2021 Mercedes-Maybach GLS600 vs Rolls-Royce Cullinan // Battle Of The ULTIMATE Ballers

The 2021 Mercedes-Maybach GLS600 ($230,200 CAD, $170,750 USD as specced ) and the Rolls-Royce Cullinan ($539,99 CAD, $439,124 USD) both promise resplendent luxury and adventure conquering capabilities. But for less than half the cost of the Rolls, how does the Maybach stack up? Watch to find out! SUBSCRIBE!!!

A big thank you to Lecos Auto for lending us their Cullinan - it’s up for sale!

Thank you to a particularly legendary AMG fanatic who let us film this on his property




Music from Epidemicsound.com

Ladda ner



  • I’m so happy because you add cc English to Arabic

    Ali 1999Ali 19994 timmar sedan
  • I would never buy any car that looks this ugly. These luxuary cars are an eyesore compared to their previous models.

    Atlas NetworkAtlas Network12 timmar sedan
  • Who buys it no one anymore you lease it and get a new one every three years as soon as the warranty runs out that goes for both … the 450 is a better deal And yes when the peasants are revolting ( they are) you may have to cut across a rough field to get away and really people with money at this RR level it’s pocket change boys

    Robert KreamerRobert Kreamer15 timmar sedan
  • Mercedes messed up their whole lineup

    DennisDennis17 timmar sedan
  • “…You can be either on the road, or you can be off the road” Engineering brilliance. 😂

    troymassey90troymassey9019 timmar sedan
  • The interior on the cullanin is insanee

    Fearless GamingFearless Gaming20 timmar sedan
  • Ha! Busted them. the Rolls has a cheap safety button near the light swithing which can also be found on the cheapest Mini.

    MPC007_EXPMPC007_EXP23 timmar sedan
  • I can afford them both🤣🤣🤣🤣

    D. KD. KDag sedan
  • I stopped watching this after the guy said my buck

    Mitz ProductionsMitz ProductionsDag sedan
  • 7:03 Thomas’s facial expressions throughout this whole bit had me dying 😂

    SeánSeánDag sedan
  • Cannot go wrong either way. Rolls is the ultimate but the Mercedes is still well made for the price

    ace 1ace 1Dag sedan
  • Blacked out is the only way the Cullinan can look good

    Driver JayDriver JayDag sedan
  • Why is Clarkson named Jezza?

    PerkMaster97PerkMaster97Dag sedan
  • The all black maybach but I’m not a racist

    Joe StathamJoe StathamDag sedan
  • I absolutely love these guys!

    Louie CovarrubiasLouie Covarrubias2 dagar sedan
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    David LeungDavid Leung2 dagar sedan
  • You basically get what you pay for

    nathan plunkettnathan plunkett2 dagar sedan
  • I just have to say a huge amazing job to the editing team. I’m a videographer and editor and every time I watch your videos I’m blown away by just how good the editing is. Like there is not a better car channel on SEcrone when it come to the video production!!! Awesome job, keep it up!

    Zach ShermanZach Sherman2 dagar sedan
  • Please make a video on brabus

    Guru KiranGuru Kiran2 dagar sedan
  • Gls 10 out 10

    Xhetan GjociXhetan Gjoci2 dagar sedan
  • welcome to another episode of 'you cant afforf these'

    jephronjephron2 dagar sedan
  • That GLS looks like a Lincoln Navigator

    sk8punk318sk8punk3183 dagar sedan
  • Good RR is for Russian mafia they can put modules with weapons in and drugs :) and Mercedes is Mercedes nothing special.

    Raauf lukRaauf luk3 dagar sedan
  • The RR is really ugly!

    dr. oshdr. osh4 dagar sedan
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  • Please try not to make fun of my favorite car

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  • Very well done review!

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  • Did he really bend the hood ornament on the Mercedes?

    Gucci GuiltyGucci Guilty5 dagar sedan
  • Who would get such a huge suv that only seats 4 when the RR can seat 3 people in the back. RR wins all the way because its on a different level of refinement.

    Curts World96Curts World965 dagar sedan
  • Why are they saying “mybuck”

    TE-BOTE-BO6 dagar sedan
    • Now they are saying myback

      TE-BOTE-BO6 dagar sedan
    • If you are saying it the proper German way it’s mei ba-hh

      TE-BOTE-BO6 dagar sedan
  • I guess they thought of Lara Croft when they talk about archology

    Machnum FotografieMachnum Fotografie6 dagar sedan
  • The RR just isn't for me, well, it is the best-looking vehicle of the two. but that's where it ends for me. I also think the SUV segment is expectedly stupid, Sport Utility Van. it cringes kind of like when someone says "New and improved" it can not be both!

    wardopewardope6 dagar sedan
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    joel erulujoel erulu7 dagar sedan
  • the range rover svr lwb has a better backseat then the cullinan

    Jordan KJordan K7 dagar sedan
  • You keep saying GLE? Or is a GLS. Hahah make up ur mind. I don’t blame u as rhe dashboard looks identical

    Miami DoodMiami Dood7 dagar sedan
  • Imagine every Kardashian has a cullinan

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  • Mercedes 👑

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    Rahila FaridhRahila Faridh8 dagar sedan

    Mazda Demio XD Touring '15Mazda Demio XD Touring '158 dagar sedan
  • The percent of people watching this video actually looking to buy one of these cars: 0.01%

    Samarth VediSamarth Vedi8 dagar sedan
  • Ngl that blue leather is fyyyyye

    Joe ChillJoe Chill9 dagar sedan
  • After reading most of the comments, Maybach it is.

    Kendel FrancoisKendel Francois9 dagar sedan
  • That Rolls Royce is screaming “I’m bloody rich” lol

    Rich State Of MindRich State Of Mind9 dagar sedan
  • must they wear such cheap clothes to review these ultra plush SUVs?

    Tofu86 OCTofu86 OC10 dagar sedan
  • They make a hot couple! and Thomas lips are so sexy!

    omar sociasomar socias10 dagar sedan
  • Was the founder of King Tut's tomb able to afford a Rolls Royce?

    Crazy OldfartCrazy Oldfart10 dagar sedan
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    SevsSevs10 dagar sedan
  • Not even a contest you can literally ask for anything you want on a Rolls Royce and they'll do it

    Steven JansenSteven Jansen11 dagar sedan
  • No third row seating, unacceptable

    Pavel KeptyaPavel Keptya11 dagar sedan
  • Rolls Royce will always be the standard. The King.

    Panamera GhostPanamera Ghost11 dagar sedan
  • Wow that was an impressive video! First time viewer here and enjoyed every bit of it. Loved the way you bounced ideas off each other and the subtle humour. Earned yourself a new subscriber :)

    Abdul Rahman NoorAbdul Rahman Noor11 dagar sedan
  • The Maybach🤩😍🙌🏿

    charlet fostercharlet foster11 dagar sedan
  • The Culling is an SUV Ghost. They're for people that drive themselves but they can be specced to be limousines. The Maybach GLS is the limousine version of the GLS. The backseat was a priority in the Maybach while it wasn't as much in the Cullinan.

    Ike HennessyIke Hennessy12 dagar sedan
  • I bet this channel is going to have 5M subscribers real soon. 👊🏻

    DMDM12 dagar sedan
  • WtF! That Mercedes it’s crazy!!

    AlejandroAlejandro12 dagar sedan
  • I would never ever spend more than 100 grand on a car that does not have rear reclining seats!

    Shkelzen PreleziShkelzen Prelezi12 dagar sedan
  • Mercedes all day but that rolls is great

    MagickMagick12 dagar sedan
  • Definitely pick the rolls..the end

    Stevie LoweStevie Lowe12 dagar sedan
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    Raymond ValdezRaymond Valdez12 dagar sedan
  • The modern mercedes have such a cheap looking dash, not something dark and soothing like the rolls has, its not even close, but this rolls shape looks bad compared to maybach

    BU𐍂AGØBU𐍂AGØ12 dagar sedan
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  • I think s class 2021 best as compare to this two cars. What do you think 🤔

    Md Belal UddinMd Belal Uddin12 dagar sedan
  • Hi I’m Thomas And I’m James And this is the ugliest interior color of any rolls royce.

    Visan GeorgianVisan Georgian12 dagar sedan
  • A Rolls-Royce in the Classic Remise Düsseldorf also from the inside in 360°. secrone.info/video/dK6mmNfJbWqVirs/video.html

    EXCIT3D GmbHEXCIT3D GmbH13 dagar sedan
  • Do the lexus gsf track review

    bad boyshahhbad boyshahh13 dagar sedan
  • Am I the only one that noticed how he SLAMMED that Maybach door lol like he was in a Toyota lls

    Walter SwannWalter Swann13 dagar sedan
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  • "Off Road" in a Rolls Royce means 'chance of occasional leaf on road'

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  • Maybach>rolls

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  • Amazing vehicles, but both ugly in my opinion. Range Rover design is the pinnacle.

    Lb CoLb Co14 dagar sedan
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  • Each video gets better and better. Great work guys!

    Valentino RanalloValentino Ranallo15 dagar sedan
  • I love Rolls Royce

    Peter DignityPeter Dignity15 dagar sedan
  • These guy's never heard of soft close?

    gustavo vidalgustavo vidal15 dagar sedan
  • A 2015 Range Rover Autobiography would be better than both of these...

    Billy TranBilly Tran15 dagar sedan
  • The rolls loookkks really shiiiit😂😬😬

    Deniz T.Deniz T.15 dagar sedan
  • Cullinan looks like London taxis.

    Aref EshghiAref Eshghi15 dagar sedan
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  • Does the star ceiling have shooting stars or was I seeing things.

    Maurice JonesMaurice Jones16 dagar sedan
  • I’ll take maybach the interior on the rolls looks bland

    Khalil MontgomeryKhalil Montgomery16 dagar sedan
  • that blue 💙😍

    King LuckeyKing Luckey16 dagar sedan
  • Best car review channel I've ever seen. subscribed!

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  • Best intro xD

    clinically depressedclinically depressed17 dagar sedan
  • Most critics feel the latest Navigator has earned the right 2 b called a rival (or actually beats the Rolls & Bentley SUV's). That is the 1 to compare 2 the Maybach SUV

    Craig MartinCraig Martin17 dagar sedan
  • the winner is Mercedes Benz GLS Maybach for evething, price and all,

    Arturo Ochoa GaliciaArturo Ochoa Galicia17 dagar sedan
  • 👍BENZ

    Liridon MehmetiLiridon Mehmeti17 dagar sedan
  • Drag race?

    Adrian CawaingAdrian Cawaing17 dagar sedan
  • Ugly and more ugly

    J KJ K17 dagar sedan
  • It comes allways to this: " this Rolls is for sports......." even if You two guys look like sitting on the Toilet on those Backseats ts,ts,ts!!! Oh, the headrests are moving, wow (just like never seen on other cars). Various Buttons allover the place, with no harmony to each other and sense!!!! A Square box with an envoirment touch of te 60s with third class seats at the back....oh I've lost it than: "its for sports"?????? Roolls Royce puah,....It is what it is, a B M W for snobs. On the other side, we do have a modern, stylish, halfprized and more comfortable backseated luxury SUV(Maybach), with as much as or more leather equipped than the Rolls. If Money doesn't count (prize diff. over 200.000 usd between Rolls an Maybach) I'm sure if ordered, the Merc engineers would fill up the Maybach with goodies that makes the Rolls look like a wooden chair. If terms of Pedigree, I remember You Guys ; It was Mercedes who has built te first car in 1886...............not Rolls Royce!!

    Boray FilizerBoray Filizer17 dagar sedan