Republicans Are Purging Anyone Who Won't Embrace Trump's Election Lies: A Closer Look

Seth takes a closer look at the Republican Party’s fealty to Donald Trump and purge of anyone who refuses to repeat his lies.

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Republicans Are Purging Anyone Who Won't Embrace Trump's Election Lies: A Closer Look - Late Night with Seth Meyers

Late Night with Seth Meyers

Ladda ner



  • The idiots that are blindly loyal the T****p party aren't even aware that all of the sh*t that they are pulling is going to come right back around on them.

    civilized discoursecivilized discourse6 timmar sedan
  • The K stands for 1000, as in a 5K camera has a resolution of 5120 pixels. .. remember Y2K? It's metric... not exactly a correction but now you know.

    j. inksetterj. inksetter22 timmar sedan
  • Wait a minute, did someone take your Italy joke seriously? I had to check the date on this episode after the news this week about the “Italian spy satellites” lol.

    Evan SiwierkaEvan Siwierka2 dagar sedan
  • bidens, harris, clintons, obama, ocasio-cortez, pelosi go to prison🤣👉🚔👮‍♂️

    Александр КурбатовАлександр Курбатов3 dagar sedan
  • Trump re-elected legally president of the United States until January 2025👍🇺🇸 is fact👍

    Александр КурбатовАлександр Курбатов3 dagar sedan
  • You mite have seven million voters but you still lost the people's vote and the electoral college votes also, because everyone knows now that you and your family are thieves and traitors.

    russell lacyrussell lacy4 dagar sedan
  • Trump and friends are giving white supremacy a bad name. Their appeal to irrationality is revealing a desperation that only ends in people being murdered. The 8 million who voted against this madness are majority white; they know it’s crazy and what’s behind this. The rest of the world gawps in stupefaction but there’s no clean hands in Europe. Johnson is one step from this madness and France may about to vote for an open Nazi as a President. We are in dangerous times.

    Herschell BennettHerschell Bennett5 dagar sedan
  • One wonders what the founding fathers would think. “I did not ever imagine the first amendment would ever be used like this.”

    Erik KennedyErik Kennedy5 dagar sedan
  • "well, Kevin, I guess the people are more upset about the election then you are".

    ALEX -UNIK-CAALEX -UNIK-CA6 dagar sedan
  • Delusional Trump and his delusional ignorant followers! Aren’t they ashamed yet?😂

    Hamideh HeikkilaHamideh Heikkila6 dagar sedan
  • Typical conservative bs

    Russ RhymerRuss Rhymer7 dagar sedan
  • Stop posting comments here if you agree with the video!!! It makes no waves, has zero effect and it opens no ears! For every comment you make here make 20 on the pages and channels of the propaganda machines! .. but do it wisely, do not seek to confront or insult, that only closes ears and eyes. The way to end this is to educate the mob they have raised, because that is the weapon that they fear the most and that is what turns the tide ... spectacularly!

    Birds, Flight, Random ProjectsBirds, Flight, Random Projects8 dagar sedan
  • Read the Russia report compiled by our own intelligence services (that Johnson sat on & then fired the guy who made it public) and you'll know why! Read the Muller report USA and you'll know why! Understand what cambridge analytica was and how it profiles and brainwashes people with misinformation (40% of UK and USA citizens every day on every device they own) and you'll know why! See that both Trump and Johnsons MAGA, BREXIT and 2019 Election campaigns used this exact same strategy and you'll know why! It's called, Divide and Conquer, it's called a Russian intelligence coup that will make Troy look like a childs nativity play. Sponsor, cheat and install the most divisive people to power and weaponize social media to set the citizens against one another. It's called the take down of the USA, the UK, the EU and democracy itself ... all without a shot being fired a DEFCON warning being issued or an RAF fighter being launched. It's Putin at his brilliant long game best, promising the world to the greedy SelfServative parties (who willingly sell out their nations, citizens and values for a quick buck) and then rile up both sides of them public to cause maximum internal carnage while alliances, trade deals and defense networks falter and fall. Only possible because of the greed and self entitlement of the 1%ers. On a positive note ... the corrupt have exposed themselves like never before. The 'MoneyFirstPeopleLast' politics of corruption and sin, the tax avoidance schemes of the super rich and corporate elites and the building up and funding of destructive nationalist white supremacist movements that attack every institution and value that our once great nations stood for. Ultimately it's 'The Big Lie' and it always ends the same way. When the lie can no longer be maintained they turn to violence and conflict as a final dying play to maintain their positions of power and greed. This is what happens when narcissistic egomaniacs born of wealth, self entitlement and delusions of grandeur rise to power. Worth noting that the Republican party and their associates, notably Gaetz, Flynn and Trump are currently calling for violence and a military coup in America! Who would have thought it possible?! .. and the exact same patterns and scheme have unfolded in exactly the same way over here. The truth is dripping out, eyes are opening, the greed has already killed off the vulnerable and elderly and covered it up whilst profiting massively from corrupt cronyism and outright treason in plain sight. Ask yourselves this .... Why would the flag bearers of the West under these 'New Conservative' movements both oversee the worst and most unforgivable responses to covid across the globe. We have the best science, the best medicines, the best educations and the best tech. How is it humanly possible for it go wrong? Why are the Republicans and Tory party over here letting this run rife .. Trump claiming it's a hoax and Johnson saying on national TV that we should 'maybe take it on the chin' before completely screwing the response to the pandemic up at every possible turn? As we watch in real time the fall of Western dominance and the selling out of its people to greed and corruption, with Russia and China benefiting at every turn ... perhaps then you realize who these people really work for. Because it's not America, its Not the UK and it's not their citizens. They are the betrayers of humanity, sponsored by our adversaries and funded by the greed that runs rampant in our nations .. pure and simple. They will tell you that 'Your way of life is under threat' .. when actually, it's 'Their way of life' that is under threat. The last 20 years of social media, sharing of information and the exposure of their corrupt schemes, corrupt banking systems and corruption of politics through 'lobbying and donations' has been exposed ... so to ensure they still control everything they have betrayed us all rather than face the consequences of their actions. Why else do Conservative politics favor the corporations, ignore tax avoidance, attack welfare and healthcare, why else do they demonize the people and defend the cardinal sins of greed, lies, hypocrisy and self servitude. They don't want democracy, they don't want 'fair', and they don't care about us! We have one weapon left ... free speech (just) but already they try to take away our right to protest ... in England ffs!!! Use it wisely ... do not comment here to those that already know the evil of their ways, go to their propaganda pages and comment there! But do it smart! ... do not seek confrontation ... just ask questions? Like those I state above! And for every comment you make here make 20 on their misinformation channels! And share this! ... spread the word! ... because the mob they have created with their divisive plays are the very weapon that takes them down ... because when they realize they have been lied to (and some already have) then truth, honesty, integrity, justice and humanity will all rise once again! Time is running out ... fast. My only hope is that Putins' plan was merely to expose the corruption for what it is ... but let's be honest here ... it might be much worse! ... but I think probably not, because War between superpowers in this day and age means one thing ... the end of humanity and the end of all life on this planet. So go out there and educate ... non confrontationally! Go and ask questions in the right places! Make the mob see some reason ... do not insult because to do only closes ears and eyes!

    Birds, Flight, Random ProjectsBirds, Flight, Random Projects8 dagar sedan
  • Wait a 5k camera is only 5000x. My last Canon was 16mp. That is weak.

    Ryan GibsonRyan Gibson8 dagar sedan
  • I get embarrassed for him. Poor little orange baby...

    Ryan GibsonRyan Gibson8 dagar sedan
  • Donald s so clearly the guy who investigates his " friends" for blackmail dirt. Look at them now making 180s left and right since the 6th. Hees had people call them. Its so very clear. Why is no one looking for J Edga trumps hold on them? Its there .

    Que serraQue serra12 dagar sedan
  • It's sad for the rest of the world to see the USofA's government deteriorate like that. I would think it's time to drain the swamp for the GOP.

    BUFU1610BUFU161014 dagar sedan
  • Lol

    Juliet RankinJuliet Rankin15 dagar sedan
  • Why has there been no mention of Palestine on this show? SO much has happened over there as well as between American politicians who are on opposite sides of the argument on this US-backed genocide. And yet... not one word on it. @/freepalestine

    Yasmin MYasmin M15 dagar sedan
  • The people who are screaming the loudest about cancel culture, are the very ones canceling anyone who disagree's with them, even those within their own party.

    Brian KoziarskiBrian Koziarski15 dagar sedan
  • I want more of cigarette smoking cockroach.

    Matthew MasonMatthew Mason16 dagar sedan
  • If you don’t vote for me….you are out! And so is freedom of opinion….otherwise known as DEMOCRACY! WAKE UP FOLKS!

    Lynda MittonLynda Mitton16 dagar sedan

    Georgia BalisGeorgia Balis16 dagar sedan
  • They can try to purge, come here and give it a shot.

    Efrain VillalobosEfrain Villalobos17 dagar sedan
  • why do they believe it? with no evidence whatsoever to support the allegations. why? they will regret it ... just like the Nazi Party

    Jill RosaJill Rosa19 dagar sedan
  • I love the way that journalist responds: “....40,000 ballots were flown in...” “To Arizona?!” As if no one would bother, Arizona’s not that important 🤣

    Em MEm M19 dagar sedan
  • I love the Sea Captain so much.

    Joshua BrookhouseJoshua Brookhouse19 dagar sedan
  • Everytime trump says someone called him sir hes lying

    Clown h HunterClown h Hunter19 dagar sedan
  • What were seeing is the beggining of the end of the gop..

    Clown h HunterClown h Hunter19 dagar sedan
  • Trump is not presidential materials

    Henrietta BanksHenrietta Banks20 dagar sedan
  • What scientific methodology is there to measure someone's level of stupidity? I mean, every opportunity trump gets, he pronounces that any where else, if someone received 76M votes, that number would make him win the election. However, can someone tell him that his opponent received 7M more that he did, which is why he lost? It's the most basic of mathematics.

    PaddingtonPaddington20 dagar sedan
  • Only a handful of republicans live in reality although I'm also pretty sure only a handful are nuts. I think the balance just lacks the backbone to stand up to the fruitcakes.

    Libby PowellLibby Powell20 dagar sedan
  • Why don’t you look closer still on what really occurred in the election? You might learn some truths you won’t report on.

    Aquarius VerusAquarius Verus21 dag sedan
  • If you're still a Republican in 2021, you're either stupid or a traitor.

    james overholtjames overholt21 dag sedan
  • Mar largo was built as a second White House

    scott margerisonscott margerison21 dag sedan
  • Deeply unpopular? Says who? He had 80M followers on Twitter. Biden on had 20M...... fake news. This Seth guy will be a part of the pizza gate scandal

    scott margerisonscott margerison21 dag sedan
  • How you tell so much lies with such a straight face to your viewers is beyond me! The Arizona audits are live and people can watch them 24/7. Thank God for the few of us who do our research rather than listen to your deceit.

    NP 1NP 122 dagar sedan
  • Can we go back to the good old day when republicans were cool and not racist

    hummus crowhummus crow22 dagar sedan
  • As deeply unpopular as Trump??? He holds the record for most votes received by a sitting president.

    qualix7qualix722 dagar sedan
    • He also lost the popular vote in both of the elections he has been in.

      hummus crowhummus crow22 dagar sedan
  • Honestly, I'm glad Liz Cheney got purged... Even though it was for the wrong reason, she's the worst and got what was coming to her.

    Just SayingJust Saying22 dagar sedan
  • Sad part… when Seth said “and this is true” I believed him. How do I not know better

    noozybooga boozynooganoozybooga boozynooga23 dagar sedan
  • Not advocating his murder, but what would these republicans do if he choked to death on a KFC chicken wing?

    theemissary1313theemissary131323 dagar sedan

    Paul PalmerPaul Palmer23 dagar sedan
  • The bouncy apartment regrettably sin because hand astonishingly reach midst a smoggy dibble. jaded, hesitant armadillo

    Arnes ElkazArnes Elkaz23 dagar sedan
  • Show me a lie Seth? Just one.

    Trey SharpeTrey Sharpe23 dagar sedan
  • Dean ate some who knows about Seth. Just once. Please.

    Trey SharpeTrey Sharpe23 dagar sedan
  • How destructive is it if the claim is trueSeth?? They only lost 2 seats out of the entire election. They won the rest. He’s is more popular with republicans than congress yet he somehow lost in states republicans swept congress and the senate. Michigan and Arizona have deleted files. Michigan and Massachusetts have deleted ballot images. Wisconsin and Pennsylvania had places of biter turn out near 100% when anything over 76% suggest fraud. In the AZ audit already have missing ballots, protection broken without chain of custody documents and deleted voter registry files. And supervisors just lied in press conference and media seems to be supporting it. There is a big lie. No doubt but when it’s proven fools like Seth are gonna look, well like he already dies but worse.

    Trey SharpeTrey Sharpe23 dagar sedan
  • Trump just got hooked on the life

    David RodriguezDavid Rodriguez23 dagar sedan
  • A fool and it's party or soon broken

    Nancy MathenyNancy Matheny23 dagar sedan
  • I really hope these people get to learn why it's called "a deal with the devil"

    Fazza25Fazza2523 dagar sedan
  • If he forces loyalty in the House and the Senate then you would have a King. Thank god he's going to jail.

    KisssysKisssys23 dagar sedan
  • Crikey, it's like a cult!!

    Máire DalyMáire Daly23 dagar sedan
  • Well maybe they will delete their own party finally.

    Linda TullosLinda Tullos23 dagar sedan
  • The able paper expectantly skip because police importantly own times a ashamed ceramic. productive, hideous high law

    Vo Quoc TruVo Quoc Tru23 dagar sedan
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    Heleny PockHeleny Pock24 dagar sedan
  • Very sad what this regime did to Liz Cheney!!! She spoke up against their Hitler like madness and for our democracy and constitution. For this ,many of us think that Liz Cheney deserves an award!! She has my vote in the future if she chooses to run . Instead we have idiots like McCarthy and Cruz and the rest of the idiots!! very sad!!! Worried about our children's future if like Hitler, Trump gets back in power!! We will have a dictatorship for sure!!

    Kande69Kande6924 dagar sedan
  • So can anyone tell me how you can stop them. Is there anyway to stop the lying. Can anyone stop McCarthy? And his lying? It seems like there is no way to win. There is McCarthy, , MTG,Gaetz and their newest add on who says it is the party of Trump. He lost and they are still bowing at his feet. No one in the Republican party believes in God anymore. The only one you should worship. Trump is there God. And they are cool with that because they lie about believing in God.

    Karen RileyKaren Riley24 dagar sedan
  • Who the hell listens to this clown

    Brick TopBrick Top24 dagar sedan
  • I like the the smoking cockroach :)

    Ben HBen H24 dagar sedan
  • The republicans learned purging from the democrats - who constantly do it to the lefties, under McCarthy and again with Bernie supporters. The left has become so disgusted with democrats it wouldn't surprise me if we start seeing more violent protests - the democrats deserve it for turning their back on the working class.

    Charlotte SchnookCharlotte Schnook25 dagar sedan
  • Off subject but I got an email last week saying if I don't make a donation to Trump's birthday email card ...they would be forced to tell trump my name is not on it?? Whomever put me on this list is on MY 💩 LIST !!! PERMANTLY!

    Ellen CEllen C25 dagar sedan
  • Yes - love the cigarette smoking cockroach

    Terri WordieTerri Wordie25 dagar sedan
  • I like this show

    Beeba RitterBeeba Ritter25 dagar sedan
  • Uk here, what am I not understanding about this election? If its all above board surely the dems would want to shut trump supporters up for good? Or do they just like arguing with them constantly? And also there seems to be a lot of electoral irregularities being investigated as I write this..I.e. ballot seals broken, voting data digitally erased. Both of these are now widely accepted to have taken place. A lot of effort seems to be being made to stop or slow down any investigation. Surely that would ring alarm bells a little? Surely as the bastion of democracy the very least you would want is to find the reasons for these alone? If not, why not?

    Keith TanseyKeith Tansey25 dagar sedan
  • Seth is such a brilliant comedian. I don't know why he insists on hanging on to Trump. There is a lot better material out there. He is better than this. Disappointing. I hope Seth does better.

    Elizabeth PerlsteinElizabeth Perlstein25 dagar sedan
  • I’m glad they played the rest of the bamboo paper guy’s interview so we know he isn’t crazy. They could have left it at the 5k camera portion, where HE looked nuts, but they let it play out until he said “I don’t believe this, we’re humoring idiots that do.”

    Ogawa BurukkuOgawa Burukku25 dagar sedan
    • @Patarick chathy I don’t want my ex back! 🤣

      Ogawa BurukkuOgawa Burukku24 dagar sedan
  • THEY KNOW there are no election security issues... it’s a cover-up for instituting their VOTER SUPPRESSION legislation. Which is a real issue.

    Urban DwellersUrban Dwellers25 dagar sedan
  • I didn’t think a former president could be so pathetic.

    Urban DwellersUrban Dwellers25 dagar sedan
  • The standing rabbi coherently clip because magician worrisomely mess up atop a nutty aluminum. guarded, debonair flavor

    Bong HoughtonBong Houghton25 dagar sedan
  • It is time for a third party such as Reborn Honesty and Integrity National Organization (RHINO) party to split off of the Republican party which are now the actual Republicans In Name Only (RINO). Although I do not align to any party (I vote the person not the party), there needs to be a party for moral conservative voters.

    Jeff SorensenJeff Sorensen25 dagar sedan
  • Why does entire America still have to suffer because 1 'man' can't deal with losing? I know why the GOP is hanging onto Donald's pants. They know they are going to lose again if nothing changes. And unfortunately (by nature?) they chose the low road ' cancel as much as possible from those 81 million democratic votes' . Instead of trying to win some over to increase their 74 million. Dear GOP, I hope you can still lose the loser before we all lose democracy. Voter suppression is not the way forward. Please for all our sakes. LOSE THE LOSER!

    Takkie TerrorTakkie Terror26 dagar sedan
  • 🤔 April 2021!? He continues to disbelieve he lost😂

    Charles Michael SchmittCharles Michael Schmitt26 dagar sedan
  • Sea Captain 😂👻

    DJC4DJC426 dagar sedan
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    celeste delkceleste delk26 dagar sedan
  • Oh america! 🤦‍♂️ This is so hilarious and cringey and scary all at the same time!

    MaizMaiz26 dagar sedan
  • Biden is a super competent president, he’s not senile at all.

    Make Asylums Great Again • 10 years agoMake Asylums Great Again • 10 years ago26 dagar sedan
  • You're saying they're acting like Democrats?

    Todd no last nameTodd no last name26 dagar sedan
  • Man, you picked the wrong weekend to rag on our bagels, the weekend Korshak opened! 🤤🥯💕

    Kati BrennanKati Brennan26 dagar sedan

    john healyjohn healy26 dagar sedan

    john healyjohn healy26 dagar sedan

    john healyjohn healy26 dagar sedan

    john healyjohn healy26 dagar sedan
  • skip the cockroach

    Chris ArenaChris Arena26 dagar sedan
  • Thank you to ALL Americans that booted that clown out of office, he should have never been allowed in that seat, wtf were you guys thinking?! lol(maybe they should audit the 2016 ballots as well oO)

    Jey LeeJey Lee26 dagar sedan
  • "We want transparancy - the first two recounts didn't count, what are democrats so afraid of? Cyber Ninjas is super credible with lots of experience"

    mreeeeeigfmreeeeeigf26 dagar sedan
  • That's because republicans are evil power hungry, self obsessed, decieving, backstabing, lying, terrorist supporting trash that follows a man so evil he was even warned about in anciant hebrew texts, not to mention they think their invincible and cant ever lose.

    Yi FengYi Feng26 dagar sedan
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    tim lutztim lutz26 dagar sedan
  • Why are Americans still even talking about tromp? He’s gone!🙄

    Jackie HancockJackie Hancock26 dagar sedan
  • I do in fact like the smoking cockroach.

    Braden ScottBraden Scott26 dagar sedan
  • When trump was impeached, the GOP did not vote for impeachment because he was going anyway, so people needed to "get over it and move on". And here they are now. Deplorable.

    TheMonalisa74TheMonalisa7426 dagar sedan
  • strange he thinks that vote now gets him back into the white house when it was proven al gore won and nothing happened

    SoliasSolias26 dagar sedan
  • Trump tried encouraged the mob to kill Pence! What? That isn't enough for the Republicans to drop Trump. It is pathetic. Totally pathetic. Because of Trump and the Republicans we are an international joke. How can people manage to be so uninformed? I guess my country just isn't as important to the Republicans as The fantasies the Republicans embrace. It is so disheartening. I used to Respect the Republicans, now they are making my country an international joke, spreading hate in the hope it will help them get reelected, and no matter how much of this new BS fantasies the Trump Republicans sell to the average person was elected the Republicans have only one master, the super wealthy, that's it. The average person who votes for these Republicans just do not understand that the Republicans are going to screw them. The Republicans are going to take as much money from the poorest people and the average person and kick it up to the super wealthy. The Trump Republicans do not care about America, you, me or anything other than getting reelected and giving the super wealthy as much money as possible.

    None of your BusinessNone of your Business26 dagar sedan
    • And the average person must be waiting for 30 years now for trickle down economics to trickle to them. It is not going to trickle down to them ever. You know why? Because one of the reasons the super wealthy are the super wealthy is they love money just for the sake of having money, why in the world would anyone think that the super wealthy would give you any of the money in any way, they will fight hard to keep every penny! That is why they are the super wealthy! It is beyond ridiculous.

      None of your BusinessNone of your Business26 dagar sedan
  • The Republican party wants to live off of BS. It's organic!!

    None of your BusinessNone of your Business26 dagar sedan
  • the GOP is like the last place team in a league and then telling their fans "even though we were in last place last year we are making no personnel changes, and we should easily win first place next year."

    jason millerjason miller26 dagar sedan
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    Bacqc RafvbBacqc Rafvb27 dagar sedan
  • How many of 590000 covid deaths were Republicans

    Wiley KingWiley King27 dagar sedan
  • What a great fulfillment of Mary Trump's predictions concerning Donny's mental health. Trump never lost; it could never happen; not to someone as Trumpian as he is. The Grifter that never grew on a tree, or something, I don't know what... And now he has a second career as a Has-Been, and it's cleaning up. Sure, his old Brands are toast, but now his Droids will keep sending him all their money (month, after month, after month)... And soon, he'll be going to Vegas as The Real President! I see him doing his tip-step in a sparkling Elvis suit. He'll have virtual Speech-Along's and Glitter-Off's with Liberacci's ghost. But it won't last forever. With friends like Trump, who needs enemas?

    Dan MortensonDan Mortenson27 dagar sedan
  • Purging? Is that better than Canceling, or just shinier? How can I get Canceled, or has that train left by now, with this change in terminology?

    Dan MortensonDan Mortenson27 dagar sedan
  • I think you are missing out that Trump represents what the GOP has stood for and how enthralled his worshipers are with him. The type of U.S.A. Republicans want is hetro white males dominating women with not a non-whiter in sight unless working at a slave's pittance with wasteful use of water, and coal and the Bible the authority above the Constitution. Who else is going to go to the podium and support these "values". For the right, Trump's flaws make him more charming

    Agimaso SchandirAgimaso Schandir27 dagar sedan
  • Interesting to see Jordon Keppler and some commentators mention soy sauce, many printers use soy ink

    Agimaso SchandirAgimaso Schandir27 dagar sedan