What If You Were Stranded In the Sahara Alone?

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Ladda ner



  • #1 Sweating ... #3 getting out of the Desert

    HenryMansonHenryManson22 minuter sedan
  • I would fucking die

    ahmetsercan soydanahmetsercan soydanTimme sedan
  • How do you travel south while having a compass?

    Vram1974Vram1974Timme sedan
  • not only was he physically fit, he was HELLLAA SMART

    Sirisha VelavanSirisha VelavanTimme sedan
  • well Sahara is not a joke. human should stop being over-smart against nature, you cant win against nature. sometime you are lucky to get survive. yet he got permanent damage in his kidneys. human EGO is bigger than anything in this world.

    Shak PlayShak PlayTimme sedan
  • The bats become the vampired

    Jonahs GangJonahs Gang2 timmar sedan
  • At age 39, wow I can barely run a mile and this guy survived 9 days without food after running and wondering 200 miles? What a trooper!

    Cod4 WiiCod4 Wii3 timmar sedan
  • Celcius and the metric system are so unnecessary and require too much guesswork. The world should just use Farenheit, feet, inches, yards and miles.

    rastafish420rastafish4203 timmar sedan
  • It's amazing how sub-saharans traveled this environment with such ease to colonize the world and build the pyramids. Yet someone can only live in this desert for 3 days in 2021 with the technology we have now...

    Joe salvatorJoe salvator4 timmar sedan
  • LOL , Arizona hits over 117 every summer . So does Nevada .

    TolikTolik4 timmar sedan
  • Is there a movie about this?

    MattMatt4 timmar sedan
  • This is one the most powerful videos I've ever seen

    The DexxJThe DexxJ4 timmar sedan
  • Lose 35 pounds in ten days on the new Sahara desert cleanse! Bat blood and urine

    Revans Eco FreakRevans Eco Freak5 timmar sedan
  • 40º? thats a normal summer in portugal

    ImDark73ImDark735 timmar sedan
  • play stupid games, win stupid prizes

    Arthur ArcturusArthur Arcturus5 timmar sedan
  • This is one of the wildest stories ever! I asked myself this exact same question because I’ve been watching these documents about ancient Rome in Africa. I salute this man getting out alive. Just excellent. We humans are truly inventive when it comes down to survival.

    Von GoldfingerVon Goldfinger6 timmar sedan
  • how many pounds? Do you speak human with the metric system? Like, you know what 99.99% of the civilized world uses?

    RobkoRobko6 timmar sedan
  • Oh no you don’t ever cross the desert thinking you will stay on the same trail because you will be going in circles without knowing. Even crossing a few small dunes can confuse you and you will be very far far off from where you were and where you want to go. His decision to cross the desert like that was a suicide and shows he had absolutely no knowledge about the desert.

    A Mauritanian NomadA Mauritanian Nomad6 timmar sedan
  • Just start yelling out "Im white!" and some Africans will come out to "help" you.

    PlasmaBurnsPlasmaBurns6 timmar sedan
  • I would like to see the movie.

    Average UserAverage User7 timmar sedan
  • Start walking (at night)

    Harrison WaltmanHarrison Waltman7 timmar sedan
  • “ I GO TO HOME “

    iVallyiVally7 timmar sedan
  • This runner is totally crazy.

    Flávio Viana GomideFlávio Viana Gomide7 timmar sedan
  • Ultimate social distancing challenge

    ꧁ Solenoid X ꧂꧁ Solenoid X ꧂7 timmar sedan
  • energyy

    c vc v7 timmar sedan
  • He should try that race in tenere desert in NIGER. It's by far hotter and bigger than morroco desert

    dmdm7 timmar sedan
  • Lesson: Fuck the desert. Never go 10 mins away from civilization.

    Anjil BohoraAnjil Bohora7 timmar sedan
  • Hey man pick a measure system. It went from dude ran 40km a day and speaking totally in metric to train to referencing the race in miles, back to metric. I'm gonna take a stab at it and say nobody knows conversions. Not salty, just high and wanted to point it out for the future. Keep making the interesting content

    Jim EckertJim Eckert8 timmar sedan
  • That’s not gonna happen. I will never go there.

    Sir Lance LoteSir Lance Lote8 timmar sedan
    • What if you join military and they send you there

      I Use HacksI Use Hacks6 timmar sedan
  • Love how you use your voice. It just sounds so naturally excited

    Ano NymusAno Nymus8 timmar sedan
  • Muslims traded 150 MILLION *Black People * through the Sahara Desert. They died.

    Avee PlanetAvee Planet8 timmar sedan

    Amr KhaledAmr Khaled9 timmar sedan
  • does anybody know where can I find the music in the end?

    Amr KhaledAmr Khaled9 timmar sedan
  • As I am watching this, the temperature in my city is 49 C feels like 57 C!

    Emad EraghiEmad Eraghi9 timmar sedan
  • I would die. Next question.

    luvsilly60luvsilly609 timmar sedan
  • Big up from Morocco

    MaaF-type beatsMaaF-type beats9 timmar sedan
  • although the Amazigh Berber man lived there for 7 thousand years and is still there. their symbol is the ⵣ which means free men .my ancestors

    Averroès NafaàAverroès Nafaà10 timmar sedan
  • BUT WHY??, why did he walk south?? It doesn't make sense. On Day4 you start running south, then U turn and finish north -> which means both "Start" and "Finish" of stage 4 was somewhere north from almost any point of Day4's track. So if you're lost and have to pick direction to walk, wouldn't you want to bet on north? The whole Day4 stage is literally the most south stage of the whole race. Did he explain it?

    Don'tBeEvilDon'tBeEvil10 timmar sedan
  • This is the tale of a survivor. Imagine those who didn't survive.

    KvATKvAT10 timmar sedan
  • This is giving me anxiety

    smtng20casmtng20ca11 timmar sedan
  • him: cuts wound and tries to suicide blood: umm well uhh i actually prefer to stay in there so ima just gonna block myself in, ok.

    submachine guysubmachine guy11 timmar sedan
  • I would die first day prolly

    what everwhat ever12 timmar sedan
  • I had an ad for the movie Dune during this video... this can't be coincidence

    FlashgamezockerFlashgamezocker12 timmar sedan
  • 0:46 Me Who lives in a City in 50 degrees: Child's play

    Karim AlramlawiKarim Alramlawi12 timmar sedan
  • First of all, kick the race organizers in the balls and put them in jail. Who the hell told them to organize a race in sahara?

    Minhaz MuktadirMinhaz Muktadir13 timmar sedan
  • R u the guy that calls in to America first?

    Strong Fencing and GatesStrong Fencing and Gates13 timmar sedan
  • What was the point of the pen size flare?

    Buisang NdloziBuisang Ndlozi13 timmar sedan
  • I live in the top left corner of Victoria and New South Wales, Australia. Last year it got to 46 degrees c. I honestly cannot believe what this person went through, especially running in that heat.

    Oliver EdensOliver Edens14 timmar sedan
  • How about you watch your mouth

    MrfluffybeehiveMrfluffybeehive15 timmar sedan
  • I am sure the narrator added more twists to his original story which he probably told in 5-10 mints

    fahimfahim15 timmar sedan
  • 46 is not that hot

    عيسى الزاهرعيسى الزاهر15 timmar sedan
  • "He then killed a bunch of bats and drank their blood." Whoa, this went Ozzy Osbourne levels of satanic fast as fuck...

    Maranatha&ShalomMaranatha&Shalom15 timmar sedan
  • He pulled the UNO reverse card on those bats.

    Gex1eGex1e15 timmar sedan
  • Bruh from 2011 to 2016 I lived in marakesh (Morocco)and at summer 2012 some days the temperature went up to 50 Celsius 122 Fahrenheit And the worse is that it was Ramadan Idk how people survived that year

    joster ljoster l15 timmar sedan
  • If only his flying bison didn't get stolen...

    Walrus StuWalrus Stu16 timmar sedan
  • I`m shocked, incredible story

    Absorbere7Absorbere716 timmar sedan
  • Why you need to do this?

    CricketomaniacCricketomaniac17 timmar sedan
  • I'll Uber itm

    Mc Nasty46Mc Nasty4617 timmar sedan
  • John 6:47 "Verily, Verily I say unto you, he that believes in me has everlasting life." - Jesus. Jesus, who was God in the flesh of a man, died for the remission of sin, including yours, was buried, and rose form the dead 3 days later. If you simply believe in this to apply to you and trust Jesus to save you from the second death, then you have everlasting life in heaven.

    TheModer8terTheModer8ter17 timmar sedan
  • What i would have done immediately after i realized i am lost is go north or north-west because depending on the location of the marathon and the distance i ran during the storm i would have a greater chance of encountering other humans.

    abbas kokoabbas koko17 timmar sedan
  • Why can't we all just agree that racing in the Sahara desert is a bad idea and just not do it anymore?

    Elizabeth RiosElizabeth Rios18 timmar sedan
    • Lose some weight and you will feel better about running.

      Mr. SkeletonMr. Skeleton14 timmar sedan
  • It's crazy to think he ran and/or walked that far.

    JohnnyJohnny18 timmar sedan
  • Thanks!

    Cris DominguezCris Dominguez18 timmar sedan
  • Even though im not that smart of a person, i'd probably die.

    bssni touirbssni touir19 timmar sedan
  • Filipinos be like : Hold my Coffee

    Nishi DaiNishi Dai19 timmar sedan
  • This is why everyone should learn to read the stars to gauge direction.

    Zeeshan DogarZeeshan Dogar19 timmar sedan
  • Oh my God 56 degree temperature saahara most covered by Algeria how living Algerians Iam very surprised I think Algerians very strong and humanity power peoples really incredible in Algeria Iam from Chennai India

    • You do know that the northern part of Algeria (20% of Algeria's territory) isn't a desert right ? That's where most Algerians live.

      RaïsRaïs13 timmar sedan
    • Inteaanus fluids???

      bssni touirbssni touir19 timmar sedan
  • I don't like sand.. it's rough and gets in your butt crack

    hektikhektik19 timmar sedan
  • Here in Australia, the temperature was once 53 degrees Celsius and when people touched metal, they got a horrific burn.

    Victini StealthVictini Stealth20 timmar sedan
  • Minecraft survival players: I’ve been wandering for days in the desert biome and still haven’t found a village, I’ve lost all hunger bars and can’t run anymore. It’s over... Mauro Prosperi: Let me introduce myself

    LalalalalalallalaLalalalalalallala20 timmar sedan
  • No.

    Jack RogersJack Rogers20 timmar sedan
  • I would wake up

    Epic MalakaiEpic Malakai20 timmar sedan
  • The failure of suicide will always wake you up and feel like there's still hope Trust me

    DeclanHugo RSDeclanHugo RS23 timmar sedan
    • Lol God says death does exist in the Sahara 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

      Fergus Campbell DelaloyeFergus Campbell Delaloye17 timmar sedan
  • >40°C? Ha. Canada and even the Polar Circle provide that.

    aboominationaboomination23 timmar sedan
  • Why didn't he go North? He could have gotten to the sea if he traversed that distance 🙈 guess what compass he could have used

    Eric CotterEric Cotter23 timmar sedan
  • It's 61° in Algeria

    lifeloverDZlifeloverDZ23 timmar sedan
  • Would make a great movie

    Mr. ObservantMr. Observant23 timmar sedan
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  • Inteaanus fluids???

    Truck LifeTruck LifeDag sedan
  • hes lucky my cousin died last year lost his way in 4x4 vehicle end up drinking coolant and washer fluid

    FordCVSFordCVSDag sedan
  • imagine being the guy who flew over him watching this video bro

    ceo of sandceo of sandDag sedan
  • Death

    TheRealTampaDudeTheRealTampaDudeDag sedan
  • that would probably kill me unless luck saved me a traveling group doubtfully

    Roxas KingheartsRoxas KingheartsDag sedan
  • Did he just never really use the compass?

    Dhuckins_Dhuckins_Dag sedan
  • Only 45 degrees? Summers hit 44 to 45 degrees easily every year in India as well. Sure it's hot, but It's hard to believe that Sahara is only that hot.

    Deepak RamanaDeepak RamanaDag sedan
  • short answer: You would die

    pocklepockleDag sedan
  • The commentator literally takes forever to tell a 5 minute story smh

    Chidiebere NechiChidiebere NechiDag sedan
  • the story just kept getting worse.......oof

    Matt WaldropMatt WaldropDag sedan
  • Pfff in Kuwait it can reach 52 degree easily in the summer xD

    عمران الكندريعمران الكندريDag sedan
  • man cannot catch a break. water...u drown sand...ooh wait so much worse! thank god I'm an effective sinkR. sink like an anchor. lol!

    Joe KJoe KDag sedan
  • What a fucking god going back again after that.

    SunbreezeSunbreezeDag sedan
  • Real Life Lore is the greatest, I love this channel. Keep up the excellent work.

    Vic VinegarVic VinegarDag sedan
  • 80°c. My uncle: NOTHING! NOT EVEN 9999999999999999999999999999999°c! LOL

    Cheezeballz 192Cheezeballz 192Dag sedan