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Jon Jafari - Director/Editor/Writer
Sergio Torres - Director of Photography/Line Producer/Creative
Andrew Reynoso - Key Grip/Creative
Lewis Bown - Editor/Writer

Ladda ner



  • After he did the "father of someone named Juicing"-joke, i couldn't hear anything else😂

    Tobias Skov HansenTobias Skov Hansen4 minuter sedan
  • I like to think that this guy actually dove into the depths of St. Augustine, found the real fountain of youth, and just started selling what he derived from studying it

    Bier BBier B6 minuter sedan
  • The juice loosener

    Zach WetzelZach Wetzel43 minuter sedan
  • Am i gonna get Jonestowned? Lol

    stan de jeustan de jeu49 minuter sedan
  • Did JonTron just coin the phrase “Jonestown’d”

    Shawn JossShawn Joss51 minut sedan
  • Jon, you good bro?

    Tony WrightTony Wright52 minuter sedan
  • If only my grandfather had Jays juicer instead if getting Chemotherapy he would still be with us today :'(

    Oliver SwanickOliver SwanickTimme sedan
  • 13 glasses a day? It doesn't matter how tight your sphincter is, your underwear won't be staying white.

    LodestarLodestarTimme sedan
  • Jon you should do a video on Raid.

    Jonathan TazJonathan TazTimme sedan
  • Doug does commercials. Jon should do the infomercials that ran 80's and 90's. Like Juice Tiger, Perfect Punch, Thigh Toner and those gelé beads that were for watering plants.

    The black goat of the woodsThe black goat of the woodsTimme sedan
  • Our annual cult gathering has now been completed see you next year😂

    Aniket BagaleAniket BagaleTimme sedan
  • bruh it's been like 40 years, cut your hair pls

    Ty ClarkTy ClarkTimme sedan
  • Your channel is the epitome of quality over quantity

    The Enraged CrusaderThe Enraged CrusaderTimme sedan
  • Fucking RAID fucking RAID I can't take it anymore. I wud like to die. Kill me

    Ognjen StepanovicOgnjen Stepanovic2 timmar sedan
  • well now we know why he didn't upload for so long

    S.S RADONS.S RADON2 timmar sedan
  • the lengths jon goes to do these is amazing

    Channel construction temporarily haltedChannel construction temporarily halted2 timmar sedan
  • This juicer guy talks about the opposite of what im doing cause i aint getting old.

    Cherry BombCherry Bomb2 timmar sedan
  • X is gonna love this

    GermanSniperGermanSniper2 timmar sedan
  • Actually apple has a lot of sugar in it which the cancer would love. Guess that chemo did wonders.

    KoopaXrossKoopaXross2 timmar sedan
  • @xQcOW

    LoneRoamerLoneRoamer2 timmar sedan
  • I was expecting Jack LaLanne on. this

    Alnair YorimAlnair Yorim2 timmar sedan
  • Guy sounds like Reagan

    Dariuzsd1Dariuzsd12 timmar sedan
  • I love JonTron but fuck me I hate Raids shadowlegends

    hamsterpaj111hamsterpaj1112 timmar sedan
  • This Jay fella looks a lot like Ray Wise.

    inspector gadgetinspector gadget2 timmar sedan
  • How is this monetized 😭💀

    Acidic VexxAcidic Vexx2 timmar sedan
  • A football star nicknamed "Father of Juicing" 😂😂😂 really am I the only one seeing what am seeing?

    Daman VashisthaDaman Vashistha3 timmar sedan
  • Is he really 89 years old?

    SquareoftheLightOnesSquareoftheLightOnes3 timmar sedan
  • I cant believe raid shadow legends hasn't died yet... as long jon can pay his rent i geuss

    lex jansmalex jansma3 timmar sedan
  • Isn't juicing slang for doing steroids?

    Unhappy VikingUnhappy Viking3 timmar sedan
  • I always loved the meme videos of this guy, but it's actually pretty sad to realize he's just a great marketer trying to more or less scam old people with un-backed claims of everlasting health. Every single thing in the show is deliberately thought out to manipulate people and make more sales.

    Daniel FrankDaniel Frank3 timmar sedan
  • 🌝

    [PROD. DAMON][PROD. DAMON]3 timmar sedan

    VysernVysern3 timmar sedan
  • its been 4 days and ive rewatched this 6 times

    snowsitsnowsit3 timmar sedan
  • İ am HERE!

  • You mean there's a better way?!

    Jonez69Jonez693 timmar sedan
    • Smithers, who was that corpse?

      Jonez69Jonez693 timmar sedan
    • I keep telling you, he's 89 and he's dead!

      Jonez69Jonez693 timmar sedan
  • Yayyyy he is back to an almost normal showing

    Dru WrightDru Wright3 timmar sedan
  • I can't believe JonTron is fucking dead. F

    E ME M3 timmar sedan
  • 9:46 - Is it just me or is this the basis for the timeless juice loosener skit from The Simpsons?

    MrMonsieurManManMrMonsieurManMan3 timmar sedan
  • This video is sponsored by raid: shallow leagues

    Saurabh KulkarniSaurabh Kulkarni3 timmar sedan
  • people has died for drinking carrot juice non stop... dont play with vitamine A... it will kill ya xd Nutrition Facts Carrot juice 100grams Vitamin A 382% *Per cent Daily Values are based on a 2,000 calorie diet. Your daily values may be higher or lower depending on your calorie needs. dont do it, is not worth it xd

    Sergio LopezSergio Lopez3 timmar sedan
  • Ju Sing, son of Jay

    ladylestranjladylestranj4 timmar sedan
  • "Pre-digested" meaning he spits in the juicer

    RootedHatRootedHat4 timmar sedan
  • Saw this 4 days from the release at 2 in the morning 32 minutes. And I have to say that this is an incredible seeing an episode release within like at least a month I think from the last one that is absolutely crazy

    Jerrico KingJerrico King4 timmar sedan
  • This reminds me of jaboody dubs... those were the times

    MaxiMaxi4 timmar sedan
  • 2 uploads in a year, jesus, JonTron's gotta slow down.

    Dacien FeliceDacien Felice4 timmar sedan
  • 2 videos in what.. 2 months ? YES

    Sergio MelendezSergio Melendez4 timmar sedan
  • Is Raid Chinese ?

    {}{}{}{}{}{}{}{}{}{}4 timmar sedan
  • Just straight up dies bru.

    Chris GribChris Grib4 timmar sedan
  • john and his team really commit to these bits hardcore

    CharlesCharles4 timmar sedan
  • You know I kinda forgot that jontron could legally drive a boat but I remembered when I saw him next to the boat

    Franklstein WongbergFranklstein Wongberg4 timmar sedan
  • I remember my mom showing me that exact Jim Carrey skit Jon showed, I asked her if the guy he was parodying was real, she just said to me while laughing " yes, he's more insane and senile than Jim portrayed him, I wish I can show you how insane this guy truly was ", I never saw this guys weird infomercials until this video and I'm glad I get to see what my mom was trying to say to me.

    Samantha ShueySamantha Shuey4 timmar sedan
  • 1993 expiration date

    Nick WidmerNick Widmer4 timmar sedan
  • Funny Stuff . Good use of Props..JonTron..I just quit daily juicing, after 30 Years.(.Diabetes)It Raises your Insulin ,but the Phytochemicals are necessary for Health..Salads ,from here on out, should do the Trick. : ). I would look into that JonTron Or somebody will be "Spoofing " You, Someday soon : )

    Max SageMax Sage5 timmar sedan
  • This is now one of my favorite videos.

    Ryan de KwaadstenietRyan de Kwaadsteniet5 timmar sedan
  • Jay looks like a knock-off Joe Biden.

    Reaper 007Reaper 0075 timmar sedan
  • I am thoroughly impressed with the irony of the “Pulp Fiction” poster in the background of a fruit juice video…

    Noah Hebeisen-PersonalNoah Hebeisen-Personal5 timmar sedan
  • 12:52 this camera guy knows what he’s doing.

    Ryan de KwaadstenietRyan de Kwaadsteniet5 timmar sedan
  • Bruh raid shadow legend is extremely pay to win and they're a scummy company. Why would you even accept a sponsor from them?

    Abnormally Large FrogAbnormally Large Frog5 timmar sedan
  • Jon is the only person that can get me to sit through a raid shadow legends ad

    Connor MichalecConnor Michalec5 timmar sedan
  • How do we know that's cranberry and apple juice? It could be the heart or other organ of his rivals.

    Dekarott SenkoDekarott Senko5 timmar sedan
  • I remember watching this old guy on tv as a kid lol, good times

    Bryan MorenoBryan Moreno5 timmar sedan
  • Yes the cure to cancer is drinking apple carrot juice every hour on the hour but it’s for the rest of your life you’ll never die from the cancer as long as you drink the juice but he missed an hour rip

    Austin AitchisonAustin Aitchison5 timmar sedan
  • One thousand stars!

    jedialpha777jedialpha7775 timmar sedan
  • my grandparents owned one of these for most of my childhood and were just as nutty as Jay so I cant confirm it is a cult

    Moon fire 174Moon fire 1745 timmar sedan
  • oh my god, juicing. i remember my mom being obsessed with juicing when it first became a thing. edit: she was a doctor who always fell for fad diets, which is kinda ironic.

    Muffin_The_MetalheadMuffin_The_Metalhead5 timmar sedan
    • To be fair, I'm a computer engineer yet a lot of my fellow colleagues use TikTok despite knowing full well the data risks

      Phil SpaghetPhil Spaghet4 timmar sedan
  • See you guys next year

    U ChokedU Choked5 timmar sedan
  • That moment with the gun you know got him demonitized.

    Jay DaichiJay Daichi5 timmar sedan
  • this to me feels like the old jon tron style. insta classic

    Ester GrantEster Grant5 timmar sedan
  • 17:22 *THE HUNT IS ON.*

    Peter the PrussianPeter the Prussian5 timmar sedan
  • Every hour on the hour implies he did not sleep and only drink juice

    adiadi6 timmar sedan
  • Are you married? I mean i can see the marrige ring sry for INGLISH

    Destruktro24Destruktro246 timmar sedan
  • *video begins with rAID ad* *nose and brow crinkle and furrow until face is reversed into own head* My man Jonathan please stop taking money from them

    Josh HauglandJosh Haugland6 timmar sedan
    • IKR? They probably paid good money but come on, Jon can do WAY better than that for sponsorship

      Phil SpaghetPhil Spaghet4 timmar sedan
  • So sad jon died of ligma

    Lee WoodsLee Woods6 timmar sedan
  • gives a whole new meaning to the term Juice world

    BrUh MateBrUh Mate6 timmar sedan
  • Dude I literally said the words raid shadow legends at the same time as john

    boxkitten27boxkitten276 timmar sedan
  • JonTron!, i love you man!! your stuff is a treasure!!

    Andrew PattonAndrew Patton6 timmar sedan
  • 6 minutes in and I was laughing my arse off.

    The UnknownThe Unknown6 timmar sedan
  • 16:28 "Are you sure it's on? I can't hear a thing!" "It's whisper-quiet!"

    TheDolphinTunaTheDolphinTuna6 timmar sedan

    Circus F.Circus F.6 timmar sedan
  • That guy looked like a young actor with old people prosthetics; and they overdid the eyebrows

    Mishomish0Mishomish06 timmar sedan
  • Pls don't disappear again

    _cookie __cookie _6 timmar sedan
  • Teenage mutant juicer turtles. Teenage mutant juicer turtles. Teenage mutant juicer turtles. Juicer power!

    Water Bottle362Water Bottle3626 timmar sedan
  • 6:18

    randorando6 timmar sedan
  • “OoohmyGAWD JUICE FANSS” love that part😂

    BirdogGamingBirdogGaming6 timmar sedan
  • 15:42

    aiz tubeaiz tube6 timmar sedan
  • Can I have that drowned Jon please 😊?

    SeresVictSeresVict6 timmar sedan
  • Yeah.. I've been in some nasty churches and- yeah the juicer thing just gives off the vibe of a church and or cult trying to gr00m the audience into whatever religion they are promoting or whatever you call it.

    G L A M M E RG L A M M E R7 timmar sedan
  • I’m just gonna say it I’ve been drinking carrot apple juice for a while and no it’s not gonna cure a disease BUT HOLY SHIT IT TASTES AMAZING

    Staples GiftbagStaples Giftbag7 timmar sedan
  • 6:46 my hometown lol

    s420BLAZEitNOWs420BLAZEitNOW7 timmar sedan
  • It's insane to me that instead of just eating the carrot, they have to grind it up and drink it.

    E CE C7 timmar sedan
  • Yay! I love your videos :)

    Mimi CanadaMimi Canada7 timmar sedan
  • waiting until xQc reacts to this

    senditsendit7 timmar sedan
  • are ya boots still normal

    Draven WhiteDraven White7 timmar sedan
  • john puts wayyy too much effort in his vids, i like it lol

    Aiden WakefieldAiden Wakefield7 timmar sedan
  • Everybody laughing at this great video and I'm just marveling at him being baller enough to buy carrot juice. That's expensive sh tboiii godspeed jontron

    Senile GoldsmithSenile Goldsmith7 timmar sedan
  • It’s so weird that Jon posted TWICE this year

    The Internet NaziThe Internet Nazi8 timmar sedan
    • Alright we're done see you all next year

      Bormby Nasal-JonesBormby Nasal-Jones2 timmar sedan
  • Any juicers? xQcL

    loshgoobiloshgoobi8 timmar sedan