How One Man In Egypt Is Keeping This 200-Year-Old Tile Tradition Alive | Still Standing

Saied Hussain has been hand making tiles out of cement for over 50 years. He says he’s one of the last still doing this work in Egypt - most other workshops couldn't withstand competition from marble and ceramic tiles. We went to Cairo to see how his business is still standing.

Saied does not have a website. He sells his tiles locally in Cairo.

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How One Man In Egypt Is Keeping This 200-Year-Old Tile Tradition Alive | Still Standing

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  • This man is a treasure 🤍

    St HudsonSt Hudson31 minut sedan
  • Those tiles are so beautiful looking I wish I could purchase some of them for my home I would be proud to display such beautiful designs.

    Pecan babyPecan baby32 minuter sedan
  • Don't let Chinese-american toss-away culture take over, remember these tradition for the good they spread.

    M CandlelightM Candlelight41 minut sedan
  • I learned about this guy from a reddit meme.

    Matthew DayeMatthew Daye44 minuter sedan
  • Egypt isn't Europe. But great video nonetheless

    M CandlelightM Candlelight45 minuter sedan
  • A lot of these patterns look similar to that of recycling plastic bottle caps by melting them. Could be an extra side hustle making tiles out of those

    0m3n0m3n47 minuter sedan
  • How poo poo pee pee works it's possibly of me

    Wendy KWendy KTimme sedan
  • This guy made my day 🎨

    Linda LupitaLinda LupitaTimme sedan
  • Breathing that is toxic..It will kill him one day...

    RobertRobertTimme sedan
  • It’s heart warming to see he truly loves what he does even tho it’s a craft that’s been forgotten by most. *But not him. For him it’s his life.*

    HunterCool22HunterCool22Timme sedan
  • Imma hit up my homie Syed next time I need tiles!

    QricketQricket2 timmar sedan

    007  love diamonds007 love diamonds2 timmar sedan
  • Zica

    ParodikoParodiko2 timmar sedan
  • This should be sold as luxury i bet that some rich ppl out there will pay millions for this to brag about it later

    Predator B7Predator B72 timmar sedan
  • mashalah Tabark AL rahman

    Ggkk GgGgkk Gg2 timmar sedan
  • In Brazil, it’s very common. It’s called ladrilho hidráulico here.

    Brunayres1Brunayres12 timmar sedan
  • Beautiful indeed. We must appreciate such talent by purchasing their finished products

    Husbands Can Cook TooHusbands Can Cook Too3 timmar sedan
  • Someone needs to give that man some masks for when hes sifting cement

    serry ciokserry ciok3 timmar sedan
  • Beautiful Tiles amazing Art Work!

    Catharina HollanderCatharina Hollander3 timmar sedan
  • How is this a dying art? Dude should open a small school teaching the art. Charge even a small amount, and you can reduce the cost of materials you burn through(sort of)

    better late than neverbetter late than never3 timmar sedan
  • What type cement does he use? I would love to learn and pass this technique on

    Jerry RoseJerry Rose3 timmar sedan
  • Love it!

    F BallayF Ballay3 timmar sedan
  • Ik what the man said in arab

    Hamodi7 TVHamodi7 TV4 timmar sedan
  • I’m sure he can pour oil in engine without any spill. I always spill some oil. Lol

    TurboFreakTurboFreak5 timmar sedan
  • Toothpastes

    Asad sabirAsad sabir5 timmar sedan
  • What a great artist, and just a good human being. Too give away that art form is so great.

    George FGeorge F5 timmar sedan
  • I am grateful to be able to watch this master of his craft. His heart is deep in it, you can see that. Much respect to all of the old crafts.

    Heidi Michelle Lotusbutterfly StoneHeidi Michelle Lotusbutterfly Stone5 timmar sedan
  • The truth is marble is much more beautiful than cement

    WIZ PIGWIZ PIG5 timmar sedan
  • I'm glad he has passed his knowledge to the next generation so the art doesn't die. Amazing humble man👏👏👏

    Sqrd353Sqrd3535 timmar sedan
  • 3

    Xalida SaberXalida Saber5 timmar sedan
  • we have the same profession and tradition in Lebanon

    roland El attracheroland El attrache5 timmar sedan
  • He does not wear gloves which is also traditional but not good in today’s world when gloves are inexpensive.

    Joseph LeeJoseph Lee6 timmar sedan
  • Oooooooooooooooooooo

    مصطفي عبداللهمصطفي عبدالله6 timmar sedan
  • Коту нечего делать, так он яйки лижет

    ЕленаЕлена6 timmar sedan
  • Smart man, he created his own market.

    Rmy1Rmy16 timmar sedan
  • 31$ for 1m2 you should keep find a way to automate the process in a production line without humans: mix the colors in big mixers and use forms to automate the tranfer to the right places; it needs belt and a factory

    losttownstreetlosttownstreet6 timmar sedan
  • 썸네일 지구젤리 과거에도 만드는 영상인줄

    마요마요6 timmar sedan
  • very interesting! thanks for video, much success to Saied Hussain!

    заграничная жизнь без прикрасзаграничная жизнь без прикрас6 timmar sedan
  • Big business and the modern world is making skilled craftsmen obsolete. McDonald's Costa coffee Etc The future is bleak..

    walker smithwalker smith6 timmar sedan
  • bravo!!!!!

  • 日本人の物作り職人さんに敵う人はいないと思う。 動画を見てあらめてそう思った。

    HARU JUNHARU JUN7 timmar sedan
  • I'd rock that in my house.

    ManosManos7 timmar sedan
  • Absolutely beautiful!

    Shohn LigginsShohn Liggins7 timmar sedan
  • I dislike how modernisation and the covet of efficiency is causing the erasion of culture

    64 bit64 bit7 timmar sedan
  • I thought it was food

    EpitaphEpitaph7 timmar sedan
  • مصر أم الدنيا تحياتي من المغرب

    RedavargRedavarg7 timmar sedan
  • الله حبيت ماشاء الله

    رقيهرقيه7 timmar sedan
  • Amazing work blessings on blessings to you Baba

    Okiki 9KeyzOkiki 9Keyz7 timmar sedan
  • I wish there was more value to art in this world..

    sumant jaiswalsumant jaiswal7 timmar sedan
  • Beautiful tiles

    Ed CookEd Cook7 timmar sedan
  • Let’s be honest he’s an old man who does this job because it’s the only thing he knows how to do.

    BigWangerBigWanger7 timmar sedan
  • Beautiful!!!

    Melanie JonesMelanie Jones8 timmar sedan
  • Wowww

    Pamuk TvPamuk Tv8 timmar sedan
  • Very interesting. Awesome video 🙂

    Zeelie JuniorZeelie Junior8 timmar sedan
  • This is incredible and extra ordinary beautiful..... Thank you from South Africa

    x10a x10ax10a x10a8 timmar sedan
  • It's sad that a man like this doesn't have access to PPE to protect his lungs and skin from the cement he works with. Such an artist must be protected.

    ShiroiKage009ShiroiKage0098 timmar sedan
  • It’s not an art ancient art, it’s made by man made old machinery, very time taking procedure, meaningless and not looking good even, it’s very old fashioned tiles, I don’t understand why this channel made this kind of videos, totally meaningless video

    Sp's All about TravelSp's All about Travel9 timmar sedan
  • Maher channel

    Varsha SangaveVarsha Sangave9 timmar sedan
  • sloppy

    Любомир ЧеЛюбомир Че9 timmar sedan
  • He said right not an artist cannot do this job.

    your buddyyour buddy9 timmar sedan
  • Come on at least 1 hour ,not 6 min...This was so cool

    Fook UtubeFook Utube9 timmar sedan
  • Omg! Cement is so harmful to the skin. He should be rewarded for keeping this tradition alive for 35 years with bare hands. It's a beautiful work and art.

    Melque SouzaMelque Souza9 timmar sedan
  • sometimes you just don't need these old craft anymore... that's just the way it is... imagine everything you enjoy today, if they were still stuck at the traditional methods, life will be so shitty

    ashesfrombonesashesfrombones9 timmar sedan
  • خبره وفن واتقان وجمال .. تسلم ايديك قطع لا تقدر بثمن

    Lila LiasLila Lias9 timmar sedan
  • I literally thought it was toothpaste

    ItzWildKittyItzWildKitty9 timmar sedan
  • Fantastic!

    Ivica ErdeljaIvica Erdelja9 timmar sedan

    WILD LIFE & HistoryWILD LIFE & History9 timmar sedan
  • He can charge more tho just for the handmade novelty

    princeaizenprinceaizen9 timmar sedan
  • I will stick to modern tiles. Thank you 😊

    recon forsalesrecon forsales9 timmar sedan
  • My manufacturing unit in India,

    MR fashion store MR fashion store 9 timmar sedan
  • Керемет

    Алимова АйзирекАлимова Айзирек10 timmar sedan
  • The process is similar to Aatukudi tiles in South India.

    Raneshkumar TalwarRaneshkumar Talwar10 timmar sedan
  • His humble nature makes him so much more endearing - I wish his wish to come true

    Lisa PichlerLisa Pichler10 timmar sedan
  • I want to learn this!! It looks so interesting !

    Kiki BrownieKiki Brownie10 timmar sedan
  • Those are beautiful! I am thankful for people like Siad keeping crafts alive🙌

    Arkie MommaArkie Momma10 timmar sedan
  • 👍

    الحيات فيها املالحيات فيها امل10 timmar sedan
  • Free apprenticeships? What a legend

    Raddison WatsonRaddison Watson10 timmar sedan
  • This is super super interesting. It almost looks like he is pouring toothpaste into the molds lol.

    Lori CarterLori Carter10 timmar sedan
  • State media setting us up for fall lockdown. So vaccine is or isn't effective

    Dennis CaneDennis Cane10 timmar sedan
  • Egypt🇪🇬 came from Baltic. Latvia🇱🇻 as their ancestor 🤔 Egypt🇪🇬 original Centre Europe🇪🇺

    Wisata MalamWisata Malam10 timmar sedan
  • “Then he sends it to the hydraulic press” *chapter 5 flashback* ‘Kokichi’ I know too much Danganronpa

    Mad hatterMad hatter10 timmar sedan
  • Is this where all my toothpaste is going???

    Charnt SabreCharnt Sabre10 timmar sedan
  • Awesome AWESOME!! BEAUTIFUL ART 💜🧡💙💝

    Geta GavaGeta Gava10 timmar sedan
  • সুপার

    Sumon SheikhSumon Sheikh10 timmar sedan
  • Old is gold

    Ayush PotdarAyush Potdar10 timmar sedan
  • 1:25 Next on my strange addictions, man loves to eat coloured cement

    UvaGripUvaGrip10 timmar sedan
  • Ikkggbbbbbbbuj. Bb hhh

    Pudkrong AichholzPudkrong Aichholz10 timmar sedan
  • These are so beautiful

    GenerallygennaGenerallygenna11 timmar sedan
  • Cool

    predrag jakovljevicpredrag jakovljevic11 timmar sedan
  • Хм. Надо бы самому попробовать.

    starley1978starley197811 timmar sedan
  • അദിപൊലി

    Ajmalsaeed NAjmalsaeed N11 timmar sedan
  • a 3.2 ft x 3.2 ft square for 31 dollars? that's painfully undervalued for such a labor-intensive artisan product.

    JackaxedJackaxed11 timmar sedan
  • Bro it blew up, wow

    ElevenEleven11 timmar sedan
  • I used to live near the Moravian Tile works in Bucks County, Doylestown PA In the United States. it is another ancient process kept alive by the small artisan groups. The tile colors here are rich and likely wear well for lifetimes. Thank you for documenting this. The handmade qualities, or honest imperfections are what sell the product.

    Matthew AllenMatthew Allen11 timmar sedan
  • This is fantastic

    Ronnie GajolRonnie Gajol11 timmar sedan
  • Rename this video, how one man, of 2 in his team of workers in a 200 year old craft thousands do, is keeping it alive.

    Ryan DegenRyan Degen11 timmar sedan
  • 👍🏻

    अब्बू ही मामू हैअब्बू ही मामू है11 timmar sedan