and much more.
лучшие клипы, лучшие моменты csgo, яркие моменты, все здесь в одном видео.
parhaat leikkeet, csgo pro -kohokohdat, nykytilan kohokohdat, kaikki täällä yhdessä videossa.
moments forts de csgo pro, moments forts de twitch, le tout ici dans une seule vidéo.
The best tier 1 and tier 2 teams in the world such as MIBR, G2, Astralis, FURIA, NaVi, mousesports, fnatic, Vitality, NiP, Dignitas, EG, OG, 100 Thieves, Faze Clan, ENCE.

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    Matz - CSGO ChannelMatz - CSGO Channel2 månader sedan
    • Jalag

      AyraAyra2 månader sedan
    • @Pablo GV й

      MANBALMANBAL2 månader sedan
    • You deserve it

      Pablo GVPablo GV2 månader sedan
  • We miss this NaVi 🥺

    MIGOS GangMIGOS GangMånad sedan
  • 47:44 s1mples a god most likely his idea as well

    RDAYA0RDAYA0Månad sedan
  • This gambit team is good but they still need more experience

    Nestor MendezNestor MendezMånad sedan
  • 0:05 Hobbit just assumed that somebody will be tucked in there ? 0:36 Gambit threw 3-4 flashes in bank and none to clear long ? Do people lose their brain cells when they play against big teams ?

    Spider ManSpider ManMånad sedan
  • Hace un frio aca gambit...

    ZoyAxelZoyAxelMånad sedan
  • So if Zeus is watching this.. is he gonna side with Na'Vi? Or Gambit

    n1ghtn1ght2 månader sedan

    Fahri RamadhanFahri Ramadhan2 månader sedan
  • When you realize navi pushes site at 10 seconds every game to hide their true strat which is "rush b"

    WalkingWWalkingW2 månader sedan
  • Grats S1mple!

    WebsterWebster2 månader sedan
  • electronic straight up costed them the pistol and then the rounds after that he played out of everyone's mind.

    Terminus EstTerminus Est2 månader sedan
  • Seriously Hobbit? Such a weak performance

    PanSpacjaPanSpacja2 månader sedan
  • s1mple carried by electronic = Grandfinal wins

    johnny brajohnny bra2 månader sedan
  • Hobbit, the professional rat. 🐀 Acting like hes playing Valorant

    TikToxinTikToxin2 månader sedan
  • Elec looked so a true rifler.

    noman ul haq Khannoman ul haq Khan2 månader sedan
  • 30:12

    Пайдалы арнаПайдалы арна2 månader sedan
  • *all the shots seem to connect from Navi* Feels so good to hear this 💛🖤💛🖤 gg NaVi

    theboyfromtheclassicstheboyfromtheclassics2 månader sedan
  • NaVi way too good.

    George SGeorge S2 månader sedan
  • If you use "tothemoon" on CSGORoll right now they'll give you a couple cases for free because of the stock market memes lol

    Juke JousterJuke Jouster2 månader sedan
  • gambit did not show up

    Dirik619Dirik6192 månader sedan
  • В одни ворота!

    Tractor TTTTractor TTT2 månader sedan
  • hobbit face 13 y o 😂

    Vitaliy LazarevVitaliy Lazarev2 månader sedan
  • Not fair for Gambit! Navi is cheating and having a machine with AWP!

    Oh KurwaOh Kurwa2 månader sedan
  • Cuong se7enCuong se7en2 månader sedan
  • 49:16 how the hell commentator knew that it might be b rush ? Have anyone noticed

    Azhar UddinAzhar Uddin2 månader sedan
    • mac 10 on perfecto when they had enough cash to buy him a rifle. smgs are better for rushing

      Aden WillemburgAden Willemburg2 månader sedan
  • Can u record the replay? Because wow they kill like all headshot

    Fabian Athalla IFabian Athalla I2 månader sedan
  • simple may not be the best awper out there. But he is still the best player thanks to his versatility. You just cant find a awper which can use other guns so well as simple do.

    Jiří KuncJiří Kunc2 månader sedan
  • Im happy for b1t

    GekkaGekka2 månader sedan
  • CSGO are piece of shit net game!! only cheaters there and potato servers which cause tons of laag,bugg ,stuters,time delays,hit skipping and other shits!!

    Mr11ESSE111Mr11ESSE1112 månader sedan
  • 32:14 "He's already found the head he desires...don't we all" xdd

    JM GJM G2 månader sedan
  • what a game for bit

    Mogiii GutierrezMogiii Gutierrez2 månader sedan
  • My favorite team roster of all time personally is Fnatic 2014-15. Olof, Flusha, Krimz just the regular oldie goldies from Fnatic, but this NaVi team looks damn strong too :)

    OlegOleg2 månader sedan
  • Simple finally has a major😭😭

    Harry NgHarry Ng2 månader sedan
    • This was not a major lmao

      Vibhav ParekhVibhav Parekh2 månader sedan
  • GG

    Christian IgnatiusChristian Ignatius2 månader sedan
  • 47:45 the true navi

    柷 zxul 'o_O柷 zxul 'o_O2 månader sedan
  • Rip train

    Fa GyuFa Gyu2 månader sedan
  • Can I just say... RIP Flamie. It was long due ngl

    Aashray AlvaAashray Alva2 månader sedan
  • This is Gambit when they can't ping abuse. I know I'm gonna get crapped on for this but if you watch their games closely, you will know why I said this.

    Sumedh PatilSumedh Patil2 månader sedan
  • inanılmazsın navi. Şu hobbitten nefret ediyodum iyi olmuş. yok ettiniz adamları be

    reinareina2 månader sedan
  • Fucking EZ bylaaaaaaaat. GG

    RRRR2 månader sedan
  • Simple is still cheatting...

    Guillaume PortailsGuillaume Portails2 månader sedan
  • b1t has been so good lately

    AxelAxel2 månader sedan
  • is this major?

    KelzKelz2 månader sedan
    • NO

      Sanjeev GuptaSanjeev Gupta2 månader sedan
  • 13:51 Ultra Instinct

    A Guy from PhA Guy from Ph2 månader sedan
  • I thought this was a Fitz video and then I realized they weren't making fun of Jews.

    TheElectricCherryTheElectricCherry2 månader sedan
  • 46:40 sheeeeeeeeeeeshhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh That spicy meh

    SmorinSmorin2 månader sedan
  • If you use "tothemoon" on CSGORoll right nowt they'll give you a couple of cases for free because of the stock market memes it's lit

    Michael KirchnerMichael Kirchner2 månader sedan
  • "casual epoents" Nice potato english :)

    rbNxrbNx2 månader sedan
  • Navi played sooo well. S1mple was just destroying and it felt like for the first time, when simple was struggling (train) the rest of the team really stepped up. Eletronic was a monster on that train on t-side

    Fabio MonteiroFabio Monteiro2 månader sedan
  • the last map was something. despite s1mple having a rating of below 7, they still managed to break gambit. it would have ended much sooner if simple had a rating of above 1

    Roronoa ZoroRoronoa Zoro2 månader sedan
  • Perfecto get only impotant frag ahahaha

    ชื่อ นามสกุลชื่อ นามสกุล2 månader sedan
  • Wp

    Patrick Emmanuel CironPatrick Emmanuel Ciron2 månader sedan
  • Now everyone can see who the best team in the world unchallenged!!!

    GuySONGuySON2 månader sedan
  • This is Navi' not the top 1 team in the world

    Mika NenoMika Neno2 månader sedan
  • Dude this navi is fricking scary

    Mirza ikrama BaigMirza ikrama Baig2 månader sedan
  • Contact *careentools* on !nstagram to unban all gaming account. He did mine Thank you

    Artificial ChickenArtificial Chicken2 månader sedan
  • Russia occupier

    Jon SnowJon Snow2 månader sedan

    StewBotStewBot2 månader sedan
  • Hobbitch is wallhack? Xd

    MarcosMarcos2 månader sedan
  • Navi so lucky that the 1st three maps dosent have mirage congrats Navi .Mirage is the Navi's weakest map

    Leon RayzLeon Rayz2 månader sedan
  • huge appreciation for Boombl4 for Navi outstanding performance with 3-0, I think he took the big part to help Navi to maximize their potential. also, most of the call are on point, so really respect for Navi IGL for this result, he deserved this credit

    YiFanYiFan2 månader sedan
  • Why does everyone at 17:20 have electronics camera :D

    ImMorphiumImMorphium2 månader sedan
  • Honest question to NaVi fans, what do you specifically like about a team? I find it hard to find a team to actually root for, because I have no idea about the players and their personalities. I just enjoy the matches for their performance. Do you think the NaVi roster just performs good, or do you actually like the people behind the team?

    NiykoNiyko2 månader sedan
    • I think they are even better as a team now. I also like all of them individually. I mean, s1mple has huge impact in every game + he is unpredictable, so it's always fun to watch him play; electronic with his nerves of steel, technically blessed, when he shows up he is just unstoppable; Boombl4 is the funniest guy and the big brain, risking with every single move; Perfecto is the clutch master; and b1t is a young star who is starting to gain experience. If all the pieces work it's very difficult to beat that team. So I would say that the show that each player offers is what makes me like them especially.

      nch94nch942 månader sedan
  • 8:58 and 9:00 ????? so fake

    Ah KingAh King2 månader sedan
  • Good shape NaVi! congrats 🎉

    Mikhail MMikhail M2 månader sedan
  • Just another navi day,electronic improved

    TayyTayy2 månader sedan
  • anyone knows what they're talking about s1mple breaking headset after 2v5 clutch?

    Nishchal GautamNishchal Gautam2 månader sedan
    • @Sanjeev Gupta also, thanks for info :)

      Nishchal GautamNishchal Gautam2 månader sedan
    • thought so too, but I didn't know his headphone broke, and why would he not get a new one? He would not have been killed if he had, also don't those headphones he's wearing at that time also provide 3d sound? Mine does.

      Nishchal GautamNishchal Gautam2 månader sedan
    • I think it is yesterday's Simple brilliant ace on Nuke to close the map again Heroic. I didn't hear any headphone damage during live casting.

      Sanjeev GuptaSanjeev Gupta2 månader sedan
  • no hack no win for gambot

    GazGaz2 månader sedan
  • 41:28 if you made the robot mad, you are done

    TeaBee PotatoTeaBee Potato2 månader sedan
  • s1mple best player top1, ZywoO fantasm

    jerinhozjerinhoz2 månader sedan
  • Simple hack is really good... :) Can we ask for a download link?😂😂😂😂

    A4kataA4kata2 månader sedan
  • Flamie was the problem

    Prathmesh DeshmukhPrathmesh Deshmukh2 månader sedan
  • I called it on Blast this is Navi's year no matter a loss or two, the King is finally getting to have his crown.

    Sagar GaurSagar Gaur2 månader sedan
  • That B rush is freaking gold xD

    Nafis SazeedNafis Sazeed2 månader sedan
  • This time. The star of the Series is not Simple. It is Electronic.

    Your Asian Hair DudeYour Asian Hair Dude2 månader sedan
  • the last min is real ture men's moment TT

    T CT C2 månader sedan
  • 17:21 - 17:47 cams Electronic vs Electronic vs Electronic vs Electronic

    clownnnclownnn2 månader sedan
  • Gambit is liquid And everyone they fight in final is astralis

    HvrstHvrst2 månader sedan
  • They caught Gambit lacking 🤭

    I have a mental breakdown.I have a mental breakdown.2 månader sedan
  • 41:49 dude tryna dodge a flash in real life

    Kai.Kai.2 månader sedan
  • So happy and proud 'bout B1t, good luck my friend. All the good wishes!

    Dmitry _FDmitry _F2 månader sedan

    Totti 6666Totti 66662 månader sedan
  • holy shit Navi actually played up to their ability??? So happy for S!mple. Thank god some justice.

    Nayr NoracNayr Norac2 månader sedan
  • Navi play flawlessly amazing Everyone play at their best They're sooo ready for final

    akmal ahmadakmal ahmad2 månader sedan
  • 49:22 rush b blyat

    Azmi MAzmi M2 månader sedan
  • I can say for a fact that , the Katowice navi could've beaten peak astralis just based on aim duels , this navi is still no way near the Katowice navi , that team could've whooped any teams ass , including peak nip, vp, or fanatic , but the only problem is that navi cannot maintain that form for even 2 tournaments in a row , so sadge

    Shivani KoulShivani Koul2 månader sedan
  • S1mple alone can be a nightmare for many team .. now combine that with electronic in this form, only few team actually that can stop simpletronic when on fire

    Ichika KanekiIchika Kaneki2 månader sedan
  • 43:35 electronic OP!!!

    Ansh GeraAnsh Gera2 månader sedan
  • I have been wondering what is that music playing in the background whenever a team wins a map? 31:53

    Federigo de la zionFederigo de la zion2 månader sedan
  • Overpass (0:00) 0:08 - s1mple 3k (CZ-75) 0:12 - Ax1Le 3k (Glock-18) 3:37 - b1t 3k (AK-47) 4:18 - b1t 3k (AWP) 8:05 - Ax1Le 4k (Molotov, AK-47) 9:04 - s1mple 3k (Glock-18, USP-S) 12:53 - Hobbit & interz 2 vs 4 13:30 - Boombl4 3k (Molotov, Desert Eagle, AWP) Dust 2 (14:58) 16:07 - electronic & b1t 2 vs 4 16:55 - s1mple 3k (AK-47) 20:24 - s1mple 1 vs 2 21:04 - electronic, s1mple 2 vs 4 21:58 - nafany 4k (AWP, AK-47) 22:55 - nafany 3k (AWP) 23:23 - s1mple 3k (AWP, AK-47) 25:12 - Boombl4 3k (USP-S) 26:30 - Ax1Le 3k (AK-47) 28:27 - Boombl4 3k (M4A4) Train (32:06) 32:31 - interz 3k (Glock-18) 34:30 - Boombl4 4k (AK-47) 35:11 - b1t 3k (AUG) 37:33 - nafany 3k (AK-47) 38:35 - electronic & s1mple 2 vs 4 43:30 - electronic 1 vs 3 44:42 - electronic 3k (AK-47) 45:08 - Hobbit 1 vs 2 50:03 - s1mple 3k (AK-47) -50:26- WINNING MOMENT -50:26-

    PeacHes[E]R 'PeacHes[E]R '2 månader sedan
    • thank you king

      ZeeZee2 månader sedan
    • God

      Ritu RajRitu Raj2 månader sedan
    • Simple last 2 kill was heroic

      Azhar UddinAzhar Uddin2 månader sedan
    • Tysm

      kenlank5kenlank52 månader sedan
  • The thing is even navi haters cannot hate electronic ❤️

    need1eneed1e2 månader sedan
  • i also think that boombl4 is doing so much better than last time he is getting more kills :)

    I1S§A4CCI1S§A4CC2 månader sedan
  • GG Na'Vi keep it up

    rics scirrics scir2 månader sedan
  • 17:26 - Electronic well done! Plays simultaneously for all players!

    Vek BenVek Ben2 månader sedan
    • That's why he is robot

      IrkhanIrkhan2 månader sedan
  • The end reactions just put a bug smile on my face

    Abhinav KishoreAbhinav Kishore2 månader sedan
  • If Hobbit wasn't known to play the lurker role, someone would even be tempted to say that he's baiting he's whole team EVERY SINGLE round lol

    Lionel van DykLionel van Dyk2 månader sedan
  • A cs go cheat ad?

    P PP P2 månader sedan
    • Same wtf happened with ads

      HvrstHvrst2 månader sedan
  • Serious props to electronic and b1t. They performed incredibly well, hope to see this form moving forward in the future.

    Seth BryantSeth Bryant2 månader sedan
  • bit's aim is so goooood Perfectos aim also good Boombl4 is rocking

    Adithya ShettyAdithya Shetty2 månader sedan
  • If Na'Vi can keep yhis form we'll see Heroic Na'Vi in the major grand finals

    PolaroidsPolaroids2 månader sedan