I spent a day with people w/ TOURETTE SYNDROME

I spent a day with people with Tourette’s Syndrome to learn what it’s like living with this often misunderstood neurological disorder.
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  • I have tics and I love this, thank you

    Ash KinnallyAsh Kinnally3 timmar sedan
  • ive come to realize how much 1% of the population is. i always looked at it as a small value but then its 1 in 100 out of almost 8 billion. i feel horrible for those who suffer

    Centric EdgeCentric Edge6 timmar sedan
  • I saw Samuel on America’s Got Talent and he’s so funny omg 😭

    **달콤한 꼼****달콤한 꼼**Dag sedan
  • I have a tic to close my eyes for like 6 or 5 seconds

    ian lusbyian lusbyDag sedan
  • Ohhhh so that's why I humm so much But I also have tics to go "HM"

    ian lusbyian lusbyDag sedan
  • I don't have tourettes but I do have motor tics but they aren't that bad and this video makes me happy cause its showing awareness for people with different types of tics and people with tourettes :)

    Persephone RowlandPersephone RowlandDag sedan
  • This video kinda triggered my tics because like when i think of my tics it just happeneds

    Gold_trace24Gold_trace24Dag sedan
  • I have these movements I do with my face, like blinking and just moving my cheeks around. Sometimes I’ll smell my fingers or wipe my nose, and it’s not often enough to be Tourette’s, but it’s like…..idk. This started in the third grade. It’s like an ocd/Tourette kinda thing, and I’m sure this is pretty common, but maybe not for kids my age question mark? Just tryin to spread… awareness? Ok I’ll stop now

    R4SSB3RRY_L3M0N4D3R4SSB3RRY_L3M0N4D3Dag sedan
  • *i have a golden tickettt* -a very smart man-

    Kiwi KiwiKiwi KiwiDag sedan
  • There really should be more research into Tourette’s! It isn’t even known the cause, the fact the young mans tics started at 4 years old, and didn’t experience it before makes me wonder! It says online it can be either inherited or by environmental factors. Research should be done on the chemicals in the brain that transmit those impulses, as well as what environmental factors can play a part! That would be awesome to know and to have more insight.

    xKaylaaxDxKaylaaxD2 dagar sedan
  • 0:28 That's a lot of possessed people lol

    Lucid DreamingLucid Dreaming2 dagar sedan
  • I embrace mine

    BlazeinGameing!!!BlazeinGameing!!!3 dagar sedan
  • BiG dIcK EnErGy 😂

    Trent EganTrent Egan3 dagar sedan
  • I don’t know if I have toretes. Ever since I was 5 I have twitched a lot this has bugged me. Ps this user Whate now I sound like a robot.

    TrobareTrobare3 dagar sedan
  • I rambled on a lot here - - I have something similar to this where I get random anxiety (?) shivers/tics. 3-8/1000 people get this so it's not rare. One of the reasons it might not be related to anxiety is because even when it's 40/50 degrees f/4.44/10 degrees c I'd have shivers but I do have bad anxiety so that's what I'm sticking with for now. It's mainly head/wrist twitches and saying "wowie" (thanks crankgameplays) but for me it's not very frequent- multiple times a day. It's been with me since December 2020, now July 2021 and the longest run I've had was probably 1-2 minutes. I've also noticed the colder it is, the more likely I am to shiver, which makes complete sense. Nobody has realized it yet, besides my cousin once but he probably forgot, so I don't know if it'll get worse throughout time enough that it's obvious. Anyways I hope you learned something here? Again I'm not positive if it's anxiety related so please don't quote me on anything.

    Gray :/Gray :/3 dagar sedan
  • As someone with Tourette syndrome the advice at the end was quite inspiring. Thank you for this video.

    afkNateafkNate4 dagar sedan
  • Anita is amazing.

    3s103s104 dagar sedan
  • One of my tics makes me say "bitch burn the kid" and you do not know how much i hate to say it especially in publics.

    KizotayoKizotayo4 dagar sedan
  • I can't believe how unfairly Anita was treated. When I very religious and went to Bible college as a young adult, one of the students had quite bad tourettes and they used to try to cast out the demons in her. It was very traumatic for her and us. At the time, I didn't even know about Tourretes.

    Queen of Pentacles TarotQueen of Pentacles Tarot4 dagar sedan
  • i’m pretty sure I have a tic where I slap myself on the face lmao. FUCK this is kgettint annoying I feel like it’s because I shake my hands up and down a lot and I guess my brain just s3;n2j$nx needs do do the what needs. me to put them somewhere 6 7

    cauliflowercauliflower4 dagar sedan
    • numbers

      cauliflowercauliflower4 dagar sedan
  • 25:22 In bed it has to be hilarious for sure

    Joel _S_Joel _S_5 dagar sedan
  • I really liek your videos and I hope you will mkae menny more. :)

    Demy VerschurenDemy Verschuren5 dagar sedan
  • dang i got this game today before i even saw this!

    Louis HuxtableLouis Huxtable5 dagar sedan
  • 3:08 I know that feeling it feels like crap

    WiziyoiWiziyoi5 dagar sedan
  • Also I have a tic where I make a random pterodactyl noise😂😂😂

    It's Ya Girl EliIt's Ya Girl Eli5 dagar sedan
  • I have Tourette’s I related to this so much

    It's Ya Girl EliIt's Ya Girl Eli5 dagar sedan
  • Ngl the streamer girl was funny

    CesareCesare6 dagar sedan
  • i dont have tourettes but i do have adhd tics and one of them is "quack quack" haha.. i started saying it cause georgenotfound once used a soundboard and one of the things was "quack" and he used it a lot, and my friend called her crush meow meow a lot so i mashed them together and "quack quack" so uh

    clayisjustaghostclayisjustaghost6 dagar sedan
  • I found sugar to increase the tempo of my ticking.

    PappyPappy7 dagar sedan
  • yo wtf my eyes blink involuntarily and my nose twitches too my mom litterally took away my phone because "PHONE BAD FOR EYE" because i blinked too much

    Rebel Greninja • 69 years agoRebel Greninja • 69 years ago7 dagar sedan
  • After this video I had to subscribe keep going!

    Oscar G123Oscar G1237 dagar sedan
  • i dident realise how bad it was like n word etc was like ok cool then anita admitted she can literally murder people if not careful with her tics and then it was like mymdasbl in ow wn imagine being arrested for murder u dient even try to do u try to explain and everyone's like omg ur a psyco

    inabishininabishin7 dagar sedan
  • Oh my gosh, this video is so educational! I have vocal tics (mostly coughing) and I really appreciate helping people understand!

    AnderkawasakiAnderkawasaki8 dagar sedan
  • I remember Samuel J. Comroe from AGT lol

    Emily KoEmily Ko8 dagar sedan
  • I dont think they are much serious, my friend twitch every seconds with her hands and blink often everytime.

    Christine WongChristine Wong8 dagar sedan
  • After seeing the features of tourette syndrome i think i have it

    zombayboizombayboi8 dagar sedan
  • “nice ass” me: agreed bestie

    yrY YryyrY Yry9 dagar sedan
  • Him: spends a day with people with Tourette’s Me: spent 18 years with someone with Tourette’s (My brother has it)

    Edwardo3971Edwardo39719 dagar sedan
  • jacket asmr

    chiken manchiken man9 dagar sedan
  • Samuel!!! I fucking love that dude

    BunnyWolfe 26BunnyWolfe 269 dagar sedan
  • I have this disorder and my mom did not know what it was called, she called it a mystery

    togemettogemet9 dagar sedan
  • The uneven airship lily communicate because supermarket assembly chop inside a ordinary father. shaky, overt michael

    Danielle DanielsDanielle Daniels10 dagar sedan
  • my little cousin has Tourettes. some of his tics are: very loud coughing (which can, and have, damaged his vocal cords), strange blinking, and horrible temper tantrums when he doesn't get what he wants. and they are extremely loud! i've been in a car with him while he's had one and i honestly thought i was gonna go def.

    Melon Pie105Melon Pie10510 dagar sedan
  • I just wanna know how you do that intro transition

    Hhhjyg HfdfegefHhhjyg Hfdfegef10 dagar sedan
  • Anita Is basically a Cartman The other two are actually people who suffer from Tourettes

    Mario RezzitMario Rezzit10 dagar sedan
  • the ol' 1 2

    goodgood10 dagar sedan
  • 3:10 I don’t have Tourettes, but I have thing little thing I do where I pull through my throat or something and it makes a sort of gravely pig noise and this description fits it so perfectly lol

    FroglyFrogly10 dagar sedan
  • i see tourette syndrome only on movie ect. i was shock to see this is not only injuring. Thanks for you work

    Kilian PapatyKilian Papaty10 dagar sedan
  • my most common tics are "he's a pedophile!", "up your *Bleep*", and "mommy *bleep* off"

    Rowan FoxRowan Fox10 dagar sedan
  • Anita is one of the most intelligent and articulate people I've ever seen/heard.

    Andrea NyeAndrea Nye11 dagar sedan
  • that stepmother sounds like a real winner

    BethDWriterBethDWriter11 dagar sedan
  • I have tourettes and this video is awsome

    Vinier StudiosVinier Studios11 dagar sedan
  • honestly, i do have tourrete syndrome but i am very rarely deppresed and ive only sworn like 5 times the only time i couldnt control my body is when im very mad

    OofermanplayzOofermanplayz11 dagar sedan
    • Tbh same, I have vocal tics kinda often, and twitch tics a few times a day. But thankfully they are fairly easy to control and they only really happen when I'm reminded that it exists, or I'm in a kind of uncomfortable social situation. My only tic attack was when it first started to come on (a few weeks after my fiance realised they had it too) and I just had this outburst of racial slurs and offensive vulgar language. The annoying part is that because it is more relaxed and especially since it was basically right after my fiance found out they had it, I thought I was just copying them and being an attention seeker. I have OCD as well so those intrusive thoughts just amplify that shit to 110%.

      TotokeaTotokea10 dagar sedan
  • I have tourettes and it isn't that bad. I have this thing where sometimes both sides of my body need to be equal so if I touch something with my right thumb my left thumb needs to touch it.

    Tavin GrecaTavin Greca12 dagar sedan

    the aadi showthe aadi show12 dagar sedan
  • is it possible to have a form of tourettes that only lasts for a short time, there was a few times in high school where my head wouldnt stop twitching

    AzaleaAzalea12 dagar sedan
  • I’ve said sorry so much for my tics that saying sorry is now a tic 😂 I was seven the first time I had a tic. I remember I was in the grocery store and my dad was almost yelling at me to stop my tics. It was a jumping tic where I would shake my arms while I jump. Now I automatically think that tics = bad. Even to this day, I’m 15 now and I still suppress tics in front of my own family. They have decided that I can’t get a diagnosis. I think they just think I’m an embarrassment to them.

    Broadway GoatBroadway Goat12 dagar sedan
  • My mom has a nerv illness which sometimes makes her finger move and she can’t controle it, so like a tiny tic i guess?

    Emma Van EsEmma Van Es12 dagar sedan
  • I have tourette and I have this tic "You mom is a porn star" its rly emperassing on pupilic

    Papu NPapu N12 dagar sedan
  • While I don’t have Tourette’s, I do still tic due to stress, but I only really tic around my Mother and every single time she fucking shames me for it, like that’s from my own mother, it’s genuinely painful and only makes things worse. I really appreciate seeing this video as it’s just nice to see more representation and people I can relate to

    Crowned NovaCrowned Nova12 dagar sedan
  • That fact that my name is Anita and I also have (slight) tics is pretty cool

    just_kawaiigirljust_kawaiigirl12 dagar sedan
  • that girl with animal hat is so cute.. and the tourette she have is really cute

    Slice of GameSlice of Game13 dagar sedan
  • i have Tourette's but i also have social anxiety so when i am out side around people my social anxiety is so bad that i don't even have tics and don't focus on them/don't think about them. but when me and my friends go to my house or there's thats when they really find out how bad they are- lmao.

    iisuzkuiisuzku13 dagar sedan
  • I have Tourettes too but its not that bad

    RealyGamerNLRealyGamerNL13 dagar sedan
  • I want to meet all of them

    TinTin 1230TinTin 123013 dagar sedan
  • I remember screaming at my sisters“your gay “ and kicked her shin, in the supermarket , everyone thought I was a disrespectful person.

    Katsuki BakugouKatsuki Bakugou14 dagar sedan
  • Hello I'm Joseph

    Joseph's Laidback Casual GamingJoseph's Laidback Casual Gaming14 dagar sedan
  • My friend has this really unfortunate tic that usually comes after one of his other tics (example: he has a tic where he says “you’re a whore”) and he says in the most monotone voice ever “that wasn’t a tic”

    Sydney PrimeauSydney Primeau14 dagar sedan
  • 23:35 Why does it say in the subtitles: "Threat syndrome"? I was a little confused and concerned for the subtitles

    GalaxyicewolfieGalaxyicewolfie14 dagar sedan
  • I feel so bad for Anita i want to give her a hug😭😭😭

    jul jjul j15 dagar sedan

    bluerosescecibluerosesceci15 dagar sedan
  • I remember when eric from south park had ticks

    iopiop15 dagar sedan
  • its so sad how terribly we treat each other. the anita has had to deal with it's so frustrating. she is strong...

    josukeparkjosukepark16 dagar sedan
  • Oh gosh driving while have tics sucks people in other cars are like 😟😟😟

    Arie RittbergArie Rittberg16 dagar sedan
  • I love Samuel when he went on America's got talent I would always make sure I got there at the right time

    Ryan SevenbergenRyan Sevenbergen16 dagar sedan

    Jake playz robloxJake playz roblox16 dagar sedan
  • I have a tic that sounds like a puppy bark. the rest of my tics are motor, and aren't really vocal idk y I wanted to put this out there but ok

    Mykie MeadowsMykie Meadows17 dagar sedan
  • wait a min , IK the comedian , didnt he do a show in britan's got talant or something??

    Aniruddha GAniruddha G17 dagar sedan
  • i have anxiety tics and i remember in the fourth grade i remember popping my neck by like jerking my head up and i remember repeatedly doing it not being able to stop like 👀

    simp_for_fictional_characterssimp_for_fictional_characters17 dagar sedan
  • ....I might have had tics as a kid it still happens today but only from time to time when I was a kid it was constant

    MaquiaMaquia17 dagar sedan
  • Se tiver algum brasileiro aqui, vocês tbm só assistem esses videos pra comparar com o Psiu e Dilera?

    Artur Antonio AlvesArtur Antonio Alves17 dagar sedan
  • I have tics, but it's not serious, it's still annoying tho lmao

    OldnoobmanOldnoobman18 dagar sedan
  • I watch this and it just trigger my tics yey

    Poca LandPoca Land18 dagar sedan
  • I think my mom could have a mild case of it but I’m not sure, she repeats herself a LOT but all of her phrases aren’t random, they’re more like words of affirmations. Is that normal?

    Elizabeth ✨Elizabeth ✨18 dagar sedan
  • I dont know if i have tourettes but i have some physical tics and stuff

    melodymelody19 dagar sedan
  • i don’t have Tourette’s but i do twitch a lot, which is usually occurs in my face muscles. also i giggle a lot at random things so much that i think people believe im a psychopath 😃

    o v e r h o p eo v e r h o p e19 dagar sedan
  • wait so if you have a coughing tic and you cough in public during the pandemic

    hello I am under the waterhello I am under the water19 dagar sedan
  • Him: It felt like a ghost was pulling my face My face: *Starts itching for no apparent reason*

    uZuMaKioBaRuTouZuMaKioBaRuTo19 dagar sedan
  • At 10:14 she has a lil peep shirt, i was just listening to walk away as the door slams

    Cha$mCha$m19 dagar sedan
  • One of my tics is moaning 😫🤌🏽

    MinimanuelumbrellaMinimanuelumbrella19 dagar sedan
  • Thank you for making these videos Anthony! I learned about Tourette's from this video, and watched a few videos on Anita's channel to learn more and some google research, and I'm really glad I did! One of my new friends has Tourette's so I'm happy I knew what it was and some about it so that I can help him :)

    MouseMouse20 dagar sedan
  • Ok but Samuel has really pretty eyes

    Carmen GilbertCarmen Gilbert20 dagar sedan
  • When she said nice a$$ and Anthony immediately said thank you 😂😂

    George the CactusGeorge the Cactus20 dagar sedan
    • What's the time stamp?

      Anna VAnna V11 dagar sedan
  • Welcome to my life LOL

    Quentin BrizendineQuentin Brizendine20 dagar sedan
  • Wait I think I might have it because all the things that they say they do I do too and it’s very often

    LunaadrivyLunaadrivy20 dagar sedan
  • im happy to have mild motor tics

    Jose AltuveJose Altuve20 dagar sedan
  • Honestly Anita was makin some tunes

    V3rtigoV3rtigo21 dag sedan
  • I clicked this video because it reminded me of Anita since YT recommend me shorts of her streams & I wanted to know more about Tourette's,little did I know she was here as well xD

    UnwelcomedCitizenUnwelcomedCitizen21 dag sedan
  • The cc said ‘ threat syndrome’ 😃

    cindy Grande buteracindy Grande butera21 dag sedan
  • it's hard to belive anything about tics because of DID fakers

    feet lettucefeet lettuce21 dag sedan