All 142 UEFA EURO 2020 goals: Watch every one!!!

From Merih Demiral's own goal against Italy in the opening game to Bonucci’s equaliser in the final for the Azzurri, see all 142 goals that were scored during the tournament.


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  • Lol euro 2020

    Judd GolfJudd Golf11 minuter sedan
  • Worst euros I’ve ever seen as a neutral, here’s why A. Postponement B. Knockout Stage no entertainment I mean half of the quarterfinals just contained smaller teams and I’m a fan that wants massive competition C. Covid and barely fans in stadiums except semis and final I would’ve rather wanted the tournament in 2020, I’m opposed to the postponement of the tournament as well as other tournaments, we could’ve been able to play it in 2020 with full capacity stadiums, covid isn’t dangerous, back in 2020 the numbers were small, and covid dosent effect people under 50 that bad so yeah

    Fam FootballFam FootballTimme sedan
  • Italy was the best Team and Denmark the fairst team

    JoannaJoanna2 timmar sedan
  • Wow

    ONE TWIXONE TWIX3 timmar sedan
  • Music was unnecessary 🤦

    Gaurav PatelGaurav Patel6 timmar sedan
  • I'm from the Czech Republic and I'm proud of three things: - goal of Patrik Schick - Italy won over England in final - Christian Eriksen recovery

    Tomas HornTomas Horn7 timmar sedan
    • 12:25 "7 Kei Havertz" they cam write his name right it means Kai not Kei wtf xD

      JoannaJoanna2 timmar sedan
  • 34:14 Sterling diving even if the ball was in... just in case

    Pablo MorenoPablo Moreno7 timmar sedan
  • 24:35

    Christian LangeChristian Lange8 timmar sedan
  • Legen

  • 5:03 the best goal in eruo 2020 [my opition]

    top air disatertop air disater9 timmar sedan

    Fatih KulFatih Kul9 timmar sedan
  • No need music

    Jay SamaJay Sama9 timmar sedan
  • Own goals the best.

    Keanu RewersKeanu Rewers9 timmar sedan

    Berat BolatBerat Bolat9 timmar sedan
  • *Slovakia - Spain* is the most humiliative defeat of the euro 2020 (19:28) No only because of the total score, but the way the goals happened :|

    RAMMY237RAMMY23710 timmar sedan
  • 16:24 - классика паса! Это наше все! Зато мы всех_побядители, и вы вообще нам всем должны!

    Александр ЦусимаАлександр Цусима10 timmar sedan
  • goal P.Schik and goal Yarmolenko(to Netherlands)- TOP!!!!

    женя Пасiчнийженя Пасiчний10 timmar sedan
  • ALL THE WORLD THANKS ITALY 🇮🇹🇮🇹🇮🇹🇮🇹 💪💪💪💪

    Bitcoin FreedomBitcoin Freedom10 timmar sedan
  • The scores on the bottom were incorrect in some cases. Like Portugal vs Germany for example. At one point it showed 1-4 for germany then showed them score again. The end score was 2-4.

    Kief ChrisKief Chris11 timmar sedan
  • It’s coming to home next year 🙂

    Futbol legendFutbol legend11 timmar sedan
  • 12:25 "7 Kei Havertz" they cam write his name right it means Kai not Kei wtf xD

    PlexioPlexio12 timmar sedan
  • All this euro goals are amazing working hard goals

    Zaid BaderZaid Bader12 timmar sedan
  • 32:00 assist of the tournament

    MouatazMouataz12 timmar sedan
  • ciro immobile 30:59 😑😑

    MouatazMouataz12 timmar sedan
  • Congratulations Italy! You played great and put up a great fight against us. You deserve this one. From 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿

    LeyrkerLeyrker14 timmar sedan
  • The final break my heart😐

    Super ArmySuper Army15 timmar sedan
  • I am from Danmark but Kevin de bruyne goal against Danmark to 2-1 is a brilliant

    EggsandwichEggsandwich15 timmar sedan
  • не хватает Эмоций после гола

    Захар АбрамовЗахар Абрамов16 timmar sedan
  • 12:22 Kei Havertz xd

    Ádám HogyinszkiÁdám Hogyinszki16 timmar sedan
  • Ich war noch nie so glücklich gewesen in einem Turnier wie des da, vorallem für die Schwiizer Nati!😆🇨🇭❤ Noch nie gab es so viele konstante Spannungen in einem Turnier wie dieses hier!🤩 (Und ausgerechnet Frankreich gg. Schweiz war das spannenste Spiel in diesem Turnier gewesen! 🇫🇷⚔🇨🇭) Danke für die Momente, nicht nur die Schweiz sondern alle!🏳️‍🌈 Ihr habt gezeigt, dass Fussball mehr als nur ein Spiel ist.⚽️ Ich muss zugeben, dass es auch viele schlechte Momente gab, aber das machts umso besonderer! Ich hoffe, dass Deutschland nach 3 Jahre auch solche wunderbare Momente liefern wird.👀 HOPP SCHWIIZ!❤🇨🇭 (Tsch tsch!♨️)

    Hüseyin TokHüseyin Tok16 timmar sedan
  • Вот сижу я , а передо мной гориляка и пивонька. И чё делать ???..

    Роберт МаксимовРоберт Максимов18 timmar sedan
  • AND THE WINNER IS......: .....!!! 👇

    stefano Pstefano P18 timmar sedan
  • It's coming rome

    K LewK Lew19 timmar sedan
  • Music in the background ruins it

    Landy BLandy B19 timmar sedan
  • Denmark vs Belgium GREAT COMEBACK!

    Joe NevilleJoe Neville20 timmar sedan
  • Keep the commentary next time

    Go Ahead, Make My DayGo Ahead, Make My Day22 timmar sedan
  • The natural softdrink bareilly obey because energy separately shade between a macho trousers. standing, descriptive shark

    Michael KwonMichael Kwon23 timmar sedan
  • Please reup this without the music damn

    FaizantFaizantDag sedan
  • miss euro 2020 😭😭😭

    Crocodile WantedCrocodile WantedDag sedan
  • 41 more goals scored than Euro2016!!

    Cole 8eroCole 8eroDag sedan
  • Merih reyiz ck iyi atmış

    SteveSteveDag sedan
  • The music has completely ruined this. Football is a sport where the sound of the fans and the commentary enhances the product so much. The music makes it completely unwatchable.

    David ConcannonDavid ConcannonDag sedan
  • Not even one from turkey 🤬

    SamoO MarasSamoO MarasDag sedan
  • Sterling should be playing regularly for city, or any other big club

    Jure ZanoskarJure ZanoskarDag sedan
  • Nord mekdonia 🥺 im not from this country but im 😭

    joki ayoubjoki ayoubDag sedan
  • 10:48 Best goal forever

    BrawlMinStarYTBrawlMinStarYTDag sedan
  • 🇮🇹🇮🇹🇮🇹 she from italia 💚❤️

    joki ayoubjoki ayoubDag sedan
  • That goal by Turkish is hell underrated ❤️

    Osama ShakeelOsama ShakeelDag sedan
  • Here for Modric's swinger nd Daamsgard ❤️

    Osama ShakeelOsama ShakeelDag sedan
  • Patrik Schick legend

    Alena Hranicka pozdravují těAlena Hranicka pozdravují těDag sedan
  • Has been the third European final in 20 years for Italy, they deserved victory at all.

    Havana 7Havana 7Dag sedan
  • It ' s been An amazing tournement,Even cause it s come To Rome.

    Wild dudeWild dudeDag sedan
    • 4:57 Here comes the BOOM

      Rvve DuioRvve DuioDag sedan
  • My home IS Slovakia my favorit goal IS Robert Mak🇸🇰🇸🇰🇸🇰🇸🇰 5:18

    JakubJakubDag sedan
  • Qué pasa con los penaltis lógicamente no va a quedar la final 1 -1 es que es lógico

    vajufulvajufulDag sedan
  • bence en güzel gol merihin golü

    ÇınarYTÇınarYTDag sedan
  • İlkini biz atmışız iyi tarafından bakın

    Error BeratError BeratDag sedan
  • Background sound soooo irritate😡😡😡😡

    Ashan RaiAshan RaiDag sedan
  • 34:18 - does he even have a diving licence?

    Dunn GylliteDunn GylliteDag sedan
  • England deserve to win

    Jhan DorielJhan DorielDag sedan
    • Good joke. They'll never win it - and they'll never reach a final outside of Wembley. ^^

      AKAK20 timmar sedan
  • World Cup will comeback Home, bro!

    Phuc Tin Kieu NguyenPhuc Tin Kieu NguyenDag sedan

    Simone De GiorgiSimone De GiorgiDag sedan
  • i'm italy

    Andrea TettiAndrea TettiDag sedan
  • Ronaldo scored 2 offside goals😐

  • Ronaldo scored 2 offside goals😐

  • 4:57 Here comes the BOOM

  • I wish these videos had commentary rather than some shitty stock dad rock, some of these goals aren't the same without a commentator screaming about them

    Google UserGoogle UserDag sedan
  • Lagu tak masuk aaa...

    Muhammad DanialMuhammad DanialDag sedan

    Hector Delgado SalazarHector Delgado SalazarDag sedan
  • Dumfel Demfries met de kopbal

    TheUltimateFifaDays 'TheUltimateFifaDays 'Dag sedan
  • Damsgaard's❤️

    Amo JhoAmo JhoDag sedan
  • El mejor gol el de España Eslovaquia ferran torres de tacón

    Maria MarcosMaria MarcosDag sedan
  • Did they spell Kai havertz wrong, they put kei??

    Alfie Longman footballAlfie Longman footballDag sedan
  • The music is absolutely terrible. It feels wrong to even call it music. Just dont put music on next time.

    Zidane HDZidane HDDag sedan
  • I didnt realize Neymar played for England

    ProSqualyProSqualyDag sedan
  • 12:21 Kai Havertz not Kei

    Nguyễn Việt ThànhNguyễn Việt ThànhDag sedan
  • Waowww mantap jos

    Dwie Anthony josDwie Anthony josDag sedan
  • 12:24 not Kei Havertz ,,Kai Havertz,,

    VxnomzVxnomzDag sedan
  • I'm from Portugal

    Guilherme Mesquita Guimarães Carvalho da SilvaGuilherme Mesquita Guimarães Carvalho da SilvaDag sedan
  • Youre forgot austria ukraine

    teddy Bürgerteddy BürgerDag sedan
  • The wholesale cell allegedly form because kitten modestly beg pro a perpetual brow. slow, abortive storm

    ui jkui jkDag sedan
  • What a tournament with amazing goals and games! I miss it A LOT 😢❤️😭I didn't want it to end...

    Max EtheridgeMax EtheridgeDag sedan
  • Great tournament

    Camillo BianchiCamillo BianchiDag sedan
  • Goals with commentating >>>>> music

    muhd safwangmuhd safwangDag sedan
  • 14:14 best goal from turkey

    PapentPapentDag sedan
  • . Kei Haverts wtf

    I am SenseiI am SenseiDag sedan
  • rezil olduk...

    Yusuf KrbrnYusuf KrbrnDag sedan
  • Patrick schick

    Kevin NyssensKevin NyssensDag sedan
  • So,this euro was the euro of:autogol,gk that don’t realise they win,meme,shoots out the area,u tir a gir (Lorenzo Insigne,when he shoots making a parabolic movement with the ball),and too early tatoos….perfect! Ah,and the worst year for the Coca Cola’s commercial….

    Samuele ScalercioSamuele ScalercioDag sedan
  • In my opinion as a Hungarian, Denmark is the real hero of this tournament.

    liouy cnnyliouy cnnyDag sedan
  • Sweden Slovakia?????

    Léopold MadsenLéopold MadsenDag sedan

    WugoWugoDag sedan
  • ❤️kasper dolberg❤️

    Elten soupElten soupDag sedan