Logan Paul vs Floyd Mayweather Fight HIGHLIGHTS

On Sunday, Logan Paul and Floyd Mayweather hit the ring at Hard Rock Stadium in Miami Gardens, Florida. The fight went 8 rounds and ended without a knockout.

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  • SEcrone star = only kids watch him

    Mon TMon TTimme sedan
  • This guy will wake up to reality soon enough!

    Adam RiceAdam RiceTimme sedan
  • Pshaw - Logan got knocked the F out and Mayweather held him up - you guys cant even tell the truth on an exhibition fight. Freakin unreal! ET is just as credible as CNN. You guys are gonna rot just like the rest of Hollyweird. #boycotthollyweird

    Adam BombAdam BombTimme sedan
  • Why is logan paul so happy?? He got outboxed by floyd mayweather, had this match been scored floyd would have won easily

    Roheet MalhotraRoheet MalhotraTimme sedan
  • Not same height.

    springspring2 timmar sedan
  • I would NOT call this a fight.... it just seems that it is a publicity stunt, and the boxing association gave someone without any skill or history a license. For some, this may add new fans...for me, I'm no longer a boxing fan, let me know when you go back to having skilled fights and people EARNING their right to fight.

    Jackie GammonJackie Gammon2 timmar sedan
  • 😂

    minij hooiminij hooi2 timmar sedan
  • Mayweather is a big comedy in boxing history!!!

  • Logan is just a clown

    Alberto RAlberto R3 timmar sedan
  • try pacman next. 🤣😂

    mark anthony tanmark anthony tan3 timmar sedan
  • “I go right when they go left!” I hope it’s not your right and their left 😂😂😂

    samuel martinhosamuel martinho3 timmar sedan
    • So..... Who won??

      minij hooiminij hooi2 timmar sedan
  • 1:44 You not being a douchebag is impossible.

    • 9 years ago • 2 minutes ago• 9 years ago • 2 minutes ago3 timmar sedan
  • Mayweather was a paid actor

    Kayle EnguitoKayle Enguito3 timmar sedan
  • Logan was using the “Wolverine’s Logan moves. But more too logans wife maybe

    Hadi ZulkifliHadi Zulkifli3 timmar sedan
  • god it was ao rigged. they were both rhe only winners in this scam bagging millions each

    Hugh KwanHugh Kwan3 timmar sedan
  • Mayweather's clown 🤡 Dude couldn't even win against a 0-1 SEcroner 😂

    Manu SinghManu Singh3 timmar sedan
  • Fake fight ...100000%

    Naveed KhanNaveed Khan4 timmar sedan
  • World needs to burn

    Terry YawkeeTerry Yawkee4 timmar sedan
  • Those punches are lightning fast

    Harshit VermaHarshit Verma4 timmar sedan
  • I'm just glad i forgot that this even happened, but here i am. so who really lost..

    Ryan MartinRyan Martin4 timmar sedan
  • Logan Paul can fight Mike Tyson next. I'd watch that.

    oterenceooterenceo4 timmar sedan
  • Floyd let dude make it. Lol. He softened everything and let homie breathe. It's like watching an 8 year old who played with trucks getting to play ride on a real tractor one time, and thinking he's seriously driving it. 🤣 Floyd gave Connor McGregor BRAIN DAMAGE lol... he didn't want to knock Logan out. CLEARLY... They're buddies.

    tikigoddess23tikigoddess234 timmar sedan
  • What Civilization is,is billions People trying to make themselves happy by standing on eachother's shoulders,and kicking eachother's Teeth in. It's not a pleasant situation. 🌍

    Josephine StabelJosephine Stabel5 timmar sedan
  • So..... Who won??

    NhglNhgl5 timmar sedan
  • Logan is a bad actor trying hard to make it look like a real fight🤥

    EMPEROREMPEROR5 timmar sedan
  • The real question is "How did his hair cameback?" 😅

    EMPEROREMPEROR5 timmar sedan
  • I thought I was watching WWE

    MetalgrimmMetalgrimm5 timmar sedan
  • $50 just to get scammed into a match of cuddling

    Just some guy with a sad faceJust some guy with a sad face5 timmar sedan
  • Didn’t t even watch it and I want a refund.

    ᦓꫝꪮᧁꪊꪀᦓꫝꪮᧁꪊꪀ5 timmar sedan
  • Fight Pacquiao pls😂

    LC PIANGLC PIANG5 timmar sedan
  • Is it just me or in that interview Logan looks high asf

    Aniston GraceAniston Grace6 timmar sedan
  • Not a fan of Canelo, but I'd love see him fight Logan in a winner takes all. Logan would have the choice of either chickening out or getting knocked out!

    David GranadoDavid Granado6 timmar sedan
  • Go logan goo

    Mr Quack faceMr Quack face6 timmar sedan
  • Ad like to see Logan and Tyson or Tyson and Mayweather

    Lloyd AndrewsLloyd Andrews6 timmar sedan
  • Monster vs monster

    Md sanim SanimMd sanim Sanim6 timmar sedan
  • I cant believe paqiao lost to this

    Monkī LofīMonkī Lofī7 timmar sedan
  • gross pay to win

    Razzi 0314Razzi 03147 timmar sedan
  • 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

    Lorenzo GrantLorenzo Grant7 timmar sedan
  • LOL Didn't ya'll read about David vs Goliath?

    Adam Macias - Tech ReviewsAdam Macias - Tech Reviews7 timmar sedan
  • 0:57 dude literally has a concave cheek o_o

    R B.R B.8 timmar sedan
  • Que se hizo Floyd que tiene pelo

    Juan ValadezJuan Valadez8 timmar sedan
  • During the et interview at the end Logan looks like he's looking through the camera like he's on fucking pcp or something lmao

    Derek HammondDerek Hammond8 timmar sedan
  • Why would anyone think Mayweather would knock him out ?????? Its not like he's known to have any knockout power ..

    xOwNx ,xOwNx ,8 timmar sedan
  • 😆😆

    Pinoy Creepypasta - TagalogHorrorStoriesPinoy Creepypasta - TagalogHorrorStories9 timmar sedan
  • "One of The Greatest.." Me : What!?

    epoc puarbepoc puarb9 timmar sedan
  • Logan Pauls PR team is damn good

    Dushyant SinghDushyant Singh9 timmar sedan
  • I think Floyd went to distance because he betted on himself to go the distance. Everyone thought it wouldn't go the distance. Floyd's all about money and he controlled the fight the whole time.

    Boxing CoverageBoxing Coverage9 timmar sedan
  • Logan "the maverick" LMAO he's lost and got beat up every fight he's been in

    Alex NAlex N9 timmar sedan
  • secrone.info/video/q5KVZdPYbn16dKs/video.html

    jēsūsjēsūs9 timmar sedan
  • So basically this was publicity mayweather collabed with jake paul so....

    Jose MartinezJose Martinez9 timmar sedan
  • Didnt knock him out??? Dude is old as hell, outta his prime, and managed to kick this young kids ass, Floyds insane

    Fernando BarbosaFernando Barbosa10 timmar sedan
  • ngl at some point I thought this was some softcore gay porn with all the cuddling

    kharjoukharjou10 timmar sedan
  • privilege.. got his butt whooped

  • This is best example of Two Clowns playing Boxing, and stupid people pay tickets to watch this clowns

    Joven BarolaJoven Barola10 timmar sedan
  • How is this highlight

    HyungHyung11 timmar sedan
  • movie like .., to earn money during covid..,

    emad mayoremad mayor11 timmar sedan
  • Next Pacquiao vs logan

    Berto BarberoBerto Barbero11 timmar sedan
  • advantage. If you put dead weight on another fighting it weighs them down. And tires the other fighter.

    shani yanshani yan11 timmar sedan
  • You call these highlights?

    Bernard Ignacio Delos ReyesBernard Ignacio Delos Reyes11 timmar sedan
  • Logan is boring guy, so Tenshin was more funny than him..

    hyde556hyde55611 timmar sedan
  • Team Austin ✌🏻✌🏻🔥🔥🔥

    Fatine ElFatine El11 timmar sedan
  • Make logan fight against manny pacquiao so he’ll stop doing these

    OkinamiOkinami11 timmar sedan
    • So what he has a thick skull. Congratulations on being a dunce

      shani yanshani yan11 timmar sedan
  • Boxers more older more heavyer up to the being really old

    ذال خدا پرست عالمذال خدا پرست عالم12 timmar sedan
  • If you needed any sort of proof these fights are rigged: here you go lmao

    unrealtalksunrealtalks12 timmar sedan
  • This ain’t highlights ,this is Sam talking

    RektflairRektflair12 timmar sedan
  • Mayweather is not the greatest fighting exhibition for 15 years

    Rashad AdamsRashad Adams13 timmar sedan
  • So KSI is better than Mayweather #FookTheMayWeathers

    Muhammad Elias MeladMuhammad Elias Melad13 timmar sedan
  • Another setup match

    Rajiv GeermanRajiv Geerman13 timmar sedan
  • Where are the highlights?

    Emil AnderssonEmil Andersson13 timmar sedan
  • Highligts? Where is the charizard card that was the biggest highlight of that fight 🤔

    Dennis RødgaardDennis Rødgaard13 timmar sedan
  • Floyd....since the past 50 fights...I've always been a big fan of you. But now, not anymore. Shame on you and Boxing.

    Someone LuckySomeone Lucky13 timmar sedan
  • Worst fight ever...the hug fight of the year

    luisilvadrumsluisilvadrums14 timmar sedan
  • I think Floyd can keep doing these exhibitions but not pro, Errol spence, pacquiao, Terence Crawford will hurt him bad

    EmmanzinoHDEmmanzinoHD14 timmar sedan
  • Obviously it was just a show to make some money , that's all

    Trending StuffTrending Stuff14 timmar sedan
  • So what he has a thick skull. Congratulations on being a dunce

    Brandon SparkBrandon Spark14 timmar sedan
  • Aaaaaaaaalrigjt everybody todaaayyyyyyy we have in the left corner Floyd mayweather with 50 wins in his career and in the right corner we have someone who has never won a boxing mach ever

    Faze PlaysFaze Plays14 timmar sedan
  • I like the FLOYD MYWEATHER 💪💪💪💪 from Turkey ...

    Serkan ArslanSerkan Arslan14 timmar sedan
  • Paul’s a bird. Boasting like he’s a beast because Mayweather chose to not knock him out. What a waste like his kid Brother.

    CULpriTCULpriT14 timmar sedan
  • Oh my god. Logan saying nothing is impossible. Ok yeah nothing is impossible for a white straight wealthy young man who has a huge following and a huge head.

    hana phelpshana phelps15 timmar sedan
  • Fake fight! The internet only has fake people who live off fame, always doing something fake to gain attention. Logan Paul is futile, narcissistic, empty and unscrupulous.

    Punisher PortuguêsPunisher Português15 timmar sedan
  • I think Paul should reconsider how proud he is of himself. He wasn't able to knock out a retired older man, despite being 30 pounds heavier.. That's embarrassing

    emtrem100emtrem10015 timmar sedan
  • People are criticizing the “hugging” and “cuddling”, and I get why you say that, but that was a strategy. When Logan weighs more than 30 pounds more, he has to use that to his advantage. If you put dead weight on another fighting it weighs them down. And tires the other fighter.

    Daytime DrewDaytime Drew15 timmar sedan
    • Yeah, just like Mayweather hugged Manny Pacquiao during their Boxing Match! >:(

      Noel T. LatNoel T. Lat11 timmar sedan
  • The worst for sport boxing, more than a bad joke, is a derision for boxing. I don't know how can people pay for see a circus like this one.

    Isidro LopezIsidro Lopez15 timmar sedan
  • Logan: Train everyday and put the soul on that fight. Floyd: “ I’m counting money💰”.

    Kevin LongKevin Long15 timmar sedan
    • 1 mil is 1 mil what can i say -Floyd

      Atallah RaihanAtallah Raihan3 timmar sedan
  • who won?

    illumiillumi16 timmar sedan
  • He didn’t get knocked out because Floyd was barely trying

    I3V ZeroI3V Zero16 timmar sedan
    • for da money

      Someone LuckySomeone Lucky3 timmar sedan
  • Floyd is almost 50 shorter and younger and weighs less...

    Swift GamingSwift Gaming16 timmar sedan
  • are these highlights or are u paid by logan paul to do promotion

    someonesomeone16 timmar sedan
  • The real winners are the people who didn't watch the fight

    SagarockSagarock16 timmar sedan
  • After the paul brothers started boxing, they seem very... punch drunk. I can't explain it, like they aren't really there.

    Commonwealth96Commonwealth9616 timmar sedan
  • They both know they just gotten a huge paycheck

    Noob NubNoob Nub17 timmar sedan
  • I love how it says "highlights"

    DanishxNYGDanishxNYG17 timmar sedan

    Alessandro MazziniAlessandro Mazzini17 timmar sedan
  • It was intent for the draw only to maintain the possibility of a rematch that sums it up

    jack simonjack simon17 timmar sedan
  • Nobody Logan during the interview: 👀👀👀

    J.D. AlfaroJ.D. Alfaro17 timmar sedan
  • And people were yet again easily duped by the Mayweather 'CASH' king. So easy to siphon money away from idiots.

    LeechLeech17 timmar sedan
  • jerk paul: lezgo,,lets do it again,,lets get the m0ney fl0wing in my bank acct,,fk u haters!

    smithser_tubesmithser_tube18 timmar sedan
  • Bruh u didn’t get knocked out by someone that is double your age 30 lbs lighter and 6 inches shorter... stop calling out fighters that aren’t in there prime pussy

    ll Hazzy llll Hazzy ll18 timmar sedan