CS:GO - Natus Vincere vs. Astralis [Dust2] Map 1 - ESL Pro League Season 12 - Grand Final - EU

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    ptah tranptah tranMånad sedan
  • 24:31

    Z4XEZ4XE4 månader sedan
    • What?

      Mudabbir AmaanMudabbir Amaan3 månader sedan
  • Hello,#2021

    Bunh Tha ChauBunh Tha Chau6 månader sedan
  • who are casters?

    DucksDucks6 månader sedan
  • 9 10

    dRK[b]dRK[b]6 månader sedan
  • The fat girl is brainless at commenting the match

    Endah WinarsihEndah Winarsih8 månader sedan
  • this is surely map 2

    Michal IlloMichal Illo8 månader sedan
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    Armandas Žumbys KNZ19Armandas Žumbys KNZ198 månader sedan
  • GG but i miss when it was more about the skill less about the economy :)

    Marwen SelmiMarwen Selmi8 månader sedan
    • Yeah feel the same, used to play a lot during 2013-2016 (Teen me had a dream of going pro) and just now started playing again more serious (road back to global). And the economy is way more complex now than it used to be.

      Nor7oN NexNor7oN Nex5 månader sedan
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    Alex IacobAlex Iacob8 månader sedan
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    Alex IacobAlex Iacob8 månader sedan
  • This is counterstrike on crack

    HeyItsPumpkinzHeyItsPumpkinz9 månader sedan
  • please do more skybox analysis

    Hears Your GearHears Your Gear9 månader sedan
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    Zapysov OlegZapysov Oleg9 månader sedan
  • 11:11

    Rahamath Ali Mohammed AttarRahamath Ali Mohammed Attar9 månader sedan
  • Wow that flank from Electronic at the end.

    WiseSamWiseSam9 månader sedan
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    Malacabado PontocomMalacabado Pontocom9 månader sedan
  • wth, why is it map 1 with navi already having a point??

    VoridyVoridy9 månader sedan
    • @Salva Aguilera Jiménez Ah understood, i appreciate it!

      VoridyVoridy9 månader sedan
    • They win the upper bracket so they start with 1 point (a harder bracket it suppose)

      Salva Aguilera JiménezSalva Aguilera Jiménez9 månader sedan
    • I guess this is best of 5 play

      TUPA ДОВНTUPA ДОВН9 månader sedan
  • actually map 2

    Osmo CaptureOsmo Capture9 månader sedan
    • Nope navi had a map advantage because they came from the upper bracket

      Claudia SauerClaudia Sauer9 månader sedan
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    Jonathan Noel BrownJonathan Noel Brown9 månader sedan
  • google says it was a 16-0

    LunaticGLunaticG9 månader sedan
    • I think Inferno counts as 1 - 0 instead of 16 - 0 🤔 but not sure Google tho

      NCTrNCTr9 månader sedan
    • @LunaticG oh wow Google has the scores wrong tf??

      Anirudh SubramanianAnirudh Subramanian9 månader sedan
    • @Anirudh Subramanian it had a scoreboard too

      LunaticGLunaticG9 månader sedan
    • that would be for Inferno mate since NaVi had a 1 map advantage so Inferno by default went to them

      Anirudh SubramanianAnirudh Subramanian9 månader sedan
  • I watched this live now I’m watching it again remember to sub to esl and the pros with your free twitch prime

    c0nt0usec0nt0use9 månader sedan
  • Bets: 66% NAVI 34% ASTRALIS Lunatics bet on NAVI

    Eternal MusicEternal Music9 månader sedan
    • @TyBy I was referring to overpass Sorry should've been more clearer.....

      Anirudh SubramanianAnirudh Subramanian9 månader sedan
    • @Anirudh Subramanian Not really. All NaVi players played insanely good. Electronic dropped almost the same kills as simple, flamie was Insane on train, he basically was the one who made that comeback possible and the rest was decent. Astralis was just the better team.

      TyByTyBy9 månader sedan
    • can't blame them NaVi was looking so good prior to the finals heck even on D2 they were looking good. But NaVi's inability to sustain throughout costs them the game. Damn shame but on the other hand the fact that astralis could get back from a 0-2 to 3-2 is nothing short of impressive! Unfortunately towards the end of the finals it became a s1mple vs Astralis affair.

      Anirudh SubramanianAnirudh Subramanian9 månader sedan
  • Amazing

    Nix_1456Nix_14569 månader sedan
  • yeah and navi has this team liquid issue where they choke very hard

    Alexander IvaylovAlexander Ivaylov9 månader sedan
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    drica tksdrica tks9 månader sedan
  • Do casters have a quota of s1mple dick sucking they gotta do every match or what. Dude is a beast but jesus christ. I see it with Kenny S too

    Your WrongYour Wrong9 månader sedan
  • natum perdere

    Latsch82Latsch829 månader sedan
  • secrone.info/video/n8eSn5LbjoV_m68/video.html

    Mr TriggerMr Trigger9 månader sedan
  • What a Show it's great

    RL LRRL LR9 månader sedan
  • *ESL Archives* Wanna be friend?

    WeluxWelux9 månader sedan
    • Itai Kizner yes

      HoopsBaller TVHoopsBaller TV9 månader sedan
    • Cringe much?

      Itai KiznerItai Kizner9 månader sedan
  • Qué cagada no entender Inglés :(

  • why navi starts 1-0 its map 1

    mehmet sürmelimehmet sürmeli9 månader sedan
    • Winners bracket, they get a map advantage

      Alvaro LeytonAlvaro Leyton9 månader sedan