Skoda Enyaq iV 80 range test

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  • Which country is this?

    R. B.R. B.2 dagar sedan
  • What exterior colour is this? Brilliant-silver metallic?

    Christoph PrangerChristoph Pranger25 dagar sedan
    • Quartz Grey Metallic

      Gary AllsoppGary Allsopp22 dagar sedan
  • Hope you will be doing a range test of the 60kw version?

    ZimpazZimpaz26 dagar sedan
  • In Sweden, we pay electricity network fees of about 5000 Euro per year for a 150kw charger. If I am going to start a new charging station with 3 150kw chargers then the fixed electricity network fee will be 15000 Euro per year. And then I have not paid for the electricity consumption!

    Per-Erik NilssonPer-Erik Nilsson29 dagar sedan
  • So the Enyaq has less drag coefficient than ID4!!! I would never have guessed that, box beats soap shape!

    Rob EnglishRob English29 dagar sedan
  • Bjørn, I hope you see this message, regarding the energy and noise tests you do. You could include the norm declaration for the wheels regarding energy and noise. I recently looked at new wheels for my Model S and here is an example, with the priority, 1. Wet Grip, 2. Rolling Resistance, 3. Rolling Noise Michelin Primacy 3 XL FSL 245/45 R19 102Y - Energy B - Wett A - Acoustic 69dB Bridgestone Turanza T005 XL FR 245/45 R19 102Y - Energy B - Wett A - Acoustic 70dB Michelin Pilot Sport 4 XL FSL 245/45 R19 102Y - Energy B - Wett A - Acoustic 71dB Continental PremiumContact 6 XL FR 245/45 R19 102Y - Energy B - Wett A - Acoustic 72dB Dunlop Sport Maxx RT XL MFS 245/45 R19 102Y - Energy C - Wett A - Acoustic 68dB Imperial Ecosport 2 245/45 ZR19 102Y (XL) - Energy C - Wett A - Acoustic 71dB Kumho Ecsta PS71 - Energy C - Wett A - Acoustic 72dB Hankook Ventus S1 Evo 2 K117 245/45 R19 102Y - Energy C - Wett A - Acoustic 71dB (YES Fringe Protector) Pirelli P-Zero PZ4 LS XL 245/45 R19 102Y - Energy C - Wett A - Acoustic 68dB (NO Fringe Protector for "102") Goodyear Eagle F1 Asymmetric 5 245/45 R19 102Y XL, MFS - Energy C - Wett A - Acoustic 72dB Nokian zLine 245/45 ZR19 102Y XL - Energy C - Wett A - Acoustic 72dB Bridgestone Potenza S001 245/45 R19 102Y XL MO - Energy C - Wett B - Acoustic 71dB Landsail LS588 UHP 245/45 ZR19 102Y XL - Energy B - Wett B - Acoustic 69dB Apparently there is a new norm for the labels since 1st May 2021 and it will also use Noise classes as well. I could be wrong, but it would seem that A is =< 69dB, B is > 69dB =< 72dB and C is > 72dB. It's very important that when you specify your noises, that you also specify the norm of the tire used. Basically you should adjust the noise measurements. Maybe also wear of the tire, since the noise is most likely louder as the tire gets worn out (unknown factor). I'm sure you are aware of The rolling noise level as a function of vehicle speed (known factor) and keep the same speed and road type (though that is hard to do). "EU Tire Label Tests rolling noise test"

    Kristian KnudsenKristian KnudsenMånad sedan
  • Thank you for your videos, really great.

    ichtyshorichtyshorMånad sedan
  • I am really looking forward to the all wheel drive version. Maybe it will be my first all electric car.

    ichtyshorichtyshorMånad sedan
  • Thanks for the great videos and info as usual! Curiously the Enyaq has 235 tires all round while the ID4 has 255 at the back. Also curious that the Enyaq apparently has a better Cd, I would say otherwise by looking at the exterior detail finishing... Anyway, good efficiency in both cars considering the SUV size and shape, with negligible difference in my view.

    Diogo MartinsDiogo MartinsMånad sedan
  • Agreed. Checked both out last year

    Wil GWil GMånad sedan
  • It would be nice to know is there battery heater when charging and driving when it is cold winter weather

    Veli-Pekka LindholmVeli-Pekka LindholmMånad sedan
  • This car is ~800kg heavier than my 2013 Renault Zoe, yet almost matches its efficiency. Well done Škoda 👏 (or shame on you, Renault)

    Philip KPhilip KMånad sedan
    • 2013 vs 2021 - 8 years is a lot of development time. I don't know about the 2013 model but at least my 2015 Zoe had a heat pump as standard - No VAG cars have this as standard in the UK. More shame at £1,005 option I think. Even so, 60kwh is still the cheapest EV of this size though.

      Gary AllsoppGary Allsopp22 dagar sedan
  • Skoda looksbetter than ww nowdays

    maraxmaraxMånad sedan
  • I didn't think I would see the day where I would desire a Skoda.

    ßaronßaronMånad sedan
  • Interior is a big step up from the ID4.

    Patrick DalyPatrick DalyMånad sedan
  • Helo dear mr. Bjørn Nykand. Will you make a Skoda Enyaq iV 60 PLUS range test

    PM HPM HMånad sedan
  • Thank you for sharing this test. Just wondering, how does the range change if the car is loaded with 4 person & luggage?

    Attila LenartAttila LenartMånad sedan
  • Question for you Bjørn! Do you know why this Enyaq had 235/45-21 both front and back? Skoda say it will be with 235/45-21 in front and 255/40-21 at the back for the 80 and 80x. Its only the 50 and 60 version that has the same wheel front and back? I have been told that this is because for the weight of the car?

    Øivind MidtunØivind MidtunMånad sedan
    • It was a mistake by Møller.

      Bjørn NylandBjørn NylandMånad sedan
  • Honestly the Skoda Enyaq looks SO MUCH BETTER than the ID4...

    Geass SogekiGeass SogekiMånad sedan
  • That is a good looking car, even the solid sound of the door closing was good, interior looks really nice, looking forward to your deeper look.

    Nonyank SNonyank SMånad sedan
  • Why are you talking so much about the tyres talk about the car driving efficiency and how is it to drive and driving pleasure ?

    Mir AliMir AliMånad sedan
  • A range test pulling a small trailer would great to see

    James WJames WMånad sedan
  • Hello can you also test the range of the 60 version

    piet jaapiet jaaMånad sedan
  • 550€ extra to upgrade from 50kW charging to 125kW... should be illegal to hold back charging rate on a battery when there's still lack of infrastructure.

    Lundmark EntertainmentLundmark EntertainmentMånad sedan
  • @0:30 I love those alloys, but they look too easy to kerb / scratch. Although I'm careful, my Enyaq (if I get one) will be a company car, so colleagues are entitled to use it, too and will be less careful I think.

    iix iixorbiix iixorbMånad sedan
  • It's a nice car, just wish it had support for 200+ kW charging.

    Agent SmithAgent SmithMånad sedan
  • Mjøsa!! Not Mjøsen!! 😂 Seriously

    Robin Lomax BjerkeRobin Lomax BjerkeMånad sedan
    • Typisk norsk :)

      DonatasDonatas12 dagar sedan
  • "but its SKODA, slightly different..." LOL you haven' driven the SKODA100 from the 80's, thats different...

    patrick Bpatrick BMånad sedan
  • It has a sunroof?

    William ErazoWilliam ErazoMånad sedan
  • head-space looks enormous

    giopa69420911giopa69420911Månad sedan
  • I did a test drive to this car and it was amazing.

    Ivan DimitrovIvan DimitrovMånad sedan
  • Love the piano finish:)

    Hart FischerHart FischerMånad sedan
  • Mini Chewbacca at 4:02! At half speed its amazing :-)

    Henning FjeldHenning FjeldMånad sedan
  • Always liked Skoda design better then VW, more modern and race look. Same with this one, like the look's better then ID series.

    Michael HanssonMichael HanssonMånad sedan
  • Nio ES8? Now in Norway, waiting Bjorn

    GivemethejobGivemethejobMånad sedan
  • Piano black f@&k

    panathaninfpanathaninfMånad sedan
  • Good job.... I’am waiting for eqa ‘s test...

    Jimmy RivièreJimmy RivièreMånad sedan
  • Looking forward to your test of Tesla Mod Y, Audi Q4, Kia EV6, and Ford Mach E!

    Audun BorgenAudun BorgenMånad sedan
    • He has already tested the Mach-e albeit in winter.

      ScrappressScrappressMånad sedan
  • I like the Skoda's interior better than ID4. It's not bulky looking. He's right about that shiny interior. That has got to go. But hey, I'm in the US and I don't think we'll ever see the Skoda here.

    CryptoWarriorCryptoWarriorMånad sedan
  • Looks better then ID4

    William ErazoWilliam ErazoMånad sedan
  • Volkswagen MEB keeps getting better and better

    KawanKawanMånad sedan
  • Considering that 21" Less than 19kwh/100km are nice for such big car

    Febrian AdjiFebrian AdjiMånad sedan
  • 2:00 Enyaq and ID4 weights about average. I can't believe Mercedes EQV & ECC are 1,000 kg more than Tesla Model 3. US Model Y is similar in weight to Model 3 as well. Even Audi E-Tron is about 2,500 kg in this table.

    Douglas MarkDouglas MarkMånad sedan
  • Skoda Enyaq looks much nicer than ID4 to me.

    Douglas MarkDouglas MarkMånad sedan
  • Materials and build quality: 👍👍 Piano finish: 🤮 James May brown: 💩 Bjørn: 🥷

    G. B.G. B.Månad sedan
  • Hej Björn. Can you check out new china car Come in in Europa just now from dongfeng series 3 and 5. Thx

    Andreas HermanssonAndreas HermanssonMånad sedan
  • Bjørn it's not Elektroauto, it's elektrické vozidlo 🤭

    bro!bro!Månad sedan
  • Bjorn, test all the other MEB family vehicles. Audi, Seat, Cupra, next year’s there should be a couple Ford MEB cars out… Who does the MEB best?

    J. H.J. H.Månad sedan
  • Yeah that tiny screen it's Not a good Solution iD4 is better, i imagine an eV like This size had even a better aerodinamic design i Am sure it would be much lower

    João LuxorJoão LuxorMånad sedan
  • These numbers continue to show Tesla's lead. In my Model Y Performance, I rarely see over 310 wh/mi consumption even at 80mph. 239wh/km is 384wh/mi. My performance car, which can get to 60mph in 3.5 seconds, gets ~75wh/mi or 46wh/km better efficiency. The MEB platform cars are much slower, so far have less storage space, and efficiency isn't there. No frunk because they tried to re-use parts they already had, so its packed with stuff, increasing the weight and moving the center of gravity higher. It's disappointing because I was really expecting more from these cars for the money.

    Dom GDom GMånad sedan
  • Normally the Enyaq iV 80 is equipped with 255/40 R 21 102 tires on the rear axle. Only the lighter iV 60 version gets the 235 types on the rear due to limitations in the load index. This should significantly influence the consumption and the range (and is probably part of the reason why this car got better values than the ID4). In on of the videos on the ID3 there was a scene where the VW dealer had the tires mounted the wrong way, 255 front and 235 rear - could it be that also the Skoda dealer has mounted the wrong tires?

    Bernhard LeopoldBernhard LeopoldMånad sedan
    • How significantly is the effect? I presume you have the numbers as you make the statement

      Edwin WagenerEdwin WagenerMånad sedan
  • yes ! finally in your chanmel !

    Sergi GorchsSergi GorchsMånad sedan
  • The interior is about 3 leagues above the ID.3, VW knows that and will improve update the ID.3 interior. Hopefully get rid of ALL the glossy elements.

    KasmopayaKasmopayaMånad sedan
    • @Bjørn Nyland My logic: ID.4 is better than ID.3 already, this level VW tries to archive with refresh of ID.3 I guess. And EnyaQ is another level above ID.4 obviously. So if I count correctly, 2 leagues above ID.3. ^^ Lets not split hairs, shall we. (: Good Morning and have a nice weekend EV ambassador.

      KasmopayaKasmopayaMånad sedan
    • I disagree. It's more like 1 level above ID3/ID4, but not 3 leagues.

      Bjørn NylandBjørn NylandMånad sedan
  • ist AWD ?

    Marius MariusMarius MariusMånad sedan
  • i love that you actually pronounce the name correctly

    Ladik007Ladik007Månad sedan
  • Thanks for saying SHkoda not like most uk speakers skoda

    Paska PPaska PMånad sedan
  • Thumbs Up

    Glenn KelleyGlenn KelleyMånad sedan
  • Bjørn? Did Skoda tell you they are working on an M-Version? It will be called the Maniaq...

    Niels OhlsenNiels OhlsenMånad sedan
  • Great video, Bjørn👍 You don’t have to rotate the wheel to keep the assist to work. It’s HOD on the car. I’ve found where the sensors is, and it’s just under the main spokes. Just touch the inside with your thumb and you’re all set. Only need to touch one side of the wheel.

    Kjetil UlsakerKjetil UlsakerMånad sedan
  • This Škoda was always going to be my fallback option if the Model 3 turned out not to suit me. Originally they were both expected in 2019. Model 3 is all I hoped for and does suit me and I was able to afford it so too bad for the Škoda. I am sure I would have liked it though.

    Richard GoldsmithRichard GoldsmithMånad sedan
  • Does the Enyaq have one pedal driving? Thats one of the biggest flaws with the VW id3 and id4...

    John EliassonJohn EliassonMånad sedan
    • Ohh wow...thats a big letdown...

      Dusan GavrilovicDusan GavrilovicMånad sedan
    • I was dissapointed with the recuperation. You should be able to ajust braking with the paddles AND collect energy.

      Morten LarsenMorten LarsenMånad sedan
    • no

      Bjørn NylandBjørn NylandMånad sedan
  • Maybe you should add wltp range's to your range test sheet

    ElmoElmoMånad sedan
  • Shouldn’t the enyaq have 235 in front and 255 at the back axial?

    IDKJ 82IDKJ 82Månad sedan
    • My Enyaq hat 19 inch 235 both in front and back

      Andrej MeschedeAndrej MeschedeMånad sedan
  • I've been driving ID.4 1st for about a Month now. Everyday I travel the same distance. The consumption vary alot. Even on days with same temperature and wind condition it vary. Maybe it has something to do with low and high weather pressure also? The consumption vary between 17.6 and 13.3. kWh/100 km in temperature between 5 to 11 degrees celsius on my daily commute. So I really think this kind of tests do not reveal enough facts to tell which car is the most effecient. Then you must do the test on the same road,same time. The test give you a roughly estimate,but it looks like weather condition May impact the result more than one should think. Especially for id.4,enyaq and I Will guess Q4 e tron

    Why NotWhy NotMånad sedan
  • Please watch out for the text safe area. I am casting to a tv and it's cutting from the text that you place right to the edge... Nice video btw 🙂

    Cosmin RotaruCosmin RotaruMånad sedan
  • Another great video, now waiting for the Kia and Nissan for a comparison of similar sized EV's

    GivemethejobGivemethejobMånad sedan
    • At least 6 months away

      Gary AllsoppGary Allsopp22 dagar sedan
  • thanks for this Björn👍 many who looked forward to this car. Skoda has headlight flushing, something that ID4 does not have. perfect for us who live with snow and slush. Small but important thing.

    Thomas ErikssonThomas ErikssonMånad sedan
    • Headlight washers

      Bjørn NylandBjørn NylandMånad sedan
  • This is the problem with almost all non-tesla electros: the infotainment system is really behindert, although they might have a good quality

    Egyptian DoctorEgyptian DoctorMånad sedan
    • @FSXgta Wrong! If we want the electric cars to succeed and be mainstream they have to be smart, attractive to the millennial generation, add smart features every OTA update and finally have a friendly user interface. Also the cars can’t look ugly or nerdy like bmw i3 or VW ID. That’s what makes Teslas sell like hot cakes and the other Auto makers must take notes.

      Egyptian DoctorEgyptian DoctorMånad sedan
    • @Bjørn Nyland WTF kaputt 🤖do you restart the Enyaq?

      R. GaR. GaMånad sedan
    • But today even the radio/music went kaput. I could not play music on the Enyaq. Proof is in the live stream playback.

      Bjørn NylandBjørn NylandMånad sedan
    • It's good enough. Most people just have the radio on or just connect their phone for music

      FSXgtaFSXgtaMånad sedan
  • There's roughly 20 Kms in the difference between the Enyak and the id.4, that's not worth worrying about when choosing which one to buy.

    o00scorpion00oo00scorpion00oMånad sedan
    • @FSXgta I doubt it makes that much of a difference considering the good high power charging network in Norway. In my 110 km range 2015 Nissan Leaf every km counted and so the heat pump was worth it but with 300-400 kms I’m not bothered, I didn’t order the heat pump in the id3 tour 5 either for the reason it doesn’t offer 1400 euros worth of efficiency in my opinion and I’m glad it’s an option rather than force people to pay for stuff they don’t want or need.

      o00scorpion00oo00scorpion00oMånad sedan
    • In Norwegian winter every km matters

      FSXgtaFSXgtaMånad sedan
  • Are you doing a full review of this Skoda Enyaq iV because I hope you do .

    Zarif SyedZarif SyedMånad sedan
    • @FSXgta I know that

      Zarif SyedZarif SyedMånad sedan
    • You must be new here... He reviews as much as he can while he has a car to test.

      FSXgtaFSXgtaMånad sedan
  • Why don’t you use the heads up display

    Boomer45Boomer45Månad sedan
    • I did use it.

      Bjørn NylandBjørn NylandMånad sedan
  • its like premium sibling of ID.4

    ElmoElmoMånad sedan
  • I might have missed it, but is this the 2 wheel drive or 4 wheel drive version, and if it's the 2WD, is the 4WD expected to have the same range? What are the smallest wheels that will fit over the brakes? There are way too many square edged holes in the roads around here to even consider low profile tyres. Taller tyres are way cheaper, roll more efficiently and more quietly and since it's supposed to be an SUV, driving on rough ground is easier too.

    peglorpeglorMånad sedan
  • Bjorn is alway awesome at providing facts. Chrome/shiny dashboard are bad, glare are so annoying.

    sebxxsebxxMånad sedan
  • Piano finish and chrome??!! Are we back in the 50's or 60's??

    nakfan100nakfan100Månad sedan
  • Love this car. Wish they'd get with the programme (like Tesla has) and delete the chrome though! So 1980s.

    Shoeless JoeShoeless JoeMånad sedan
  • Finally!!!! :D :D

    Robe KRobe KMånad sedan
  • Is the new Fiat 500e still not available in your country? Thanks

    Michele BiccMichele BiccMånad sedan
  • Cant wait for banana box test my bet is 1 more box then id4 :P Seems like things have changed with skoda, in the fosil skodas the skoda was usually behind vw when it comes to interior and sound proofing also usually got old motors and gearboxes. But now the enyaq seems better then id4, the interior is nicer, more effiecient, looks better(depends on who you ask) Biggest problem here in Norway is that the same people who sells the id4 also sells the enyaq so you cant realy get a good deal, personaly i would take the ioniq5 or model y over the meb twins.

    Daniel StefanovicDaniel StefanovicMånad sedan
  • Škoda has been doing a better build inside than VW in my humble opinion. Great video, bro.

    Daniel LekardalDaniel LekardalMånad sedan
    • @daniel de have had the same problem within automotive. Never with the right people, though.

      Daniel LekardalDaniel LekardalMånad sedan
    • Yep, jealousy was a part of it for sure

      daniel dedaniel deMånad sedan
    • @daniel de that sucks. Because he did it all right.

      Daniel LekardalDaniel LekardalMånad sedan
    • so much so, that the manager of the skoda division in the VW group has been fired (probably) for doing a job too well, he out shined all the other managers in the vw group

      daniel dedaniel deMånad sedan
  • Interesting that they lended you a car with 235 wide rear wheels, all iv80s have 255 wide rear wheels from the factory. Have Skoda deliberately "trimmed" the car for your range testing and is that the reason it appears more efficient than ID4?

    Adam SkijAdam SkijMånad sedan
  • Pirelli 235/45 R21....260 euro each one ! what a genius move.....

    hal boushal bousMånad sedan
    • My ID4 1st Max was delivered on Pirelli Scorpion but with 255/45 R21 on the rear axle. Almost €1500 for the 4 tires in Norway...

      TaakeheimTaakeheimMånad sedan
    • You can choose 19" wheels

      Christian OlsenChristian OlsenMånad sedan
    • I wonder why Pirelli. Not standard . . .

      Morten LarsenMorten LarsenMånad sedan
  • great vid! my dad is thinking of upgrading to one of these from his current Octavia diesel.

    GouldarrGouldarrMånad sedan
  • This youtuber works hard. I have followed teslabjorns channel about 3 years and retrospectacly now completed wathcing all his videos. I admit I cut short some of them (leaf etc) but I have to give him thumbs for making tons of content with knowledge to share instead of diiba daaba. The old road trip videos were golden. Wifey trips, Hauling stuff etc. The old days will never return when youtubing becomes a serious business I guess. Now he plans to sell t-shirts. I think we need a new Bjorn to follow from the start, along with Nyland. Too bad for the new Bjorn. Sheet like a booos and 999 are already invented. And his scientific testing is difficult to beat. The bigger youtubers are the more same they get.

    Ville JuntunenVille JuntunenMånad sedan
    • Too bad you don't understand the content of the videos I produce today. Fortunately the majority of my viewers do understand it and enjoy it. Good luck. And the selling of T-shirt is something my viewers have been requesting for the longest time. And for the longest time I refused to sell. So me selling now is based on my viewer's request. I hope you will understand that one day...

      Bjørn NylandBjørn NylandMånad sedan
  • That high speed consumption pales in comparison with my xpeng g3 520i. I average 14.3 in eco mode with AC turned on

    Abroad in ChinaAbroad in ChinaMånad sedan
  • the leaf i drive is epic

    SamuraiTacosSamuraiTacosMånad sedan
  • pretty cool car i am still waiting for my id 4 awd i may go with the id4 first edition damn abc always blame corona and microchip shortage

    SamuraiTacosSamuraiTacosMånad sedan
  • Thanks for the Video Björn. Our iV 60 is waiting for us at the dealer hear in Germany. Enyaq in Germany is way cheaper than ID 4 as you purchase at and with the dealer and not at VW directly. So, a discount of up to 10-12% can be achieved.

    tymantymanMånad sedan
  • Hi Bjørn, thanks for the video. This car felt like slightly better the ID4 in all the aspects. I just could not get the comparison of the size of SUV's. Is EQC smaller than this car? From outside it is big but then are you referring to inside size?

    Onur BasarOnur BasarMånad sedan
  • I like this car way more than the ID4 But ill guess thats personal preference.

    JecopzJecopzMånad sedan
    • @Turbo999be I agree with you, but taste and facts are not the same thing.

      David SommenDavid SommenMånad sedan
    • @Robin Jacobs I didn't talk of any specifics, I made a general assessment of the car. And it's obvious. But of course there are always some people with bad taste lol ^^

      Turbo999beTurbo999beMånad sedan
    • @Turbo999be It's now a fact that (fake) leather is better than plastic?

      Robin JacobsRobin JacobsMånad sedan
    • No it’s common sense. Id3 and 4 isn’t nearly as premium.

      ambessa shieldambessa shieldMånad sedan
    • No, it's factually better.

      Turbo999beTurbo999beMånad sedan
  • That spot, there where the sun come's in to your eyes reflecting from that shining stuff. I was just like "shit I will put something mat and covered fast as possible" after 1 sec. Bjørn says the same shit 😄

    Florin MihailFlorin MihailMånad sedan
  • Skoda now has the best interior in the VW group. I wish the exterior was just as nice (subjective of course but put it next to an Ioniq 5 and I personally wouldn't even bother getting inside the Skoda). I don't get why people want these huge, expensive, noisy and range eating wheels either.

    Thor R.Thor R.Månad sedan
    • It is better than the vw id.4, but audi Q4 still has physical buttons for the climate control, and higher quality leather. But the steering wheel controls on the skoda look better.

      Haralampi NedelinHaralampi NedelinMånad sedan
  • Better than ID4? Skoda must have paid you xD

    Torben SanderTorben SanderMånad sedan
  • Could the difference between ID.4 and Enyaq be caused by the width of the rear tires? I think that matters more than the diameter.

    WermagstWermagstMånad sedan
    • @Wermagst Yes, and drag coefficient was slighly lower in this than in ID.4 so that could explain the difference already. Of course the small width difference of rear tires might have something to do also, and in real deliveries should be identical than in ID.4 so that difference is not really real difference.

      KarjisKarjis24 dagar sedan
    • @Karjis Yes, longer vehicles have lower air resistance but that is already included in the drag coefficient.

      WermagstWermagstMånad sedan
    • Could it be that 10cm extra length making aero slicker? Or just some vortex is missing because of slightly different shape?

      KarjisKarjisMånad sedan
    • I think it could be different weather condition. The battery pack seems to be very picky Even with 1-2 degrees different. And high og pressure wind is more Heavy than low pressure wind Even with same temp.

      Why NotWhy NotMånad sedan
    • Yes, wheel size shouldn't matter that much driving at constant speed. Just accelerating a bigger heavier rim would take more energy. So in city driving or with the wltp test a bigger wheel gives a disadvantage.

      Psi StormPsi StormMånad sedan
  • thanks Bjørn for another top quality video. I am eyeing this platform for my next car or the volvo xc40. Looking so much forward to you getting your hands on a Q4.

    Jesper KraghJesper KraghMånad sedan
  • Where is James May??

    Kieran KennedyKieran KennedyMånad sedan
  • Please more videos about the Enyaq!

    SultanofswingargSultanofswingargMånad sedan
  • This car has the WRONG rimsize at the back! You are only getting staggered wheels with the iv80 from the factory. Your car has Iv60 rims fitted on an Iv80 car! Only the iv50/60 has the same rimsizes all around. This test is showing results with an option customers won't get without paying new/exchanging RIMS from a lower battery vehicle! Edit: Norwegian Skoda Pricelist says the same. Only staggered for iv80 (235/255)

    ID.FurkanID.FurkanMånad sedan
    • Yes. And Pirellis. They might have less rolling resistance. . .

      Morten LarsenMorten LarsenMånad sedan
  • You are the best Reporter voor ev !!! Are you gonna do the 58 also?

    Wim Ten BrinkWim Ten BrinkMånad sedan
  • I didn’t know this was bigger than EQC!

    BH LondonBH LondonMånad sedan
    • It is bigger inside, but smaller on the outside

      Anders KnutsenAnders KnutsenMånad sedan