Meet the STARS of Young Royals

The cast of Young Royals share their stories and memories from filming, talk about why this series is important to watch, and you get to find out who was the biggest flirt on set.

Subtitles/closed captions: English and Swedish.

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About Young Royals:
Prince Wilhelm adjusts to life at his prestigious new boarding school, Hillerska, but following his heart proves more challenging than anticipated.

Our Story | Young Royals

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  • Nikita is so pretty and I love Felice's character development

    Rome BlanchardRome Blanchard11 timmar sedan

    Vitória IsabellyVitória Isabelly13 timmar sedan
  • why august so warm and kind in real life sjdkjs

    kimkim14 timmar sedan
    • Because it’s called acting.

      GeminitacticsGeminitactics9 timmar sedan
  • OK WHY WAS THIS SHOW NOT PUBLICISED MORE???? It’s so amazing and raw and real why the hell has Netflix swept it under the rug ITS SO GOOD

    Verity GazzardVerity Gazzard14 timmar sedan
  • August🥵💓

    VideoBuffVideoBuff15 timmar sedan
  • Edvin is such a cute prince. And august actually looks like matt dallas from Kyle XY

    AfiAfi19 timmar sedan
  • I love them so much

    TrechinhosTrechinhos22 timmar sedan
  • No need the reasons to not make ss2

    human-allergyhuman-allergy23 timmar sedan
  • Amoooo

    Bruno WillianBruno WillianDag sedan
  • Omar is literally so beautiful

    Hande YılmazHande YılmazDag sedan
  • I'm so obsessed with this show.. if netflix dares to cancel young royals, I'm gonna cancel netflix, that's for sure! also the show makes me want to learn swedish again. I watched the original audio with german subtitles, and it made me fell in love with this language again:)

    • nightthinker• nightthinkerDag sedan
  • I hate how much august stares it’s annoying

    Ireene PlaysIreene PlaysDag sedan
  • Season 4 of the Young Royals - Kung Wilhelm marry his Prince Simon

    niller2006niller2006Dag sedan
  • And the battle of ‘kex’ and ‘Chex’ starts again 🥲 (you say chex. Fight me 👁👄👁🔪)

    Jonna KainulainenJonna KainulainenDag sedan
  • young royals gave me depression, this and its crack videos are my therapy now

    Jashmine CuevasJashmine CuevasDag sedan
    • not wanting to get cancelled in any way, yes, I am exaggerating

      Jashmine CuevasJashmine CuevasDag sedan
  • malte is an absolute sweetheart

    Jashmine CuevasJashmine CuevasDag sedan
  • Dear Netflix, here you have a masterpiece. Capitalize on it. We need more seasons

    yasio boloyasio boloDag sedan
  • There are so many reasons why I love this show

    catherinemaycatherinemayDag sedan
  • I love them ! Malte 🥰

  • they all said ”kex”!!!! i love this cast even more now

    fellyfellyDag sedan
  • august is the worst but HES SO HOT

    zach deleonzach deleon2 dagar sedan
  • I’m taking this as a sign to start getting into acting classes, I’ve realized it’s what I really want

    LilyjklyLilyjkly2 dagar sedan

    H. MurakamiH. Murakami2 dagar sedan
  • Cant believe they all werent professional actors before this show, thay are all really really good!

    H. MurakamiH. Murakami2 dagar sedan
  • oh my GOD FINALLY a show with an actor that is actually autistic in real life ! honestly that is one of the biggest reason why this show is si damn good

    Post ItPost It2 dagar sedan
  • you dont understand how much i love them and the show i am so attached to the story, characters, actors, AND TO THE SHOW overall i can say that it is the best show on netflix no doubt

    alexalex2 dagar sedan
  • Okay but Malte really looks AMAZING here like BIG CRUSH

    SalamboSalambo2 dagar sedan
  • Dear Netflix, here you have a masterpiece. Capitalize on it. We need more seasons

    dcoog anmldcoog anml2 dagar sedan
  • JAJA NO ENTENDI PERO SON UN ELENCO HERMOSOOO!!! (espero la segunda temporada) :)

    bangtan_ taehyungbangtan_ taehyung2 dagar sedan
  • “I was actually auditioning for the role of Simon” - Malte I can imagine it now

    TrudyTrudy2 dagar sedan
  • 🍒✨I loved the series but I need to know that that was not the end 😭✨🌊

    Qüęšîțø7v7 VíVE :uQüęšîțø7v7 VíVE :u2 dagar sedan
    • @dcoog anml ✨Yes💘✨

      Qüęšîțø7v7 VíVE :uQüęšîțø7v7 VíVE :uDag sedan
    • Edvin is a beutiful lad...😍

      dcoog anmldcoog anml2 dagar sedan
  • The casting is EXCELLENT. All great actors and they're all so pretty/handsome! Malte seems so sweet but still he did such a great job playing August. Love that they got Frida, who actually has Aspergers, to play Sara.

    jj2 dagar sedan
  • can't get enough of this!!!

    PauleenPauleen2 dagar sedan
  • awwww bbys!!! just finished it and not mad that i stayed up till 7am because it was so worth it!

    mária karamária kara2 dagar sedan
  • Wilhelm, the prince I've always imagine to look like in real life. Ugh I'm obessed with this drama!

    A-Shin BLA-Shin BL2 dagar sedan
  • te amo omar

    Aranza AAranza A2 dagar sedan
  • te amo edvin

    Aranza AAranza A2 dagar sedan
  • Dear Netflix, here you have a masterpiece. Capitalize on it. We need more seasons

    wuoi zuiuwuoi zuiu3 dagar sedan
  • Ame esta serie

    dolcci :vdolcci :v3 dagar sedan
  • Ahhhhhhhh necesito la segunda temporada🥵👻💕

    dolcci :vdolcci :v3 dagar sedan
  • SEASON 2 !!!

    aldanaaldana3 dagar sedan
  • Malte❤️‍🔥❤️‍🔥❤️‍🔥

    natalianatalia3 dagar sedan
  • Up WilhSim ❤️😍

    Jeygi EmJeygi Em3 dagar sedan
    • @wuoi zuiu me too!!

      Jeygi EmJeygi Em2 dagar sedan
    • ok i wanna learn swedish now

      wuoi zuiuwuoi zuiu3 dagar sedan
  • why dies swedish sound english and italian sometimes?

    tuvieja 33tuvieja 333 dagar sedan
    • @Geminitactics it really is

      tuvieja 33tuvieja 33Dag sedan
    • @tuvieja 33 Language is fascinating.

      GeminitacticsGeminitactics3 dagar sedan
    • @Geminitactics no but for example, i watched the show in swedish and there were moments where they said something like: are you good? Come in? So i was confused and i put swedish subtitles on and those things were written like: ar u gud? Kom in and stuff like that. It is very interesting

      tuvieja 33tuvieja 333 dagar sedan
    • It doesn’t. You’re just hearing borrowed loan words.

      GeminitacticsGeminitactics3 dagar sedan
  • Edvin is a beutiful lad...😍

    Luigilu AuslLuigilu Ausl3 dagar sedan
  • Bueno dijera la suegra de monster in law saliste al mundo y te conseguiste a una exótica latina...😏💅🏻

    Luigilu AuslLuigilu Ausl3 dagar sedan
  • 2nd SEASON 🛐🛐🛐

    Corayma Ceperian B.Corayma Ceperian B.3 dagar sedan
  • Can someone explain the biscuit thing?? I’m so confused as someone who doesn’t speak Swedish haha

    Morgan PavelkaMorgan Pavelka3 dagar sedan
  • Thank you guys for everything. Season 2 please.

    MIN WANGMIN WANG3 dagar sedan

    JorgeGomezVevoJorgeGomezVevo3 dagar sedan
  • LOVE

    Carlos DanielCarlos Daniel4 dagar sedan
  • olá brasileiro, também estou perdido aqui :3

    Lucas TeixeiraLucas Teixeira4 dagar sedan
  • I really love this show, he acting was amazing and my favorite part was the music, it was so perfectly chosen for each scene!! I'm waiting for the next season!

    Nóra TóthNóra Tóth4 dagar sedan
  • I normally refuse to watch anything with subtitles for me to understand but damn this one got me

    mistical memistical me4 dagar sedan
  • ok i wanna learn swedish now

    Léa LéaLéa Léa4 dagar sedan
  • imagine if malte was simon😭😭😭😭

    btxtenha stanbtxtenha stan4 dagar sedan
  • 4:19 I love how everyone says "Malte" so confidently and Malte himself is like "hmm maybe Edvin??" xDD

    Yaoilover StudioYaoilover Studio4 dagar sedan
  • i love everyone, Felice, Sara, Simon and Wilhelm, August has to pay for what he did

    LDCC • WINGSLDCC • WINGS4 dagar sedan
  • this show is so goooddd omg

    joseahhhsjoseahhhs4 dagar sedan
  • I love this serie so much!!!!!

    VKook BrazilVKook Brazil5 dagar sedan
  • Sport santos

    ElzzysElzzys5 dagar sedan
  • and now I just want to have a role in a netflix serie

    lililili5 dagar sedan
  • The Young Royals cast and crew deserve the world and more

    Ask to seduce MissAsk to seduce Miss5 dagar sedan
  • They are speaking like they know there won't be a season 2 :'(

    VOPVOP5 dagar sedan
  • Everybody did an Amazing job but the guy playing Wilhelm just blew my mind away. He has a very bright future ahead! Also I think I will lose my mind waiting for season 2 😭

    AilleAille5 dagar sedan
  • SEASON 2 pls ‼️🥺

    Damarion DennisDamarion Dennis5 dagar sedan
    • @Ask to seduce Miss WE REALLY DO🥺🥺

      Damarion DennisDamarion Dennis5 dagar sedan
    • We need season 2

      Ask to seduce MissAsk to seduce Miss5 dagar sedan
  • my only problem is that the series was so short and did not fully develop the characters

    jacoojacoo5 dagar sedan
  • Ive watched korean chineses thai vietnamse japaneses and american fucking BLS

    Andea xAndea x5 dagar sedan
  • Can you imagine Wilhelm and August making out?🤯

    # Shamilla# Shamilla5 dagar sedan
  • Malte is so damn fineeeee

    namjoonsleft titnamjoonsleft tit5 dagar sedan
  • Listen here, Netflix. I need my season 2 PRONTO. I will throw my stuffed animals if I don’t have a new season. I need Simon and Wilhelm to have a happy ending or I won’t believe in love anymore. PERIODT✨

    MitsukiMitsuki5 dagar sedan
    • you just said everything thats right

      juliana herrerajuliana herrera4 dagar sedan
  • Love all of them 😍😍 can’t wait for the next season 😩

    A KA K5 dagar sedan
  • All of you guys were cast perfectly and the acting was superb. Bravo!

    And GoAnd Go5 dagar sedan
  • They are my favorites ❣❣❣❣ I need to second season 🤌🤌 Netflix please give me the second season!!!!!

    Camey Hernández Jennifer MarisolCamey Hernández Jennifer Marisol5 dagar sedan
  • I am so happy that they gave us so good neurodivergent representation!! I hope they make a season two!!

    CecilieCecilie5 dagar sedan
  • so endearing.. god i loved everything

    Charming nowhere to hideCharming nowhere to hide6 dagar sedan
  • Så bra att skådespelaren som spelar Sara också har Aspberger!

    Rosie StrandbergRosie Strandberg6 dagar sedan
  • malte is a damn good actor cuz i really hated august with all of my heart 😭

    DaniDani6 dagar sedan
  • imagine Malthe playing Simon💀

    Olivia Nordentoft-hansenOlivia Nordentoft-hansen6 dagar sedan
  • Why are They not talking english… im Swedish but alot of people are not lol

    Izza MorenoIzza Moreno6 dagar sedan
    • without it

      Charming nowhere to hideCharming nowhere to hide6 dagar sedan
  • We need season 2

    Nelvie BaonNelvie Baon6 dagar sedan
  • I just finish all the episodes today, and i dont know why, i can't move on. 😭😓

    Mat ZMat Z6 dagar sedan

    Jordan LovelyJordan Lovely6 dagar sedan

    r4ndom_3dit5r4ndom_3dit56 dagar sedan
  • I'm just trying to imagine Malte/August as Simon. It's such a weird thought, I think Netflix chose the actors and their roles well

    Bv3Bv36 dagar sedan
  • this show is amazing in so many ways. teenagers are actually being played by real teenagers, one of the main characters is a person of color, showing that the main characters have acne and that it is okay is so pure. even the prince has acne which is a wonderful message to send to whoever is struggling with that. this show also tells young adults to be who you are to express yourself freely. can't wait for season 2

    Lucy BransonLucy Branson6 dagar sedan
  • Omar looks like baby bruno mars

    HopeHope6 dagar sedan
  • If y’all love the actor but hate the character they play. U know it’s a good actor (mostly)

    Language NerdLanguage Nerd6 dagar sedan
  • who is nilss ahhahaha please help

    Damn FitzgeraldDamn Fitzgerald6 dagar sedan
  • yes only a woman director could ever create something this manefic

    Damn FitzgeraldDamn Fitzgerald6 dagar sedan
    • @Melo call me by your name was pedophilic and bad 💀 i’m pretty sure everyone here prefers young royals but thanks for playing

      Emily PersilEmily Persil21 timme sedan
    • Sorry, but many of you are just obsessed/radical with Feminismus without really knowing what it is. Perhaps some of you liked Call me by your Name and the author is... A man.. It's really naive to write stuff like man can't write deep shit

      MeloMeloDag sedan
    • yuppp women just make better art

      ssDag sedan
    • @Melo it shouldn't matter but it does , it's scientificaly proved that the way men and women perceive certain things are different. Do you sincerely think a male director would approach the characters and the way they are built this way ? Because I hardly think so. Not that men can't right good show, far from it but the sensibility of this show has woman writed all over it

      EstherEsther2 dagar sedan
    • No it doesn't, if you say something like that it's gender discrimination. It's not better than the males who think woman are beneath them. Feminismus wants fairness, not to do the same shit like them.

      MeloMelo4 dagar sedan
  • Can we talk about how gorgeous Malte is? Damn it! I loved this show. I need a season 2 ASAP!!!

    michelmichel6 dagar sedan

    Chaerin OmeletteChaerin Omelette6 dagar sedan
  • Netflix Nordic, necesitamos una 2 temporada , saludos desde Perú

    Ricardo BerettaRicardo Beretta6 dagar sedan
  • i could write pages on how much i love this show but i'll just say that this is the best tv show i've watched in a long long time (if not ever) - the characters felt so genuine and human and easy to relate to for teens because they weren't glamourized at all (other than wille being a prince obvs) nor airbrushed, plus wilhelm and simon's relationship was so believable and well thought out - it wasn't stretched out or rushed or anything like that (but they better end up together istg). sara being played by an autistic person is also great and so rare in cinema. it was just all so real. anyway, i fucking love young royals and it literally has to be renewed for season 2 because it is my oxygen and i cannot live without it

    marthamartha7 dagar sedan
  • Necesito una segunda temporada ;;((

    Jessica GarciaJessica Garcia7 dagar sedan

    Montse OrtizMontse Ortiz7 dagar sedan
  • The Young Royals cast and crew deserve the world and more

    Lesedi NyathiLesedi Nyathi7 dagar sedan
  • Love the show ❤️👍👍👍😍😍😍

    Anurag TirkeyAnurag Tirkey7 dagar sedan
  • Can we take a moment for the casting team and what a mind blowing job they did !?! All the actors are around 20 years (Wille is 18!?!) Sara actually has aspergers!! They didn't hide the acne and the chemistry between literally everyone ?!?

    Shoeb KhanShoeb Khan7 dagar sedan
    • OMG YES. I was just noticing this when I watched the show. Idk if it was intentional of not but I noticed that as the show went on Wille had more acne which I felt like symbolized the stress he was feeling with his sexuality. I really think this show is so authentic and much better than other teen shows because I can actually relate to this

      luiza bellluiza bell5 dagar sedan