I Spent a Day with a REAL Ex-Yakuza Member in Japan

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  • fun fact : when the first president of Indonesia visiting Japan,the Japanese government refused to give escort to the president. after that the president hired Yakuza to do their escort.

    kaikai7 minuter sedan
  • I just started the video and I like the guy, simply because he seems to be trying to have a proper conversation with Joey as a human, instead of simply acting like a former-yakuza for the online audience.

    LadnavarLadnavar20 minuter sedan
  • I notice your glasses came off half way... I bet he told you it was rude or something xD hahaha I would've been scared as well Joey but he seems pretty nice in the end.

    Anakuya1Anakuya124 minuter sedan
  • The yakuza also care more avout helping people than the japanese government did after the tsunami. They were handing out supplies to people during the devestation

    Taylor WestonTaylor Weston27 minuter sedan
  • *when you wanna go to Japan one day but you also wanna get a tattoo really badly* Me: *sob*

    Sarah ArtsSarah Arts28 minuter sedan
  • "Yo..KIRYU CHAN!!!"

    Michael The Undead MariachiMichael The Undead Mariachi29 minuter sedan
  • this dude had joey shitting his pants holy shit

    TrixieTrixie31 minut sedan
  • what got from this the most is that if you dont know jack shit about the japanese tattoos or the culture be ready to get fucked up by yakuzas other than that they are respectful group of people

    ShuShu50 minuter sedan
  • Dang, Joey is getting told how to interview. You can tell he's about to piss himself.

    MadnessBomberMadnessBomber52 minuter sedan
  • Yakuza = Assertive Japanese person

    ExcaliburSticks100ExcaliburSticks10058 minuter sedan
  • Very informative and you learned some manners.

    tuddrusselltuddrussellTimme sedan
  • I know what Joey was going for with referencing Way of the Househusband, but good god man, read the damn room when you're interviewing people. This isn't the author of redo of a healer who wouldn't mind you fucking around, this is someone who could've very easily walked out of your interview.

    darksector41darksector41Timme sedan
  • When he started asking if joey was lying I crapped myself and joey probably did also

    ScrawnyScrawnyTimme sedan
  • joey - "do you have heroic stories?" what is heroic about the damn mafia?

    PoaiLickPoaiLickTimme sedan
    • Probably many things, but in a different perspective from yours or mine

      That One Tall TeenThat One Tall Teen28 minuter sedan
  • Fun fact: The Yakuzas are known to be scared of foreigners

    Gwendoline LokiGwendoline LokiTimme sedan
  • Much love and respect for Mr. Tyson and Joey. I hope more people see this and understand the culture as a whole. ❤

    La CoyoteLa CoyoteTimme sedan
  • This is the most awkward conversation Joey ever had, where as the guest calls him out.

    HyperHyperTimme sedan
  • The“Yakuza” series does exaggerate a lot about the organizations and people involved (and reality itself), but the core ideals and actions of the yakuza is actually pretty on point, based on what Tyson-san explained.

    Funny ValentineFunny ValentineTimme sedan
  • Tyson: what is your name Joey: uh Tyson: i don't know who you are but ill find you and i will kill you Joey: the animeman Tyson: i see we have broken the ice. I'll let it slide this once. tatsu

    ぴゃ人何ぴゃ人何2 timmar sedan
  • The only reason of why I think yakuzas are cool is because of the way they think, and act. And I love how he reacted at certain things you've said

    KiritsunaKiritsuna2 timmar sedan
  • Joey should’ve prepared himself and use a formal wear instead rather than cosplaying as immortal Tatsu or do some further research about the Yakuza I get that his trying to have a bit of humor around Tyson but I think most of the Yakuza members are serious when it comes down to their business

    Glydel KarlstadGlydel Karlstad2 timmar sedan
  • joey i love you but give the man your name before he kills u lmao

    zero 2zero 22 timmar sedan
  • Why is the watch brand name funny?

    Naiole MissiNaiole Missi2 timmar sedan
  • Joey really thought he was gonna play this man a fake name.

    ninjadude91ninjadude912 timmar sedan
  • This just made me like yakuza more

    crazy lavendcrazy lavend2 timmar sedan
  • I really do like your new watch!!

    xLotusAngel626xxLotusAngel626x2 timmar sedan
  • Are all japanese people that strict about traditions like not crossing your hands when talking etc. Kinda annoying having to remember everything

    AzazeIIAzazeII3 timmar sedan
  • Don't tell me you're here because you got interested in gang things because of Tokyo revengers

    Anshu MangangAnshu Mangang3 timmar sedan
  • I LOVE HIM for PWNING YOU all interview XDXDXDXD

    EddieEddie3 timmar sedan
  • I’ve learned that Tyson can see, hear, and smell bullshit a mile away 😅

    wowokwowwowokwow3 timmar sedan
  • this guy is disciplined to the max

    Neonex65Neonex653 timmar sedan
  • I thought Joey will be yeeted out of existence when he introduced himself as immortal Tatsu.

    BarusuBarusu3 timmar sedan
  • He is a fake yakuza ,he didn't say Kiryu chan

    YaGMiYaGMi3 timmar sedan
  • Everytime Tyson stops Joey to correct him for something,I feel a little bit of life leaving Joey's Body.TBH I feel the same and I was not even there.

    Shadow SaiyanShadow Saiyan3 timmar sedan
  • I admit that I want all that interested in learning about Yakuza, but I really enjoyed this interview. They're still intimidating, but I I can also see the wholesomeness of why Yakuza started. Hm. Really cool that you got the chance to talk with him 😊

    emomushroom45emomushroom453 timmar sedan
  • Joey, are now Tyson’s bitch lol

    marting94marting943 timmar sedan
  • The way he's correcting the interviewer hahaha so blunt 😂😂

    Malaika InamMalaika Inam4 timmar sedan
  • here in russia, in the northern districts of the 90's sverdlovsk, we used to have major gangs that basically controlled the city this guy talks surprisingly similar to a member of one of those

    Temporal ChairTemporal Chair4 timmar sedan
  • Intense af

    Darren FoleyDarren Foley4 timmar sedan
  • Tyson felt like a really nice guy, intimidating but nice. I’m only at 7:46 btw

    LitLit LotLotLitLit LotLot4 timmar sedan
  • In Japan, heart surgeon. Number one. Steady hand. One day, Yakuza boss need new heart. I do operation. But, mistake! Yakuza boss die! Yakuza very mad. I hide in fishing boat, come to America. No english, no food, no money. Darryl give me job. Now I have house, American car, and new woman. Darryl save life. My big secret: I kill yakuza boss on purpose. I good surgeon. Zeee best-uh!

    Kishan SinhaKishan Sinha4 timmar sedan
  • Somebody from the Yakuza watched this video. O.O

    MexiBearMexiBear4 timmar sedan
  • Tyson teaching Joey how to properly conduct the interview.

    Melange holicMelange holic4 timmar sedan
  • joey speaking Japanese through the whole episode has me feeling so blessed

    Terra BellarTerra Bellar5 timmar sedan
  • Gun's aren't that common? America: we would like to introduce ourselves

    The Daemon TemplarThe Daemon Templar5 timmar sedan
  • 日本の食や文化をSEcroneで発信しているジュンジローと申します。いつも楽しく動画拝見させていただいてます。撮影や編集の仕方とても勉強になります!次回の動画も楽しみにしてます!My name is Junjiro, and I'm a SEcrone fan of Japanese food and culture. I always enjoy watching your videos. I learn so much from the way you shoot and edit! I'm looking forward to your next video!

    SAMURAI JUNJIRO ChannelSAMURAI JUNJIRO Channel5 timmar sedan
  • 12:15 rip

    ReedReed5 timmar sedan
  • 3:42 I could since the fear

    B1S K3TB1S K3T5 timmar sedan
  • This video is really cool, thanks fot it for both of you!

    Mizuho WaanjaiMizuho Waanjai5 timmar sedan
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    1JackOFBlades11JackOFBlades15 timmar sedan
  • This was intense 😭 I was lowkey worried when he said his name was "Tatsu" 😭😭 like slow down there buddy

    rolando yesrolando yes5 timmar sedan
  • NGL, the scene at 03:41 would've made me crap in my pants for real if I had been in Joey's place (especially 04:04). Tyson is SERIOUSLY intimidating when he's upset. Jeez. If this had been like in the Yakuza games, he would've started manifesting a colored aura around his head and shoulders, lol. Also, Joey claims that he's not intimidated by Tyson, yet keeps shaking his legs. Sure, buddy, haha. And lastly, I'm amazed that Tyson seemingly has played the Yakuza games. Now I can't shake the image of real-life patriarchs and captains playing them too. Maybe the "Real Yakuza use gamepads" disclaimer IS real after all.

    Incog2k6Incog2k65 timmar sedan
  • what is more important, you or the social rules? Thats the best question i have heard in a long time.

    Peter UhlenbergPeter Uhlenberg5 timmar sedan
  • Why does this feel like a father to son conversation at times?

    Miro B.Miro B.5 timmar sedan
  • Makes sense, of course media is going to portray things exaggeratedly, but its nice to know that they still are kind of like a big family that looks out for each other and the people that can't.

    Andrew SAndrew S5 timmar sedan
  • Ngl Mr Tyson looks like Discipline In charge from my high school xDD

    風吹にゃん!風吹にゃん!5 timmar sedan
  • Why am I getting second hand fear lmao

    Manuel_DiazManuel_Diaz5 timmar sedan
  • i am genuinely scared watching this lmao

    Sherp the DerpSherp the Derp5 timmar sedan
  • damnn tyson banking some big bucks, love that AP he has on his wrist. class.

    DΛИDΛИ5 timmar sedan
  • Mood

    Oscar GonzalezOscar Gonzalez5 timmar sedan
  • It's so funny to see Joey being so casual and laid back just to be scolded for his bad manners 😂

    Moe ThermodynamicsMoe Thermodynamics6 timmar sedan
  • Bro he’s one scary guy he knew he was lying straight away

    VensaeVensae6 timmar sedan
  • why do people find him scary? he talks and acts completly normal, am i missing something?

    D MaffoD Maffo6 timmar sedan
  • 2:40 this is what you are looking for.

    Soumyadip SarkarSoumyadip Sarkar6 timmar sedan
  • I hope the other boys bring up this interview in the next Trash Taste. I'm sure they're gonna ask Joey about it.

    SPIDEYMAN2008SPIDEYMAN20086 timmar sedan

    Marshall RostMarshall Rost6 timmar sedan
  • Just googled omeco after watching this vid. There are a few sites even referring to this vid. Its a nice pun, probably even more funny if you are a ajanaese speaker. It refers to s*x intercourse. And these watches seem to be affordable. Good vid. Very nice

    Oliver SteinmannOliver Steinmann6 timmar sedan
  • "fighting skills doesnt matter once guns enter the picture" Next time don't forget to take the gun with ya

    AnélAnél6 timmar sedan
  • this guy's scary as hell

    Mel LengruberMel Lengruber6 timmar sedan
  • Anyone else feel Tyson's aura through the screen? I genuinely felt scared watching this

    InfernikusInfernikus6 timmar sedan
  • When u grow up with paramilitaries here in northern Ireland no other group scare me

    shazzza banazzshazzza banazz6 timmar sedan
  • This guy is smart though. I like him. He's like tearing apart every word Joey says and how he disrespects him by not 1 introducing himself or 2 having his arms crossed. Like bruh, Joey, he's a better interviewer than you are ahahahha. And his answers are so logical, and he askes questions so you are more specific, it's 10 out of 10. he seems also very proper. nice man indeed.

    Depressed CoffeeCupDepressed CoffeeCup6 timmar sedan
  • tyson was the most educated person i've seen and never had thought such respectable attitude. i do understand his way

    Tomas CobaltoTomas Cobalto6 timmar sedan
  • i would literally want to get adopted by a yakuza member but i dont have citizenship in japan

    psychoteddy100psychoteddy1006 timmar sedan
  • this was so interesting!!

    rayslittlenookrayslittlenook6 timmar sedan
  • What happened to the manga volume that you got scammed for

    samir isaacyuhsamir isaacyuh6 timmar sedan
  • I wonder what Tyson does for a living now, apart from making those watches

    the manic almanacthe manic almanac6 timmar sedan
  • I understand that a lot of people like subbed anime or dubbed anime but I can't watch some because I'm 4 minutes into this video I've already had the closet about five or six times because I can't read that fast (so pretty much 4 minutes of video is 6-7 minutes of watching so a 30ish minute episode would take around 45ish minutes, so a short 12 episode series dubbed takes around 4 hours but subbed would take roughly 4 1/2- 5 hours to watch as well as being choppy)

    Timothy McIntoshTimothy McIntosh6 timmar sedan
  • ಠ_ಠタイソンこわいよ

    KonnichihannahKonnichihannah6 timmar sedan
  • I was surprised that Tyson-san let Joey interview him with his sunglasses on. I’m Japanese, but wearing sunglasses ( indoors when u don’t need it) during an interview would come off as extremely rude in Japan. So maybe Joey told him beforehand..? BTW, thanks for the awesome video!! I enjoyed it a lot!

    Saku S.Saku S.6 timmar sedan
  • Ichiban Kazuga where are you ma men

    Samuel RodriguezSamuel Rodriguez6 timmar sedan
  • It's funny because Joey is trying to be funny but the ex-Yakuza is a serious man, I respect him lol

    Samuel RodriguezSamuel Rodriguez7 timmar sedan
  • joey's sweating bullets

    nabil salehnabil saleh7 timmar sedan
  • Joey got tought some manners by Mr.Tyson

    TuxTux7 timmar sedan
  • I want him to play the Yakuza games

    Samuel RodriguezSamuel Rodriguez7 timmar sedan
  • If there is an anime man somewhere somehow there will be an anime woman too

    Samuel RodriguezSamuel Rodriguez7 timmar sedan
  • A former Yakuza member lecturing you on proper manners has to scary. Can't imagine that kind of disrespect would have been so easily tolerated by non-retired Yakuza members. Joey, you're a braver man than I for doing an interview like this. I get scared just going to job interviews.

    Canadian FoodCanadian Food7 timmar sedan
  • Soo yakuza literally mean : stay cool, stay clean, and family

    Cocogoat MilkCocogoat Milk7 timmar sedan
  • You're so close to the camera here Dr. Jelly, or maybe its because I'm drunk.

    Max შემიწყალეMax შემიწყალე7 timmar sedan
  • I swear that when I saw the title I could of sworn I read es-kazuya member lol

    Ari MaciasAri Macias7 timmar sedan
  • ma guy was scared af 😂

    Lean StathLean Stath7 timmar sedan
  • Just added this to my epic videos playlist

    bingeanimewatcherbingeanimewatcher7 timmar sedan
  • Hi, from Colombia... that guy, even thou he has been through some shit... he is still great.

    Esteban HEsteban H7 timmar sedan
  • so if you want to quit the yakuza, just do some drugs, and you can keep your finger!

    Peter VargaPeter Varga7 timmar sedan
  • That hostess story made my perspective of Yakuza improve. Only true men would do something like that

    Fortnite BestFortnite Best7 timmar sedan
  • I wish you hadn't worn the glasses, it's a bit rude even for interviewing regular people. But I'm thankful for this interview cuz I like to hear from the yakuza themselves.

    MiwuMiwu7 timmar sedan
  • BRO when he said to tell me your name to Joey I think I shat myself LOL

    Jin LimJin Lim7 timmar sedan
  • I like how other ex-gangsters like Michael Franseze is all like he didn't ever kill anybody and then this guy is like "i beat the man half to death"

    TablePrinterDoorTablePrinterDoor7 timmar sedan
  • Kiryu real life

    TablePrinterDoorTablePrinterDoor7 timmar sedan