Celebs Nailing Impossible Tasks | Taskmaster

A look back at times, celebrities took thinking outside the box to a whole new level to impress Greg Davies, the Taskmaster!

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Ladda ner



  • 0:56 i loooove this soundtrack. Anybody knows what its called?

  • "18 miles" Wait this show is not British?

    Jonathon WisnoskiJonathon Wisnoski4 timmar sedan
  • Would you like something for lunch? Yes please. What would you like? Something sharp. 😂

    DonMega06DonMega0617 timmar sedan
  • "something sharp" was a very clever line

    Oliver PrendergastOliver PrendergastDag sedan
  • 3 of these are Rhod Gilbert and 2 of them are Hugh Dennis

    ??????????????Dag sedan
  • Haven't seen Paul Sinha in anything but The Chase before this. What a complete goof 😂

    Gibe MassGibe MassDag sedan
  • this is in my mind what true genius means

    kenny Ckenny CDag sedan
  • 6:34 Turns out rainbows now do have brown in them, and black and you get a swastika with 4 of them too. kinda weird 4Chan made that happen.

    entZEROspawnentZEROspawnDag sedan
  • the cow had shadow on his sholder the whole time

    iHisamiHisamDag sedan
  • Mark being the only one who turned on the light only to then paint the worst rainbow is the definition of snatching defeat from the jaws of victory

    Johnny SkyfireJohnny Skyfire2 dagar sedan
  • 8:32 'would you shit there please?'

    One N Only AhoooOne N Only Ahooo3 dagar sedan
  • I loved so much seeing Rhod getting around the tasks. What a madlad

    MahukMahuk3 dagar sedan
  • do u guys dig colour theory?

    3 dagar sedan
  • 4:17 I love Mario Sunshine.

    BallisticaBallistica3 dagar sedan
  • 7:12 from where i know his voice? help

    wICIUwICIU3 dagar sedan
    • ok i think i know i cant check it tho

      wICIUwICIU3 dagar sedan
  • "People say my ADHD makes me shit at problem solving, no sir!" Agreed Rhod, agreed

    MoonyOllieMoonyOllie3 dagar sedan
  • That Al Murray one winds me up as it was already on the carpet, so any distance afterwards shouldn't count

    Carl LaveryCarl Lavery3 dagar sedan
  • “People say my adhd makes me shit at problem solving” really? Id say it generally makes us universally better at creative problem solving

    CubedCuberCubedCuber4 dagar sedan
  • Hate this show , boring self indulgent “comedians”

    Susie MistySusie Misty4 dagar sedan
    • @Susie Misty good idea, if something is making you feel negative emotions distancing yourself is good

      Bethany MondayBethany MondayDag sedan
    • @Bethany Monday it’s my boyfriend who watches it when we’re in bed so I’ve started putting my earphones in

      Susie MistySusie MistyDag sedan
    • That's alright. You dont have to watch it.

      Bethany MondayBethany MondayDag sedan
  • I hate that video that sent it here too me. Now I'm stuck in a loop.

    RJay AlrightyRJay Alrighty4 dagar sedan
  • I find it funny that more than half of these was Rhod

    Sasha ShadowhiveSasha Shadowhive6 dagar sedan
  • Ok, I'm coming to untie you *struggling cause he is bound* I just love how Alex plays along with all of this 😁

    YazzYazz6 dagar sedan
  • LOVE how all of them do their UPMOST to manipulate the wording of the rules and in some cases stop short at nothing but all out CHEATING!!

    Andrew ForemanAndrew Foreman6 dagar sedan
  • 0:11 too bad the cow was a tiny toy and you can see it disappearing from the place it was as the shadow disappears of him...

    Ilich Ramirez SanchezIlich Ramirez Sanchez6 dagar sedan
  • alternative title: rhod gilbert on taskmaster

    okikioskokikiosk6 dagar sedan
  • The cow one was easy... look at his top, you can see the shadow of a cow and then see the exact moment when it is pulled away

    Anthony SumnerAnthony Sumner7 dagar sedan
  • This is why this programme is now much less interesting. All the tasks have had overly specific rules in past couple of series, seemingly designed to stop any lateral thinking. All just skill games now.

    Matthew FoleyMatthew Foley7 dagar sedan
  • “is it sexual ?” *no response from alex*

    AtalanteAtalante7 dagar sedan
  • How can you move a hole. Fill it

    Simon AllenSimon Allen7 dagar sedan
  • Nobody unplugged the running machine!

    Simon AllenSimon Allen7 dagar sedan
    • Actually Hugh did after a while, while he was sat holding the bucket he asked alex to unplug the machine, genius! I would have never thought of that

      Bethany MondayBethany MondayDag sedan
  • The state of comedy.

    DjuraDjura8 dagar sedan
  • How have I never seen this show before?!

    Zophus1Zophus111 dagar sedan
  • In the Swedish version of taskmaster they had the same basketball on treadmill task. One guy solved the problem by unplugging the treadmill

    SicariiDSicariiD12 dagar sedan
  • surely someone found a gap smaller than an entire building...?

    Martin EizingerMartin Eizinger13 dagar sedan
    • @Bethany Monday Indeed 😁 most random points given out sometimes

      Martin EizingerMartin Eizinger12 timmar sedan
    • @Martin Eizinger haha its alright I totally get what you're saying, I guess that's part of why taskmaster is so funny, because it's all down to the personal opinion of Greg ;)

      Bethany MondayBethany MondayDag sedan
    • @Bethany Monday oh, it's definitely not wrong. But the task isn't a fail-or-succeed. In this task, there can only be one winner, which is the one with the smallest gap/Gap, and I'm thinking someone must've found a smaller one. Btw thanks for your patience; most people would already be pissed about my pedantry at this point xD

      Martin EizingerMartin EizingerDag sedan
    • @Martin Eizinger not physically no, but because they didnt specify on the task that the gap had to be a literal space in or between things, mels interpretation isnt technically wrong?

      Bethany MondayBethany MondayDag sedan
    • @Bethany Monday Yes, I got that, but the smallest Gap is still larger than a random gap you can find in a normal home. So yes, nice pun and creative, but it doesn't actually work.

      Martin EizingerMartin EizingerDag sedan
  • rhod is bloody brilliant it’s actually insane

    hwahwahwahwa13 dagar sedan
  • Surly on the one where one leg has to say in the air you would just walk normally as when you walk only one leg ever touch's the floor at one time...

    Tomas HorakTomas Horak14 dagar sedan
  • Channel 4..where the white man is non existent. Celebs? Ummmm sure yeah

    Lee WattsLee Watts14 dagar sedan
  • We see two insane men literally beating tasks.....

    Bayansulu ArystanBayansulu Arystan14 dagar sedan
  • Using the term celebs loosely

    Simon PhilbinSimon Philbin14 dagar sedan
  • The first, if you ou attention. The cows shadow is on his jacket.

    WhiteNorthWhiteNorth15 dagar sedan
  • Who is the silly hat bloke ? How can he be a celebrity , if I don’t know who he is !

    ABCDABCD15 dagar sedan
  • CELEBS ? tbh I never heard of half of them, this shows underlying remit seems to be a platform for pushing aspiring comedic talent or old hacks long past their sell by date.

    Ur11Ur1116 dagar sedan
  • The kingdom of heaven is at hand. The kingdom of heaven is likened to a merchant seeking beautiful pearls, who, when he had found one pearl of great price, went and sold all that he had and bought it.

    David PhillipsDavid Phillips16 dagar sedan
  • so in order to complete a task u just move something?

    eatnuteatnut16 dagar sedan
  • Do you want something for lunch ? Yes please. What would you like ? Something sharp... Cracked me up

    Melpheos1erMelpheos1er17 dagar sedan
  • ASIM - I am now officially a vegan

    James WilsonJames Wilson17 dagar sedan
  • Alle normen vet at dette er kongen befaler

    Icecubem IceIcecubem Ice17 dagar sedan
  • I can just imagine hopping with a tray off food and it going everywhere! Not good!

    Jennifer BloomfieldJennifer Bloomfield17 dagar sedan
  • I think Rhod is an absolute legend on this program 😂😂 i think his accent makes it even better! It makes him seem even more cheeky and naughty but completely innocent!

    Jennifer BloomfieldJennifer Bloomfield17 dagar sedan
  • Series 7 is the best

    Rintu RRintu R17 dagar sedan
  • 4:17 British water pressure..

    JT TJT T17 dagar sedan
  • ADHD can actually be great for problem solving

    snk_blksnk_blk19 dagar sedan
    • @dead depends on the individual I guess, I‘m pretty organized

      snk_blksnk_blk16 dagar sedan
    • @Emma D not really

      deaddead18 dagar sedan
    • Does make for the most chaotic problem solving tho.

      Emma DEmma D19 dagar sedan
  • The guy from the chase firing water down at the beach ball...how thick can a smart person be 😂

    Phill RossiterPhill Rossiter19 dagar sedan
    • @Phill Rossiter lol I geddit

      A.P.A.P.15 dagar sedan
    • @A.P. well...shit. 😅

      Phill RossiterPhill Rossiter15 dagar sedan
    • Poor guy was diagnosed with Parkinson's during filming - think he had a pretty tough time with it all but didn't know why at the time.

      A.P.A.P.15 dagar sedan
  • Celebs clever enough to outsmart a dude who couldn't cut it as a teacher...

    Tim MastersTim Masters20 dagar sedan
  • It's just now that I realized that the danish version directly copied at least to tasks.

    Paco 2015Paco 201520 dagar sedan
  • Hi

    yecarpyecarp20 dagar sedan
  • go on desky!

    EllaBrellaEllaBrella20 dagar sedan
  • When Mawaan made the perfect cow pun and didn't even realize it

    DeadlyLazerDeadlyLazer21 dag sedan
    • I may have fallen in love with him at that moment.

      TRiG (Ireland)TRiG (Ireland)4 dagar sedan
  • I didn't know this exact show existed in other countries. The exact same format exists in Denmark. But it's called something different, danish celebs and comedians. It even has a co-host who accompanies the contestants with a little ipad

    STANN.coSTANN.co21 dag sedan
  • " My Dignity. " 😂😂

    DivyanshuDivyanshu21 dag sedan
  • When you don't know how the cow trick is done, you're looking at the duck and cow, but once you know it you might spot the shadow of a tiny cow that 'disappears' with a click when the duck is in place!

    Simon BrakeSimon Brake21 dag sedan
  • 9:58 this is amazing

    Malik The mad manMalik The mad man22 dagar sedan
  • "It's quite boring isn't it?". Yes you are Hugh, yes you are.

    Peter RPeter R22 dagar sedan
  • Taskmaster is DOG SHIT.

    Big Blue HighlanderBig Blue Highlander23 dagar sedan
    • That's alright because no one is forced to watch it. You can simply avoid it.

      Bethany MondayBethany MondayDag sedan
  • Work smart not hard. 🤗

    M J BM J B23 dagar sedan
  • I’m surprised, most celebrities are mentally retarded

    Lloyd FletcherLloyd Fletcher24 dagar sedan
    • @Bethany Monday I think Lee Macks jokes are shit, but I don’t think he lacks intelligence. I’m more of an Acaster fan, and I love a bit of Bill Burr and David Mitchell. And I feel that not all educational paths are equal. There are a lot of respectable degrees out there, there are also a lot of laughable ones that consists of mere brainwashing and goes against the philosophy that I got taught at uni. critical thinking, doubt everything and do your own research.

      Lloyd FletcherLloyd FletcherDag sedan
    • @Lloyd Fletcher I'm not entirely sure what you mean? Very true education doesnt equal intelligence but it often helps, unfortunately when it comes to celebrities and comedians, their intelligence is down to opinion. I find Lee Mack extremely smart bc of his quick wit and ability to read other people but someone else may find him dumb because they think he makes simple jokes etc.

      Bethany MondayBethany MondayDag sedan
    • @Bethany Monday for that I must apologise, I wouldn’t want to offend disable people by equating them to some of these people, I don’t view disable people the way you do obviously. Also having an expensive education doesn’t necessarily make you “smart” I wouldn’t pretend I was smart in any subject other than the one I have a masters in.

      Lloyd FletcherLloyd FletcherDag sedan
    • Lots of celebs are really smart, quite a few comedians and actors went to oxbridge and especially the comedians have really quick thinking skills. Also just to let you know the word "retarded" isnt really used anymore because most of the disabled community find it offensive and hurtful.

      Bethany MondayBethany MondayDag sedan
  • Christ they put more advets on SEcrone than their bloody TV channel

    Finglish TravelsFinglish Travels24 dagar sedan
  • All of these are so simple

    CapitanoCapitano24 dagar sedan
  • Rhod tying Alex to the chair 👏🤣

    HolliexbxHolliexbx25 dagar sedan
  • I love taskmaster. You really have to read the task sometimes to see loop holes lol.

    HolliexbxHolliexbx25 dagar sedan
  • JESUS LOVES YALL 💘💖❤💕💗💓💘💖❤💕💗💓💘💖❤💕

    Lindsie AmbroseLindsie Ambrose25 dagar sedan
  • The word "Celebs" is used very loosely here

    Sam JacksonSam Jackson25 dagar sedan
  • Rhod Gilbert and Hugh Dennis - joint kings of the lateral thinkers. I’d happily have either of them in an escape room with me.

    PoppyCorn144PoppyCorn14426 dagar sedan
  • Celebs..

    TwiggyHDTwiggyHD26 dagar sedan
  • Rhod Gilbert compilation

    George FieldGeorge Field26 dagar sedan
  • 0:07 The shadow on his chest though 😜😋

    Alex MontanusAlex Montanus27 dagar sedan
  • Someone PLEASE edit some AC/DC over that clip of Hugh hopping 😂😂😂

    Mitchell WoodMitchell Wood27 dagar sedan
  • Best show on TV.

    Undead CorsairUndead Corsair27 dagar sedan
  • No sound in video

    Danny BoyDanny Boy27 dagar sedan
  • Rhod is the goat

    Thomas JoyceThomas Joyce28 dagar sedan
  • What about Richard Osman when they had to pit the three yoga balls on the yoga matt on top of the hill,he went up and brought the matt down and put the balls on it

    cola kiddcola kidd28 dagar sedan
  • One key thing with the rainbow, they all fail to point out he used brown!

    Pox MuffinPox Muffin28 dagar sedan
  • The second time watching I saw the shadow on his shirt.

    J SJ S28 dagar sedan
  • Rod could have even put a bowl of [gross stuff] on Alex that would get him messy if he moved, therefore preventing him from even WANTING to attempt untying himself. Muhaha.

    Things_I_SayThings_I_Say28 dagar sedan
  • "Scissors, please."

    Northern SticksNorthern Sticks28 dagar sedan
  • Rhod Gilbert could have moved the hole around egg cup with the cricket ball still in it and thus have hit a ball in none

    Shaun HouseShaun House29 dagar sedan
  • 0:08 you see the shadow of the cow on the hoodie

    Daniel WahlfridssonDaniel Wahlfridsson29 dagar sedan
  • The one thing I don't understand with Rhod moving the hole is why he also moved the carpet.

    RickeGnoolRickeGnool29 dagar sedan
    • Maybe to move all of the hole without risking it crumbling.

      Eleanor CookeEleanor Cooke26 dagar sedan
  • Rhod gilbert is literally a genius

    Star ChanStar ChanMånad sedan
  • 8:18 That question appears to have been answered long ago.

    Brent CehanBrent CehanMånad sedan
  • There is no context for any of these clips?

    James FenimoreJames FenimoreMånad sedan
  • alternate title: hugh dennis is a genius

    Joe SmithJoe SmithMånad sedan
  • They didn’t even show the unplugging part at the end, that was the real genius

    DatAstronautDatAstronautMånad sedan
  • Why does he say miles instead of kilometers?

    DeeMacDeeMacMånad sedan
    • Cos we use miles in the UK

      CuruCuruMånad sedan
  • I love the thinking.. How to solve the problem... Remove the problem.

    Colin RichardsonColin RichardsonMånad sedan
  • Considering that Rhod entered purely to fuck with Greg, he was brilliant.. I think if he had played to win, he could have done so easily

    Kid AKid AMånad sedan
  • The first one you can see that the cow is on a stick and it being pulled down because there is a shadow on his shirt. But to be fair i have only just noitce and i have watched this about 3 or 4 times and thr first time i watched it i was really like how on earth. I am still really like the trick tho not trying to take away an credit from the trick but i guses i just needed a rant. Thanks for reading if any one did

    Charlie cCharlie cMånad sedan
  • Too bad taking a risk on ingenious solutions is not how you win on this show. Better to just be right down the middle all the time than risk screwing up and getting DQ'd.

    dash4800dash4800Månad sedan
  • Rhod is THE man. He is my lazy genius icon. "How can I both be right and do as little work as is possible?"

    adamadamMånad sedan
  • Who's the guy in the pyjamas? I recognise him but I have no idea where from. I feel like he was on Dragons den but I cant find him on Google

    Theo MarcusTheo MarcusMånad sedan
    • It’s Paul Sinha. He’s on the chase.

      Alexandra StanierAlexandra StanierMånad sedan
    • He was on WILTY, can't remember the name either

      Mary UsvMary UsvMånad sedan