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  • Uau

    Hugo SilvaHugo Silva2 timmar sedan
  • Rip to all those who died in 2021 due to covid-19. Don't skip this without leaving a heart ♥️

    Way 2 MotivationWay 2 Motivation2 timmar sedan
  • Who is smarter? I think it's the spaghetti

    MJ TJMJ TJ2 timmar sedan
  • No one )

    Фарит АхтямовФарит Ахтямов2 timmar sedan
  • I want the 15 seconds watching this video of my life back

    Code_SyncCode_Sync2 timmar sedan
  • Wtf...This is fucking stupid...

    D4RK PR1NC3D4RK PR1NC32 timmar sedan
  • สนุกคับ

    อลงกรณ์ จันทร์คําอลงกรณ์ จันทร์คํา2 timmar sedan
  • YES

    Ana leticiaAna leticia2 timmar sedan
  • Neither

    Kk LemonKk Lemon2 timmar sedan
  • "Who is smarter" Me: Their parents for leaving them. From the beginning, their parents know that making them born is a mistake. It turns out to be true since their have no skills to act, their iq is below 10 and they are still acting like babies

    Midnight NeonMidnight Neon2 timmar sedan
  • How they even exist

    Ranjodh SinghRanjodh Singh2 timmar sedan
  • 😂😂😂😂😂😂🤣🤭🤣

    Arts and drawingsArts and drawings2 timmar sedan
  • "Who is smarter?" Us

  • WTH😂

  • LOL

    · Flvffy Clxxdx ·· Flvffy Clxxdx ·2 timmar sedan
  • The people on the comment section are the smart ones

    Yoda BoiYoda Boi2 timmar sedan
  • Bruhhhhhhhhhh

    Raaziq GamieldienRaaziq Gamieldien2 timmar sedan
  • Who is smarter 🤔 Justin

    Raaziq GamieldienRaaziq Gamieldien2 timmar sedan
  • Low po pa notice sana

    elaizaelaiza2 timmar sedan
  • None

    Ritu RaghuRitu Raghu2 timmar sedan
  • Grey t-shirt a smarter

    Arjun FundeArjun Funde2 timmar sedan
  • Who is smarter? I’m not sure, they both seem pretty dumb tbh

    888 Records888 Records2 timmar sedan
  • Both are dumb as hell

    Kayra SinghKayra Singh2 timmar sedan
  • Not suspicious at all that he dropped a bunch of salt next to the plate

    888 Records888 Records2 timmar sedan
  • Ha ha

  • He is wear gray clothes

    Azahra Suci RamadhaniAzahra Suci Ramadhani2 timmar sedan
  • bad day

    SUFI's SAGASUFI's SAGA2 timmar sedan
  • 누가봐도 주작인데 한국인 댓글 찾으러 왔으면 따봉

    뚱이뚱이2 timmar sedan
  • không có gì ! Vậy mà 118 triệu luọt xem trong / week!

    Luyên TrầnLuyên Trần2 timmar sedan
  • 0/10 👎

    Humnoy 'Humnoy '2 timmar sedan
  • New song

    HDC studiosHDC studios2 timmar sedan
  • this type of content kills my eyes lmao-

    Simplyy_JamesSimplyy_James2 timmar sedan
  • Ye dekho chutiye

    Crypto NewsCrypto News2 timmar sedan
  • Staged - of course Intelligence - nah Acting skills - An introverted nerd shows more acting skills when he goes outside than these two People - LeTs gIVe thEM 3.5 MILLION F**KING LIKES.

    Sabur SaifiSabur Saifi2 timmar sedan
  • Fake... scripting asf

    Yasin KaratasYasin Karatas3 timmar sedan
  • #1 on trending

  • Maro mujhe ye top 1 trending pe chel rahi hai O Bhai

    Wesal KhanWesal Khan3 timmar sedan
  • How do I block this channel from shorts

    chickenchicken3 timmar sedan
  • "Both are idiot"

    INFINITYINFINITY3 timmar sedan
  • 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣😂😂😂😂😂

    Gabo Is my nameGabo Is my name3 timmar sedan
  • Would be even better if i die

    Hanis HanissszHanis Hanisssz3 timmar sedan
  • lankybox is smarter😂

    ShadowShadow3 timmar sedan
  • Hahahha

    Junbert MoratallaJunbert Moratalla3 timmar sedan
  • Very funny

    vaibhavi aharvaibhavi ahar3 timmar sedan
  • Adam

    laura flowerslaura flowers3 timmar sedan
  • And this is how I wasted few seconds of my life...RIP few seconds ....

    Sandesh BenSandesh Ben3 timmar sedan
  • 118M view????

    rizqin zilarizqin zila3 timmar sedan
  • None is smarter

  • Kand

    Aejaz masqatAejaz masqat3 timmar sedan
  • Isn't anyone gonna talk about how Justin ate with the fork and Adam used the same one ;-; aNd sO dId jUsTiN ;-;

    everyoneitsmejudi1everyoneitsmejudi13 timmar sedan
  • Dono chutiye hai

    stylish Singhstylish Singh3 timmar sedan
  • Omg cringe

    Aya ShafiqAya Shafiq3 timmar sedan
  • Lol

    Chanel Loves UnicornChanel Loves Unicorn3 timmar sedan
  • "Who is smarter" Nobody

    ФегиФеги3 timmar sedan
    • Hahahaa

      ФегиФеги3 timmar sedan
  • I feel so dumb watching this smart video

    Billy GBilly G3 timmar sedan
  • How does this video have 118 million views wtf

    nega boynega boy3 timmar sedan
  • This is the reason why NASA is searching for different planets for Humans.

    pappapappa3 timmar sedan

    Myth GamingMyth Gaming3 timmar sedan
  • Very funny

    Arshi AftabArshi Aftab3 timmar sedan
  • This says a lot about society

    Atomic ToothpasteAtomic Toothpaste3 timmar sedan
  • Both dumb and cringe

    Psycho SENPAIPsycho SENPAI3 timmar sedan
  • Even me not stupid

    javier jjavjavier jjav3 timmar sedan
  • Loll if first one was eating his spaghetti and nothing happend, then when second one Switched plates why didn't he like the same plate that first one was eating like nothing? lololololol it's so fake😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

    anano saladzeanano saladze3 timmar sedan
  • what-

    Not Park Seo JoonNot Park Seo Joon3 timmar sedan
  • Right boy white t shirt

    Riju KunduRiju Kundu3 timmar sedan
  • Кринж

    gudvillgudvill3 timmar sedan
  • 3.4M likes for this bullshit??!!

    __Varghese____Varghese__3 timmar sedan
    • They are bots I thinks so

      nega boynega boy3 timmar sedan
  • Diễn ko có nét gì là giả trân lun nha

    Nguyễn HânNguyễn Hân3 timmar sedan
  • If overrating had a face

    Farhat PriyanaFarhat Priyana3 timmar sedan
  • 🤣🤣🤣

    Dragfighter50Dragfighter503 timmar sedan
  • Yeah it’s totally the man who left and then came back

    15-Kendah Al Othman15-Kendah Al Othman3 timmar sedan
  • Both

    Hilda Efe OyaideHilda Efe Oyaide3 timmar sedan
  • Fabqpq sj sc aqisxxnsc izh w

    Justynannsbtksmsoxtlsy4ksmos WnękJustynannsbtksmsoxtlsy4ksmos Wnęk3 timmar sedan
  • Justin smarter

    Casey Kai's WorldCasey Kai's World3 timmar sedan
  • Dono bhi budhu hai

    Ramsha LamiyaRamsha Lamiya3 timmar sedan
  • Mmmm6

    Munir SahabMunir Sahab3 timmar sedan
  • Three of u are stupid of there is a camera man.

    bhagirath sinh chavdabhagirath sinh chavda3 timmar sedan
  • I just want have a 1 word to this video Seriously

    RIBIN MhDRIBIN MhD3 timmar sedan
  • Two are idiots, who place plate of salt while eating noodles..! 😂😂

    Josy RajuJosy Raju3 timmar sedan
  • Stopiddddd

    Sqweeks ChannelSqweeks Channel3 timmar sedan
  • Cant believe this thing got over 100M views in literally 9 days

    CRE EPERCRE EPER3 timmar sedan
  • Hahahahahahahahaha!

    Hooi Theng YeohHooi Theng Yeoh3 timmar sedan
  • *Danggg STFU😲..!!3.4million likes..Lemme Die😩*

    Shaira KhanamShaira Khanam3 timmar sedan
  • Cringek

    SECRET NUMBER[*****]SECRET NUMBER[*****]3 timmar sedan
  • Bruh

    AMAR 💣💣💣AMAR 💣💣💣3 timmar sedan
  • None BCS it's scripted

    Shadow NinjaShadow Ninja3 timmar sedan
  • Who is smarter? Those who skip this video.

    UNKNOWN ?UNKNOWN ?3 timmar sedan
  • WTF

    Benas BimbaBenas Bimba3 timmar sedan
  • Bro what the hell

    BrunobladeBrunoblade3 timmar sedan
  • Ohh man I want to learn how to change things like that without the other guy noticing😲😲😲

    K S KrishnaK S Krishna3 timmar sedan
  • lolllllllllllllllllllllllllll

    Rensui XieRensui Xie3 timmar sedan
  • I love your vedios Delia

    Cool dude 😎Cool dude 😎3 timmar sedan
  • Кто из 2021 года:??? а

    Сергей LifeСергей Life3 timmar sedan
  • Lanky box...srsly I need serious content to make happy but UR not doin it

    Philip Christian SutantoPhilip Christian Sutanto3 timmar sedan
  • Both are dumb

    RavinderRSRavinderRS3 timmar sedan
  • 😂

    Kuldeep SinghKuldeep Singh3 timmar sedan
  • Big brother is smarter

    Reena RaiReena Rai3 timmar sedan