Fond Farewells | Critical Role | Campaign 2, Episode 141

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The Mighty Nein return to the Blooming Grove to process what they've endured and to take their first steps towards embracing whatever the future holds in store...

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  • HEY, there might be some SPOILERS under the thing 0:15 A poem 3:45 Laura’s Pride Merch Corner 6:25 Big announcements 8:10 Intro cinematic 9:45 Episode Starts (level up) 11:55 Recap starts 13:05 Skin cradle 14:40 Recap Ends 15:55 Old Clarabelle 17:50 Reclaim the gun 20:25 Molly is the new Kiri 25:20 How long were we out 27:10 Molly can’t poop 27:40 Frumpkin 30:25 Sprinkle does not get to leave 34:45 Beau and Yasha 37:35 Jester and Fjord 38:35 Modify memory 39:45 Veth skinny dipping 42:40 Sam’s shirt reveal 47:00 Messaging Momma 48:00 Messaging Yeza as Veth 49:40 Caleb is a bad voice actor 52:50 Molly awake 1:00:30 Caleb tells Molly’s story 1:03:15 King Tealeaf has brand potential 1:05:30 King has new clothing tastes 1:08:25 Poncho on a stick 1:12:35 The teleportation waterslide 1:14:25 Team Firestorm goes to Zadash 1:16:30 Jester greets her parents 1:19:05 A private getaway with everyone’s family 1:22:10 Registered cleric 1:22:50 Marion and Jester 1:27:55 Sneak attack 1:29:15 Veth reunites with Yeza and Luc 1:33:50 Luc needs water 1:35:30 Jester and The Gentleman 1:41:15 Haha, wouldn’t it be funny if there was an Assembly attack 1:44:00 Ikithon 1:46:00 Just in time to put Luc in danger again 1:55:10 Caleb can accommodate 1:56:45 Map out 2:00:35 Battle begins (Veth has to leave again) 2:04:00 I, for one, hope Sam never learns how DnD works 2:06:55 Punch the fire 2:09:55 Wizard fight 2:12:20 RIP Henry Crabgrass 2:17:00 Caleb is caught in a counterspell maelstrom 2:21:40 Oops, all counterspell 2:25:25 Fjord and Eodwulf measure swords (so much hexual tension) 2:27:40 Caleb’s produce flame (FLUFFERNUTTER) 2:44:00 The turning point of the fight 2:49:40 Shield, Shield, Shield 2:54:40 Marisha, we don’t know what you’re saying 2:56:25 Shoot Beau for old times sake 2:57:05 Kingsly is just walking away 2:59:55 Is it dope enough? 3:02:00 Diplomatic immunity 3:02:25 It’s been awhile 3:04:10 Ride him, Beau 3:05:20 Rodeo Fjord 3:07:35 Caduceus coming in clutch as always 3:09:35 Riding like Dr.Strangelove 3:12:20 Jester’s arc as a healer is complete 3:13:55 Exploding palm technique 3:15:35 Caleb’s ghosts come back for blood 3:18:25 Blowing on Trent 3:20:30 The moment of truth 3:21:30 A last minute assist 3:22:45 BREAK STARTS 3:31:45 Art Montage 3:45:40 BREAK ENDS 3:46:35 The worst dick Jester has ever drawn 3:52:35 Scary Caduceus 3:53:45 Beau, on bringing corruption to light 3:59:05 Kingsly side eyes the wizards 4:00:05 Beau and Caleb 4:04:15 Fjord says it back 4:05:50 Power Word: Empathy 4:09:30 Caduceus will keep trying 4:09:55 King is back 4:12:25 Essek the gardener 4:15:15 The fate of the flask 4:17:25 Reconciliation 4:21:10 Secret Sjervice 4:23:05 Caleb and Beau 4:24:40 Cadtimidation 4:26:20 Feeding Trent 4:29:00 The spooky book 4:31:25 Kingsly is a whip guy 4:32:30 The Beaurebar 4:33:05 Veth and Yeza’s apocethary (Veth is out) 4:35:25 Caduceus is out (these goodbyes were when I started crying) 4:41:20 Essek is out 4:44:40 Essek deserves a message per day from Jester 4:45:25 Life is more beautiful in color 4:46:35 Full cinnamon roll 4:49:00 Caleb says goodbye to Essek 4:50:10 Caleb will be a great teacher 4:51:45 Weekend with Trent 4:54:20 Checking Trent’s items 4:56:25 The Denouement 4:57:30 Old Edith would like to rage 4:58:10 Nugget 4:59:20 Yussa 5:05:55 The fate of the Happy Fun Ball 5:07:15 Reconciling with Wentsforth 5:09:10 Dick backstory 5:11:30 Fjord wants to split rent with Jester 5:13:35 Veth says goodbye 5:15:15 A pretty good painting 5:16:55 Veth and Caleb 5:20:45 Chaos Crew 5:21:55 Kingsly’s lifelong dream 5:23:50 The Pirate King 5:24:20 The fate of those bandits 5:26:15 Waking up Orly 5:27:15 Kingsly says goodbye 5:31:05 Making their way to Zadash 5:33:00 Arraigning Trent 5:37:55 Hiring investigators 5:41:30 Caleb gets a job offer 5:44:45 The trial 5:49:10 Making your path 5:50:20 Artagan and Jester 5:57:20 Fjord’s voyage 5:59:55 Vandren 6:03:35 Vandren's story 6:13:20 Yasha and Beau plan their future 6:18:45 The Orphanmaker returns 6:29:40Yasha says goodbye 6:35:10 Jester is still messaging everyone 6:36:35 Shadowghast 6:39:05 Discussing time and destiny 6:45:25 Caleb’s choice 6:46:25 Caleb and Essek stay together for awhile 6:48:35 A book of letters 6:50:05 ADVENTURER CAMP 6:51:45 The Cloven Crystal 6:53:35 Kingsly Tealeaf 6:56:05Caduceus does his work 6:58:00 Kingsly lives the pirate life 7:00:20 Closing the chapter 7:02:35 Episode Ends The in-game start date for the episode was the 4th of Syndestar 836. Sam’s flask says “Empty” on the front and “Love” on the back. When I started writing these timestamps, I was unemployed and depressed, I felt useless and powerless. The best parts of my week were posting these timestamps and seeing all of your responses. Seeing people tell me I was doing good work, that I helped them enjoy the show, even just praising the speed made me feel like I was worth something in a time where I needed it the most. After three and a half years, four jobs, 194 stamp documents and a lot of work on myself, this weekend I moved into my first solo apartment. I don’t know where I’d be now if I hadn’t gotten the appreciation when I needed it, so thank you all. See you in C3, in these one shots, and who knows where else. Any moments I missed? Feel free to post them here. Is it Thursday yet?

    Flando MaltrizianFlando Maltrizian4 dagar sedan
    • Goodbye for now Flando

      Azure ShenaniganSAzure ShenaniganS4 dagar sedan
    • Ain't that lovely, both amazing timestamps and a good step forward! Thank you for all you've done and see you in C3!

      HewitttribeHewitttribe4 dagar sedan
    • You are a critical role legend Flando! Glad to hear things are looking up for you in your personal life!

      Kyle StroupKyle Stroup4 dagar sedan
    • Flando, you are do a great service to the community and I hope you will know that regardless of that you are awesome, see you in C3

      Frank RedFrank Red4 dagar sedan
    • Thank you so much Flando!!

      Mackrock ,ChefMackrock ,Chef4 dagar sedan
  • "What have you done...the world was so much simpler in black and white..." Breaks me.

    ThilypadThilypad6 minuter sedan
  • "Do you remember how to poop?" That was hilarious words from Jester. I laughed so hard at that poop jokes are always funny even as an adult you can be a kid again with potty humor.

    Daniel AtsonDaniel Atson7 minuter sedan
  • Thank you all of you, Mighty Nein, DM, and the rest of your team! I love stories. This one was really emotionnal, deep, intense and full of twists! I was SO sad at the end... seeing all sad end parts of some members of the Mighty Nein, specifically Caled and Yasha. And of course, the tears of our favorite DM, Matthew Mercer, made me cry. Thank you for fulfilling my thrist of Roleplay Game. I hope we will hear you again, in a couple months. Again, Thank you for this great story. You all gave us an awesome one ! Thanks from France!

    Quentin LecarpentierQuentin Lecarpentier56 minuter sedan
  • hearing the time skips get increasingly longer and longer truly broke my heart. such a difficult episode to grit your teeth through, knowing its the last we'll hear of our favorite characters. Thank you guys.

    Ramon PerezRamon Perez2 timmar sedan
  • This is such a wonderful story and I am emotional about it, much like so many times before. I cried about Molly, Kiri, hell I think I cried about everyone, and nothing brings me more joy than such a nice, sometimes bitter but fitting end. On the other hand, I started watching about last year-ish, meaning all i was doing is catching up at an unbelievable speed until i matched episodes, and partially I feel freed from this very wonderful jail, free to think about literally anything else for a moment of my life some time later because this episode will be in my head rent free... that is until another CR campaign because this is the Hotel California of content :’)

    DeanastasyaDeanastasya2 timmar sedan
  • I somewhat expected Sam to say:"I spend the rest of my days with my fam, opening a summer camp and investigating....Who is in the Tal'Dorei's counsil."

    Marowan NahouchiMarowan Nahouchi3 timmar sedan
  • I just want the transmutation wizard to get a happy ending.

    Ger VangGer Vang4 timmar sedan
  • The mighty nein: Not bad, just pretty terrible at being good. Still saved the world though.

    ungraaungraa4 timmar sedan
  • Campaign 2 has taken 504+ hours of my life in the last 16 months (I started late 😊). That equates to 21+ days of my life that have been a ray of sunshine in these difficult times. Thank you Matthew Mercer and the whole Critical Role team for an awesome adventure 👏🏾. I look forward to the next adventure you allow me to join you in my mind 😍 Is it Thursday yet?

    M3l V1nM3l V1n4 timmar sedan
  • First off thank you Matt for such an incredible campaign. It’s so clear from your reaction at this conclusion how hard this year has been and how much this meant to you. This has been a beautiful story. Thank you all at critical role. You’ve been great and I can’t wait to hear your next story! Thank you and I love you!

    Z EndZ End5 timmar sedan
  • Thank you for sharing your stories with us. We know this isn't something you have to do. And it is a joy to partake in the worlds you have built. See you the next time around.

    Anna LacheltAnna Lachelt6 timmar sedan
  • Aaaaa que bonito

    nachoOh aguilarnachoOh aguilar7 timmar sedan
  • I have nothing left to look forward to…

    Sleepy McNoThanxSleepy McNoThanx7 timmar sedan
    • Tomorrow?

      Harold LargeHarold Large7 timmar sedan
  • I really hope that Taliesin can have another character where he can flesh out his sexuality like Molly, he was so confident with that character

    Jerry the Magical LlamaJerry the Magical Llama8 timmar sedan
  • Calec could use his spell to transform bodies and become an elf…

    Luiz AzeredoLuiz Azeredo8 timmar sedan
  • Taliesin plays 2 roles, the rest of the cast plays 1, Matt on the otherhand plays several fuckin NPC he has every introduced plus a couple more back to back to back. amazing job. also the bandits are back. .

    jared muzingojared muzingo9 timmar sedan
  • Awe Matt saying "I lobe you guys." And "Let' do it again." Triggered the water works for me!

    DakotaPawDakotaPaw9 timmar sedan
  • did travis and laura just?

    defaultdefault9 timmar sedan
  • It's just raining on my face

    Paul AdamsPaul Adams10 timmar sedan
  • And they say you can't turn a barbarian into a house wife

    CBearCBear10 timmar sedan
  • I started campaign one in early march, and speedran my way, now finally...i am caught up. ITS DONE! BY THE MIGHT OF BINGEWATCHING ITS FUCKING DONE! lol. but seriously, itll be good to be current in c3.

    sir meepsir meep10 timmar sedan
  • 95+ 6 is not 103... But I am happy he broke 100 hp regardless lol

    Grilled LeeksGrilled Leeks11 timmar sedan
    • No, but +2 from his con is :)

      Follow the howlFollow the howl4 timmar sedan
  • kingsley as a pirate is literally jacksparow

    TheEarthRoverTheEarthRover11 timmar sedan
  • Question - where did that cottage come from? Is it dwarven forge?

    Mike VpMike Vp11 timmar sedan
  • And now to wait for campaign 3

    Nick HNick H11 timmar sedan
  • I really hope they play something that isn't D&D at some point World of Darkness would be awesome or my favorite TTRPG of all time Scion. Something that allows and encourages more role playing would be so fun to watch.

    FisforFentonFisforFenton12 timmar sedan
    • Ain't gonna happen outside of a possible one-shot. Sorry.

      Tuomas VanneTuomas Vanne4 timmar sedan
  • You put on a hell of a show Critical role. Thank you for the memories, sparks of conversation that made new friends and all the fun along the way.

    daemoninedendaemonineden12 timmar sedan
  • that ending! holy shit i have tears rolling down my face just like them. best thing i ever did was become a critter

    Aaron CollinsAaron Collins12 timmar sedan
  • I do remember when Veth (Then Nott the Brave) told Caleb that she knew he would become a great and powerful mage. I guess she wasnt lying.

    Bernie MonsantoBernie Monsanto12 timmar sedan
  • Magic 💛🧡❤️

    T. H. McElroyT. H. McElroy12 timmar sedan
  • Anyone knows what's the music playing during Matt's conclusion ? precisely at 7:00:25.

    Khai Van LHOMMEKhai Van LHOMME13 timmar sedan
  • Them. Feels.

    Minya SylvanasMinya Sylvanas14 timmar sedan
  • 7:02:34 that has got to be the saddest wink I've ever seen.

    DGThundererDGThunderer14 timmar sedan
  • I thought I was ready for the ending. I was not.

    Ryan RognasRyan Rognas14 timmar sedan
  • I jumped into C2 right after Veth regained herself but thoroughly read up on everything beforehand and genuinely enjoyed everything leading up to the end. I’m super excited for C3 so that I can experienced CR like everyone else and truly grow with the characters

    SworddemonboggleSworddemonboggle14 timmar sedan
  • Thank you...

    Mark LottMark Lott14 timmar sedan
  • I really want to see these things 1) the fight with the ancient ice dragon, for the dodecahedron as a bribe to pardon essik. 2) finishing exploring Aeor 3) setting free the gentleman to be able to live a happy life with Jestures mother. 4) solidify the friendship with the Dynasty and the Empire by eliminating the serberus assembly and making peace offerings of the dodecahedrons. 5) finish exploring the happy fun ball. 6) draw a dick on the giant dragon turtle. 7) find out who is apart of assembly that alora is on. 8) finish out the ookatoa chapter with the three keys to releasing the serpent god.

    Tony SmithTony Smith14 timmar sedan
  • I think campaign 2 ended perfectly because it ended like the cast wanted not how the fans wanted it to end

    KolbeinnKolbeinn14 timmar sedan
  • 😭😭😭♥

    Alex TrowbridgeAlex Trowbridge15 timmar sedan
  • I'm crying like somebody died but in reality I'm crying over a complicated game of make believe, and the feeling couldn't be more real.

    One_Sweet_PotatoOne_Sweet_Potato15 timmar sedan
  • What a story... That was impressive. Can't wait for the next one.

    ThaumaturgistThaumaturgist15 timmar sedan
  • so you will play LUC in campaign 3

    ash greenash green15 timmar sedan
  • oh my goodness, that was such a beautiful ending! thank you all for bringing us on the journey and I can't wait to see the next journey unfold! Let Chaos Reign!♥♥♥♥♥♥

    Creations By CTCreations By CT16 timmar sedan
  • Thank you Matt 👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏

    Steve BuckleySteve Buckley16 timmar sedan
  • :notes: _M9 Lives, Trent Dies, Volstruckers tell their stories_ :notes:

    ChaiChai16 timmar sedan
  • Liam single handedly saved that somewhat bland "good" ending.

    Teofil RaicuTeofil Raicu16 timmar sedan
    • @Harold Large It's a job. Just because they have fun at their job doesn't make it less so.

      Teofil RaicuTeofil Raicu3 timmar sedan
    • I agree. But, as a DM, that's what the players have put 100s of hours into this thing for. It's not for me or you except as cheerleaders.

      Harold LargeHarold Large7 timmar sedan
  • And, after all that, they still have Keema's sword and Allura's staff...

    Nigel DepledgeNigel Depledge16 timmar sedan
  • Watching your adventures, cheering, laughing and sometimes crying along with you, with the Mighty Nein, has been helping me get through the worst of times. I'd like to join the cognouza chorus and say Thank You, thank for being a mental respite, for being living examples of how to be a great DM and a great player, for giving me several (Marion, Veth, Constance, Villya) examples to look up to of what a good mother looks like, something my biological mother never gave me. From the bottom of my heart, thank you, Critical Role

    AnkyriAnkyri16 timmar sedan
  • Ahh I want to know what's in the other rooms on the 8th floor of caleb's tower!! (Also, where do you ask questions to be answered in the wrap-up?)

    Freya MajanaFreya Majana17 timmar sedan
  • OMG, having just booked tickets to see Rammstein next year hearing Fjord and Yasha singing Du Hast made my day! Also, I was doing just fine... until Caleb the Mighty and Veth the Brave broke me into little watery pieces.

    Gill TaberGill Taber17 timmar sedan
  • Bro everyone says Matt is supposed nice but he literally just did it again. He burnt down the Clays' house!!! 35:00 le$beans really do be movin so fast, though. Yasheau/Beausha already got a puppy. 40:44 Veth gets loaded 😎😎😎 48:00 omg please more 1:29:40 ohhh Yezza be feelin on Veth's *"presence"* 1:44:08 wow he said all that with one Sending? He really is qualified to hold his position 🤷‍♂️🤷‍♂️ lmao 3:05:28 Travis!!! 😂😂 4:26:15 Shit, no way... I'd be making him eat like the animal that he is. Get down on the ground, bitch. Caleb really just let lover boy float off and take a boat back to Aiselcross..... Lol ugh, the kiss on the cheek was chef's kiss, though. Should they force Trent to attune to a shroud necklace?? Tfw you realize Yussa is the only other one that really gets what happened lmao. At least they have a very good, respectable witness/attestation. Very masterful work. I loved being there every step of the way. I'm sure I speak for countless others when I say how grateful I am to have experienced this. Thank you all. Can't wait to see what's next (:

    Phil CarpenterPhil Carpenter17 timmar sedan
  • ELI5: This got recommended on YT despite having no interest in D&D. I skipped to the end and everyone was crying. What the fudge happened?

    Alex#13Alex#1317 timmar sedan
    • They were just cutting onions, brah. Move on

      Harold LargeHarold Large7 timmar sedan
  • the way they handled trent's capture was a bit cringe

    vanillasnowxvanillasnowx17 timmar sedan
    • Dang, if only you were their!

      Harold LargeHarold Large7 timmar sedan
  • My heart hurts I did not expect anything to come close to the brilliance of campaign 1. But god damn anything these people create is a work of art.

    StoxmahStudiosStoxmahStudios17 timmar sedan
  • Thank you!!

    mjznmjzn18 timmar sedan
  • I totally got Dr. Strange to Iron Man vibes when Caleb dispelled the magic on Trent and looked over to Beau and Veth.

    Jonathan NgJonathan Ng18 timmar sedan
  • 4:10:30 Really wish Laura had done the "Hi, I'm Jester" like she did when first introducing herself to Caleb and Nott.

    Larry BerryLarry Berry18 timmar sedan
  • Thank you

    leskafleskaf18 timmar sedan
  • The adventure is done And the story has ended With their victories won And the folk they've befriended. They've defeated their foes And made peace with their past. They've found love and belonging And family at last. When the world's fate was on them, they didn't think twice; With a city to slay, Mighty Nein rolled the dice. It has taken a toll, But nine Nein are made whole. Now new folk we'll extole And it's *their* turn (their turn) (their turn).... to ROLL.

    C. BeachC. Beach18 timmar sedan
  • A beautiful last chapter of the campaign. It ended in ways we all hoped for, and some in ways we didn't expect. Can't wait to watch a new tale begin all over again for a third time.

    Forged CreationsForged Creations18 timmar sedan
  • Man they never went back to see Kiri =/

    HyboirdsHyboirds18 timmar sedan
  • I could not think of a more perfect ending

    William TupaWilliam Tupa19 timmar sedan
    • They could have had a clam bake. Thats about all I could come up with to top it.

      Harold LargeHarold Large7 timmar sedan
  • Some ideas for C3 Characters: SAM: Wild Mage. Chaos + Magic, what could be better to unintentionally cause mischief? LIAM: C1 = Depressed Rogue, C2 = Depressed Mage, C3 = Depressed Drow Druid? (druid of corruption trying to redeem himself) TALIESAN: Paladin of a Vampire God. Because just YES!

    DaedalusDaedalus19 timmar sedan
  • Thank youuuuuuuuu!!!!

    TashaTasha19 timmar sedan
  • A thought just came to me as I watched the art on the break. This campaign has has had dicks coming out of everything up to and maybe including ears. Little golden ones, painted ones, hundreds of little carved ones, giant egg covered ones. Yet every single art piece I see not only doesn't have any in sight but goes out of it's way to make it appear that they don't in fact exist. Look at all the drawings/paintings/whatever art form of Lucien. Who was supposedly of unashamedly male morphology yet in the art appears to be packing a camel toe in his 'banana hammock'. WTH? Words as art are perfectly ok but art as art is verboten? Double standard much?

    mark adamsmark adams19 timmar sedan
  • I just about threw up in my mouth when Marisha called Esseck a cinnamon roll.

    Brad HortonBrad Horton20 timmar sedan
  • “Kingly”, “ya scribbles?” I laughed. Scribbles is the name I chose for a kenku monk/sorcerer I played. 😂

    Geoffrey GouldGeoffrey Gould20 timmar sedan
  • THANK YOU CR! Without a doubt one of the greatest stories crafted by humanity, nothing compares to this format, thank you! edit: i mean for real what other format can explore characters so deeply? On top of that everything is subject to the luck of the dice, anything can happen, and it flowed so organically from beginning to end. AMAZING BRAVO

    mrlucius57mrlucius5720 timmar sedan
  • i am a bit later with this as i do not watch the episodes live but listen to the podcasts during work . this episode was magnificent . full of emotions. i had to tell 3 collleagues i was doing fine after the podcast ended because of the look on my face. thank you Matthew mercer , Ashley johnson , Travis willingham , Laura bailey , Liam o'brien , Taliesin jaffe , Marisha ray , Sam riegel for all the joy and emotions you brought during this campaign. and thank you to all those who work behind the screen to allow us to see this show and may be the true heroes.

    blackroseblackrose20 timmar sedan
  • "You dont have to be a cleric to believe in a god." Thank you for saying this. I hate that stigma in dnd. I introduced a Tabaxi barbarian, beast soul, and when they found out he had a god, they were like, "So you are taking a paladin or cleric level?" And I just sighed and shook my head

    HappyAipom AeroHappyAipom Aero20 timmar sedan
    • @Follow the howl I feel a soul connection with you from this reply. We are of like mind.

      HappyAipom AeroHappyAipom Aero19 timmar sedan
    • On a similarly frustrating note, a Cleric/paladin does not need to worship a god :)

      Follow the howlFollow the howl19 timmar sedan
  • Jazz hands

    lahejalaheja20 timmar sedan
  • Liam genuenly got matt to cry at the end of his characters story line

    Yami7947Yami794720 timmar sedan
  • Good thing I waited a few days to see this... in the hospital bed with a collapsed lung. You guys help take my mind off all the pain and stress. Thank you so much.

    DiViNERejectDiViNEReject21 timme sedan
  • Thank you, entire cast of Critical Role, for being here for us all during this pandemic. The last two minutes of this final episode was beautiful. You can feel the love you all share for each other. I cried. A lot. Thank you for being here for us all. I can't wait for what comes next. Much love

    JanzmanJanzman21 timme sedan
  • I want to know what happened to Devexian ! He is a robot with a complete memory of the past! what did he do, and what happened to the Paralayzed mage at aeor!

    shachar9111shachar911121 timme sedan
  • Why can't I give this more than one thumb up .... 🤨

    Doctor SinisterDoctor Sinister21 timme sedan
  • I started watching campaign 2 of Critical Role during my Jr. year of college. I came across it because of my D&D group at the time. During spring break I was introduced to these colorful misfits and followed their story from start to finish right to today. I've laughed, I've cried, and I have been glued to my screen for years watching all of this play out and I couldn't have asked for a better ending for these characters I fell in love with. Thank you to the Cast and Crew of Critical Role for making this amazingly ridiculous story come to life and thank Mighty Nein for being with me for so long. It will be sad to see you go, but I am happy that I knew you for the time that I did.

    Matthew J. KingMatthew J. King21 timme sedan
  • Sitcom with Essek and Reani!!! I want this!!!

    AegisAegis22 timmar sedan
  • ♥♥♥

    EirikHendenEirikHenden22 timmar sedan
  • I’m not crying you’re crying.

    joshua fradyjoshua frady23 timmar sedan
  • So...anyone else think Trent was trying to become a lich?

    4yr0ldNinja4yr0ldNinja23 timmar sedan
  • Bald Matt looks like william fitzsimmons :D

    PabiPabiDag sedan
  • You can tell that Taliesin is a doctor who fan cause Molly's (or not Molly's) restoration has big regeneration vibes. I'm very happy he decided to move on and make someone new; it really completes Lucian's cycle I think.

    Oliver DhakalOliver DhakalDag sedan
  • Farewell. Love you too

    M. G.M. G.Dag sedan
  • Watching everyone else watch Fjord and Jester on the water tower...... 💕

    Nick GoingNick GoingDag sedan
  • Did Trent really think he stood a chance?

    Malsawmkima FanaiMalsawmkima FanaiDag sedan
  • Where can I buy Laura Bailey’s hoodie? 😍

    Cody WhitelawCody WhitelawDag sedan
  • I've been into d&d since I was 12. I bought all the core books and still have them. At 36 I've still never met anyone who can teach or play to have my own adventure. I went all in on board games instead.

    B ManagementB ManagementDag sedan
    • Dude there's loads of looking for groups and online sessions available, get looking! It'll be worth it :)

      Follow the howlFollow the howl4 timmar sedan
  • 05:37:58 So is this eXu or Campaign 3? ;)

    Vogue69Vogue69Dag sedan
  • mah heart... ;_;

  • Fare there well mighty nein. May they live out your lives to the fullest. They've earned that. I dont know why im writting this. They are after all just fictional characters. But fictional characters that got me through some tough times, who i watched grow and journey. I'm just sad that it had to end.

    Anakin FredericksAnakin FredericksDag sedan
  • I know it was a decision to let Molly go...I literally, just a couple of days ago, allowed my curiosity about Molly to lead me to the campaign. After falling in love with the beautiful and charismatic seeming Molly my heart hurts that they're gone. I've cried a lot while listening and laughed in turns, it's been a joy and a pleasure. A thought that went through my mind after.... "Sometimes the end isn't really the true end after all..."

    Loretta AndersonLoretta AndersonDag sedan
  • Will forever love CR, and I know they probably had a reason for wrapping up pre L20, and I hope it wasn't because they felt they'd peaked, because honestly there was so much shit left to do. Either way this episode felt off to me, too rushed, too much crammed into one big ol pile. So much that would have been better to RP out than gloss over. Campaign 2 is still great, it just landed weak imo. 💁‍♂️

    JosueJosueDag sedan
  • empaths are the greatest

    Joe FixitJoe FixitDag sedan
  • OH PLEAS PLEASE PLEASE Caleb - one last time in the tower - "UP!"

    Gerbrand SteynGerbrand SteynDag sedan
  • I can't remember why I began watching CR but I remember starting on the Cathedral episode and loving it so much I listened/watched every episode the mighty nine kept me sane threw a break up, a make up, and a pregnancy. Now I lay here watching the final episode with my month and a half son laying next to me. I hope to share these story's truly with him one day. Hopefully it brings him as much joy as it has brought all of us. Thank you CR, you've been with me threw the rough times and the good times, and you and your characters are the best friends I may never meet but I love you nonetheless. ❤

    Sammie loveSammie loveDag sedan
  • I started to watch this campaign at the beginning of pandemics here in the Czech Republic, after my boyfriend had showed me several scenes from both campaign 1 and 2. Back then I wasn’t quite interested and was just indifferently thinking: well, we are going to be stuck at home for some time, so why not to give it a try. And here I am, after over a year, crying like a baby when watching the last episode while my boyfriend is holding me. So many quotes have become an inseparable part of our daily communication, which often makes us look like a pair of weirdos in front of people who don’t know CR. I loved every part of this show, cheered for different characters, laughed, cried, got angry, and was excitedly waiting for each new episode. It will take me a while (♪take me a whiiiile♪) to process everything and get used to the fact that the campaign is really over. From the bottom of my heart, I want to thank the cast for this amazing story as well as for being the way you are. You are beautiful people inside and out. Lastly, the fact that Jester’s accent is based on Eastern European accents (including Laura’s Czech friend) makes me wonder… Is this really how we sound to foreigners? :D

    Anna ZdrubeckáAnna ZdrubeckáDag sedan
    • I always thought it was A Bard's Lament episode which got her hooked

      BerryCZBerryCZDag sedan
  • They still never met the Taldorei Council

    Matt SimsMatt SimsDag sedan
  • WOW! Thank you so much, everyone, not just the players but the crew as well for a completely incredible "season" (hundreds of hours of entertainment) of some of the best DnD the world has to offer. I'm really going to miss these characters! I feel like many of you really came into your own this season with characters that were more fully fleshed out, interesting and natural for you to play. Jester, in particular, is one of the cutest girls in the world. Extremely adorable and the heart of the show! Caleb was incredible, more nuanced and fun to watch than Vax. I loved Grog but it was really great to see Travis play a more thoughtful and emotionally complex character. Sam as Scanlan was basically a perfect fit but I'm really impressed by the arc he created this season and would gladly watch more (and more ads! damn you've improved!). It was wonderful to have Ashley here all season and the orphan maker was certainly a complex and nuanced character, lots of great moments. The Clays were quite a family... loved the Cad vibes this season but I do miss Percy sometimes. Marisha especially came into her own with Beau, a character that fits her much better and she took it to some awesome places. Dope monk shit indeed. Overall a huge improvement from what was already some of the best DnD out there in S1. Thank you all. I love this group and this show and can't wait to see more!

    Alex MAlex MDag sedan