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  • Hey go check out my most recent vlog :)

    onlyjayusonlyjayusMånad sedan
    • Are you a boy or girl

      Deion jr. McqueenDeion jr. McqueenDag sedan
    • Rus

      akira manuel perezakira manuel perez8 dagar sedan
    • No a gurl

      lynn rahbanilynn rahbani10 dagar sedan
    • @Logan Pineda A gurl😅

      lynn rahbanilynn rahbani10 dagar sedan
    • @Keion T who ya talkin to?

      Surup MapleSurup Maple11 dagar sedan
  • Come down here and fight me like a man That one female fly

    The Prince of KoppasThe Prince of Koppas50 minuter sedan
  • If I have a bug bite I drive my finger nail into it and it stops itiching

    poppycars213poppycars213Timme sedan
  • Cool legs lady 😎👉👉

    TicobotTicobot3 timmar sedan
  • Yeah why do u tell fake facts

    Fluffy rip 🙁Fluffy rip 🙁4 timmar sedan
  • Trevor Lawrence is really giving good facts

    Juan SebastianJuan Sebastian6 timmar sedan
  • I'm in a fix are you male or female 😂

    Ani XDAni XD7 timmar sedan
  • Bruh I saw this after I cleared my bug bites

    Litten Kitten ProjectLitten Kitten Project10 timmar sedan
  • Dude jayus is hella cute.

    Kaylodon UndertaleKaylodon Undertale11 timmar sedan
  • That was a mild heartache...

    Danny BenhurDanny Benhur12 timmar sedan
  • Wait wha... Is jayus a boy or a girl im confused this is the first time i see em

    JTBIA lmaoJTBIA lmao13 timmar sedan
  • Ummm is she/he a boy or girl

    Fiona AnanditaFiona Anandita13 timmar sedan
  • I still can’t tell if it is a he or she…

    Chris*On*AcidChris*On*Acid14 timmar sedan
  • I thought this was posted on the wrong website for a second

    StapleGolfStapleGolf14 timmar sedan
  • 😳

    Zoombbq2Zoombbq215 timmar sedan
  • You are literally the best person ever

    Demon_ HuntedDemon_ Hunted16 timmar sedan
  • The febreze does work on spiders too, I used it to immobilize the spider then force it down the sink ran the water for 3 and a half minutes to make sure it's down in there and now I have a febreze smell good can next to the toilet now

    Darrell ShepherdDarrell Shepherd17 timmar sedan
  • The background sounds ~CASTAWAYS ~ WE ARE CASTAWAYS

    Violet ThompsonViolet Thompson18 timmar sedan
  • Tried the hot spoon trick doesn't work

    Thomas HammondsThomas Hammonds19 timmar sedan
  • I use a hot coin that has been sitting in a hot car in the sun 🌞

    it's the Lilly showit's the Lilly show19 timmar sedan
  • @onlyjayus I had a bug bite from a mosquitoe and I took a hot shower and the itching went away for a while it works just like the hot spoon

    jeffrey brustjeffrey brust19 timmar sedan
  • Me having my whole body itchy: -. _ -.

    Marc Daniel MarananMarc Daniel Maranan19 timmar sedan
  • I did one to my brother and im runinh

    slenhue192slenhue19220 timmar sedan
  • S s shit!- . I need to do that to my bug bites .. Hold on

    slenhue192slenhue19220 timmar sedan
  • " if you but a hot spoon on a bug bite it won't itch anymore" me : yeah cuz you burnt it off Read more

    TheJetMan750TheJetMan75020 timmar sedan
  • I read It hurts like an absolute bitch for a second As It hurts like absolute child birth for a second

    Kunta LalithaKunta Lalitha20 timmar sedan
  • …ssss

    Nathan PowersNathan Powers21 timme sedan
  • “ *FIGHT ME LIKE A MAN* “ Weren’t you the one who made a video shaming men for sharing the same gender as people who abuse women…? Even though both genders abuse each other…?

    Joe The TurtleJoe The Turtle22 timmar sedan
  • I swear every few videos we see more and more of jayus's body

    JONAH GOMEZJONAH GOMEZ23 timmar sedan
    • @The Knight btw they use they/them pronouns :)

      JaymationsJaymations2 timmar sedan
    • Eventually, she'll start an only fans just to show people the nsfw body hacks that youtube won't allow

      The KnightThe Knight20 timmar sedan
  • She soon relised that wasn't the thing she was supposed to do

    potato panpotato panDag sedan
  • Jayus: Do you have a really bad itch?? All you gotta do it take this hot spoon and proceed to give yourself a ✨teeny✨ 3rd degree burn so that your nerve endings are now anatomically incapable of feeling the itching sensation. YOUR WELCOME ✌🏼

    Olivia SilasOlivia SilasDag sedan
  • Is jayus a boy?

    Gamer BreadGamer BreadDag sedan
  • Onlyjayus? More like onlyfans....

    BigMRexboneBigMRexboneDag sedan
  • Jayus : pulls down the pants Me : shoked Also me 1 minute later : i think a part of guys just have their hands rn on her Wiener

    uwuchuuwuchuDag sedan
  • men of culture meating

    False SFFalse SFDag sedan
  • Jayus: do you have a bug bite (strips) Me: ( who’s already in a relationship) AHHHHHHHHHHHH . AHHH . NO

    Jimmy TaylorJimmy TaylorDag sedan
  • Wait are you a girl or a boy it's OK if you're neither

    Tuệ NguyễnTuệ NguyễnDag sedan

    St-St- StuttsSt-St- StuttsDag sedan
  • " If you have a bugbite but a hot spoon on it " * puts hot spoon * "AHHH FUCK WHY DO I DO THESE THINGS " At that moment Jayus knew she fucked up 🤣🤣🤣

    Emma WaldorffEmma WaldorffDag sedan
  • But if the spoon was that hot then the whole spoon should be, she either has some really tough hands or this is bs

    The DudeThe DudeDag sedan
  • At the last part she sounded like cali for a second

    Key CrafterKey CrafterDag sedan
  • If u have a video like I do, just pull down your trousers and boom! You got views! Lol

    M. E.M. E.Dag sedan
  • Love bite on the knee, Jay sus🤣🤣🤣🤣

    prashil Prasadprashil PrasadDag sedan
  • She’s like- quirky 🤪✌🏻

    TrevorTrevorDag sedan
  • There was a fly in my room i tried to get it with hair spray couse i sprayed a mosquito with it once and i think he fell somewhere and either got eaten by a spider or starved I missed the fly and it dissapeared

    MarnZzZzMarnZzZzDag sedan
  • All the boys just lost it.

    Luis OrengoLuis OrengoDag sedan
    • Come on, dude. Have some respect.

      Classy DaysClassy Days16 timmar sedan
  • I love the part when it come down here and fight me like a man I was laughing my ass off

    emiliacontrerasemiliacontrerasDag sedan
  • When ur gay as fuck and they drop their pants: wa-

    - Oxygen -- Oxygen -Dag sedan
  • The one where you spray pretty much any liquid at a fly is just changing what insect they are, that insect being a w a l k

    mrsheepismenamemrsheepismenameDag sedan
  • "Take a hot spoon and proceed to *places hot spoon on knee* FUCK" Oh my Jayus that was fucking funny

    Moder Mouse v2 of the Golden DeerModer Mouse v2 of the Golden Deer2 dagar sedan
  • *Watches the first part of the video* *The friend that walks in* uh did I interrupt something

    AnInternetPersona_IJAnInternetPersona_IJ2 dagar sedan
  • Uhhhhhhh nope

    The purple BLOCKThe purple BLOCK2 dagar sedan
  • Easiest ways to remove the leg

    chopper467chopper4672 dagar sedan
  • In one of her videos she said to NOT put a hot spoon but a warm spoon

    • Noah •• Noah •2 dagar sedan
  • It's that racist chick, onlyanus!

    Rocketman177Rocketman1772 dagar sedan
  • ... I guess she wanted to show off because there's something called shorts...

    The Siberian FoxThe Siberian Fox2 dagar sedan

    i5#17eU9i5#17eU92 dagar sedan
  • Let’s start here…….THAT IS A BEE STING.. I know because in one of her tik toks she said “ ITS NOT EVEN A BUG BITE ITS A F BEE STING …….WHY DO I DO THESE THINGS” 🙃ALSO she said it needed to be a warm spoon and not a hot spoon. She said she thought that the spoon wouldn’t heat up that fast…..annnnnnndddddf because it’s a bee sting!

    Jonathan BarkleyJonathan Barkley2 dagar sedan
  • The first one is wrong. Not a hot spoon, a warm one.

    K VlogsK Vlogs2 dagar sedan
  • Why does she have a knife drawn in some black marker on her legs? Why,why,why?

    the ugandan gamer homiethe ugandan gamer homie2 dagar sedan
  • Is she a girl or a boy

    John FelixJohn Felix2 dagar sedan
  • Where tf do you learn all this shit ?

    Guhan AyyappanGuhan Ayyappan2 dagar sedan
  • Thank u daddymaster

    Reece NoReece No2 dagar sedan
  • I have 2 questions. 1. Are u trans 2. Why does the 1st one doesn't work

    DashermanDasherman3 dagar sedan
    • 1. No she is not trans 2. Ofcourse it works for some time

      Nabu FateNabu Fate2 dagar sedan
  • all i see is pure genius - skin can’t itch if there’s no skin left

    phnoobphnoob3 dagar sedan
  • I have a question🤚. R u boy or girl or trans?

    Fujin UzumakiFujin Uzumaki3 dagar sedan
    • @Nabu Fate oh nice👍

      Fujin UzumakiFujin Uzumaki2 dagar sedan
    • She is a girl

      Nabu FateNabu Fate2 dagar sedan
  • I wish you had a bug bite in my house ;) lol

    Dale DockerDale Docker3 dagar sedan
  • Jayus: you take a hot spoon- Hispanics/Latinos: 😨🤐

    R5ReginaR5Regina3 dagar sedan
  • Jay : pulls down pant Me : ayo what the fuc-

    bru hbru h3 dagar sedan
  • Ayo why tf she putting a black towel with white clothes

    StanPlayz GamesStanPlayz Games3 dagar sedan
  • Hot spoon on bug bite? If it works I will be the happiest of the world

    Cardo JeremyCardo Jeremy3 dagar sedan
  • jayus is my favorite

    samina-mina eh ehsamina-mina eh eh3 dagar sedan
  • Why do she have a zipper in her jeans if boys you know you know I think everyone knows🤨

    gaming with Ethangaming with Ethan3 dagar sedan
    • Alot of girl jeans also have zippers

      Nabu FateNabu Fate2 dagar sedan
  • Wtf also does she have bf

    Luis SotambaLuis Sotamba3 dagar sedan
    • She is Lesbian

      Nabu FateNabu Fate2 dagar sedan
  • Jayus is a girl. She.

    Tommy CarvalhoTommy Carvalho4 dagar sedan
  • Love that "fly swatter"

    Tameka MorrisTameka Morris4 dagar sedan
  • hi

    username_bruh ➊username_bruh ➊4 dagar sedan
  • 5 seconds she’s pulling down her trousers great day great day

    Will PopeWill Pope4 dagar sedan
  • idk what’s the big deal about the first part lol

    idk lolidk lol4 dagar sedan
  • Don't play with me

    Justen SosaJusten Sosa4 dagar sedan
  • Bruh instead of using a hot spoon I use hot water

    Eat your cerealEat your cereal4 dagar sedan
  • She's the type of girl that says bruh

    FlamcoFlamco4 dagar sedan
  • First one better tip is putting something very cold on it

    world killerworld killer4 dagar sedan
  • Respect but wear a belt instead of a string it works better

    Abraham MonrealAbraham Monreal4 dagar sedan
  • But pls use shorts to do that it's kinda wierd

    skppyskppy4 dagar sedan
  • White vinegar, salt, dish soap, mix it together and put it in a spray bottle. It kills weeds, flies, wasps, spiders. Don't kill bees though. Seriously don't!

    DanDMWGDanDMWG4 dagar sedan
  • Jesus

    JetpckerJetpcker4 dagar sedan
  • I have a crush on her

    The DomiNationThe DomiNation4 dagar sedan
  • I scroll down this about ten times do not know why

    Mayank DwivediMayank Dwivedi4 dagar sedan
  • Come down here FIGHT ME LIKE A MAN!!!!!!

    artio-6artio-64 dagar sedan
  • That reaction seemed delayed... sus

    William ReigWilliam Reig4 dagar sedan
  • For the bug bite one I just use my phone’s flashlight 😂

    Aiden StollAiden Stoll5 dagar sedan
  • She is getting closer to the point to be make her life hacks on PH now

    Elite Ruler EricElite Ruler Eric5 dagar sedan
  • I'm single

    Jack bakerJack baker5 dagar sedan
  • Nice

    Just some guyJust some guy5 dagar sedan
  • I used to always use random spray to slow a fly down and my brother thought I was the stupidest bitch for it, I’m glad you do it too

    LikeTheBots JonesLikeTheBots Jones5 dagar sedan
  • I mean.... I know that it helps... But why would you actually but the hot spoon an the big bite?!

    MC_ RundeMC_ Runde5 dagar sedan
  • I was watching this in class and almost had a heart attack when she dropped her pants

    HTWHTW5 dagar sedan
  • If you have a bug bite, what not swap it out for a second degree burn?

    Jens Christian TvilumJens Christian Tvilum5 dagar sedan
  • thanks

    Zack PaneZack Pane5 dagar sedan