ELDEN RING - Official Gameplay Reveal

Rise, Tarnished.
comes to PlayStation, Xbox, and PC Digital January 21, 2022.

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  • it looks just as beautiful as I imagined

    Gromek999Gromek999Månad sedan
    • @Arbiter Ex im just saying that in terms of art style elden ring easily looks better than ds3

      Juan CamposJuan Campos2 dagar sedan
    • @Juan Campos @Juan Campos You've got it backwards: it doesn't hold a candle to DeS Remake in terms of anything technical, all technical elements are recycled from past games (it means THEY ARE THE SAME AS DS3's animations, special effects, etc...), while the artistic direction is the same, a staple of From's games for more than a decade now.

      Arbiter ExArbiter Ex2 dagar sedan
    • @TFV *cough* anthem *cough*

      Hiven XHiven X2 dagar sedan
    • @Arbiter Ex I said it almost looks as good as demon souls remake but I mean art style wise the game looks way better than ds3 especially in terms of effects with magic which looks better than sekiro in that regard

      Juan CamposJuan Campos2 dagar sedan
    • @Juan Campos Dude, c'mon. I don't mean to offend, but if you are saying that you think this is just as good as the DeS remake, you're either lying or you're actually missing something. Assets, animations, textures: it's all recycled from past games, especially DS3. In the first shot you can literally see undead burg, Highwall of Lothric and Kiln of the First Flame, I could cite other locations from next shots. FromSoft has never excelled in technical prowess, compensating with a unique artistic direction, but...It's been like this for 10 years. It'll be 2022 already when ED will finally be out, coming even to next gen, but having nothing to show for it.

      Arbiter ExArbiter Ex2 dagar sedan
  • I hope the old dude with the ludwig arms is the first boss of the entire game

    Jordan FrancoJordan Franco56 minuter sedan
  • It's even more gorgeous than I could have hoped for...

    VattssVattss6 timmar sedan
  • Is there already some info on a possible Switch release?

    MetaShadowMetaShadow6 timmar sedan
    • Nope. Look at the trailer mate. No Switch logo anywhere in there. Also, this would at best run on Switch through cloud gaming and I wouldn't bother with it for a game where latency can get you super killed.

      Don LoboDon Lobo4 timmar sedan
  • Day 39 adding an O until the game is launched (I'm back :D) OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOH

    Wesley CostaWesley Costa8 timmar sedan

    Poised StoolPoised Stool10 timmar sedan
  • So they made another witcher but worse

    Surya NSurya N12 timmar sedan
    • Ebjoy cyberpunk at your Company full of false promises bud

      Bill OverbeckBill Overbeck56 minuter sedan
  • 1:40 guts?

    bbbb12 timmar sedan
  • elden ring i beg of you, DONT DO A CYBERPUNK

    harsh hhhharsh hhh13 timmar sedan
  • Pls be more like bloodborne and Not darksouls

    HorrorG.C.LHorrorG.C.L15 timmar sedan
  • Lets get ready to die 2000 times, boys

    Uzay KabakchaUzay Kabakcha19 timmar sedan
  • 2:36 Wel, shit. We fighting giantdad now?

    Gian Peter BorejonGian Peter Borejon20 timmar sedan
  • it's.. here ... heheua...hahaHEHUAHAHAHAHAHA

    autotuned duckautotuned duck22 timmar sedan
  • The Elde(n)r wand and the Lord of the (RING)s , Harry Potter and lotr mixed with witcher, god of war and soul games how original -.-

    MrBrunicardiMrBrunicardi23 timmar sedan
    • @MrBrunicardi oh boy. Yeah... Is not like From Software specializes in dark fantasy, of which neither of those franchises even touch, nor that From already has an IP named Eternal Ring. No, is definitely not that, they're just ripping off those other franchises. Even though nothing in the trailer even remotely resembles either.

      Don LoboDon Lobo13 timmar sedan
    • Look at the design of the logo/title plus the environment and so on it is not that an original of a game from what I can tell

      MrBrunicardiMrBrunicardi13 timmar sedan
    • Harry potter is stretching it, the ring is metaphysical its not an actual ring, probably more like botw than witcher and i dont see god of war Also if you have to list that many things as copied then its not a copy.

      strange green thingstrange green thing21 timme sedan
  • If elden ring goes out on steam oh boy, I’m gonna have some fun with the *steam deck*

    Giovani AriasGiovani AriasDag sedan
    • Even if it doesn't, the Steam Deck can run other programs and even Windows if you want. Nothing stops you from just putting another store in it or, if available, buying a non-drm copy and running it just fine as well.

      Don LoboDon Lobo13 timmar sedan
  • gimme gimme gimme GIMME

    user 36user 36Dag sedan
  • Imagine a day and night cycle for eldin ring that would be so cool

    The Dodo air forcesThe Dodo air forcesDag sedan
    • @Bill Overbeck not at all. Sekiro has world states that globally change the time of day and what shows up in the areas, but the time of day doesn't change on its own, and the only weather in Ashina is snow.

      Don LoboDon Lobo4 timmar sedan
    • Sekiro had those already i think

      Bill OverbeckBill Overbeck12 timmar sedan
    • Dynamic weather has also been confirmed.

      Don LoboDon Lobo13 timmar sedan
    • there is one

      Ben BrownBen BrownDag sedan
  • It's not a game. It's an Elden Ring!!!!!!

    gojiner kujinergojiner kujinerDag sedan
  • Guys, I've been stuck in the hospital for the last few days because of some health issues so I couldn't comment here, I'm really sorry. I'll still stay until tomorrow afternoon so until then, I hope y'all understand and forgive me. I still want to continue with the comments so I ask you to decide if I start counting again, skip past days or pick up where I left off.

    Wesley CostaWesley CostaDag sedan
    • @Don Lobo I'm back home now, ty very much, it's nothing to worry about for now. I think the fair thing to do is restart the counting from day 1, but tbh this will be a pain in the ass and I think I, as a lazy bitch that I am, don't really want to do that. So I think I'm gonna pick up from the last time I did it (day 38), starting today. And I'll change a little bit so if things like this happens, y'all already now how I'll proceed. (just remembering, I'm not a english speaker so... you know, apologies)

      Wesley CostaWesley Costa8 timmar sedan
    • I hope whatever happened you're doing better now. I leave the counting up to you. Is your thing after all. Seems logical to just pick up where you left off, but if you want to just put a few comments for every missed day that's fine too.

      Don LoboDon Lobo13 timmar sedan
  • who could dislike this video?

    Kazzam2088 GameplaysKazzam2088 GameplaysDag sedan
  • i cant stop watching this video.

    Lucas AstradaLucas AstradaDag sedan
  • Alguien digame si me equivoco pero elder ring esta echo con el mismo motor grafico de dark souls 3 verdad?

    Giovanni LugoGiovanni LugoDag sedan
    • @Don Lobo gracias

      Giovanni LugoGiovanni LugoDag sedan
    • Así es. Efectivamente es el mismo motor, pero From lo actualiza ligeramente entre cada juego.

      Don LoboDon LoboDag sedan
  • Road to 5 million.

    No NameNo NameDag sedan
  • Dark Soul Trilogy: am I a joke to you?

    Black AngelBlack AngelDag sedan
  • Estara la espada de luz de luna?

    Jose LagosJose LagosDag sedan
  • Radi

    Manisha DeviManisha DeviDag sedan
  • Ummm to me it seems it has A LOT more content on the release date in comparison to any previous souls games on their respective release.

    InkOnTubeInkOnTubeDag sedan
  • Seems spooky

    Blue najaralaBlue najaralaDag sedan
  • I must say I had expected them to fix the weird floaty hair/cloak in their engine by now!

    EvamarenEvamarenDag sedan
    • It's just a sign of extreme laziness that doesn't bode well for the rest. It's not as if they're still small indie studio who can't afford a better engine and graphics. They're making the same big bucks other triple A studios make, and yet we fans are satisfied with "okay, here you've got basically the same story, same characters with changed names, same fight design with same rolling-strats, in the same old engine again. Now please fork over your money again!" I love these games, too, but I want more.

      EvamarenEvamaren11 timmar sedan
    • Most of us will wear helmets and armors, not that it matters

      Bill OverbeckBill Overbeck12 timmar sedan
  • Ok but like. I havent heard of this game until today. What exactly is it? Is it like connected to any other games? Im very curious

    E thanE thanDag sedan
    • @Don Lobo ive done a little bit of research since the comment i made actually, and with your comment i think i get the picture now. I appriciate the help😅. But it seems really cool tbh, and i know all about the popularity of dark souls, bloodborne, and the newest Sekiro, so this makes a LOOOT more sense now lol

      E thanE thanDag sedan
    • It was originally announced a couple of years ago and was slightly delayed due to covid. It's a new IP, so it won't be connected to any other game storywise. As for what it will be, simply an action RPG with six great areas connect by a large open world. From Software has a certain philosophy of difficulty and challenge as the best teachers, so expect a bit of that as well.

      Don LoboDon LoboDag sedan
  • Oh. My. Fucking. God. It's so beautiful.

    Ewan CarnerEwan CarnerDag sedan
  • Hoping to praise the sun once again. (hopefully)

    Victimea ListressVictimea Listress2 dagar sedan
  • That feeling in the ending when i heard that piano, and then realizing i've just been bamboozled

    xayahblushxayahblush2 dagar sedan
  • Open World 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍

    Waseem MattarWaseem Mattar2 dagar sedan
  • Dark souls 4 vibee

    Ee333e Dee2ws3Ee333e Dee2ws32 dagar sedan
  • Looks shite

    psychowilsonpsychowilson2 dagar sedan
    • @Bill Overbeck here’s my reason... Because it looks shite

      psychowilsonpsychowilson10 timmar sedan
    • @psychowilson still dont have any answer of why it's "shite" yeah ur just finding excuses to not say anything

      Bill OverbeckBill Overbeck11 timmar sedan
    • @Bill Overbeck do you know what argument means?

      psychowilsonpsychowilson11 timmar sedan
    • @psychowilson Basic argument with no actual explanation of why its "shite"

      Bill OverbeckBill Overbeck12 timmar sedan
    • @SAMR it’s a game son, not real life..

      psychowilsonpsychowilsonDag sedan
  • So dark souls

    Gaunter O'DimmGaunter O'Dimm2 dagar sedan
  • Encore un fromsoftware à divorce 😂😂😂😂

    MaîtrevadorMaîtrevador2 dagar sedan
  • oh look, a game that i will never be able to play cause of probably how expensive the game is gonna be

    CoxyozoraCoxyozora2 dagar sedan
  • I would like it better if Elden Ring doesnt have an interactive map or minimap for its overworld part. Just a plain old map or none at all. Maps sort of ... make games feel smaller and confined.

    Abyss Watcher but I bite the dust while using L1Abyss Watcher but I bite the dust while using L12 dagar sedan
    • @AOUGE oh then it would be cool having a map like that

      Abyss Watcher but I bite the dust while using L1Abyss Watcher but I bite the dust while using L112 timmar sedan
    • I've heard that it'll have a map but I think it'll be like sekiro's

      AOUGEAOUGE17 timmar sedan
  • openworld without pnj what is the trip ?

    Aurélien BernalAurélien Bernal2 dagar sedan
  • Bruh u can jump now thats some x-games mode shii

    WoopsieeeWoopsieee2 dagar sedan
  • Wanna cry? 2:53

    AlanAlan2 dagar sedan
    • Cry? About what?

      Sunbro SolaireSunbro SolaireDag sedan
  • Added this to daily routine

    Abyss Watcher but I bite the dust while using L1Abyss Watcher but I bite the dust while using L12 dagar sedan
  • this doesn't appear to have a story, though I'm happy to be wrong

    Django JohnsonDjango Johnson2 dagar sedan
    • All of the Fromsoft games with the Souls Formula have a subtle story.

      Sunbro SolaireSunbro SolaireDag sedan
    • It does Said in the official website

      SAMRSAMR2 dagar sedan
  • see that mountain..u can climb that

    __2 dagar sedan
  • this is dark souls 4

    JH MJH M2 dagar sedan
  • PS4, OH MY...

    pab_766pab_7662 dagar sedan
  • FromSoft has genuinely ran out of ideas - that one horse bossfight is literally copypasted ds 2 mob, same attacks even!

    Anton TAnton T2 dagar sedan
    • @SAMR There is no Horse boss fight. He meant the Reindeer in the Frigid Outskirts.

      Sunbro SolaireSunbro SolaireDag sedan
    • Which horseboss fight

      SAMRSAMR2 dagar sedan
    • i wouldnt say ran out of ideas but more like putting in a boss that people are familiar with from older games, like armoured warrior in sekiro who clearly doesnt belong there

      McJon101McJon1012 dagar sedan

    Dim EnlightenedDim Enlightened2 dagar sedan
  • That treee berserk reference?

    Andreas LeeAndreas Lee2 dagar sedan
  • We play as the nameless king before dark souls 1 happened and all of the everlasting dragons haven’t been killed yet.

    Reece MathesonReece Matheson3 dagar sedan
  • 1:40 wtf Guts you become a Furry. 😔

    Holmes DonadoHolmes Donado3 dagar sedan
  • its the painted world of elden ring..

    YurikoOYurikoO3 dagar sedan
  • Looks like crap, Witcher 3 which released years ago, already outclasses this garbage .

    droltudroltu3 dagar sedan
    • Witcher 3 is fucking overrated

      Chris TaarezChris Taarez9 timmar sedan
    • @droltu combat sucked in Witcher 3

      SAMRSAMR2 dagar sedan
    • @droltu I don't really care about graphics, I mean last time i checked Cyberprank next gen magnum opus from game design & RPG mechanics perspective was more shallow than 15 yr old Gothic 2/Oblivion Animations look amazing but it's hilarious that you specifically picked Witcher 3 as an example since 50% of its creatures are lazy & blatant reskins eg Wyvern, Griffin, forktail, basilisk are same creatures with different models

      COH09 766O4F Soham SenguptaCOH09 766O4F Soham Sengupta2 dagar sedan
    • @COH09 766O4F Soham Sengupta who cares? The game looks like total shit, animation suck and so do the effects, is this a mobile game? Looks like it

      droltudroltu2 dagar sedan
    • Lol Elden ring isn't even out yet Witcher 3 had a worst bloated open world with copy pasted *?* marks that's less dynamic than a JPEG, at least name a true open world game

      COH09 766O4F Soham SenguptaCOH09 766O4F Soham Sengupta2 dagar sedan
  • I want it now please.

    095mateusg095mateusg3 dagar sedan
  • Now that I know it exists and even has a set release date, I will now allow myself to be excited for this

    venomclown1134venomclown11343 dagar sedan
  • I love you

    Mohamed Ahmed ElrouieMohamed Ahmed Elrouie3 dagar sedan
  • 🐒🐒🐒🐒🐒🐒

    Faustino ArmadoFaustino Armado3 dagar sedan
  • 😍😍😍😍😍😍

    Faustino ArmadoFaustino Armado3 dagar sedan
  • so, another reskin of dark souls. smh

    amazo88amazo883 dagar sedan
    • So, another dumb person saying the same thing. Smh

      SAMRSAMR2 dagar sedan
    • Dark Souls? You mean that Demon's Souls reskin?

      AzertyAzerty3 dagar sedan
  • The Darksouls, Sekiero, Bloodborn, and Demon Souls players all orgasmed at once in the making of this trailer

    Grob83Grob833 dagar sedan
  • 2:34 me reading wikis trying to find the Moonlight Greatsword

    Max2dsMax2ds3 dagar sedan
  • it don't look that crazy tho

    HybriclHybricl3 dagar sedan
  • I can’t wait to miss an npc in the middle of a forest that’s supposed to give me a flower that I can use on the next boss but I don’t so I have to power through their health bar like I’m beating it to death with a spoon

    VaporMationsVaporMations3 dagar sedan
  • blow my mind

    XerogikXerogik3 dagar sedan
  • i hope this game borrows combat from sekiro cuz i feel like that game had the smoothest combat out of any other software game even beating bloodborne and that game was buttery smooth

    Brandon HastingBrandon Hasting3 dagar sedan
  • Add swimming

    bonfire 112bonfire 1123 dagar sedan
  • "gameplay". I'll just leave it at that.

    CommercioCommercio3 dagar sedan
  • Elden ring taking so long to release it should be called Eldest Ring

    Spektyr 27Spektyr 274 dagar sedan
    • Elden wait

      SAMRSAMR2 dagar sedan
    • 🦗

      #1 Trending#1 Trending4 dagar sedan
  • miyazaki? well, i'm not sure if i should be happy or sad

    rozztonishingrozztonishing4 dagar sedan
  • Hmmmm trailer still looks like a fucking dream. Can't wait for it to be out ^^

    MuhammedleeMuhammedlee4 dagar sedan
  • Day 38 adding an O until the game is launched OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOH

    Wesley CostaWesley Costa4 dagar sedan
  • looks sick

    Snopple WoppleSnopple Wopple4 dagar sedan
    • Yea

      MuhammedleeMuhammedlee4 dagar sedan
  • Damn this game looks great .

    Justin ChamplinJustin Champlin4 dagar sedan
  • Almost forgot to watch this today.

    MiMon SKMiMon SK4 dagar sedan
  • BERSERK...

    DND EntertainmentDND Entertainment4 dagar sedan
    • Yup, a big inspiration for the souls games

      MuhammedleeMuhammedlee4 dagar sedan
  • Elden bingus, my beloved

    Trash at fromsoft gamesTrash at fromsoft games4 dagar sedan
  • Doesn't look anywhere near as good as DS, but maybe it'll be alright

    cometastralcometastral4 dagar sedan
  • looks better than souls 2

    Sibb SibSibb Sib4 dagar sedan

    ZartasZartas4 dagar sedan
  • Where real gameplay??? Where!!!???

    NekovNekov4 dagar sedan
    • 1:24 is raw gameplay without an unlocked camera.

      GravelGravel3 dagar sedan
    • In the video

      MuhammedleeMuhammedlee4 dagar sedan
    • In the video

      SAMRSAMR4 dagar sedan
  • Nice! Dark souls is alive!

    Ban the CCPBan the CCP4 dagar sedan
  • I dont get it, what is this? A dark souls game?

    Almighty LoafAlmighty Loaf4 dagar sedan
    • Nope, but from the same devs. It's a new IP though. Trying out some new stuff, while keeping the working formula and perfecting it with each game

      MuhammedleeMuhammedlee4 dagar sedan
  • The way the horned boss with the giant staff hurls that golden dart at you gives me big Sekiro vibes. It looks so similar to the way Sekiro tosses out a shuriken. You may be able to get the golden dart as a usable item in the same way you have the Church Guardian Shiv in DS3

    Karl SigamoneyKarl Sigamoney4 dagar sedan
  • Was that plin plin plon on 2:51

    Md. Mominul Islam RifanMd. Mominul Islam Rifan4 dagar sedan
  • Can’t wait

    KenobiKenobi4 dagar sedan
  • че карос 2 завезли чтоли.говнище какое то

    XsmileXsmile4 dagar sedan
  • Okay, I love these games, I love FromSoftware, etc. I'm not a hater. But is anyone else just a tad disappointed that this branch off from the Souls series has a plot that's still "Curse + can't die + become lord + fire of ambition + tarnished/unkindled", etc? I was just kind hoping for something a little more new. I'm sure it'll be fantastic, but a fresh plot would've been kinda nice.

    StravaskStravask4 dagar sedan
    • @Muhammedlee it has ALOT of different elements from other games in the line

      Ιωακείμ ΣαρατσιωτηςΙωακείμ Σαρατσιωτης3 dagar sedan
    • Nah, the way I see this is it's dark souls 4, but with a new world, because the old story was finished. So I am peachy

      MuhammedleeMuhammedlee4 dagar sedan
    • The flame thing is a metaphor this time.

      strange green thingstrange green thing4 dagar sedan
    • @Ιωακείμ Σαρατσιωτης Yes, I'm well aware. I've been playing FromSoftware games since the first Armored Core games I know how FromSoftware tells stories. But the overarching story beats sound almost exactly the same as all the Dark Souls games, I'm just saying I was hoping for like... The same level of divergence from that pattern that Bloodborne had if that makes sense. Didn't need to be something totally different but some changes to the narrative formula would've been nice is all

      StravaskStravask4 dagar sedan
    • The lore usually goes much MUCH deeper than that

      Ιωακείμ ΣαρατσιωτηςΙωακείμ Σαρατσιωτης4 dagar sedan
  • Glad its actually real, but im upset its gonna be a while still before i get play it

    Derek BoutelleDerek Boutelle4 dagar sedan
  • This game will be fucking perfection Its weird actually being excited for a new game to come out sometime

    DrearywishesDrearywishes4 dagar sedan
    • Every FS game is perfect.

      WildmanWildman3 dagar sedan
  • Finally, they made dark souls with normal jumping!

    Shven'k Shmen'kShven'k Shmen'k4 dagar sedan
  • George RR Martin and From Software are collaborating? Is this real?

    ArbiterArbiter4 dagar sedan
  • ah yes. the classic world in jeopardy. always been a staple from From Software...

    AzureTaoAzureTao4 dagar sedan
    • @AzureTao i hope so too

      MuhammedleeMuhammedlee4 dagar sedan
    • @Muhammedlee well I mean you’re right but it’s always a common trope to good games so I hope that from software makes a banger

      AzureTaoAzureTao4 dagar sedan
    • ... Not really. It's like saying war is typical call of duty, like you are not wrong, but that's not really THEIR thing. Idk seems like going to the ocean and judging it for being full of water

      MuhammedleeMuhammedlee4 dagar sedan
  • How original...

    Balthus DireBalthus Dire4 dagar sedan
    • Ikr ^^ looks nice. Can't belive they managed another fantasy setting, without it seeming too dark souls. From soft really are the Best

      MuhammedleeMuhammedlee4 dagar sedan
  • My nips are *SO* hard for Elden Ring I could cut glass. But like, in a psychological way. Not a weird way. I'm not a weirdo. It's my *mind* that has diamond nipples for the upcoming video game. I don't want anyone getting the wrong idea here.

    Whitney HaverstockWhitney Haverstock4 dagar sedan
  • Praise the new sun!!!

    T. GilliamT. Gilliam4 dagar sedan
  • I love the look the look of this more vibrant style, everything in the souls games looks either really pretty, really cool or really scary and I feel like actually being able to see them makes them so much better

    Pyjama DanPyjama Dan4 dagar sedan
  • I watch this religiously every single day.

    MirageMirage4 dagar sedan