Top 10 SNL Impressions Done in Front of the Actual Person

It's always awkward/hilarious when "SNL" impressions are done in front of the actual person. Our countdown includes Cheri Oteri as Judge Judy, Jim Breuer as Joe Pesci, Tina Fey as Sarah Palin, and more! Which "SNL" impression is YOUR favorite? Let us know in the comments!

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  • Which "SNL" impression is YOUR favorite? Let us know in the comments! For more Saturday Night Live videos check out our SNL Playlist!

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    • I cant tell. Too much inane yapping by the narrator.

      flyingcursorflyingcursor7 dagar sedan
    • Scrap this channel n give my music a listen be nice to get a little feedback on what Iv made 😊🤘

      Stone MonkeyStone Monkey7 dagar sedan
    • Shutup and let us enjoy it

      Almahdi AlsharefAlmahdi Alsharef8 dagar sedan
    • If the person from Mojo would stop talking so much I'd probably watch.

      Joe MichaelJoe Michael8 dagar sedan
    • Eww hilarious was on

      Ben BrightBen Bright10 dagar sedan
  • They should have done Morgan Freeman!

    rotechsrotechs3 timmar sedan
  • The narrator was ANNOYING!

    Roderick FruendtRoderick Fruendt4 timmar sedan
  • The commentary ruins the video! Would have been awesome otherwise! BOO!

    ! BorderRage !! BorderRage !8 timmar sedan
  • Where we supposed to hear the impressions?

    CooperCooper11 timmar sedan
  • No Eddie Murphy as Stevie Wonder???? I'm Shocked...

    Mista GreenMista Green11 timmar sedan
  • For the love of god ditch the narrator

    EakcoTVEakcoTV11 timmar sedan
  • Well got damn!! I couldn't even hear the impressions over the woman talking.. DAMN

    Love LifeLove Life11 timmar sedan
  • Jerry Seinfeld is fucking annoying

    Joe EJoe E12 timmar sedan
  • Ohh just shut up already! Please!

    Bence SzepesváriBence Szepesvári12 timmar sedan

    Saghorse1978Saghorse197813 timmar sedan
  • It be nice to see the impressions instead of talking over them.

    Jenny BJenny B14 timmar sedan
  • It could’ve been a great vid if the female commentator would stfu.

    R FonferkoR Fonferko15 timmar sedan
  • I didn't know Sandler was fired.

    susan fudgesusan fudge16 timmar sedan
  • I was waiting for Eddie Murphy to show Stevie wonder how to do a good Stevie wonder impression since he wasn’t doing it right.

    Jeff StinsonJeff Stinson17 timmar sedan
  • Too much commentary and not enough impressions.

    Brad WaltonBrad Walton18 timmar sedan
  • This video would be great if this lady would like… STFU

    Benjamin PriceBenjamin Price19 timmar sedan
  • I hate how theres so much explaining….just stfu and let us listen to the videos…

    Poomis LivePoomis Live22 timmar sedan
  • This is like a real life episode of "what's up with that?" except it's not entertaining.

    Jordan HarrisonJordan HarrisonDag sedan
  • The wrong Belushi died.

    Duck SoupDuck SoupDag sedan
  • Yet when someone makes fun of Trump he throws a fit.

    Ross AndersonRoss AndersonDag sedan
  • Like when you want to see and hear some impressions, but the narrator is in need for attention 🙄.

    Emilio HernándezEmilio HernándezDag sedan

    CharlieCharlieDag sedan
  • This is 1 time where too much narration n explanation spoilt evrythin.. Shud hv just let the skit show play itself.. Instead the explanation just got in the way..

  • Mainly Obnoxious Jabber Online

    Gabriel RussoGabriel RussoDag sedan
  • Worst Tribute Ever! BLAH BLAH BLAH, Oh! and BLAH!

    Gabriel RussoGabriel RussoDag sedan

    DW1022 WDW1022 WDag sedan
  • Why cant we just hear the impressions, please!!

    jonna stømejonna stømeDag sedan
  • Sneeze

    Erin ManusErin ManusDag sedan
  • I’d like to see some Biden jokes.

    Ike TerribleIke TerribleDag sedan
  • Absurd, all we hear is her talking and we can't hear the impressions. poorly done video.

    Person IncognitoPerson IncognitoDag sedan
    • Hi

      Fred FredFred FredDag sedan
  • what a load of shite

    Kayak & Coastal FishingKayak & Coastal FishingDag sedan
  • Nick cage tho. So funny

    Rebecca AnneRebecca AnneDag sedan
    • Hi

      Fred FredFred FredDag sedan
  • My Cousin Vinny anyone?

    Ethan WeeterEthan WeeterDag sedan
  • Judge Jody is cool for an old chick.

    Ethan WeeterEthan WeeterDag sedan
  • Never knew Amy Schumer started out on SNL.

    Ethan WeeterEthan WeeterDag sedan
  • Kristen Wiig could do a mean Christopher Walken impression.😂

    Ethan WeeterEthan WeeterDag sedan
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  • Why the hell does she talk so much its annoying. I want to hear the characters. Shut up already lol

    Darren HealeyDarren Healey2 dagar sedan
  • Only gave this a thumbs up because, without annoying narration, these impressions are priceless.

    Good NewsGood News2 dagar sedan
  • We can’t “close our eyes and listen,” because you won’t shut up! 🤦🏻‍♂️🙄😒 Why does WatchMojo always insist on ruining their videos with too much narration and explaining everything little detail???

    Good NewsGood News2 dagar sedan
  • I had a feeling about the "watchmojo" format of narrating videos, sure 'nuff, checked the comment section and... thank you for saving me 13 minutes. Sorry some of you sacrificed your time, but thanks again (and I will try to return the favor when I can). 'Unsubbing' and 'not liking' and 'Don't Recommending' now. Watchmojo, you never learn and keep doing the same annoying things in your Vids, too bad.

    Kenneth MartinKenneth Martin2 dagar sedan
  • Commentator SHUT UP!

    james kielyjames kiely2 dagar sedan

    SonderSonder2 dagar sedan
  • Mike Meyers doing Mick Jagger while sitting next to Mick Jagger, who was himself doing an amazing Keith Richards. How could they miss that one? That's clearly the 2nd best ever, right behind Belushi & Joe Cocker.

    Beena PlumberBeena Plumber2 dagar sedan
  • This really sucked.. Wish I could actually hear the skits and not the dumb bit-- talking the whole time!!

    Mark ShubeckMark Shubeck2 dagar sedan

    Christopher CallenderChristopher Callender2 dagar sedan
  • Joe Cocker, John Belushi is my favorite...

    John VincentJohn Vincent2 dagar sedan
  • For the record; I will literally never pay for mojo.

    Diggy GeneticsDiggy Genetics2 dagar sedan
  • As everyone else has commented, WTF???? While I appreciated the posting, it would be nice if it could be redone with greatly diminished commentary. Very annoying.

    Leo BrusselLeo Brussel2 dagar sedan
  • Nothing beats Benedict Cumberbatch on impressions ❤️😍

    Aishwarya KumarAishwarya Kumar3 dagar sedan
  • Stop talking and play the shit.

    Steve AycockSteve Aycock3 dagar sedan
  • I feel like this comment holds true for every single video this channel ever made... can the narrator please shut the fuck up and let us enjoy the click bait

    GeneralZaneGeneralZane3 dagar sedan
  • It would be nice to hear the impressions instead of your mouth

    Wayne GreggWayne Gregg3 dagar sedan
  • I click to watch the video. Then I hear that voice, and I'm like, "Oh yeah, this lady, nevermind" :/

    RightTurnRandyRightTurnRandy3 dagar sedan
  • So many of these could have been dropped for the carrey family reunion sketch.

    Nic BogataNic Bogata3 dagar sedan
  • Mojo hostess talks too much! Would be nice to hear the impressions for more than 2 seconds. Who edited this?

    frank powdefrank powde3 dagar sedan
  • There must be a legal reason no single audio clip from SNL is longer than 3 seconds. This is just terrible.

    Mark MorettiMark Moretti3 dagar sedan
  • They are all good the bee gees kills me every time

    Nathan WannerNathan Wanner3 dagar sedan
  • Waste of

    Trevor JohnsonTrevor Johnson3 dagar sedan
  • This would be a great video without the narrator

    Nick LNick L3 dagar sedan
  • Welcome to watch mojo

    David MartinezDavid Martinez3 dagar sedan
  • Chris Kattan as Kerry Scruggs was the absolute best and not even an honorable mention?

    gail rugegail ruge3 dagar sedan
  • The narrating is terrible

    Robert KainecRobert Kainec3 dagar sedan
  • The newer generation of SNL or an embarrassment

    Thomas BeckThomas Beck4 dagar sedan
  • Should change name from WatchMojo to ListenMojo. Why do narrators think everyone wants to hear their continuous yapping over videos?

    scot dainelsscot dainels4 dagar sedan
  • Jesus Johnny Lady !!!! SHUT UP !!!!!

    Steve ScontrianoSteve Scontriano4 dagar sedan
  • Thanks for the trash narration.

    Seattle PeteSeattle Pete4 dagar sedan
  • Stop the commentary and show more of the content we don’t need it spelled out for us

    Stassi22Stassi224 dagar sedan
  • I was going to mention the annoying non stop narration but dozens of people beat me to it......

    Robin WhiteRobin White4 dagar sedan
  • This would've been a good clip. But the narrator never shuts up.

    Ed AEd A4 dagar sedan
  • Dumb

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  • 🈂🙈

    Khahuna 🈂🌺Khahuna 🈂🌺4 dagar sedan
  • Please let us hear this!!!!

    Charlie moCharlie mo4 dagar sedan
  • Thank goodness Amy Poehler is still alive.

    Canned KittyCanned Kitty4 dagar sedan
  • Lasted 3 minutes of the narrator talking over the impressions. What the hell is the point of this?

    Peter JayPeter Jay5 dagar sedan
  • SHUT THE FUCKING NARRATOR UP!! Talking over everything. Wow, she likes the sound of her own voice 🤦‍♂️

    Neil ClementsNeil Clements5 dagar sedan
  • this would be 100x IF the narrator would SHUT UP

    Sean M. BaitySean M. Baity5 dagar sedan
  • How about the impression of the non-attention-seeking narrator who makes a video featuring the actual topic of the video, instead of Rebecca’s incessant twaddling.

    WillJM81280WillJM812805 dagar sedan
  • I mean Adam plays the same guy in every movie. You really only need one guy.

    WillJM81280WillJM812805 dagar sedan
  • The first woman imitating Clinton was Kate McKinnon, not Amy Poehler.

    Thirteen DoorsThirteen Doors5 dagar sedan
  • sorry, Tina Fey as Sarah Palin will always be number 1 to me.

    TheHeights718TheHeights7185 dagar sedan
  • Please for the love of God.... STFU!

    RobEllerMusicRobEllerMusic5 dagar sedan
  • Shut up and play the clips ffs lmao WOW

    BLU3BLU35 dagar sedan
  • Chris Farley impersonating Newt Gingrich in congress!

    Martin ColleranMartin Colleran5 dagar sedan
  • This might be an interesting video without the annoying voiceover explaining everything in that tone that’s just reminds me of vomit, talking to the audience like they have pet rocks level intelligence ... no offense to rocks. 🤮🤮🤮

    nada Gabrinada Gabri5 dagar sedan
  • Please SHUT UP and play the impressions!!!! I quit after 3 minutes of this drivel.

    aaron petersonaaron peterson5 dagar sedan
  • 95% narrator jabbering, 5% impressions. I'm out.

    cadmancadman5 dagar sedan
  • To much talking mojo, just play the video we can perfectly understand what's going on without your commentry.

    soniq351soniq3515 dagar sedan
  • Jimmy Fallon and Adam Sandler side by side.. my own private hell.

    Jesse LeeJesse Lee5 dagar sedan
  • I really wish that woman would shut up so we could actually hear the impressions. These are the absolute worst SEcrone videos.

    kevin Bobevinkevin Bobevin5 dagar sedan
  • Would you shut up so we can hear the actual thing?!!

    Saeed ShahbazianSaeed Shahbazian6 dagar sedan
  • "Clickbait" since you can't actually listen to the impressions

    Dennis LDennis L6 dagar sedan
  • Would be great if you could actually hear all of the impressions without the annoying narration drowning them out.

    Frank the TankFrank the Tank6 dagar sedan
  • If this chick could shut your goddamn mouth for a minute so we can hear the Impressions that would be pretty cool

    One Wheel AppealOne Wheel Appeal6 dagar sedan
  • "Adam Sandler one of the biggest movie stars in the world" wtf were you drinking

    japakoniujapakoniu6 dagar sedan
  • Shut yup and let me hear it!!!

    delpiero1969delpiero19696 dagar sedan
  • Less commentary Clips are self-explanatory

    Lori PaisleyLori Paisley6 dagar sedan
  • Umm…Eddie Murphy as Stevie Wonder?

    Michael HathawayMichael Hathaway6 dagar sedan