The Try Guys Bake Macarons Without A Recipe

We've got two new bakers in the Try Kitchen today and we're all eager to see who will bake the sweetest little thing! It's episode two of the summer season and it's macarON baby! Get your very own Try Guys Apron \u0026 Oven Mitts on today!

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  • For the love of everything- MacarOns are not the same things as MacarOOns 🤦🏼‍♀️🤦🏼‍♀️🤦🏼‍♀️!

    Ellsie AnneEllsie Anne49 minuter sedan
  • My fathers name is keith and he’s white

    Paige AddisonPaige Addison49 minuter sedan
  • Ned having a meltdown reminds me of the mannequin challenge in the worst ways

    Aishwarya JayaramanAishwarya JayaramanTimme sedan

    Alyssa CallahamAlyssa CallahamTimme sedan
  • The judge in the middle is annoying af - should really stop using her for this show

    thedarkside155thedarkside1552 timmar sedan
  • "My favorite color is red because it rhymes with Ned"

    TTV driftTTV drift2 timmar sedan
  • No I thought Ned was going to win

    TTV driftTTV drift2 timmar sedan
  • The ten breakfast affectively sail because band july share as a guttural H habitual bowl. aberrant, ultra double

    Suzette LafontaineSuzette Lafontaine2 timmar sedan
  • Zach: Creativity is overrated Me, remembering past episodes of practically any video where the Try Guys make stuff: *chokes*

    fluffernutterfluffernutter2 timmar sedan
  • I laughed and cringed through this entire episode! I was in tears I was laughing so hard!

    Just LisaJust Lisa3 timmar sedan
  • Macaroons are the ones with coconut, and it bothers me a LOT more than it should that the professional doesn't know that!

    Phil VaivePhil Vaive3 timmar sedan
  • This recipe is overly complicated even With a recipe

    KalsAngelKalsAngel4 timmar sedan
  • Loved the guest stars this episode, they really were so funny

    MM4 timmar sedan
  • But like… where do you get all this stock crab footage?

    Nerdstrom aNerdstrom a4 timmar sedan
  • “I got a little bit of white in there…like my 23andme test” BRO I FREAKING DIED AT THAT PART

    andreughandreugh4 timmar sedan
  • Where is Eguene?

    Taylor LeoTaylor Leo4 timmar sedan
  • I feel like this without a recipe: try guys vs dude perfect needs to happen.

    Andrew ArnoldAndrew Arnold4 timmar sedan
  • Is anyone else concerned that Eugene is leaving? He's not consistently been in videos for a while and I am frightened.

    BrittanyBrittany6 timmar sedan
  • Where is eugene?

    Raghda Mohamed D1Raghda Mohamed D16 timmar sedan
  • this is the only episode where i would want zach to fuck up in

    Amira GheitaAmira Gheita6 timmar sedan
  • 10:20 "Keith: He's one of the whitest guys with the blackest names--i like it--it's culture" LMAO

    AlexiaRayAlexiaRay7 timmar sedan
  • Maybe next time just let them know the basics? This was an absolute dumpster fire

    Brittany KittanyBrittany Kittany7 timmar sedan
  • YAY diversity

    AlexiaRayAlexiaRay7 timmar sedan
  • I hope this series never ends. I have never been so torn between utter disgust and awe at these "unique" creations.

    irishtigerlilyirishtigerlily7 timmar sedan
  • Dormtainment and the Try guys 👀🤩 the collab I didn’t know I needed

    Raya JRaya J7 timmar sedan
  • Is anyone else mad at how bad they all pronounced macaron wrong?

    Antonio FINOCCHIOAntonio FINOCCHIO7 timmar sedan
  • I think they should make vegan burgers where they have to decide what “patty” they want to do and what other things should go on there. No Recipe at all but it’s sure fun

    Lissi Mag essenLissi Mag essen7 timmar sedan
  • The fact that the cream of tartar was never addressed is KILLING ME

    hen kohen ko8 timmar sedan
  • I didn't think the "daddy's favorite" trend could get any worse but here we are lmao

    Amber OAmber O8 timmar sedan
  • Loved the video! Absolutely hated the awful french accent tho 💀😅

    TheLadyKaboom1TheLadyKaboom19 timmar sedan
  • I’m interested in what Rome was about to do after he won 3rd 😆

    Heyemalee1Heyemalee19 timmar sedan
  • Dang who edit this video cus its on fire

    Lalmuankimi ChhakchhuakLalmuankimi Chhakchhuak9 timmar sedan

      hen kohen ko8 timmar sedan
  • They not macarons but they taste good

    Jack_BunnyJack_Bunny9 timmar sedan
  • Am I the only one Zac pisses off?

    Akangsha LivingstoneAkangsha Livingstone9 timmar sedan
  • I didn't know Keith was a black name .... But almost all my siblings have black names and are white so I can't say anything. Carter Louis and Calif Leroy and Chris Elis. damn mum you sure know how to pick them...... I also have a Kieth cousin damn most be a family thing

    Jack_BunnyJack_Bunny9 timmar sedan
  • I think iam going. With almond flour because I like almond.... How did he.make the right choice for the wrong reason almond flour is the basic ingredient to a macaron

    Jack_BunnyJack_Bunny10 timmar sedan
  • Can you go back to only having the Try Guys? Not sure who requested other randoms to be participating in your videos but I bet it was no one.

    Jessica PiperJessica Piper11 timmar sedan
  • This episode is painful to watch idk why 😂

    rowaa S.H. Khedrrowaa S.H. Khedr11 timmar sedan
  • I miss the without a recipe when all 4 guys would cook/bake - this was fun but I watch the try guys to see them …

    katherine stegmankatherine stegman11 timmar sedan
  • Have claire saffitz in the next one!

    Jaycee GlorianiJaycee Gloriani12 timmar sedan
  • I loveedd this episode

    CelineCeline13 timmar sedan
  • this has to be one of the most hilarious without a recipe episodes

    marlamarla13 timmar sedan
  • 30:48 Oh.....he cute.....real damn cute.

    laura duranlaura duran13 timmar sedan
  • “it’s not terrible” “it’s not terrible” “but it’s not good” “that’s what i’m sayin”

    aswer huioaswer huio13 timmar sedan
  • Please don’t waste so much food stuff. Specially in this covid situation where food is really difficult to get for unprivileged people.

    Winter BearWinter Bear14 timmar sedan

    Hana Humaira NakadaHana Humaira Nakada14 timmar sedan
  • I hate when they cook with other people, like just keep Zach, Keith, Eugene and Ned the ORIGINALS I hate how they are doing this…

    Fuck ThisFuck This15 timmar sedan
    • This could be a drinking game for anytime ANYONE says “pancake”

      aswer huioaswer huio13 timmar sedan
  • I can never forget the time Zack (a vegan) used crisco ☠☠☠

    Hannah SearsHannah Sears16 timmar sedan
  • I can't believe you did this. Macarons are the absolute craziest without a recipe ever.

    T NicholasT Nicholas16 timmar sedan

    Nirvaar KaurNirvaar Kaur16 timmar sedan
  • Ned looking like he was about to cry when they picked up his macarons killed me!!

    Jeanesse MarieJeanesse Marie17 timmar sedan
  • i like crab scenes

    Amber pringleAmber pringle18 timmar sedan
  • Okay but seriously, where has Eugene been?! 😩

    Sarah WettaSarah Wetta18 timmar sedan
  • Two thumbs up! 🤣

    Courtneyfly8 —Courtneyfly8 —18 timmar sedan
  • soy

    CarolynCarolyn19 timmar sedan
  • The fact that the expert pronounced it "macaroon" the whole episode killed me

    Catherine LeahCatherine Leah19 timmar sedan
  • I keep finding myself going back to Rosanna's unfortunate reaction to Keith's butter bread story

    Chris SwansonChris Swanson21 timme sedan
  • I would love a try wives without a recipe episode!

    Daisy MDaisy M21 timme sedan
  • Knowing that Zach can't have dairy and then adding butter EVEN THOUGH YOU DONT NEED IT is a special kind of cruelty. Like??? Why????

    Dung NguyenDung Nguyen22 timmar sedan

    Angelica Sabrina ElisabethAngelica Sabrina Elisabeth22 timmar sedan
  • "i got a little bit of white like my 23andme test" grOssly underrated joke 💀

    RebbbRebbb22 timmar sedan
  • This could be a drinking game for anytime ANYONE says “pancake”

    Lauren ScottLauren Scott22 timmar sedan
  • "I do need Jesus on my side, to grab the wheel and the whisk" hahahaha Rome and Cam were too funny!!

    Kacy MahKacy Mah22 timmar sedan
  • “I’d pat your back but I have cheese hands” 🙌

    Nirvaar KaurNirvaar Kaur23 timmar sedan
  • -“Wait. What’s that word come from?” -✨”Purée?” ✨ -“You don’t cook like that to be using those words” I have used fancy words too without knowing fancy cooking lol. I feel attacked 🤣🤣

    LaoLaoDag sedan
    • Time stamp is 19:23 just in case anyone asks

      LaoLaoDag sedan
  • Love how Ned makes sucking look so easy

    Marisa LMarisa LDag sedan
  • Not so fun on the other side, is it Zach

    Olivia TynerOlivia TynerDag sedan
  • I miss the gayness 😫 I NEED eugene

    Aastha PatelAastha PatelDag sedan
  • came for the try guys, stayed for the dorm guys

    caseycaseyDag sedan
  • I'm glad that the Try Guys TRIED to have black people on this one...but it did not work. "Aye BOYS??!??!" Just......effing no.

    Swee tbrieSwee tbrieDag sedan
  • Eugene hasn't been in many episodes it seems :( his presence is deeply missed

    lisa schlaufmanlisa schlaufmanDag sedan
  • the fact that not ONE person knew to use almond flour baffles me

    Mad BrightMad BrightDag sedan
  • BREAKING NEWS: Ned’s cream is “kinda creamy”

    Kayla DanforthKayla DanforthDag sedan
  • the narrator's accent was atrocious, and uyen kept pronouncing macaron wrong... but it's fine. I'm fine

    Mad BrightMad BrightDag sedan
  • 44:06 Ned raging hard

    Evangeline KanarisEvangeline KanarisDag sedan
  • It would be hilarious to see what the guys were doing while waiting for the judging.

    Queen K-IAQueen K-IADag sedan
  • 28:45 Keith continuing his work calmly while Ned has a panic attack and lays on the counter

    Evangeline KanarisEvangeline KanarisDag sedan
  • "I came here not knowing what I was doing, and I'm leaving not knowing what I was doing" If this is not written on my tombstone when I die, it means I did something right along the way, and that's not on brand

    Erin IslasErin IslasDag sedan
  • "I got a lil white. my 23andMe test!" hahaha

    Jobie JobeJobie JobeDag sedan
  • 36:51 is the moment Uyen questions her life choices. You can see real distress in her face.

    VienVie1VienVie1Dag sedan
  • For those who know how to make macrons, this episode lit my entire body on fire, but the laughs made up for the pain 😂

    morrisahjmorrisahjDag sedan
  • I saw the intro ''Summer edition'' and I got confused because it's so cold, but then I remembered that I live in Brasil

    Beatriz BarretoBeatriz BarretoDag sedan
  • Where’s Eugene?

    mnsantosmnsantosDag sedan
  • I loved his use of 'goofed' lol

    JordanJordanDag sedan
  • I waited till I was making macarons to watch this, and let me tell you I feel a lot better about myself. This isn’t my first time thankfully.

    Sophia ArensSophia ArensDag sedan
  • i'm not a vegan, but it's funny to hear that zach is vegan but he'll eat egg whites.

    LynnOpparLynnOpparDag sedan
  • I can't get over the fact that the sound from 13:35 forward sounds exactly like Fable 2 soundtrack

    NuudelikeittoNuudelikeittoDag sedan
  • Are we going to get anymore hoodies??? I missed out on getting one and I'd love to support this channel and my favorite try guys!

    Jasmine LockhartJasmine LockhartDag sedan
  • Keith mispronouncing everything is giving me strong Crankgameplays vibes.

    CraosRivCraosRivDag sedan
  • I think this episode was even more stressful to watch than the cheesecake one ...and that one was stupid stressful!

    soshiangel90soshiangel90Dag sedan
  • "I had a lot of colorful ones. I didn't want you to see all of them, so I just put one in the middle" had me dying LOL

    Tammy NTammy NDag sedan

    Kristen JOKristen JODag sedan
  • this is so cringe, but yet, I cant look away

    Joanna RevelleJoanna RevelleDag sedan
  • This is a travesty 😂😂

    Carrie SandersCarrie SandersDag sedan
  • I made macarons once, and holy cow I didn't think that they were that hard

    Cloudy DayCloudy DayDag sedan
  • I think having a second kid really pushed ned over the edge 😂

    April CammiadeApril CammiadeDag sedan
  • Vegan macaroons have alquafaba instead of egg whites, Zac shouldn't be eating these 😅

    Belle HendersonBelle HendersonDag sedan
  • I hope Rome and Cam are in another Eat The Menu video

    Bri The VirgoBri The VirgoDag sedan