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  • Hope u enjoy this video guys !! Who would like to see on the next analysis ? 🧐

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    • V.p. Jame

      Juan SantiagoJuan Santiago6 dagar sedan
    • furiousss he used to be pro but now hes just insane

      NonsocialNonsocial20 dagar sedan
    • Hey KennyS, we all wanna see you analyze youself in prime period about all those f****king shot...why and how u did these....

      Nirvana ,banaNirvana ,bana28 dagar sedan
    • Maybe add "Round X' somewhere as text because it was kinda hard to follow sometimes when youre bouncing from round to round. Great stuff tho love to see in the mind of the great KennyS

      TakoTako29 dagar sedan
    • 9z try vs Zywho¿

      Lycka.Lycka.Månad sedan
  • nafany: ww2

    botmanbotman10 timmar sedan
  • Really loved to see pro player analyse and tell us how pros think and how they do things. But some stuff I didnt understand what u meant. What does making space mean, and some other jargons I didnt understand

    Vedeno95Vedeno95Dag sedan
    • Can u also explain what exactly they're doing in this "reaction play". How is it different from a team play?

      Vedeno95Vedeno95Dag sedan
  • I fkn love your French accent

    Suyog KhadilkarSuyog Khadilkar5 dagar sedan

    Bair LubsanovBair Lubsanov6 dagar sedan
  • It was interesting, but the quick player switching was annoying (I mean Kenny was switching between them and there was no replay or so), I lost track of the round very soon :D

    Ákos BaloghÁkos Balogh9 dagar sedan
  • do more videos like that i learnd a lot from this video and i need more :))))))) king kenny

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  • I enjoy this keeny,s gives me gamesense tips

    BergieOldSchoolBergieOldSchool11 dagar sedan

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  • analysis on a good Rifler like electronic, yukinder, elige etc would be really appreciated..

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  • I think Dev1ce analysis video would be good!

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  • love this kind of content

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  • bester mann

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  • Didn't learn much :/

    Alexis MandeliasAlexis Mandelias19 dagar sedan
  • Upload your videos translated into Spanish please, a lot of Latin people would start to see you 

    Jhordan Cruzado RabanalJhordan Cruzado Rabanal19 dagar sedan
  • Please do video edits of S1mple playing regular games, even if you edit over his VODS, why he moved like he did, why he is there as much as possible, I think WHY to his movements, to his positioning would be really good, if possible why he aims where he aims too

    Big Moosie BearBig Moosie Bear20 dagar sedan
  • YOOOH now this is quality content, kennys you sexy man make more videos

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  • Kenny: NAVI Subtitles: Navy 🛥

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  • This is really good content

    Billy BrightBilly Bright21 dag sedan
  • The vibe is nice and it's interesting to see another pro's perspective on their plays, but maybe add more rounds where NaVi loses to see how things went wrong? This felt like only analyzing the things they did correctly, which is also important, but it was kinda one-sided.

    Mr SqueakMr Squeak21 dag sedan
  • lovely video kenny, analyse NiKo next

    Rishit WadhwaRishit Wadhwa21 dag sedan
  • Could you record some videos in French? I’m fluent in English but am learning French and listening to natives helps a lot, but it’s hard to find things I’m interested in.

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  • Maybe you can analyse XANTARES

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  • Please review floosha the cheter"flusha" what do you think about him being senor vac?

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  • Kenny teach us how to decrease reaction time in awping

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  • we love you

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  • oscar on inferno

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  • KennyS: Navi is a really annoying team to play against *KennyS nervous laughter intensives*

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  • loved this video!

    ashish pumaashish puma24 dagar sedan
  • These types of videos I will devour to be honest. My understanding of the game is good, but only on an individual level. Decision making etc. The logics teams have is beyond me though, if you could analyse huge teams line Gambit, Navi, Astralis with device, Vitality, it would give amazing insights imo into the game on higher levels. Making pro matches even more enjoyable to watch. As for individuals, analyzing stars with the angle of determining what makes them stars, that would be cool, for the same reasons, and because it's interesting to get inside the mind of those huge talents. Thanks Kenny, good video!

    DarmDarm24 dagar sedan
  • crazy how the most legendary and iconic awper is analysing the current best awper in the world.

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  • Fresca fresssca

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  • Thank you Kenny for doing this! Excellent video my friend.

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  • Awesome video dude. I would love to see you analyse Gambits CT side Vertigo cause those guys are like brick walls on that map.

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  • I think your teammate Jackz would be a good one since he plays unique and off angle positions a lot.

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  • Bro, i want more of this

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  • Thanks man. I've learned a lot :)

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  • Constructive feedback: For me the pace was too fast, I had a hard time following what was going on. That sad, I rarely watch analysis videos, so maybe I'm not the target audience. Still liked the video though

    Thomas JohannsThomas Johanns27 dagar sedan
  • Analysis of kenny

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  • It's 10k likes now so 4 videos are due.

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  • Kenny is so pleasant to listen to, and when he talks about CS all the more, given his experience and love for this game, I would watch any of your videos all the time!

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  • nice video

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  • Kenny, fait plus complet, e plus calme, prends le temps de bien expliquer quelques détails encore plus ! fait sur les joueurs de G2, NiKo peut-être !

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  • NAVY

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  • vraiment bien la vidéo, ça aide aussi à comprendre la manière de jouer qu'on voit de manière générale dans les gros tournois, et ça peut être sympa d'avoir ce genre de vidéos aussi sur d'autres maps je pense

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  • Some constructive feedback: The Subtitles are helpful because your accent is so strong it makes the English difficult to understand. Problem is, watching the plays requires makes reading the rapid subtitles difficult :/ I'd be keen to see more of this content but you might need to rethink it in light of the above

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  • N'hésite pas à faire des vidéos plus longue sur ce sujet Kenny ! Par moment il y avait presque trop de cut pour bien suivre les détails de chaque action et les infos que tu nous donnes ! En tout cas super vidéo le format est top !!!! ❤

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