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  • NEW VID COMING TOMO EVENING!!! You WON’T BELIEVE what I find in a public park! 🎣😅

    1Rod1ReelFishing1Rod1ReelFishing17 dagar sedan
    • piece of shit.

      Supernice JSupernice J2 timmar sedan
    • What the fuck are you doing dude

      SpagettorSpagettor8 timmar sedan
    • Someone feed the sharks 🦈 w this man

      Toshin PomaToshin PomaDag sedan
    • @Chimmy Chimmy Kokobop this video is horrible the fish can feed themselves leave the creatures alone you moron 🙄

      Christine ChapmanChristine Chapman2 dagar sedan
    • Lmao this video is trending in the netherlands

      Chimmy Chimmy KokobopChimmy Chimmy Kokobop2 dagar sedan
  • cicada: yeeeeahhhh im on Tic toc .. im gonna be famous ..

    Adam BrontaAdam Bronta21 minut sedan
  • The fish recognize him. This was not the first sacrifice.

    InkDevilInkDevil21 minut sedan
  • Poor insect was just resting his ass till you come over and threw it into the water 😂

    mostafa rahimimostafa rahimi41 minut sedan
  • ME:Poor insect just tryna live life THIS GUY: Lets feed it to fishies 😶👍

    Smores BlocksSmores BlocksTimme sedan
  • Cicada:finally light I haven’t seen it for 14 years yes Him:wanna be in my TikTok Cicada:sure Cicada:why are you grabbing me stop it NO No ! Fish:peace was never a option

    Huntbeast GamingHuntbeast GamingTimme sedan
  • It was just chilling and you ended it’s life over a TIKTOK vid lmao

    N54 NOSHITN54 NOSHIT2 timmar sedan
  • How a about I grab you and though you I a pool of piranhas

    leafy go proleafy go pro2 timmar sedan
  • i knew when he grabbed the bug that the comments were gon be wild 😭😭

    blewbyboyblewbyboy2 timmar sedan
  • Imagine being there just shilling only to become a fish snack by a random guy for views

    Łay Ż JøhnŁay Ż Jøhn2 timmar sedan
  • Psycho giant films his homicide on innocent bug

    Inspector JavertInspector Javert2 timmar sedan
  • Why does he have tape on his thumb

    NiponuggaNiponugga3 timmar sedan
  • him: don't blink me: gives distance on my phone in case its a jumpscare 👁🤳🏻

    Emotionally Illegal 🍹Emotionally Illegal 🍹3 timmar sedan
  • Sometimes animals need to be sacrificed for a tiktok

    K-SNAKE_PG3DK-SNAKE_PG3D3 timmar sedan
  • Proof that humanity is cruel for fame

    Hangal BaltHangal Balt4 timmar sedan
  • Bruh the cicada was gonna die either way don’t speed it up

    Anakin SkywalkerAnakin Skywalker4 timmar sedan
  • Люди до того как придумали страх

    ыг гыгыг гыг4 timmar sedan
  • So that’s the bug that makes that sound

    Chris BreedenChris Breeden5 timmar sedan
  • Do you know how long it takes for a Cicada to finally emerge out of its cocoon 😂 damn bro.. Rip

    _tank_ F_tank_ F5 timmar sedan
  • Grading cicadas to fish is my new favourite hobby

    sabrina liberasabrina libera6 timmar sedan
  • Rip

    pink boipink boi6 timmar sedan
  • whats your name, i need it so i can run the hell away nevermind its a cicada

    Jam_RBJam_RB6 timmar sedan
  • I’m calling PETA

    Anthony ScalioAnthony Scalio6 timmar sedan
  • It took 7 years for that insect to climb up out of the hard earth, and he did that just to make a baby. This fella seen it and sent it to its death within seconds

    Dean MackaDean Macka6 timmar sedan
  • Murder! You Murderer! That bug spent 17 years in the ground, only for you to kidnap it and throw it to the fish.

    SentinalSliceSentinalSlice6 timmar sedan
  • The cicada's a paid actor

    TAYLORTYLER999TAYLORTYLER9996 timmar sedan
  • Imagine coming out of the ground aft... Oh 9,000 people already wrote that.

    MRCMRC7 timmar sedan
  • Thats fucked up

    Onii chanOnii chan7 timmar sedan
  • WHY

    iinotmaddyiinotmaddy7 timmar sedan
  • Him: Don't blink My eyes: 👀👀👀 *bLiNKs*

    Mohammed GamerMohammed Gamer7 timmar sedan
  • Yeah new this since I was born tf

    BigCountry 44BigCountry 447 timmar sedan
  • Cicada after 17 years of isolation: oh boy I’m mature time to mate This dude: let’s feed some fish

    Malek AlghamdiMalek Alghamdi7 timmar sedan

    jhlumanjhluman7 timmar sedan
  • Just so that u can have some content u capture a cicada and feed it to the fishes. Ending its life. Whats ur damn point besides ur video being self serving. A damn explanation would suffice rather than a demonstration.

    spoon1882spoon18828 timmar sedan
  • That was cruel and unnecessary

    SageSage8 timmar sedan
  • One spit was do it the same, just saying

    Renan RattisRenan Rattis8 timmar sedan
  • I would feel bad but it's a cicada so... It deserved it.

    LuchuLuchu8 timmar sedan
  • I’m glad I don’t see these were I live

    Bruhh123567 OohBruhh123567 Ooh8 timmar sedan
  • The cicada was scared.

    DreamForce 2123DreamForce 21239 timmar sedan
  • Them dock bream will swarm anything that hits the water....

    Jeffrey CookJeffrey Cook9 timmar sedan
  • It's only a secret if you were born yesterday

    MAYO NAZEMAYO NAZE9 timmar sedan
  • Bro you not supposed to touch those. You supposed to run for your fucking life and spray them with Glade.

    Jeremi 6Jeremi 610 timmar sedan
  • Stupid

    Masoud HazerMasoud Hazer10 timmar sedan
  • When he throw it to the water.. That scream.. It feel sad dude

    Naufal AdenNaufal Aden10 timmar sedan
  • You should probably share this around the world

    Justin JAMJustin JAM10 timmar sedan
  • Poor bastard

    BruhBruh10 timmar sedan
  • o cara mato a cigarra q tava de boa vei cadê Luisa mel??

    PytayaPytaya10 timmar sedan
  • The cicada be like "AVENGE ME BROTHER!" _sees pond full of fish_ *"BROTHER AVENGE ME!"*

    Painting ManiacPainting Maniac11 timmar sedan
  • That's why they hide for years.....🤣

    suzuki no1suzuki no112 timmar sedan
  • Those fish are used to getting fed from the dock

    CttrPrflCttrPrfl12 timmar sedan
  • The fishes : oh shit we got food today after sixty freaking years

    lil Scxrzlil Scxrz12 timmar sedan
  • I'd love to do that to him with sharks

    Ross GallagherRoss Gallagher13 timmar sedan
  • Well I didn't know the fact he just picked up a cicada yeah okay

    Sandra JosephSandra Joseph13 timmar sedan
  • Mean

    Sandy CraftSandy Craft13 timmar sedan
  • You animal, you beast, you brute...just playing😝

    Mauricio EllisMauricio Ellis14 timmar sedan
  • Hey! That’s loch raven

    Michael BehringerMichael Behringer14 timmar sedan
  • Poor cicada… got sacrificed just for a tiktok

    Y23F45Y23F4514 timmar sedan
  • You're doing God's work.

    Collin HaugerCollin Hauger14 timmar sedan
  • That's cicadicide

    Derek TrudelleDerek Trudelle15 timmar sedan
  • awesome you sacrifice a cicada for nothing

    Zury PueblaZury Puebla15 timmar sedan
    • Damn you mad because of a insect that got eaten by fish welcome to the real world idiot

      HADEZHADEZ11 timmar sedan
  • Cicada: *minding its own business* This guy: YEET

    Ptao TomPtao Tom15 timmar sedan
  • Is this murder?

    G4L4N0THG4L4N0TH15 timmar sedan
  • they’d react the same if you threw a maggot in🤦‍♂️

    Theydon BoisTheydon Bois16 timmar sedan
    • At least give the cicada a choice

      Ptao TomPtao Tom15 timmar sedan
  • great I pooped my pants when I saw the pug

    polish cowpolish cow16 timmar sedan
  • Cicada: Bdr-bdr-bdr-bdr-bdr... Me: You're my boy blue!

    InuranusBrokoffInuranusBrokoff16 timmar sedan

    Shit MultiverseShit Multiverse16 timmar sedan
  • Il trop méchant

    Sof guessSof guess17 timmar sedan
  • Tuh sana ! Kendini atsaydin PSYKOPAT !

    Justi JustiJusti Justi17 timmar sedan
  • You kinda suck

    Yuengling and WhittlingYuengling and Whittling17 timmar sedan
  • Is this a secret I knew this for years

    DoctorchickenDoctorchicken17 timmar sedan
  • That's cool I never knew that

    Randy WebsterRandy Webster19 timmar sedan
  • Damn bug was just minding his own business.

    Mark TorresMark Torres19 timmar sedan
  • Those are bream... You can spit in the water and theyll hit it just as hard

    chris wilsonchris wilson19 timmar sedan
  • Imagine your filming a Tiktok video and an Eagle comes along, scoops you up, carry you away and drops you into the arms of a hungry Grizzly Bear....

    Rayzer ManiacRayzer Maniac19 timmar sedan
  • Sungguh Akan Semakin Keras Pukulan Perang Corona Dan Perang Iklim .. 👇🏻👇🏻 Imam Mahdi Nasser Mohammad Alyamani 21 - Ramadan - 1442 H 03 - 05 - 2021 M 👇🏻👇🏻

    Mahmoud TalaatMahmoud Talaat19 timmar sedan
  • This dude just kidnapped that poor cicada wife and feed it to the rabbit fishes, damn that's cold dude

    Nova NoirNova Noir20 timmar sedan
  • Great he waited 17 years to become a big noisy bug!

    Randy ThompsonRandy Thompson20 timmar sedan
  • At least give the cicada a choice

    Ha LeHa Le20 timmar sedan

    I’m just hereI’m just here20 timmar sedan
  • Cause everytime we touch,I feel this static.. Wait..that's Cascada

    HanzHanz20 timmar sedan
  • F for that cicada

    FroggmeningreenFroggmeningreen20 timmar sedan
  • 0:01

    Rishabh GoswamiRishabh Goswami21 timme sedan
  • People acting like the bug has feelings is hilarious!!! 🤣🤣🤣🤣

    • That's damn vegan bro.

      𐂂𐂂20 timmar sedan
  • He said “put me down bitch!! Righ now!!!”

    Rogue banannaRogue bananna22 timmar sedan
  • Cruel :(

    Jedi Venom SnakeJedi Venom Snake23 timmar sedan
  • Lion king singing: and that’s the circle of lifeeeeee

    Brayden RinckBrayden Rinck23 timmar sedan
  • Fuck fish man.. my guy was vibing and u just took him and killed him fucking asshole

    MorDuMorDu23 timmar sedan
    • Stay mad bro 😎

      1Rod1ReelFishing1Rod1ReelFishing23 timmar sedan
  • 😭😭

    Sebastian MilánSebastian MilánDag sedan
  • Cicada: "Dude, I don't know If I can stay with Olivia anymore, she-.." This guy: *Picks the Cicada up and ends his suffering*

    Lil FKLil FKDag sedan
  • Ik it's an insect, but bro, don't you think it's a little weird having the need to physically kill a creature just so you can get digital likes on a singular video.

    zstripezzstripezDag sedan
  • 14yrs waiting, just for some douche to grab it and feed it to some fishes..................

    DapimpBDSDDapimpBDSDDag sedan
    • 17 years actually 😅😅

      1Rod1ReelFishing1Rod1ReelFishing23 timmar sedan
  • All I can hear was, “AAAAHHHH!!!!.” As if it had a conscience to live like a human.

    kaleb Gonzaleskaleb GonzalesDag sedan
  • Fish to that cicada treated it like it's 17 year aged food

    FrenchFriesOnSundaesFrenchFriesOnSundaesDag sedan
  • Me afraid of an insect :

    MiltionaMiltionaDag sedan
  • Him: throws cicada into water Cicada: *loudly extremely swearing*

  • Chirpy boi

    A bottle nosed dolphinA bottle nosed dolphinDag sedan
  • 나오려고 몇달 혹은 몇년을 기다려온 매미인데 붕어밥으로 던져버리네..

    이지안이지안Dag sedan
  • Find any bait, throw in shallow water with hungry pan fish, see same thing occur. It's like magic, almost

    KooKouKangaRooKooKouKangaRooDag sedan
  • I just seen somebody eat one last week

    Jamelody ThomasJamelody ThomasDag sedan