CSGO: The stories behind the pro graffitis

The stories behind all the pro graffitis that is currently in the game!
Many of you have seen this graffitis in the game but might've wondered what inspired them! It's from epic plays from legendary players that will be enjoyed years to come!

Song used:
CMA - You're Free

Text template used: www.youtube.com/watch?v=PVDMh...

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  • They forgot the doorstuck i guess

    arkin medranoarkin medrano3 dagar sedan
  • Вот какая она мужская слеза.

    TeraniaTerania5 dagar sedan
  • Kids these days boast about Astralis domination when majority of players are veterans past their prime or some new players without much experience but they don't know the legendary fnatic lineup of 2015 or Adam "the king of Banana" .. cs go eSports before 2017 was much more competitive than current scene.. Really those were the golden days

  • Huge Tribute and Respect to All of Them 🙏 🙇

    Dipesh BhardwajDipesh Bhardwaj8 dagar sedan
  • Бан ёпта

    ꀸꍟꍏꀸ ꀤꈤꌗꀤꀸꍟꀸꍟꍏꀸ ꀤꈤꌗꀤꀸꍟ12 dagar sedan
  • great video

    who careswho cares15 dagar sedan
  • Dust two was a lie i can see it

    Ruata RalteRuata Ralte20 dagar sedan
  • You know, I am sitting on my chair and asking myself... What if they failed every shot?

  • Sweden csgo true legends

    filip arnfeldtfilip arnfeldt28 dagar sedan
  • WTF taco 1k 😲

    Juan AlvarezJuan Alvarez28 dagar sedan
  • They made these gaming history, and we will never forget it Written in New gen of history book xD

    EpikQreamEpikQreamMånad sedan
  • First grafitti 1 Silver but fire defuse globals

    Mikus MelbardisMikus MelbardisMånad sedan
  • The jumping 4k should only be 3 kills, considering the graffiti doesnt have a scope, yet he only hit 3 noscopes

    InUteroInUteroMånad sedan
  • Fnatic is really harboring the most iconic players

    HerculeanHerculeanMånad sedan
  • 90% - Fnatic 10% - other teams

    HuroiHuroiMånad sedan
  • Каждый день такие моменты делаю в мм 🗿🗿🗿😤😤😤🥔🥔

    SlasherWRSlasherWRMånad sedan
  • Super NO-SCOPER master!

    Oliver MilkovOliver MilkovMånad sedan
  • The cool part is the coldzera gravity was in the samw map in the same semi as simples falling awp no scope

    Jose NatanielJose NatanielMånad sedan
  • all these were so epic

    AqusAqus2 månader sedan
  • they should put kennys graffiti their

    Maximillan Moses KawotjoMaximillan Moses Kawotjo2 månader sedan
  • *legendary*

    Артём МаськоАртём Масько2 månader sedan
  • I love how Overpass is Fnatic's home...

    RazZeRRazZeR2 månader sedan
  • There's 4 skull head, the one of the skull head was S1mple :(

    RedClientRedClient3 månader sedan
  • almost all of these points are related to fnatic

    StronzateStronzate3 månader sedan
  • NOT DOSIA!!!

    Лис :DЛис :D3 månader sedan
  • Каво в дрош тоже бросила лайк)

    Денис ГибалюкДенис Гибалюк3 månader sedan
  • el tio de facu se la re vive

    zatrahhhzatrahhh3 månader sedan
  • Only s1mple deserves graffiti, the rest is child's play.

    Стас ЧеховСтас Чехов3 månader sedan
  • The old molotov took off 5 hp each time LUL.

    Стас ЧеховСтас Чехов3 månader sedan
  • Let's see if cadian gets that spray

    Vintage JockVintage Jock3 månader sedan
  • we need s1mple awP throw grafiti

    Deniz ULULARDeniz ULULAR3 månader sedan
  • s1mple's no scopes were chilling, and the graffiti is so good

    Exorbitance _Exorbitance _3 månader sedan
  • anyone thinking about the cadiaN 1v4 at Mirage these days ?

    Phu NguyenPhu Nguyen3 månader sedan
    • Same

      Vintage JockVintage Jock3 månader sedan
  • Cadian graffiti should be next

    Tim MortierTim Mortier3 månader sedan
  • BR é ta o bom que ficou marcado na história 😎

    zLightz XxzLightz Xx3 månader sedan
  • All of it in 2014

    samurai. karmsamurai. karm3 månader sedan
  • Brings back memories

    GurenヤクザGurenヤクザ3 månader sedan
  • 0:13 liquid lost after that so sad :/

    Lee MarquezLee Marquez3 månader sedan
  • olof own de_overpass

    PurplePurple3 månader sedan
  • 1:10 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

    ballasballas4 månader sedan
    • BOO!

      zen1tyzzizen1tyzzi3 månader sedan
  • life without tiktok, corona,fortnite just old good times

    Cw4niakCw4niak4 månader sedan
    • @Ogwu i dont think is trash because the community is toxic

      bruhbruh4 dagar sedan
    • @bruh trash game

      OgwuOgwu4 dagar sedan
    • @bruh not

      Cw4niakCw4niak17 dagar sedan
    • Whats wrong with fortnite? Its a good game lol

      bruhbruh17 dagar sedan
  • In my opinion ranking award goes to -- defusing bomb in fire But simple did unbelievable thing at that time .. ...all these things are common now a days

    Azhar UddinAzhar Uddin4 månader sedan
  • in my opinion fnatic is the smartest of all

    qRareshqRaresh4 månader sedan
  • Stewie2k should've got one for the most iconic clutch at inferno with awp

    hrithik 47hrithik 474 månader sedan
  • The s1mple one was funny for me cause of the on commentator.

    DJ DreyDJ Drey4 månader sedan
  • They should add a graffiti for the door stuck guy

    magnus 801magnus 8014 månader sedan

    Мемная дверьМемная дверь4 månader sedan
  • I Miss old teams :( especialy vp, nip and fnatic

    NO H3ARTNO H3ART5 månader sedan
  • Jesus those look so fuckin sexy how have I NEVER seen the graffiti but I’ve watched all the plays live 🙂 #fakefan

    Bryce BraunBryce Braun5 månader sedan
  • I love how they make grafitis to respect the players

    𝕋𝕦𝕜𝕚𝕚𝔻𝕫𝕋𝕦𝕜𝕚𝕚𝔻𝕫5 månader sedan
  • Whenever I hear the crowd on the coldzera clip I always get a little guddy

    Fluid McCreeFluid McCree5 månader sedan
  • They are LEGENDS

    發燒Fever發燒Fever5 månader sedan
  • Fuck majors Fnatic has 3 graffiti's and astralis has 0 graffiti's xd god olof

    Ramakuri EmmanuelRamakuri Emmanuel5 månader sedan
  • Hy im hy cry

    finX So2finX So25 månader sedan
  • s1mple and elige's reaction explains what just happened

    Sh1rauSh1rau5 månader sedan
  • Wo is the oh fallen stop blowind my mind? 😔

    diogo coutinhodiogo coutinho5 månader sedan
  • 1:19 my silver team does that all the time, but with 5 players. Where’s our graffiti?

    obamaobama6 månader sedan
    • Only major

      XsP1XsP15 månader sedan
  • 1:15 то чуство когда я и тима из 9 аваперов немогут убить ни одного🤣

    СлыыыыыыыызеньСлыыыыыыыызень6 månader sedan
  • Do they want to be in place? 🤔

    BestamiBestami6 månader sedan
  • I miss the old cs:go, the game hade a totally different feel..

    ELAK KOKAKAN13ELAK KOKAKAN136 månader sedan
  • What headset is that at 2:59

    Eoin ClearyEoin Cleary6 månader sedan
  • Where is kennys

    Saket KhandelwalSaket Khandelwal6 månader sedan
  • It actually called boostmeister

    RPP IIIRPP III6 månader sedan
  • I miss the old maps

    Pink HoodiePink Hoodie6 månader sedan
  • what about a burning banana graffiti?

    DenDaLion 'DenDaLion '6 månader sedan
  • 1000

    Patito AsesinoPatito Asesino6 månader sedan
  • I wanna see the Olaf boost from the enemies POV lol

    Aqua 2kAqua 2k6 månader sedan
  • that s1mple play was so painfully average lmao

    BasilBasil6 månader sedan
  • op

    AkarshAkarsh6 månader sedan
  • *The Pros Do Things What i Can't Do With Bots* ..

    DanielDaniel6 månader sedan
  • 4/6 are fnatic tho

    ŽebrákŽebrák6 månader sedan
  • S1MPL!!!!!!!! TOP

    Пика ПикаПика Пика6 månader sedan
  • Where is Dosia's Grenade on de_inferno's pit

    SAadFacESAadFacE6 månader sedan
  • Old CSGO is soo beautiful❤️

    ZiG HeilZiG Heil6 månader sedan
  • Well what about de_train and birds sign

    Владимир АлександровВладимир Александров6 månader sedan
  • There needs to be a tag for happys deagle destruction as well

    Enrico TEnrico T6 månader sedan
  • Dżolo

    KubuśKoxPLKubuśKoxPL6 månader sedan
  • 2:50 he's a Valiant Hero

    Chezvi YTChezvi YT6 månader sedan
  • 2021? SEcrone recommended

    Revi KhashaRevi Khasha6 månader sedan
  • Stewie B site Inferno

    oddvertexoddvertex6 månader sedan
  • Damn this takes me back

    Hungarian KidHungarian Kid6 månader sedan
  • Stewie should have gotten one for inferno B hold ;-;

    tempesttempest6 månader sedan
  • Wtf it's been 4 years since then ?

    ETERNAL effectETERNAL effect6 månader sedan
  • We all know that KennyS deserve one of this

    Darling OhayoDarling Ohayo6 månader sedan
  • Ahh good old days

    kaan tepekaan tepe6 månader sedan
  • Some of these plays are way to overrated.

    Robert KaasikRobert Kaasik6 månader sedan
  • And there is no graffiti for bodyy with hes infamous bodyy wallbang. Valve is so unfair

    arthur pajatinarthur pajatin6 månader sedan
  • A lot of Sweden players and teams in this video

    Тимур НазаровТимур Назаров6 månader sedan
  • I wonder why astralis won the most majors but they have no graffiti 🤔

    MilanMilan7 månader sedan
  • Okay, this was Cool..

    Alrafi HaiderAlrafi Haider7 månader sedan
  • Now Burning Awper for device should be included against team liquid in Dust 2 🔥🔥

    Prasanth PrachuPrasanth Prachu7 månader sedan
  • Astralis got none? Kinda sad.

    MELLO BCMELLO BC7 månader sedan
  • Its always the sweds that come up with these plays....

    ErrorError7 månader sedan
  • Dropping AWP Noscopes Nope Like This=Falling AWP

    ??7 månader sedan
  • 2:30 I still don't know if the caster is a man or a woman. Help

    Agustín VillarroelAgustín Villarroel7 månader sedan
    • That's Pansy, no? liquipedia.net/counterstrike/Pansy

      NergalNergal7 månader sedan
  • Мяуу

    MatrasMatras7 månader sedan
  • s1mple overrated.

    looolloool7 månader sedan
  • Nesse vídeo eu não sei oq é melhor, ver o cold sem colete fazer oque fez ou a reação do outro time após ele ter feito oque fez kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk

    CUT DOS PODCUT DOS POD8 månader sedan
  • Fiberg with 5 hp vs 3 other players !!

    saswat senapatisaswat senapati8 månader sedan
  • Well that's a lot of swedes in a list, probably one of the gayest lists I've ever seen :-----ddd

    LepiLepi8 månader sedan