Bram Stoker's Dracula - re:View

Mike and Jay talk about Dracula. No, not THAT Dracula. The other Dracula. No no no the OTHER other Dracula. Francis Ford Coppola's Bram Stoker's Dracula from 1992.

Ladda ner



  • A stunning score by Wojchiech Kilar.

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  • Vintage 2015 It's pre-plandemic... It's from the before time!!!

    Pat FenisPat Fenis30 minuter sedan
  • Keanu was perfect at maintaining a stiff-upper-lip.

    Benny LawrenceBenny Lawrence56 minuter sedan
  • This movie stinks. I have never understood how people liked this movie.

    To Release is To ResolveTo Release is To ResolveTimme sedan
  • What about Dracula 2000!?

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  • Enjoyed this but could have been a two parter, they didn't even mention Renfield and his horrendous death!

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  • "We don’t do paid sponsorships" Yea, right. You just REALLY enjoyed eating chunckys chicken, you hacks?

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  • I am unrepentant in my love for this film, in spite of how relentlessly mocked it is by most quarters.

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  • So, question, why does Dracula look so...old? I haven't watched this movie yet, do they explain why he goes from looking so young, in what I'm guessing is the 1900s cause of the movies n stuff, to looking like emperor palpatine?

    tacoblockotacoblocko3 timmar sedan
  • I always thought in the movie he was just around so long that he was influenced by many cultures. And he created what he liked I guess. 🧐

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  • Comment!

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  • I'm still trying to figure out why I loved this version of Dracula and why I was put off by most of the Kenneth Branagh version of Frankenstein. Because that too is a big and melodramatic adaptation. I don't know, it felt too... loud. And forced. Everyone's running around and screaming their lines and the music is going EVEN louder than their shouting (which is a shame because it's a very good Patrick Doyle soundtrack).

    BloodylocksBathoryBloodylocksBathory3 timmar sedan
  • To think a film from 1992 had better old man makeup than Prometheus says a lot about how Hollywood has gone backwards/relies too much on CGI

    Clanner BobClanner Bob4 timmar sedan
  • Air Force One came out in 1997, not 1991

    Trevor LongTrevor Long4 timmar sedan
  • 25:45 ... The "pervert book" was Arabian Nights. The translation back then was not sanitized for children. Some people even accused the translator of inserting his own salacious material.

    KedabroKedabro4 timmar sedan
  • 22:48 ... The "butt hair" was exactly as described in the book.

    KedabroKedabro4 timmar sedan
  • Really disappointed that Mike named the wrong member of Bill & Ted AND that neither of them mentioned Dracula 2000 when talking about how no one's made Dracula since this film came out.

    Warren SniderWarren Snider5 timmar sedan
  • Gary Oldman’s Dracula looks like the visual inspiration for Palpatine

    CcheutCcheut5 timmar sedan
  • I liked *how* the film added the love story bit. As mentioned, this part of the movie strays from the book but the explanation given in the film makes perfect sense given the "rules" of the book. In the novel, everything is told from a perspective of looking back on the events through the reading of ship's logs, newspaper clippings, and journal entries. In the movie, Mina throws the pages of her journal that reference her relationship with the Count into the sea, as she never wants Jonathan to read them. Thus, when all of the information is later compiled in the book we never learn about Mina's infidelity. It's a great addition to the story that doesn't sacrifice any of the original plot.

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  • Dracula adaptations after this. The NBC TV series with Dracula shilling teslacoils that got one season. And a certsin film by a one time guest star.

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  • amazing how they go soo long and never mention Tom Waits' amazing performance

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  • Buck Breaking Half in the Bag when?

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  • wow keanu reeves was really terrible in this. looks like a really interesting film

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  • Stoker did not have much direct knowledge of Vlad the Impaler. And in fact his Dracula plays up his Magyar blood and ties to Attila more, plus ruling over the wrong part of europe. Vlad learned his brutal tactics from his enemies, Saxons in Hungary and the Ottomans who held him as a hostage/slave. None of that was stuff Stoker had access to

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  • Considering how close to the books they stuck, not giving Dracula his massice mustache was an odd choice

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  • This film is a love letter to the history of cinema from a stalker who earned his 500 yard restraining order which he keeps framed by his shrine to the history of cinema.

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  • My parents let me watch this in the theater when I was 12yrs old, afterwards I went to check out the book from my elementary school library. The book is amazing and would recommend it to anyone. Glad my parents thought I was mature enough to watch it. Another amazing vampire book, is Salems Lot. I think Salems Lot is more frightening. The book Interview with a Vampire is pretty good as well. The movie copies the book pretty well.

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  • If progressives can tell us that the protests are mostly peaceful then we can forgive Keanu's non reaction to broken mirrors and howling wolves ;o)

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  • Nice Haircuts!

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  • There was technically “Gregg Turkington’s Decker vs Dracula” recently

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  • I'd like to point out that the Jonathan Harker in the book is a stiff, boring wimp. Keanu wasn't far off.

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  • This was great! Please please please do a David Lynch Dune re:View!

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  • >> "Vlad the Impaler was a horrific monster" He's actually considered a national hero in Romania. A lot of his legend comes from the politics of the time and how different sides wanted to drum up the signficance of what he did.

    Dusty FoxDusty Fox8 timmar sedan
    • He was no hero, he lived in brutal times but he was a mass murderer and his love of impaling people was very sadistic. It is a fascinating bit if history though!

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  • Conspiracy theory: Keanu was intentionally cheesing his acting in the period movie so we wouldn't clock that he's actually that one guy from the 1700s and immortal

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  • Gary Oldman is so fucking good in this movie.

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  • Im glad the boys feel the same way about wine as I do. Wine should only be made so it can be distilled into brandy.

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  • I'm pretty sure that you're supposed to tip the glass sideways and let the wine pour in slowly without bubbling or head

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  • I don't want to watch you guys discuss the artistry of classic films. When are you going to review the latest Craig Gillespie movie

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  • They do not

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    • wut

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  • Always loved this movie but I think it was mostly for the look, the music, etc...and I like vampire movies. But it is a disjointed mess. As a whole it plainly does not work. It's like they filmed a bunch of separated scenes with a amateur crew and they don't come together as a narrative.

    Johnny SkinwalkerJohnny Skinwalker9 timmar sedan
  • Not a great film, but the sets were impressive. And at times, this movie had the visual appeal of classic silent film horror.

    Matthew FullerMatthew Fuller9 timmar sedan
  • I love this movie! I don’t really have a deep understanding of the movie making process or how the effects were created but when I saw Dracula for the first time I understood what they were attempting. Like all of Coppola’s best work it’s a movie about making movies. It’s was part theatre. Part throwback. A love story about making films and a hearty attempt at entertainment.

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  • I legitimately thought you hacks actually did a brand deal for minute.

    How To Watch MoviesHow To Watch Movies9 timmar sedan

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  • How do you top that? You’ve obviously never seen Vampire in Brooklyn.

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  • 26:53 Do not listen to Ottoman propaganda, Wallachia forever!

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  • I love the BBC adaptation with Louis Jourdan. It is worth checking out, also actually filmed in parts in Whitby, which is not far from where Indiana Jones 5 is currently being filmed. Harrison Ford for the next Dracula. I’ve been drinking. Leave me alone.

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  • This movie’s opening sequence alone is worth doing an hour long commentary on.

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  • bombast

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  • I don't know, I always thought Lucy in vampire form heading back to her crypt with a child was a good actual horror scene. The movie doesn't give you a lot of moments to think about things but when you do...that was pretty great horror. I LOVE this movie.

    Brad HooverBrad Hoover10 timmar sedan
  • I was a big fan of the movie because of the scene involving the Super Fun Happy Slide.

    John BarnesJohn Barnes11 timmar sedan
  • When people ask me what my favorite movies is this is often the answer. I thought I was fairly alone in my appreciation for it.

    MadMorgtiganMadMorgtigan11 timmar sedan
  • Keanu Reeves is so incredibly bad he almost ruins the movie for me.

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  • I just came back from some partying and damn nearly scored (got number) and what i need now is mikes voice thank you mike

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  • Regardless of anything, Francis Ford Coppola gave us Nick Cage. For that, we should rejoice.

    Gianni DescalzoGianni Descalzo11 timmar sedan
  • That red muscle-fiber armor!

    TechMetalRulesTechMetalRules11 timmar sedan
  • It's not 'Burbs, but I'm glad to see you guys reViewing this. This might sound weird, but I've loved this film ever since I was a kid!

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  • If this was made today, Drac would be black.

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  • At the Coppo Coppola winery The finest wine made from dark berries Movies and drinking Is what we've been thinking At the Coppo...

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  • I'm glad they mentioned Werner Herzog's adaptation but surprised they didn't mention 2000 Shadow of the Vampire with Willem Dafoe.

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  • This is why I enjoy your commentary: everything seems better, more interesting.

    ernesto mendezernesto mendez12 timmar sedan
  • Wojciech Kilar compose this amazing music. One of the best scores ever.

    Patryk ZwolinskiPatryk Zwolinski12 timmar sedan
  • Dead Pixel

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  • Bombast.

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  • Damn, this movie looks a lot cooler than I ever suspected!

    Chase HChase H13 timmar sedan
  • The book holds the fuck up

    Joe ArnoldJoe Arnold13 timmar sedan
  • Good stuff guys! Please re:view species 1 and 2 ;)

    Steven StaggSteven Stagg13 timmar sedan
  • Did anyone else read this as Bram Stoklasa's Dracula?

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  • Copolla cab sav is deadly lol. You guys are nuts

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  • I don't comment ever, but why no Mandalorian Season 2 Review yet?

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  • *WOMAN 😂

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  • 21:56

    Cord BillmontCord Billmont14 timmar sedan
  • The BBC tv movie is incredible and might be the best adaptation to date.

    Mister EMister E14 timmar sedan
  • In all honesty, I would have preferred if the script had been converted/retrofitted into a "Castlevania" adaptation. Keanu Reeves would have honesty made a great Richter Belmont. Good thing Netflix got that show going some 20 years later. I honesty wouldn't be surprised if Dracula's portrayl in that show was at least partially inspired by this movie adaptation (I also realize it's from the Castlevania lore.) Enjoyable review though l, especially for a vampire nut such as I.

  • Keanu Reeves is an acting genius... nobody looks more convincingly vacant than him.

    the_real_ schopenhauerthe_real_ schopenhauer15 timmar sedan
    • ..don't like puppies do ya? ;-D

      Dalle SamllhalsDalle Samllhals14 timmar sedan
  • The best thing in Bram Stokers Dracula is Winona running down the stairs in her night gown...

    Dimension 9Dimension 915 timmar sedan
    • Lucy ANY day!

      Dalle SamllhalsDalle Samllhals14 timmar sedan
  • the "promotion" was gold XDXD

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  • I actually really like Coppola wine.

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  • Do I have to wear a button down shirt for this?

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  • And no mention of Tom Wait's as Renfield? Speaking of eccentric performances..

    James uptonJames upton15 timmar sedan
  • I love the book, so I can't help but hate this film because the love story nonsense just fucks it

    scotcheggablescotcheggable15 timmar sedan
  • How the fuck do you miss that Tom Waits was in this as Renfield!

    usekungfuusekungfu16 timmar sedan
  • When you guys were talking about the whole lore of vampires I was fully expecting you to make fun of The Last Vampire On Earth. 😂

    Eric WinklerEric Winkler16 timmar sedan
  • Were you too drunk off Coppola's butt wine that you forgot to even mention TOM WAITS??!

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  • Note: the T-Rex in Jurassic Park was 100% practical

    Cole HopkinsCole Hopkins17 timmar sedan
    • ...when it wasn't 100% CGI.

      M SM S14 timmar sedan
  • LMAO I knew you'd spit the wine and it was still great.

    juanwickjuanwick17 timmar sedan
  • The "japanese guy" was Eiko Ishioka, who did the set design for Paul Schrader's Mishima: A Life in Four Chapters and The Cell.

    Andrew DabbsAndrew Dabbs17 timmar sedan
  • Oh hype! Bram Stoker’s Dracula is one of my favorite movies and I’m constantly trying to convince my friends of its glory. I always preface my proposals to watch Dracula with “Gary Oldman has balls for hair and baby Keanu Reeves tries to be British.”

    SpooplegeistSpooplegeist17 timmar sedan
  • I tried to watch the movie so I could understand this review, and the movie was cringy and hard to sit through.

    Zach HebertZach Hebert17 timmar sedan
  • Hey RedLetterMedia, what's your take on the Ninth Gate?

    Travis IngramTravis Ingram18 timmar sedan
  • CastleVania on Netflix is a great take on Vlad Tepesh. Worth a watch.

    TargetRenegadeC64TargetRenegadeC6418 timmar sedan
  • Coppola wine is good though.

    PlayItAgainSamPlayItAgainSam18 timmar sedan
  • Jay is right, this is the only Dracula movie that has all the characters from the book.

    Doom 2099Doom 209918 timmar sedan
  • we saw this a couple times in the theater and maybe twice in the dollar theater. i loved the beginning so much; his armor looked so cool! great video!

    Travis IngramTravis Ingram18 timmar sedan
  • i absolutely despise when the only criticism of something done artistically and stylistically is that its "not realistic". so what if the train model looks like a train model and casts a shadow? those things work in its favour.

    ZaneZane18 timmar sedan
  • Iunno why but I’d actually like to see you guys talk about he Frankenstein movie. The fucking scene where the angry mob storms the prison and drags that poor woman out and then fires her off a building with a noose. I like feel bad but for some reason I can’t help but laugh at how it just happens so fucking out of nowhere.

    Generation Why? Entertainment Generation Why? Entertainment 18 timmar sedan
  • For all the wonderful filmmaking, I still can't get over how much old dracula with his ass hair looks like a Mel Brooks parody.

    HoganplyHoganply18 timmar sedan
  • No mention of the fact that Hopkins also played the priest that told Dracula that Mina was damned for committing suicide? It wasn't just Mina who reincarnated...

    odysseus9672odysseus967218 timmar sedan
  • Fuckin right, this movie's awesome.

    Ulrick HeibergUlrick Heiberg19 timmar sedan