Swedish House Mafia - Lifetime ft. Ty Dolla $ign & 070 Shake (Official Video)

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► Lyrics:
Once in a lifetime
Watchin the skyline
Don’t change your mind while
under the white light

Dolla $ign

Once in a lifetime
Baby it’s the right time
I’ll put on the red light
Told you it was on, on site ty
You had on a sundress
Never fail to impress
We had the best sex
We made love all night

Once in a lifetime
Watchin the skyline
Don’t change your mind while
under the white light

Come with me
Take my hand
Follow me Follow me
To a place
A place where we
Can be free
Follow me

Once in a lifetime
Watchin the skyline
Don’t change your mind while
under the white light

Once in a lifetime
girl gon live it up
Don’t you let nobody tell you different
Once in a lifetime
You’ll have it your way
Don’t let you let nobody tell you nothing

► Credits:
Directed by: Alexander Wessely
Produced by: Joel Rostmark, Adam Holmström, Andrea Gyllenskiöld, Joel Nkimya
Director of Photography: Erik Henriksson
Editor: Andreas Arvidsson
Grade: Nicke Cantarelli
Vfx / post: Rascal / WGT+AM
Production Company: PINE

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  • There is a connection with this video and their last, "It gets better". In the last video they were sleeping while the crowd were watching in anticipation. In this video they wake up and walks back into the "wires". Please note all the sandy people, well, in the sand... From the previous video. I hope I'm right, but that is how I see the video.

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