cadiaN after insane clutch: I nearly passed out!

His 1vs4 clutch is already iconic. Listen to the Danish Heroic player talk us through the insane last round of ESL Pro League Season 13. Visit us at for more CS:GO news, videos and livescore.

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  • Please do not put anything over the radar!

    Edipo SantosEdipo SantosMånad sedan
  • 90k views 95 subscribers Sed

    Sammy YTSammy YT2 månader sedan

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  • "have you heard about the guy who clutches this, cadiaN?"..

    AntaynAntayn2 månader sedan
  • This needed a crowd man.

    Xtremely InsaneXtremely Insane2 månader sedan
  • 79 subscribers but there are 80k viewers lmao.

    PepsisLVPepsisLV2 månader sedan
    • You are more than welcome to be our 80th :)

      PleyPley2 månader sedan
  • ;)

    daowec2daowec22 månader sedan
  • "Heard about the Cadian 1v4 with a P250?" "Haven't heard of that, how does it go chad?"

    Francis FresnozaFrancis Fresnoza2 månader sedan
  • mm guy: hes walleing

    Tushar MauryaTushar Maurya2 månader sedan
  • greatest clutch

    Mayur ArunMayur Arun2 månader sedan
  • it was not that great

    Shashwat KatariaShashwat Kataria2 månader sedan
  • Gambit: We're the best,#1 performing team in the world. Cadian after all he's been through: "Today was meant to be the display of your power, instead I give you a glimpse of the devastation what my team can unleash upon yours"

    Wild LoneWolfWild LoneWolf2 månader sedan
  • he was lucky that there was no crowd... otherwise they could have spoiled it xD

    Rainer Steinm.Rainer Steinm.2 månader sedan
    • Yeah easily spoil haha

      Nexa JanNexa Jan2 månader sedan
  • cadiaN 🔥🔥💪, but rip Girl 1:43 :(

    Ritik SinhaRitik Sinha2 månader sedan
  • One of the best clutches in the history of Counter Strike.

    James ChongoritoJames Chongorito2 månader sedan
  • Was IGL for him when he was just a younggun. Has been a joy to see how far he has taken his career, with no end in sight. Great player, great personality - Casper is truely an inspiration!

    Jonas LogesJonas Loges2 månader sedan
    • @Jonas Loges sir can i please play with you sometime it would be great to play with such a guy who trained cadian , pimp, glave . sir you can add me on steam id/realHYP3R1ON

      IntegrationIntegrationMånad sedan
    • @Integration Yeah, but Im old now, just playing with friends here and there. Only have 8-900 hours in CSGO ;) .. However, my team and I just won best oldboys team in Denmark 😂.

      Jonas LogesJonas LogesMånad sedan
    • i want to play with you sir , it would be a great oppurtunity

      IntegrationIntegrationMånad sedan
    • @Jonas Loges do you play cs now ?

      IntegrationIntegrationMånad sedan
    • @B41SW4N Yeah, I am buddy :-)

      Jonas LogesJonas LogesMånad sedan
  • I heard he cheated

    King of ks Kill stealKing of ks Kill steal2 månader sedan
    • Even Vitality got fined they were live streaming so who knows

      King of ks Kill stealKing of ks Kill steal2 månader sedan
    • That happened in r6

      Shreyas raoShreyas rao2 månader sedan
    • true it's hard to credit onliners.. better they do this at lan now we talk

      Ez mOneyEz mOney2 månader sedan
  • 5Head

    zwzzwz2 månader sedan
  • Hobbit be like: "Bruh is this real that u can do absolutely nothing without me..".

    SamoDjenziiSamoDjenzii2 månader sedan
    • lul....yeah!!! XD

      Risvy mahiRisvy mahi2 månader sedan
  • "I nearly passed out" sounds like "Did you put your name in the goblet of fire" Dumbledore asked calmly

    YugYug2 månader sedan
    • lmao good analogy

      93Beefcake93Beefcake2 månader sedan
  • If u make this stuff one wud believe it..

    mahei luwangmahei luwang2 månader sedan
  • Remember this boys, this will go down in history !

    Tomi KeidelTomi Keidel2 månader sedan
  • Do you guys realise that Gambit who is the best team in the world, they had 4 players on A all watching ramp. How stupid is that?

    ManuManu2 månader sedan
    • @Ez mOney Does this look like a fight to you? I would say it's more like a debate :)

      ManuManu2 månader sedan
    • @Ez mOney do you kid really think that's "fighting"? weirdo..

      4lleyezonme4lleyezonme2 månader sedan
    • do you really guys fighting over online CS lmao

      Ez mOneyEz mOney2 månader sedan
    • @4lleyezonme Yeah I know but I don’t think I have ever seen a worse play in pro matches, they really deserved to lose after that

      oskarioskari2 månader sedan
    • @oskari it's easy to judge when you don't hear their communication.. maybe one guy just told he heard something palace or whatever. And it always need a bad play to lose a 1v4 stack, that's not something new.

      4lleyezonme4lleyezonme2 månader sedan
  • Cadian: i made everyone hold their breath. Nah bro you made me lose my apartment, because of noise complaints

    9Hell9Hell2 månader sedan
    • 😁

      tnc4700tnc4700Månad sedan
    • Plot twist: The landlord/landlady is a Gambit fan

      0:010:012 månader sedan
  • 5Head webcam

    NovakkzNovakkz2 månader sedan
  • 1:42 the girl (Heroic's manager), literally gets "manhandled" and shoved

    tr1xztr1xz2 månader sedan
    • I was laughing so hard when I saw it on stream

      Shreyas raoShreyas rao2 månader sedan
  • wish i was here for this...

    Matthias FooMatthias Foo2 månader sedan
  • No matter how many times I watch it... 1:43 every time I see the girl , I laugh my ass off🤣🤣

    Yatharth SolankiYatharth Solanki3 månader sedan
    • Lmfao

      Violet ChanViolet Chan2 månader sedan
    • @RAAZR ??

      Yatharth SolankiYatharth Solanki2 månader sedan
    • Virgins

      RAAZRRAAZR2 månader sedan
    • @Gushiken Music i saw that in stream

      ss2 månader sedan
    • Oh man she's simply pushed down lol

      Gushiken MusicGushiken Music2 månader sedan
  • 400th like

    Shantanu SharmaShantanu Sharma3 månader sedan
  • I too like to pull out my knife to assert dominance 😂😂😂😂😂

    carlsong643carlsong6433 månader sedan
    • 69 likes nice

      SharqSharq2 månader sedan
  • Million dollar play

    Ms. DyMs. Dy3 månader sedan
    • shoot it up shoot it up shoot it up

      DavryDavry3 månader sedan
  • Take your time son you're about to make the play of your career

    Arjun BhardwajArjun Bhardwaj3 månader sedan
    • "Cadian you can't win pro league like that, YOU CAN'T WIN PRO LEAGUE LIKE THAT"

      Leon de VriesLeon de Vries12 dagar sedan
    • Should i keep it 666 or make it 667 🤔

      crytexcrytex2 månader sedan
    • He had so much time to make plays. FRICKEN LOVE IT

      Jiggy All DayJiggy All Day2 månader sedan
    • I'm so glad that Machine became a caster. He's massively talented. He was already the best desk host in CS, and now he's making Anders/Semmler or Sadokist/HenryG levels of awesome moments with Spunj. Top work.

      Gnome PartyGnome Party2 månader sedan
    • @DmK S thanks, my dumbass thought they were talking about cadian’s coach saying it not the caster.

      OhhhPezOhhhPez2 månader sedan
  • A guy who deserves his time in the sun, after all of the stuff he's had to deal with in the Counter Strike scene. Good man.

    Gnome PartyGnome Party3 månader sedan
    • @Gnome Party why was that group formed? So it was like a group chat?

      Plugged InPlugged In2 månader sedan
    • @Vallus Mitochondrium The entire Danish scene communicating in a group called Fuck Cadian. Losing a showmatch to Juliano (which shouldn't really have been a big deal). Lots of problems with his teams falling apart or being sold off just as they were rising in the rankings.

      Gnome PartyGnome Party2 månader sedan
    • Whats that stuff he had to deal with ?

      Vallus MitochondriumVallus Mitochondrium2 månader sedan
    • yeah i always used to feel pity for cadian but now he doesn't need it anymore he fought his way to the top

      Just A Pokemon Commenting On VideosJust A Pokemon Commenting On Videos3 månader sedan
  • If you feel useless, remember that gambit have 4 CT full buy and they died because 1 T knife kill

    hEZENS-hEZENS-3 månader sedan
    • oh crap

      Edwin Mactal MusicEdwin Mactal Music2 månader sedan
    • and on 2 hp

      MemmoManMemmoMan2 månader sedan
    • @oskari no damage with p250, only knife and awp

      hEZENS-hEZENS-2 månader sedan
    • @hEZENS- And he didnt even use the p250, might as well played the round without a weapon lol

      oskarioskari2 månader sedan
    • @Mr Rex correction, p250, no armor, and 1 knife kill to CT sniper

      hEZENS-hEZENS-2 månader sedan
  • true legend

    DinkoDinko3 månader sedan
  • What a legend, still so gassed about this

    Damon BoughtonDamon Boughton3 månader sedan