'I Just Like Winning' Cadian the Clutch KING | BLAST Overtime

The Clutch King himself, Heroic's Cadian joined BLAST in the Studio for the final BLAST Overtime this Spring Showdown. From Heroic's secret in-game key words, to valuing quality over quantity in practice, thoughts on Tier 1 pros like Niko and S1mple and discovering what the future looks like for the Danish squad, catch-up with the legendary IGL himself.

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  • Who do you want to see on BLAST Overtime in the Spring Finals?! Teams are NIP, BIG, NaVi, G2, Gambit, Complexity, EG and FaZe.

    BLAST PremierBLAST Premier3 månader sedan
    • Best interview ever.....thnx

      Christian StilboChristian Stilbo2 månader sedan
    • Dude Semmler's vibe is perfect for these kinda segments

      sp0ooksp0ook3 månader sedan
    • someone from G2 to talk about struggles within the team, I would love to hear the inside perspective

      Abel de GrootAbel de Groot3 månader sedan
  • Cadian is such a model for everyone

    Sr. MendezSr. Mendez2 månader sedan
  • when everything is perfectly balanced out it comes to Overtime.. hoping to see more in the future!

    Sherbet LemonSherbet Lemon2 månader sedan
  • same

    MyMouseAintBrokenMyMouseAintBroken3 månader sedan
  • Csgo minecraft cod r6 valorant

    kaitezkaitez3 månader sedan
  • Everytime I see Cadian talk, I always anticipate some metal to float around and he'd wear some sort of helmet, kinda like that Magnet Fassbender guy,... ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

    Lec SegundoLec Segundo3 månader sedan
  • I also like this

    GTGGTG3 månader sedan
  • He made me a Heroic Fan right now.

    frittenschmidtfrittenschmidt3 månader sedan
  • Damn, thats quality contect! Produce more of it :)

    BCKBCK3 månader sedan
  • Cadian, hardest mindset in csgo

    doctord00m1337doctord00m13373 månader sedan
  • Captions please

    rogerroger3 månader sedan
  • Magneto junior.

    Francis Deo Dominic D QuilabFrancis Deo Dominic D Quilab3 månader sedan
  • more stuff like this!

    N DN D3 månader sedan
  • Hopefully Overtime will be continued at Spring Finals and beyond. I really love this format! Keep it going

    L4kH4ntL4kH4nt3 månader sedan
  • Love seeing Cadian reach success. Very well deserving of it!

    FishingThePNWFishingThePNW3 månader sedan
  • Really dope! Please keep up this kind of content up.

    ImkeendomImkeendom3 månader sedan
  • Wait a sec, is Hunden still on the team? Sounds like it

    Luis LLuis L3 månader sedan
  • dude, Cadian is kinda cute

    Daniel SchrøderDaniel Schrøder3 månader sedan
  • Great video! I really like the whole thing. Good questions, everyone looking like they want to be there! It's a bit like being at a friends house, sharing a couple of beers on a saturday with a handful of friends.

    sighheinrichsighheinrich3 månader sedan
  • love the content as always

    angelo espinosaangelo espinosa3 månader sedan
  • Top quality talk show

    BorisBoris3 månader sedan
  • Not a huge Heroic Fan, but Cadian was a Great guest

    tobkrom tobtobkrom tob3 månader sedan
  • awesome! btw I will say that I am not the biggest fan of the black bars..

    Lucas GerrytsLucas Gerryts3 månader sedan
  • Disconnect the mouse kind of techpause xD. I've always wondered if the players didn't purposely fuck up or disconnect to cause these. Tech pauses happen way more often than feels right.

    Grand Master YodaGrand Master Yoda3 månader sedan
  • This shit is FIRE

    xLvxioxLvxio3 månader sedan
  • he clutch an 1 insane round he immediately become CLUTCH KING KEKW

    DeybezDeybez3 månader sedan
    • He has actually been clutching lots of rounds for Heroic lately. Of course the winning 1v4 clutch in a huge grand final will put its weight on his name.

      niiguniigu3 månader sedan
  • What is the name of the song in the background thats running ar around 9:00?

    ytcalifaxytcalifax3 månader sedan
  • Pimp is really honest. It's hilarious sometimes.

    Prashant SharmaPrashant Sharma3 månader sedan
  • Great stuff. Really beginning to love Cadian & Heroic

    StefStef3 månader sedan
  • Great content

    Ossian GrahnOssian Grahn3 månader sedan
  • What a humble pro

    GK allert nowGK allert now3 månader sedan
  • Heroic still using hunden, despite his ban :()

    rbNxrbNx3 månader sedan
  • Best episode, this was so good! Would be interested to see Freya on here to give some more gender balance, but also of course because she is such a good moderator and presenter. Not to take anything away from Semmler, he's doing a great job too!

    RichRich3 månader sedan
  • xyp9x is like, i am clutching rounds my whole life and he became a clutch king just after clutching one round wtf

    dmtea hoffmandmtea hoffman3 månader sedan
  • what a character,what a person.I would like to see people like him in my team,call me later sweaty

    _L0ve1337__L0ve1337_3 månader sedan
  • Nice guy cadian

    FxrFxr3 månader sedan
  • why not 16:9 for the video res?

    doomshelldoomshell3 månader sedan
  • I think the convo is interesting and keeps me engaged, you dont need the background music.

    ReubenReuben3 månader sedan
  • I really like how passionate he sounded 20:20

    Noah ErikssonNoah Eriksson3 månader sedan
  • Might just be me but why does the color correction look so weird in this?

    The GatlerThe Gatler3 månader sedan
  • cadien new xyp xD

    lougoulougou3 månader sedan
  • yes, he won the clutch against the young guys who had not played by the fifth map. but what the fuck is a clutch king? where was he against the gambit yesterday?

    Энс ДжоинтовЭнс Джоинтов3 månader sedan
  • Comment for algorithm

    xMortYxMortY3 månader sedan
  • Yo where are the timestamps

    saksham srivastavasaksham srivastava3 månader sedan
  • Gosh, Pimp is so full of himself 🙄

    MatthrizzleMatthrizzle3 månader sedan
  • I love your mom

    Румянцев ЕгорРумянцев Егор3 månader sedan
  • great production blasterinos

    candy gendercandy gender3 månader sedan
  • Fun!

    TwinTwin3 månader sedan
  • One good clutch in a recent tournament makes you a clutch king now?

    TobygasTobygas3 månader sedan
  • At least they are taking the best parts from a dead Flashpoint, more of these please! :D

    Karan BrahmaKaran Brahma3 månader sedan
  • Why does semmler look like thorin?

    Liam O'BrienLiam O'Brien3 månader sedan
  • I get Edward Norton vibes from him lol

    Endre MedveczkyEndre Medveczky3 månader sedan
  • These Overtimes are even better than matches, love You guys, keep up the good track, we need that kind of CS official content ♥

    DwaCzteryDwaCztery3 månader sedan
  • best interview of the tourny, good to see they're still in high spirits. what a showing for Heroic tho

    ColdboyColdboy3 månader sedan
  • do video with player JL from Mad lions please

    LaurizzzLaurizzz3 månader sedan
  • Can we remove the washed out colour filter and wide-screen please

    AdhuuuuuAdhuuuuu3 månader sedan
  • I love it. It's like a therapy session

    Jainam ShahJainam Shah3 månader sedan
  • Nice Content

    RhythmRhythm3 månader sedan
  • Cadian is nice igl

    Checkmate GTCheckmate GT3 månader sedan
  • As a person who primarily watches CS and Dota, the best thing about CS is how animated the players are. Cadian is a joy to watch play.

    Neilson TruongNeilson Truong3 månader sedan
  • Who ever made fun of cadian’s clutch lmao

    Willem HaleWillem Hale3 månader sedan
  • amazing video and great to see cadian on this

    DeansyDeansy3 månader sedan
  • Giving you some LOVE

    Jonathan IwasczyszynJonathan Iwasczyszyn3 månader sedan
  • This is great

    omEonomEon3 månader sedan
  • Great discussion, great questions and great answers. Blast is a great product and I enjoy every second of it!

    MyMicIsAsianMyMicIsAsian3 månader sedan

    Billie JeanBillie Jean3 månader sedan
  • wtf is this pornhub background music

    maniacisdecentmaniacisdecent3 månader sedan
  • Blast has been so great for the mma community with such great content. love it

    Julian HermanezJulian Hermanez3 månader sedan
  • well, I'm also the one who judged sjuush at first.

    StewBotStewBot3 månader sedan
  • Cadian’s amazing!

    Armenbrine2200Armenbrine22003 månader sedan
  • I like his energy and the fact he showed he clearly wanted to be in the interview. Seems rare with a lot of cs players, especially with the finnish players who are usually really rude other than aleksib who is great.

    xeyxey3 månader sedan
    • @Grand Master Yoda It's definitely not rude especially knowing their culture.

      Karolis ŠulcasKarolis Šulcas3 månader sedan
    • @Kalle It's pretty rude imo. In my country you won't be flat out ignored in a shop. They'll at least make eye contact and usually ask if they can be of assistance. I'm not saying that doesn't happen in finland, but the amount of times you'll be ignored is definitely higher than anywhere else I've been.

      Grand Master YodaGrand Master Yoda3 månader sedan
    • @Kalle ehh, I lived there for half a year. I can tell you it's the only place in the world where you can go to a shop and buy something without saying a word or even as much as make eye contact with the person behind the counter. I got used to it quickly though, not wasting too much time on strangers suits me :D

      Grand Master YodaGrand Master Yoda3 månader sedan
    • @Артём Тор very true, except that we laugh a lot etc with people we consider are friends and we feel to be safe with. With strangers Finns often have a barrier and we are silent, or try to answer questions quickly as possible. Probably that and the language barrier (Finns accent is horrible/hard to understand makes our answers sound really rude. You know, if someone asks allu what he thinks of sergej, he says *yes* and smiles. Partly because allu isn't confident in English, partly for the joke and also because it is common way to answer in our culture.

      okok3 månader sedan
    • Also Language barrier

      Артём ТорАртём Тор3 månader sedan
  • Good content

    Jaden JadenJaden Jaden3 månader sedan
  • i need more of this! its gone too soon!!!

    tikiiztikiiz3 månader sedan
  • I'm just commenting so content like this has more engagement for the all mighty algorithm.

    Jacob ManloveJacob Manlove3 månader sedan
    • Thank you for your service Jacob

      BLAST PremierBLAST Premier3 månader sedan
    • ^ 🧠

      ColdboyColdboy3 månader sedan
  • coach lau

    MonkMonk3 månader sedan
  • Clutch master? He did 0 clutches vs Gambit in Blast, come on

    Eleanor RigbyEleanor Rigby3 månader sedan
    • @ATP-Ray2op and also being able to step up in a big way after just being entered into a new scene and not even playing with pros for months

      Batt3ryd.mp4Batt3ryd.mp43 månader sedan
    • In my opinion refresh deserves a huge appreciation, refresh aim and 1v1 always on point

      ATP-Ray2opATP-Ray2op3 månader sedan
    • @Eleanor Rigby Chadian has been in the Csgo pro scene for years and in the underground scene has been known as a clutch god, just because you’ve only seen one good clutch doesn’t mean all his other clutches were easily taken

      Batt3ryd.mp4Batt3ryd.mp43 månader sedan
    • @Batt3ryd.mp4 i watched a lot of clutches from all the players, but you can't call him a clutch king after a 1 clutch

      Eleanor RigbyEleanor Rigby3 månader sedan
    • @Eleanor Rigby he still clutched in that game which is what you originally said he didn’t, also did you not see his 1v4?

      Batt3ryd.mp4Batt3ryd.mp43 månader sedan
  • Blast even with their qualifiers for Spring season delivers such an exciting matches, and their production is miles ahead of any CSGO scene over there. Lately i've even switched completely to Blast matches neither than football matches that i've been following my entire life, and i have zero regrets.

    NeznaNezna3 månader sedan
    • @danendra zyde What did i tell u? No European would stand for dumb americano ideas!

      NerviniexNerviniex3 månader sedan
    • Great production indeed its a pleasure to watch and not so many ads

      miguel fernandesmiguel fernandes3 månader sedan
    • Super league confirmed the death of football

      Kristian StenersenKristian Stenersen3 månader sedan
    • @danendra zyde Super league wont happeN!

      NerviniexNerviniex3 månader sedan
    • yeah bro, super league destroy evreything

      danendra zydedanendra zyde3 månader sedan
  • I swear man, Cadian is such a gift, pretty amazing answers to every question, and he's so communicated with his fans, i feel really jealous for Heroic fans, they have really good leader to rely on.

    NeznaNezna3 månader sedan
    • @MrWhaleFish alot of people like heroic

      ツGlennmediaツGlennmedia3 månader sedan
    • I don’t know anyone who is a heroic fan but I agree

      MrWhaleFishMrWhaleFish3 månader sedan
  • It is so nice to see a player interview in person!

    Evan DolisznyEvan Doliszny3 månader sedan
    • @BLAST Premier been missing those for a while now :D

      Evan DolisznyEvan Doliszny3 månader sedan
    • Such LAN vibes!

      BLAST PremierBLAST Premier3 månader sedan
  • lol cadian always smiling

    Alexander MachoAlexander Macho3 månader sedan
    • He's a beautiful human bean!

      sighheinrichsighheinrich3 månader sedan
  • Cadian Sheeesh

    Prince RosendalPrince Rosendal3 månader sedan
  • content with launders>

    petvrpetvr3 månader sedan
    • Another day another deemo😎

      daihatsumasterdaihatsumaster3 månader sedan
  • Was this recorded with a stone tablet?

    evollveevollve3 månader sedan
  • ez

    OllieOllie3 månader sedan
  • Субтитры добавьте плиз.

    PAHK ROLPAHK ROL3 månader sedan
  • 360p gang

    HarmonyHarmony3 månader sedan
    • It was 144p 3 fps

      So ezzSo ezz3 månader sedan
  • Team spirit such underated team

    Lobzik krLobzik kr3 månader sedan

    22223 månader sedan