Meet The Cheapest Family In The World

today Socksfor1 reacts to Meet The Cheapest Family In The World
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Ladda ner



  • I have asda (asma)

    MThockey 22MThockey 2211 timmar sedan
  • I like that you 3 have very difficult voices

    HarryPro64HarryPro6414 timmar sedan
  • Socks i had to get a VPN to watch this video Pls be happy

    dark zerodark zero20 timmar sedan
  • 4:56

    Its_ WolfyIts_ WolfyDag sedan
  • Don't worry Laff, I know what an Asda is

    Sea OceanSea OceanDag sedan
  • also skebedebop that was ske be de bop

    Takiya SultanaTakiya SultanaDag sedan
  • this is funny in a dumb way

    Takiya SultanaTakiya SultanaDag sedan
  • but dont they have a job????

    Dylan PanDylan PanDag sedan
  • Blaza is too funny to wach your vids at night sorry man🤣🤣🤣

    Laraba SadouLaraba Sadou2 dagar sedan
  • I think only British people like me know what Asda is lol

    Leanne McDevittLeanne McDevitt2 dagar sedan
  • Gaster

    HaydensFamilyTVHaydensFamilyTV2 dagar sedan
  • Dude in Brazil some people put there beans in the pot of ice cream

    Bárbara NogueiraBárbara Nogueira2 dagar sedan
  • Don't worry laff I have asda

    Mr Seagull BagelMr Seagull Bagel3 dagar sedan
  • Hello I'm Need

    BGreen BobBGreen Bob3 dagar sedan

    SkyCloudPicturesSkyCloudPictures3 dagar sedan
  • Ladd I support you amarica needs asda

    Charlotte OliverCharlotte Oliver3 dagar sedan
  • This triggered me so hard

    Coolspike55 PlayzCoolspike55 Playz3 dagar sedan
  • Laff is my fav Your mom

    Muhammad FurqanMuhammad Furqan4 dagar sedan
  • not handle pandle

    cjyeetcjyeet4 dagar sedan
  • Don't worry laff I have asda and know what it is 🙂

    RandomyRandomy4 dagar sedan
  • the minimalist is more generous hahahha

    Mara AltheaMara Althea5 dagar sedan
  • If there America's cheepest family, where did they get that camera with that good of quality?

    The_Duo_GamingThe_Duo_Gaming6 dagar sedan
  • My dad works at Asda but he fixes things

    Johnny GoodeJohnny Goode6 dagar sedan
  • Asda is elite

    Abdul alatef GhazalAbdul alatef Ghazal7 dagar sedan
  • Btw a the same thing happened to me and we just bought another one for only 7 pound

    Danny 123 GamesDanny 123 Games7 dagar sedan
  • U DONT HAVE ASDA!?!?!??!?!?!

    Mr CringeMr Cringe7 dagar sedan
  • Laff is British so he is cool

    PAUNAHRON AhronPAUNAHRON Ahron8 dagar sedan
  • not me

    Stacey SutherlandStacey Sutherland8 dagar sedan
  • Dont juge them

    skelly cubeskelly cube8 dagar sedan
  • I know what asda is laff I know what it is

    DILL TCDILL TC8 dagar sedan
  • ASDA

    Jax CaseyJax Casey8 dagar sedan
  • There cheap because they have to pay for health care lol Britain forever

    Sowda MoalinSowda Moalin8 dagar sedan
  • Homeless people seeing this if they get a phone be like 0-0

    Mason FRASERMason FRASER9 dagar sedan
  • 2:09/ Cheep stakes

    Willow DrevlowWillow Drevlow9 dagar sedan
  • Are the dislikes cheap too

    Elam YarberElam Yarber9 dagar sedan
  • Year 202020202020202020020202022020202022020202020202 there still cheap 😂🤣😂🤣

    29 Noor Mohammad29 Noor Mohammad9 dagar sedan
    • Imagine there still cheap at that year

      29 Noor Mohammad29 Noor Mohammad9 dagar sedan
  • ASDA a shop

    daniel briercliffedaniel briercliffe9 dagar sedan
  • How do you not have ASDA lol 😂 I know country’s have other main shops like Walmart

    SpeedSpeed9 dagar sedan
  • 3:08 Indians: Use a cloth :) (p.s.-I am indian and I know it by expeirnce)

    Gaming & LearningGaming & Learning10 dagar sedan
  • Laff I have asda

    Nexus PlayzNexus Playz10 dagar sedan
  • This is the cheapest family in America 8:10 the mum got a rolex

    Jayden KincaidJayden Kincaid10 dagar sedan
  • bro asda da best

    Fo0tball Weird0Fo0tball Weird010 dagar sedan
  • Uk people you know asda Americans

    Subhan AbdullahSubhan Abdullah10 dagar sedan
  • Me feeling bad for Laff not knowing that Asda is not in the USA and socks look it up on google

    Mincraft is godMincraft is god10 dagar sedan
  • they should do online shopping using honey extension it saves money

    ツ10 dagar sedan
  • You guys make me laugh lol

    NoLwdNoLwd10 dagar sedan
  • I have an asda🙃

    sane watersane water11 dagar sedan
  • I would offer 20 dollars for the house

    star wars nerdstar wars nerd11 dagar sedan
  • Bruh wtf that house

    ARMY /ROBLOXARMY /ROBLOX11 dagar sedan
  • to laff: i have asda its too we r lucky

    ArtsyAnimeFox LoverArtsyAnimeFox Lover11 dagar sedan
  • How many people here know Asda

    SkygamerYTSkygamerYT11 dagar sedan
  • ASDA is just the British version of Walmart... it's literally owned by them 😅😅

    Shady OnionShady Onion11 dagar sedan
  • you don't know Asda!?!?

    fatema anwarfatema anwar11 dagar sedan
  • Neighbours just Ned Flanders

    David WilliamsDavid Williams11 dagar sedan
  • Wtf

    Fynn Tucker LavoieFynn Tucker Lavoie11 dagar sedan
  • When Laff said “Do you not have ASDA?” just makes me think of the pain Americans go. through without chains like Greggs and Tesco

    Tim ReillyTim Reilly11 dagar sedan
  • Im a filipino and I have asthma I think

  • You all guys looks bullying them -_-

    MR NOBODYMR NOBODY11 dagar sedan
  • Hello socks for 1 this is I love your videos but what is a video that was Amy cried was the one where this girl was getting bullied at school from sssniperwolf and when they said they didn't have enough money made me cry as hell so love your SEcrone videos keep it up and I can't wait to see next

    Thomas HoughtonThomas Houghton12 dagar sedan
  • they prob eat tem flakes

    Chandra LynnChandra Lynn12 dagar sedan
  • How their kids ever life

    AlienAlien12 dagar sedan
  • Asda is a supermarket in England

    dangerroodangerroo12 dagar sedan
  • I have asda

    keli mcteaguekeli mcteague12 dagar sedan

    harpyharpy12 dagar sedan
  • He says "How are they going to pick up the chicken?" When it's obviously bacon!

    Kyle PritchardKyle Pritchard13 dagar sedan
  • asda is a shop

    dean mitchelldean mitchell13 dagar sedan

    sethpandassethpandas13 dagar sedan
  • Has anybody noticed something in 2:04

    Jonatan98thegod YTJonatan98thegod YT13 dagar sedan
  • UK gang for Laff m8. They didn’t even have pubs

    HAZARD 5810HAZARD 581013 dagar sedan
  • UK gang with laffing gas

    bow bow squadbow bow squad13 dagar sedan
  • I go to ASDA Laff

    Joanna LawrenceJoanna Lawrence14 dagar sedan
  • Socks:oh no are we turning into “cheap stakes”

    AbduchiAbduchi14 dagar sedan
  • I have asda

    Matthew DoranMatthew Doran14 dagar sedan
  • In france i think dollers costs double like 50 into 100

    starequipment solutionstarequipment solution14 dagar sedan
  • Just listening too socks say what asda breaks my heart come on uk people show them what asda is btw its a shop and it has da best cakes basically asda sells stuff so not pecific but mainly food

    Olivia BradshawOlivia Bradshaw15 dagar sedan
  • Cheapstakes

    Ben SotheranBen Sotheran15 dagar sedan
  • Who is playing pixel 3d at 6:09

    15 dagar sedan
  • Asda is a tecknacly wall mart

    Deborah StewartDeborah Stewart15 dagar sedan
  • I have asda

    Yett RodgerYett Rodger15 dagar sedan

    Wyntrrr ZBWyntrrr ZB15 dagar sedan
  • Asda

    Lewis EastwoodLewis Eastwood15 dagar sedan
  • Man socks looks like Markiplier

    kevario malcolmkevario malcolm16 dagar sedan
  • My mom is the coupon Goddess

    Tameka HughesTameka Hughes16 dagar sedan
  • how do Americans not have asda

    john 21 John 652john 21 John 65216 dagar sedan
  • 0:30 I have a Asda near me

    Tornado WhirlwindTornado Whirlwind16 dagar sedan
  • LAFFF I HAVE ASDA And i have laff loafs

    Derp pikachuDerp pikachu16 dagar sedan
  • Socks: are we becoming cheap stakes Me: Cheap skates

    Nicholas BunnellNicholas Bunnell16 dagar sedan
  • asda is a shopping mall

    Mohith yMohith y16 dagar sedan
  • Mrbeast need to help team

    Andy XiongAndy Xiong16 dagar sedan
  • “Never want to move it” my grandma who moves the couches every month

    Jacob HikoJacob Hiko17 dagar sedan
  • My question is, Do these people even have decent jobs?

    Venomouspro9Venomouspro917 dagar sedan
    • I mean they clearly had enough money for a grill

      Venomouspro9Venomouspro917 dagar sedan
  • They'll paint the fence with the blood of there Children extra cheap 😉

    𝖍𝖆𝖙𝖒𝖆𝖘𝖙𝖊𝖗𝖍𝖆𝖙𝖒𝖆𝖘𝖙𝖊𝖗17 dagar sedan
  • Asda is a shop

    amy soosamy soos17 dagar sedan
  • How do you not no what Asda is

    AlAN MARTINAlAN MARTIN17 dagar sedan
  • for socks: ASDA is a shop

    geogeo17 dagar sedan
  • Their dad is a redstone engineer

    ice bearice bear17 dagar sedan
  • I shop at asda

    The Plush Boy 123The Plush Boy 12318 dagar sedan
  • my bank account:*laughs*

    hayden widjajahayden widjaja18 dagar sedan
  • I have assma

    Landon SmithLandon Smith18 dagar sedan
  • Mr Crabs cheap steak leven: 100% Family cheap steak level: 1000%

    Cameron TrotmanCameron Trotman18 dagar sedan