We Try The Real Caveman Diet (Taste Test)

Today, we're eating what humans ate in the Paleolithic age. GMM # 1954

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  • I think cavemen if they did get cavities because they didn't brush their teeth or did they yes or no on that

    Douglas HaganDouglas Hagan18 timmar sedan
  • Well if they're eating sweets where are they getting them see they didn't know how to process sugar that they gave men they they should have to be in raw form where would they get raw sugar during the caveman.

    Douglas HaganDouglas Hagan18 timmar sedan
  • Very interesting there could be huge breakthroughs in that and there is because there is one thing that we know you are what you eat and what are we feeding our children and what it what are we feeding ourselves and we get to diet is it's a huge deal what should I eat when I run a marathon what should I eat if I'm a tennis player what should I eat if I'm a basketball player what should I eat if I'm a bodybuilder

    Douglas HaganDouglas Hagan18 timmar sedan
  • Well yeah that's another topic whether they came and fought over everything or whether they were social beings and got along well with each other that is another topic and that's a social logical topic cuz we don't want to have a narrative and thick hole they thought each other all the time over everything we don't know that we have to go back and look at the scientific research in German where they social or antisocial beings with a competitive

    Douglas HaganDouglas Hagan18 timmar sedan
  • I don't know if there was vegan caveman and primarily they meet

    Douglas HaganDouglas Hagan18 timmar sedan
  • That’s what I call REAL Natures cereal.

    BatteryBattery5 dagar sedan
  • Can we just appreciate how caveman like Rhett looks 🤣🤣👏

    Humairaah Khalifa101Humairaah Khalifa1018 dagar sedan
  • This is the funniest GMM I have ever seen! Loved it!

    garractugusgarractugus10 dagar sedan
  • Plot twist in 10:47

    Col. Carl Monier EvangelistaCol. Carl Monier Evangelista10 dagar sedan
  • We Mexicans are yeah tripitas!!!

    juliocesardelaojuliocesardelao11 dagar sedan
  • They need to make a music video with the cavemen outfits

    samantha Kennedysamantha Kennedy12 dagar sedan
  • But why would they put them on those ancient toilets 😂🤣

    Katy DKaty D17 dagar sedan
  • Was waiting for the “boiled for safety” moment 😭

    Samantha BelandSamantha Beland17 dagar sedan
  • I laughed cried too many times! 🤣

    Mandie SigmonMandie Sigmon17 dagar sedan
  • Job link u are the best🤓

    Marshall HobenMarshall Hoben18 dagar sedan
  • I would love to meet rhertt and Link

    Rose MccannRose Mccann19 dagar sedan
  • Apparently Ariola Grenade is right God IS a woman

    Rajkhan Muhammad NurRajkhan Muhammad Nur19 dagar sedan
  • I loved every minute of this and I don't think I've laughed harder on an episode. Period.

    Katelyn3666Katelyn366620 dagar sedan
  • "Who is that woman talking?" "That's God." God's a lesbian confirmed.

    NimbusNimbus20 dagar sedan
  • Getting educated by cave men, I like. 😄

    BettyBetty23 dagar sedan
  • Rhett had some REALLLLYY short garments 😂😂

    Kevin PearsonKevin Pearson25 dagar sedan
  • This is my favorite episode so far. I laughed sooooo much! Need more! “You know what time is? I don’t...” 😂

    Cas BearCas Bear25 dagar sedan
  • Link is straight up looking like the guitarist from Steel Panther 😂

    André KarlsenAndré Karlsen26 dagar sedan
  • Rhett looks like George of the jungle!( with a beard)

    phoebe barphoebe bar26 dagar sedan
  • "you know what time is? I don't!" HAD ME WHEEZING

    Leila MarzLeila Marz26 dagar sedan
  • I didn't know I needed sexy caveman Rhett until now..

    ClaudiaClaudia27 dagar sedan
  • When Link called himself Grog all I could think of is Grog Strongjaw from Vox Machina

    saltyguraffesaltyguraffe27 dagar sedan
  • Rhett's feet are so fidgety while Link's feet are still damn near the whole time lol

    AlphazoneAlphazone28 dagar sedan
  • Gregg quite inventor. Gregg ahead of time. Gregg Renaissance Man.

    Kevin FagerKevin Fager28 dagar sedan
  • I don’t want to live in a world where I don’t get to see Greg and Grog again. Please bring them back some time?!

    real Cookiereal Cookie29 dagar sedan
  • Pllleeaaassu.......Yes! No! What!? -Link Neal 2021

    John/Jenna SequaJohn/Jenna Sequa29 dagar sedan
  • This episode has made me very happy 😁🤣

    Brenda SyphersBrenda Syphers29 dagar sedan
  • So every episode like this, Rhett always does a fake laugh and it is always on a good item.

    Josh AllingtonJosh Allington29 dagar sedan
  • 4:08 That's some Three Stooges material right there.

    Raideur NgRaideur Ng29 dagar sedan
  • whoever created the set design deserves a raise.

    Usual WeirdoUsual WeirdoMånad sedan
  • This has to be one of the funniest moments

    RandomClipsLolRandomClipsLolMånad sedan
  • that's offal literally

    RobertDooshRobertDooshMånad sedan
  • Anyone else heat music around 8:32 ?

    Pandy the PandaPandy the PandaMånad sedan
  • "ooga booga" "lets talk about that

    Dive Guy TyDive Guy TyMånad sedan
  • Did they get the costumes from Halloween USA?

    Cosmic CharlieCosmic CharlieMånad sedan
  • Lol. Can we bring back boiled for safety?

    Angelique FletcherAngelique FletcherMånad sedan
  • 4:35 LMFAO

    Whats-My-FandomWhats-My-FandomMånad sedan
  • just awesome lmao!!!

    Bianca MalanBianca MalanMånad sedan
  • Rhetts haircut has been waiting it’s whole life for this video…

    Mary MerandaMary MerandaMånad sedan
  • Day 133 of asking Rhett and Link to play among us

    B BB BMånad sedan
  • Ahh, I needed this in my life!

    Melanie GrayMelanie GrayMånad sedan
  • Now I just want to watch the movie ‘Caveman’! “Lana zug-zug Atuk.”

    Debbie FlahertyDebbie FlahertyMånad sedan
  • You're not supposed to eat the head of the cat tail, you eat the stalk.

    Lazy EnthusiasmLazy EnthusiasmMånad sedan
  • This has to be one of the funniest episodes I’ve ever seen 😭

    Nyomi ScrogginsNyomi ScrogginsMånad sedan
  • "You know what time is? I don't" at the end lmfao

    Blue GeenBlue GeenMånad sedan
  • This is like if you dressed up as a vampire

    GrandGrandMånad sedan
  • No one laughed at Stevie's "smell what the Rock is cooking" joke and that's sad

    PuccallpaGirlPuccallpaGirlMånad sedan
  • Something strange about watching this on a computer.

    Britton GreenBritton GreenMånad sedan
  • Greg invented empathy 10:04 and Grog invented sadism 11:40.

    Mark DollardMark DollardMånad sedan
  • they are actual children

    Zoe KaneZoe KaneMånad sedan
  • As far as I know you don't eat the fluffy cat tail stuff. You eat the stalks and use the fluffy stuff as tinder.

    Hm GrraarrpffrzzHm GrraarrpffrzzMånad sedan
  • "That's offal...literally" -Big Brained Rhett

    JalonJalonMånad sedan
  • Man, Rhett is a paleo snacc

    BadaróBadaróMånad sedan
  • this is horr and hunk

    Katie JamesKatie JamesMånad sedan
  • I think we always knew Rhett would look good as a caveman and Link was always going to look like he’s at an 80s party

    Kaitlyn RogersKaitlyn RogersMånad sedan
  • Sour link 🍪

    Marshall HobenMarshall HobenMånad sedan
  • 🤙🏽

    Randy YesenoskyRandy YesenoskyMånad sedan
  • Me like episode Episode one my favourites Good ( Caveman noises )

    EA DubstepEA DubstepMånad sedan
  • I love that Rhett looks like a caveman and Link looks like an over enthusiastic dad going trick-or-treating!

    kielhikielhiMånad sedan
  • lol the Fresh Prince handshake

    Phil AdlerPhil AdlerMånad sedan
  • Amazing episode, couldn't stop laughing

    Nate HNate HMånad sedan
  • yes need more this!

    Joshua GoldbergerJoshua GoldbergerMånad sedan
  • i thought people ate the roots of cat-tails, not the fuzzy tops... yuck!

    oktober nightsoktober nightsMånad sedan
  • I know that Link loves Survivor. He should be on the show. He would do well at the nasty food challenges with how many gross foods he eats.

    Random CrapRandom CrapMånad sedan
  • I don't think they ate cattail tops - they ate the roots.

    Kristine GoodmanKristine GoodmanMånad sedan
  • this is my favorite episode. too funny

    Ziad J. KhalafZiad J. KhalafMånad sedan
  • They need to make and be the next flintstones actors for the next flintstones movie. This would be fun

    HelloKittyEcstasityHelloKittyEcstasityMånad sedan
  • Me: *existing as a straight man* Rhett & Link: *Dressed up as caveman* Flexing while handsaking Me: Aight let me question my whole existence

    Jeszenszky MárkJeszenszky MárkMånad sedan
  • You guys are freaking awesome, that is all.

    We Are RosesWe Are RosesMånad sedan
  • Note to self: never accidentally say puddin’ in front of southern Americans

    Ryan ThomasRyan ThomasMånad sedan
  • You guys should do a will it tortilla eposode

    Angel XAngel XMånad sedan
  • I used to watch this channel and I still love it I remember when you did the ghost pepper and inverted goggles and keep up the good work you never stop amazing us

    cosmic shadowcosmic shadowMånad sedan
  • You know what time is? I don't 🤷‍♂️

    Assaf NavonAssaf NavonMånad sedan
  • It is awesome to watch good mythical morning I,like the will it videos

    Candice PerryCandice PerryMånad sedan

    4G64SicKShoT4G64SicKShoTMånad sedan

      kamikazesoppkamikazesopp11 dagar sedan
  • “grog rotate susan” “SUSANS HERE?!?!?”

    Bay BayBay BayMånad sedan
  • I been waiting forever for a really funny and gross Will it......come on guys😁

    MJ Bro81MJ Bro81Månad sedan
  • 12:50 🤣🤣

    Cooking with PopsCooking with PopsMånad sedan
  • By far my favorite episode and I’m pretty critical of this show.

    Hunter HodgesHunter HodgesMånad sedan
  • Will It Crunchwrap???

    LindseyLindseyMånad sedan
  • I’m living for Rhetts hair my uncles hair looks the exact same it’s a whole lifestyle at this point 😂

    Mia WillerMia WillerMånad sedan
  • This whole video is pure chaos

    McKenzie JoyMcKenzie JoyMånad sedan
  • I believe they ate the tender cattail shoots/stalks, not the dry seedy tops

    lifeofbryonlifeofbryonMånad sedan
  • Yes! wait, no. -Link

    Jesse HarringtonJesse HarringtonMånad sedan
  • Rhett's hair fits the outfit so smoothly it's concerning.

    Cat PokeCat PokeMånad sedan
  • rhett already looks like a cave man

    its a bullyits a bullyMånad sedan
  • The food cloche sitting next to each other really looking like a nice pair of knockers!!! Great job whom ever picked them!!! :)

    Deanna WheelerDeanna WheelerMånad sedan
  • Haven't watched it yet but I'm going to say Rhett can survive, link, not so much.

    Crystal JuanitaCrystal JuanitaMånad sedan
  • Just thought it be a cool idea if in the dart games, the advantage throw should be throw whatever food your trying to guess

    get em on fishingget em on fishingMånad sedan
  • Want Gronk poke goodies while you eating the dookie chute?

    Blake Thomas SelphBlake Thomas SelphMånad sedan
  • So glad you guys are still creating videos

    Chris JChris JMånad sedan
  • Hey guys I love your videos also please do more will it's I love those

    Worlds Greatest BladersWorlds Greatest BladersMånad sedan
  • Ok not being dark , but .. if they each made a separarte book besides their personal lives that they shared , and released it when one of them passes before the other , both the others and their own , it would be something so memorable ... or is that just me ? 😅

    Mixedgirl411Mixedgirl411Månad sedan
  • alright Rhett and Link as cavemen needs to happen lmaoo watching this feels like seeing an actual caveman variety show especially rhett's look, but link went more mentally caveman i think, especially at the end there lmao

    MahīśāsakaMahīśāsakaMånad sedan
  • Who else remembers the videos from years ago?

    Idiotic VRIdiotic VRMånad sedan