Steam Deck: First Hands-On With Valve’s Handheld Gaming PC

We went to Valve's office to go hands-on with its new handheld gaming PC, the Steam Deck. IGN's own Bo Moore goes in-depth on how its controller feels, its desktop mode, its price and models, and a whole lot more.

The Steam Deck, is a handheld gaming PC with a form-factor similar to that of a Nintendo Switch. No hard release date has been given, but the Steam Deck has a launch planned for Holiday 2021, with a pre-order reservation system launching in the near future. The price starts at $399, with models that have more storage at $529 and $649 as well

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  • Yeah how to seal steam deck let's just and as half life 3 no give in 10 years

    Чумной ТвЧумной Тв47 minuter sedan
  • Are the graphics the same on the deck as pc?

    OmenOmenTimme sedan
  • Scalpers: *breathing intensifies*

    Up And Drumming CoversUp And Drumming CoversTimme sedan
  • How powerful is device ? Is it weaker,on par or more powerful than a PS4?

    Jason DumasJason DumasTimme sedan
  • When docked or connected to a monitor does it remain at 720p? Or does it bump up to 1080?

    HywelHywel2 timmar sedan
  • Can you use xbox game pass?

    Phil CapanelliPhil Capanelli3 timmar sedan
  • 2 TFLOPS if he's referring to fp32 puts it about on the level of the GTX 1050 ti, which might not sound impressive but considering it's a cute little handheld that's not so bad at all.

    Dingus TardoDingus Tardo3 timmar sedan
  • Wow!

    deebocjdeebocj4 timmar sedan
  • Looks cool but does it provide

    Albanian FoxAlbanian Fox5 timmar sedan
  • Oh neat!! So.. uh... Got anymore of that Half-Life content?

    Sarcastic NeutralSarcastic Neutral5 timmar sedan
  • But it has no Mario

    zombiewarkingzombiewarking5 timmar sedan
  • Rather buy this than PewDiePie's chair

    Pizza CuberPizza Cuber6 timmar sedan
  • Finally a handheld that can run something worthwhile

    The Needy TechieThe Needy Techie6 timmar sedan
  • Just a reminder that this thing has USB-C so you can hook up eGPU to it and play with highest settings on your 4K monitor.

    ᚨᚱᚦᚢᚱ ᛞᚢᛗᚨᚱᚦᚢᚱ ᛞᚢᛗ7 timmar sedan
  • Nintendo: releases Nintendo Switch OLED-model fans: sad noises and disappointment Valve: releases the Steam Deck fans: happy noises Nintendo: *You weren‘t supposed to do that*

    Enri OnSusEnri OnSus7 timmar sedan
  • Waste of money

    IIIAHMIIIIIIAHMIII7 timmar sedan
    • This is WOW portable PC, better than gaming laptop

      bocoy noiubocoy noiu6 timmar sedan
  • Can it run Half-Life 3 ?

    triplehhh8777triplehhh87778 timmar sedan
  • the people who will buy this won't even leave their houses

    AlexAlex8 timmar sedan
  • Test mortal online 2 if it plays I’ll buy in to it today lol

    Cody PorterCody Porter11 timmar sedan
  • If it will play mortal online 2 I’ll buy it

    Cody PorterCody Porter11 timmar sedan
  • notice the hardware not final watermark. ggwp hype train

    ArthelinusArthelinus14 timmar sedan

    Lamar DavisLamar Davis15 timmar sedan
  • Waiting on HL3

    PainDannyfulPainDannyful16 timmar sedan
  • Whats with these guys refusing to say Linux? It runs Linux.

    Lachlan ALachlan A16 timmar sedan
  • It's a little bit genius to aim for a portable. Lets them use 1080-geared components for a 720 screen.

    Jalopy-CJalopy-C17 timmar sedan
  • I'm a little upset that they don't specify what any of the extra stuff is like the "exclusive" carrying case, or what the specific difference in speed of any of the models

    ShadowTheLightShadowTheLight18 timmar sedan
  • This is awesome!!

    Majid BurkiMajid Burki18 timmar sedan
  • Can you play cold war or warzone

    RGB4everPCgamingRGB4everPCgaming18 timmar sedan
    • Looks like it

      John Henry EdenJohn Henry Eden18 timmar sedan
  • ... what?

    some random guy in the internetsome random guy in the internet19 timmar sedan
  • This is WOW portable PC, better than gaming laptop

  • Does anyone know the specifications and what the frame rate are at?

    SMSM20 timmar sedan
  • Give up on your dreams they said. PC 2 will never come they said

    Sharan JitSharan Jit21 timme sedan
  • GPD win 3 is better.

    Sniggity SnailSniggity Snail21 timme sedan
  • This thing is gonna sell DOZENS!

    LobanLoban22 timmar sedan
  • Steam has declared war on gaming xbox and playstation need to get into the portable market if they want to keep up because this thing is a home and portable console, has most xbox and playstation games, and is a PC

    MpencettMpencett22 timmar sedan
  • Hyped for this but what happenes when you inevitability get stick drift? Send it back or bend over? Or both.

    VoodoochickenVoodoochicken23 timmar sedan
  • Imagine if it has cellular capability then we wouldnt have to depend on wifi as well. It will literally be a portable pc

    Nizua InasNizua InasDag sedan
  • As we all know the battery life is 2-8 hours. What about the charging time?

    Carl AlbarCarl AlbarDag sedan
  • Lag ?

    Broken DreamsBroken DreamsDag sedan
  • basically SteamOS is Linux-based so it means we can play emulated PS2 games in it too

    HeraldHeraldDag sedan
  • Can We Games From Netboom or Stadia on The Steam Deck or Does It Just Play Games From Steam ?

    Pedro Seda JrPedro Seda JrDag sedan
  • It’s time to play the souls series again but on the go

    Giovani AriasGiovani AriasDag sedan
  • Might finally force Nintendo to stop ripping people off. All the best to you!

    SameHatSameHatDag sedan
  • Can you install third party pc stuff like discord?

    Aka PandaAka PandaDag sedan
  • LED screen? switch OLED screen looks cleaner...but might perform worse in sunlight

    MrSelfDestruct89MrSelfDestruct89Dag sedan
    • oled is overrated and will get burn in.

      Sulthan RafiSulthan Rafi15 timmar sedan
  • Cannit run windows?

    Jason MonroeJason MonroeDag sedan
  • this is ganna kill switch

    Meliodas_X45Meliodas_X45Dag sedan
  • It a pc console you can't remove and exchange any of the hardware. Aren't you locked into configuration limited by the hardware on the system? Like with an Xbox, Playstation and Switch?

    Dubediton7Dubediton7Dag sedan
    • Not quite. The OS can be changed as much as you want

      Rei CrowleyRei Crowley21 timme sedan
  • İf this come to Turkey, it will be 5000 TL + Taxes 10000 TL

    saff3rsaff3rDag sedan
  • I've always dreamt of a pc in my hand. Wow, world is moving fast!

  • Dear Valve, please ensure *replacable joycons* ! Joycons drift after few months, and if we have to return the whole thing, you will get a horrible reputation.

    Person PersonPerson PersonDag sedan
  • Gmod on steam deck?

    MexicoBallMexicoBallDag sedan
  • How much will this retail for

    Dst2021Dst2021Dag sedan
  • So, time to be prepare for the "Out of stock" message?

    Josué GarroJosué GarroDag sedan
  • The switch is still gonna be better

    Aren TenkerianAren TenkerianDag sedan
  • Thank you so much Gabe

    elijah mashterelijah mashterDag sedan
  • This is a MAJOR step for handheld gaming! Cheers to Valve for finally, after all these memes, bringing us the highly anticipated Pc 2 we've all been waiting for!

    Razberri64Razberri64Dag sedan
  • Literally only Xbox has offset sticks rofl not ‘nearly all’

    Jordy MatthewJordy MatthewDag sedan
  • Do wish people would stop using Teraflops as a measure of performance it means zero in gaming , dosent really tell us anything at all

    Andy cavellAndy cavellDag sedan
  • Bout to sell my switch at this point lmao

    de doodlede doodleDag sedan
  • Skyrim mod on the go? Yes

    Kingofall 92Kingofall 92Dag sedan
  • When will launch in india

    khadarkhadarDag sedan
  • anyone knows if dota2 can play on this gadget???

    linoskie funnyvinolinoskie funnyvinoDag sedan
  • jajajaj patetico ya no saben queninventar si quieronjugar en consola prendo la play quiero jugar en pc y bueno que al pedoooooooo

    VGO lightingVGO lightingDag sedan
  • deffo buying this

    loserlessloserlessDag sedan
  • I'm wondering how future proof it's going to be. I'm guessing graphics settings will still be available as standard. Also when connecting to a monitor, will the larger resolution effect the FPS? Or is the resolution just upscaled?

    Pally TrainerPally TrainerDag sedan
  • PsVita kecepetan pensiun kyanya nih.. 😁

  • Holy Moly!!!

    ΙζχαμΙζχαμDag sedan
  • Yeah but can you play Minecraft?

    Knucles NuclsKnucles NuclsDag sedan
  • Just pre-ordered mine, what a fantastic idea!

    gioyu comigioyu comiDag sedan
  • in 2025 : Steam Deck for mining

    nama andanama andaDag sedan
  • Busy friend 25

    Гриша ПерепёлкинГриша ПерепёлкинDag sedan
  • only problem: is expensive

    DarkcellX _DarkcellX _Dag sedan
  • This is great news for non fps gamers like apex cod and others

    Mr GreenMr GreenDag sedan
    • Me: Googles "Steam Deck" My Google: "Did you mean Stream Deck?

      gioyu comigioyu comiDag sedan
  • this deck is pretty small...

    Dane WhittingtonDane WhittingtonDag sedan
  • So its a laptop?

    Steven Van Den BergSteven Van Den BergDag sedan
  • can it run crysis?

    MLG QuickScoperMLG QuickScoperDag sedan
  • By hook or by crook.. ill get these

    muhammad nur danielmuhammad nur danielDag sedan
  • Finally, Console > PC committed -.-

    maecknycmaecknycDag sedan
  • You bastards I'm in, take my money

    Nixon JP TrebejoNixon JP TrebejoDag sedan
  • So thrilled already! Reserved the 256GB model

    wertiopwertiopDag sedan
  • For me the only downside is gonna be the storage. Its alredy bluky. Why not make it a bit more bulkier by making the storage user upgradeable in form of ssd.

    Pika PikaPika PikaDag sedan
  • Woow

    Samogon FFSamogon FFDag sedan
  • the console war has just ended

    ًًDag sedan
  • if we can Access Epicgames can we play Genshin impact ?

    Zarkhellion GamingZarkhellion GamingDag sedan
  • Omg take my Money

    Benjamin AukermanBenjamin AukermanDag sedan
  • Will it play gta 5 ?

    J JJ JDag sedan
  • Me: Googles "Steam Deck" My Google: "Did you mean Stream Deck?

    sultansultanDag sedan
  • it's OK 10/10 /ign

    jay kayjay kayDag sedan
  • Yes a "hands on" they just did a close conference again

    Rodrigo VerissimoRodrigo VerissimoDag sedan
  • *valve with random crits*

    mr Nohaxmr NohaxDag sedan
  • Imagine showing this to a person playing a gameboy in the 90s

    Peca JumperPeca JumperDag sedan
  • Can we instal android games on it such as Black desert mobile

    deadpoolz swagerdeadpoolz swagerDag sedan
  • Can you play android games?

    deadpoolz swagerdeadpoolz swagerDag sedan
  • Damn Game Gear is making a comeback 😳

    Kay CeeKay CeeDag sedan
  • Cant wait to install windows 11 on this deck

    Dose ItDose ItDag sedan