Rich Gamer vs Broke Gamer

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11 Funny Moments and Fails / Troom's Got Talent Show:
Wealthy gamer Leo always has the best. But poor Ray even the simplest devices do not interfere with being a real gamer. Which one is cooler is a difficult question. Today we will try to figure it out.

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  • Is the mommy's boy

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  • Any true gamer should know you can't mine with a sword in mine craft

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  • i was eating takis

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  • 6:00 that’s bad for a computer don’t cover the heating spots there’s tape all over it would’ve overheated in the process of the loading alright you have approved yourself i typed that cause it was before

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  • 5:20

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  • Mr best *69*

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    • Mr beast

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  • Tf is this

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  • Aren’t the rich suppose to switch the keyboard bc it’s gold

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  • 0:40 NANI? how u walk into someone's house i- 🤔

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  • 2:00 brawl stars photos

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  • Was he using a diamond pickax

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  • What game is cooking and he’s you’ve been

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  • Poor guy: OoOOOoOOoOo a emerald Every. One that’s grass

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  • Mrbeast69? HA WHAT A JOKE

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  • Do u guys remember rich ray in college? So basically now he is a broke gamer and poor leo became rich gamer

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  • “Winning is not about what you have”

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    • it’s possible to make one like how dani made a driving wheel for his game jelly driving with a chip

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  • I feel so bad for the broke gamer it makes me wanna cry༼;´༎ຶ ۝ ༎ຶ༽

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  • If the broke button kills his computer then why is he pressing it?

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    • Maybe he didn’t know dude by the way don’t call me a boy….

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    • No cap

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  • 3:02 Logic:mine dirt using sword lol wat

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  • I just apresheeate (or however it’s spelt) the Mario poster in his room

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  • The Brooks game at six there’s no that’s the blocks that use was mining emerald blocks deep deep down

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  • try playing fortnite you can not pay to win!

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