KSI x Logan Paul - IMPAULSIVE | Behind The Scenes

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Behind The Scenes of KSI on Logan Paul's Podcast, hosted at True Geordie's London studio.

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🎨 Logan Painting By: rossbainesart

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  • Damn, this video made me smile so hard

    Jay RocJay Roc12 minuter sedan
  • the god damn podcast felt like butter

    Lacoste TNLacoste TN13 minuter sedan
  • Jake needs to get humbled and come back down to earth like Logan did. Its made him a much better person and he's earned a lot of people's respect because of it. Happy our Fatneek and Logan are getting along. Also shoutout the crew on these, the videos are always top class

    BilliamTrillionBilliamTrillion47 minuter sedan
  • amazing stuff

    SetsunaSetsuna54 minuter sedan
  • Typical Newcastle lol

    BarnOwlLegendBarnOwlLegendTimme sedan
  • Those hating on ksi or Logan don't realize that this is always gonna be remembered in social media history , and both are massively hardworking and successful.

    Vishal Neelan PintoVishal Neelan PintoTimme sedan
  • Goku and Vegeta

    Javier ZaldívarJavier ZaldívarTimme sedan
  • This was amazing. thanks!

    FaxiDerpFaxiDerp3 timmar sedan
  • Third is TMG 4th is impaulsive

    Pi Network Invite: ZakariyaSoondarPi Network Invite: ZakariyaSoondar4 timmar sedan
  • Why does this feel like history right here💀

    Swaze203Swaze2034 timmar sedan
  • Elite 💪🏼🙏🏼

    YourTransformationUKYourTransformationUK4 timmar sedan
  • Everything about this was so wholesome man

    Aaron KellyAaron Kelly4 timmar sedan
  • JJ made Logan humble, make him make Jake humble

    #blessed#blessed4 timmar sedan
  • When the content is so good, why is this the deadest channel ?

    Claire HooperClaire Hooper4 timmar sedan
  • Damn this is the first in a long time that two youtubers make me smile when they're together. Good vid👍📈

    VexZoidVexZoid5 timmar sedan
  • Just curious, anyone know what microphone arm that is? Might be custom since it has 3 arms on it but not sure

    Thisis_JackThisis_Jack5 timmar sedan
  • Perfect podcast!

    RaulRaul5 timmar sedan
  • Literally everyone is saying it, but it actually is so sick seeing KSI and Logan getting on.

    0x4C75780x4C75786 timmar sedan
  • *tries not to cry at how awesome this is* cause we all wanted this for so long

    Leo LPLeo LP6 timmar sedan
  • This podcast suck

    Cristopher MartinezzCristopher Martinezz6 timmar sedan
  • Such sick BTS man. Genuinely good to see everyone get along too.

    misuyy fongmisuyy fong6 timmar sedan
  • It's so funny seeing this happen, cause I remember reading comments on the interviews and face-offs that Logan and JJ were having when they were gonna fight, and all the comments were like "They would make for such good friends" or "After seeing this I can really see them becoming friends later on"

    Nicklas PedersenNicklas Pedersen6 timmar sedan
  • if JJ was a co host with Logan Paul then it really would be the number 1 podcast in the world

    Legal DoczLegal Docz6 timmar sedan
  • This was really a highlight of *George's best moments*

    ArcesTMArcesTM6 timmar sedan
    • The behind the scenes is so sick good stuff mate 👍🏼

      misuyy fongmisuyy fong6 timmar sedan
  • 13:05 true geordie was having none of that 🤣

    UzziUzzi6 timmar sedan
  • True geordie is a F ing legend

    basic guybasic guy6 timmar sedan

    Isaiah InmanIsaiah Inman6 timmar sedan
  • I want more

    Matt PhillipsMatt Phillips6 timmar sedan
  • This entire situation has been like an extremely long movie like all the way back when true Geordie commentated the joe Weller theo Baker fight to now the two biggest internet personalities recording a podcast being friends in his studio a year or so after they were training to knock eachet out

    lewys Nicholaslewys Nicholas6 timmar sedan
  • I respect Logan more now he’s actually a genuine and good guy

    Shounen KingShounen King7 timmar sedan
  • Nothin but wholesome

    SeanSean7 timmar sedan
  • Geordie no the best podcast statistically is trash taste

    somsom7 timmar sedan
  • So cute

    DJ Pauly DDJ Pauly D7 timmar sedan
  • Jj gonna make jake a good guy now lol, excited for that.

    Axn3dAxn3d8 timmar sedan
  • I hope Logan shows so much respect for Silva that would be amazing

    Bebe SotoBebe Soto8 timmar sedan
  • 8:23 this whole moment of george has getting me in tears lmao

    Billal VBillal V8 timmar sedan
  • Such quality and growth man you just gotta respect it

    thomas mccalisterthomas mccalister8 timmar sedan
  • Geordie I don’t know if you’ll see this, but what was that soundtrack man? Absolute flames, got me feeling myself 😂

    Mason BaileyMason Bailey8 timmar sedan
  • The behind the scenes is so sick good stuff mate 👍🏼

    Josue FigueroaJosue Figueroa8 timmar sedan
  • The behind the scenes is so sick good stuff mate 👍🏼

    Josue FigueroaJosue Figueroa8 timmar sedan
  • This was seriously one of the best episode on impaulsive!! Thanks Geordie for letting them use your set.

    Matty RIDESMatty RIDES8 timmar sedan
  • 5:10 could be one of the greatest moments of all time the embrace we have been waiting for

    Reuben 677Reuben 6779 timmar sedan
  • The funny thing is KSI and Logan are so similar personality wise and what they do with their content. I think a lot of the “beef” was to hype up the fight. They’re too similar to actually hate each other

    Trevor 357Trevor 3579 timmar sedan
  • Honestly, Ik this can’t happen, but if u just kick mike out and do a podcast like this I have no doubt in my mind that it would be the greatest. The chemistry between this trio is amazing on the first time they really sat down and talked.

    ShmekshiShmekshi9 timmar sedan
  • Thank God u made this video 🙏 Really wanted to see how they acted off camera/podcast

    Roberto SerranoRoberto Serrano9 timmar sedan
  • This is what the internet needed to see. Sets a great example for the younger generations.

    Josh Dutczak YTJosh Dutczak YT9 timmar sedan
  • was so wholesome when brian gave logan that painting

    Jaxob _Jaxob _9 timmar sedan
  • lol

    Vegito BlueVegito Blue10 timmar sedan
  • Logan should fire mike and should invite Geordie to his podcast. I like the chemistry of Geordi Gorgie and Logan.

    Hobbie KhnHobbie Khn10 timmar sedan
  • I’d love to see True Geordie vs Bradley Martin Boxing Match 💯😮‍💨

    John FoongJohn Foong10 timmar sedan
  • Such great serotonin in this video

    George GereckeGeorge Gerecke10 timmar sedan
  • We need more of this.

    DidiDidi11 timmar sedan
  • Who saw Logan's coach dozing?

    PAUL TAZUBAPAUL TAZUBA11 timmar sedan
  • 8:08 is that gib??

    Drizy1xDrizy1x11 timmar sedan
  • well fucking done

    Emily KatsmanEmily Katsman11 timmar sedan
  • I fucking loved this episode. Mad love from Chicago

    ashley ronsenashley ronsen11 timmar sedan
  • It's so nice that Logan hasn't forgotten what Geordie did for him. Easy to forget now but Brian REALLY stuck his neck on the line by giving him that first interview

    JoshJosh12 timmar sedan
  • This does put a smile on my face

    John JacobJohn Jacob12 timmar sedan
  • Maybe not the #1 podcast in the world, but thats the best episode they got so far. Loved the energy, it was amazing.

    The WolfThe Wolf12 timmar sedan
  • I love how well they all getting along and mad gift he got for Logan

    Pearcey111Pearcey11112 timmar sedan
  • JJ's new vocabulary: "likewise" 😂 hehe xD

    serdy ximiserdy ximi14 timmar sedan
  • that was AWESOME!

    Duh it'sAryanDuh it'sAryan15 timmar sedan
  • Geordie looking like a proud dad 🥺🤣

    Alyssa SpencerAlyssa Spencer15 timmar sedan
  • Wow that moment when i just realized that i have watched basically all of the videos on your channel Geordie and i was not subbed. wtf xD

    ReaLteCtvReaLteCtv15 timmar sedan
  • Fukin impressive video

    Bennet JamesBennet James15 timmar sedan
    • @serdy ximi every promotion is annoying

      Bennet JamesBennet James10 timmar sedan
    • The intro promotion wws fcked up😭

      serdy ximiserdy ximi14 timmar sedan
  • Remember when Brian said that Logan beat Floyd

    Sam JonesSam Jones16 timmar sedan
  • Two points :)

    tijrustijrus17 timmar sedan
  • Impaulsive is the #1 Podcast in the world. Love u Geordie....but....LP is my guy...

    tijrustijrus17 timmar sedan
  • Logan Paul: Listed as 6’2 True Geordie: Listed as 6’1 Meanwhile 2:30

    Michael TNKMichael TNK17 timmar sedan
    • True geordie looks either 6 foot 3 or logans not 6 foot 2

      Aidan FeeneyAidan Feeney9 timmar sedan
  • I thought jj was capping about TG being in the back I just thought they used the same set. Now I assume this is in fact True Geordies property

    Big SteBig Ste18 timmar sedan
  • 8:22 that’s hilarious

    SupermanSuperman18 timmar sedan
  • I knew it was tour set when I started to wach his podcast

    Michael websterMichael webster19 timmar sedan
  • Great ep 💪

    Wasspoppinkevin IIWasspoppinkevin II20 timmar sedan
  • Mr supreme talking about the podcast at the end but was sleeping is fking hilarious

    EricEric20 timmar sedan
  • Wow 😀

    Uday VarmaUday Varma20 timmar sedan
  • The best collab in 2021

  • Geordie is literally the uncle that hangs out with the kids and not the adults

    Ryan KwonRyan Kwon21 timme sedan
  • The 2 point jokes is really accurate😭🔥

    PhoberPhober21 timme sedan
  • The intro promotion wws fcked up😭

    PhoberPhober21 timme sedan
  • I get so much rocky vibes lol

    Omar GOmar G21 timme sedan
  • T.G is the best podcast ever In the history of forever

    7a_ Alabd7a_ Alabd21 timme sedan
  • Ugh I love everything about thissss 🥺💖💖

    A RA R22 timmar sedan
  • What a great watch that was. Seeing them behind the scenes is so refreshing

    Steve WalshSteve Walsh22 timmar sedan
  • Loved you in Biker Grove

    YMB 9 ShinzouYMB 9 Shinzou22 timmar sedan
  • Love the both of them

    DewelDewel23 timmar sedan
  • This was awesome

    IainIain23 timmar sedan
  • Yo the audio and video quality 👌👌

    Yunive EsquivelYunive Esquivel23 timmar sedan
  • Fucking class 🔥

    Sahil AhamedSahil AhamedDag sedan
  • best trio its insane

    Ellie ParsonsEllie ParsonsDag sedan
  • I love this 🙏🙌

    Cameron HawthornCameron HawthornDag sedan
  • This podcast was amazing, never seen it coming

    _Winchester__Winchester_Dag sedan
  • All these guys are at the top of their game. Incredible to see.

    Luke Robert MasonLuke Robert MasonDag sedan
  • Connor X khabib next

    TransJediTransJediDag sedan
  • The best podcast I’ve seen in awhile

    Lacey MinogueLacey MinogueDag sedan
  • No one : Neek : “LiKeWiSe”

    Jack FlipJack FlipDag sedan
  • TG went from a Conor fanboy to a Paul brothers fanboy.

    Tom InmanTom InmanDag sedan