cadiaN 1v4 Clutch of Life Time - Gambit vs. Heroic - ESL Pro League Season 13 - Grand-Final

cadiaN Clutch of Life Time - Gambit vs. Heroic - ESL Pro League Season 13 - Grand-Final

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ESL Pro League Season 13
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  • Gambit POV vs cadiaN -

    HiddeNHiddeN3 månader sedan
  • YOU CAN'T WIN PRO LEAGUES LIKE THIS ... ax1le's left

    DarellNDDarellND23 dagar sedan
  • The caster made the video more interesting as they already predicted it 😂

    Di[A]nCDi[A]nC26 dagar sedan
  • what is the name of hes p250??

    HoLK GamingHoLK GamingMånad sedan
  • this was cast beautifully

    Mitchie BruscoMitchie BruscoMånad sedan
  • give this son of a gun a graffiti here .... next time I played Mirage I want to see it on the wall ❤️💪

    Umer SaleemUmer Saleem2 månader sedan
  • this is one of the many reasons why i love cs:go

    Tomas BrunoTomas Bruno2 månader sedan
  • The modern day "EVO Moment 37"

    Jerome MojicaJerome Mojica2 månader sedan
  • God

    overwatch AKA channel ✓overwatch AKA channel ✓2 månader sedan
  • just love to see it. god tier play.

    abel tesfayeabel tesfaye2 månader sedan
  • How to end a final!

    lauflauf2 månader sedan
  • Just imagine if the nade did 2 more damage here... lol 0:19

    T. EtelberT. Etelber3 månader sedan
  • caster's voice tells

    Cyka BlyatCyka Blyat3 månader sedan
  • "you cant win pro league like this" is legendary

    Andrew FengAndrew Feng3 månader sedan
    • insult to injury

      HiddeNHiddeN3 månader sedan
  • nice wh

    Robert KadakRobert Kadak3 månader sedan
  • Only felt that happy 2 times: 1- When cloud9 won the major against FaZe 2- When cadiaN did insane comeback on lost eco round with the greatest mirage clutch in the history

    ZAFARPEEKZAFARPEEK3 månader sedan
  • Why is the quality so terrible?

    Bluer than XephosBluer than Xephos3 månader sedan
  • 1 dislike from sh1ro

    SneySney3 månader sedan
  • And he didn't even used the P250!

    VictorVictor3 månader sedan
  • "Yeah man, the decoy's gonna win him this round."

    Cristian VaughnCristian Vaughn3 månader sedan
  • omg

    Dex3mus .Dex3mus .3 månader sedan
  • The casters have observation haki

    Tejas DeshmukhTejas Deshmukh3 månader sedan
  • top 10 caster reactions of all time

    Benjamin PontBenjamin Pont3 månader sedan
    • *top caster reaction of all time - fixed it

      Jockel KubkoJockel Kubko16 dagar sedan
  • Think that it could have been 15-14 on that round

    Emel1Emel13 månader sedan
  • I see that you *have* heard of the cadian 1v4 with the P250. Good man. Gotta love how it goes in an even more insane way than Spunj or Machine could predict. Did yell way too loud at 10:00 pm when it happened, and I don't regret it at all.

    RBYRBY3 månader sedan
  • Chad is still with is month open due the amazingness 🤣🤣🤣

    João SousaJoão Sousa3 månader sedan
  • Thanks for including the casters joking about him making the clutch. Unreal play hahaha

    Alexander MenesesAlexander Meneses3 månader sedan
    • Hahaha thanks

      HiddeNHiddeN3 månader sedan
  • History has been made!!!!

    KrazeKraze3 månader sedan
  • From making fun of the decoy to whispering lmao

    Alex De HondAlex De Hond3 månader sedan
  • Lo there do I see my father; Lo there do I see my mother, my sisters and my brothers; Lo there do I see the line of my people, back to the beginning. Lo, they do call me, they bid me take my place among them, in the halls of Valhalla, where the brave may live FOREVER.

    Moffi MrMoffi Mr3 månader sedan
  • Well kids, let me tell you a story of a legend well beyond the abilities of mere mortals

    Ryan SumRyan Sum3 månader sedan
  • Graffitti deserving clutch !

    Alex MelbyAlex Melby3 månader sedan
    • Indeed

      HiddeNHiddeN3 månader sedan
  • Those gotta be the best moments as a caster making outlandish prediction jokingly and then see it happen with they eyes and then “ CADIAN YOU CANT WIN PRO LEAGUE LIKE THIS “ and yes he deserves a graffiti because the difficulty of this play whether it was a major or not...and knifing shiro was a gamble but 200 IQ play and the best play..

    Montrell RaymondMontrell Raymond3 månader sedan
    • Even dev1ce collateral ace while burning didn't get a graffiti because its not in a major

      YeetYeetMånad sedan
    • Yeah any thing elese he might have been heard of , probably be dead instead of low hp

      YASH RAWATYASH RAWAT2 månader sedan
    • there is not a single play in the whole cs history more deserving than this play for a grafitti, wheter it is a major or not, whether if he gets the grafitti... this is the best play in cs history, stop hating

      Farid PahlevanFarid Pahlevan3 månader sedan
    • @Renus bro this clutch was a dream idk what you talking about...and it’s a new era and new times so...we just acknowledge how difficult and unlikely this clutch was to happen I wish we had the blast production to see the Percentage

      Montrell RaymondMontrell Raymond3 månader sedan
    • Yall gotta get a grip on reality. Stop dreaming.

      RenusRenus3 månader sedan
  • Ever heard about the Cadian 1v4 with a p250?

    Z RaderZ Rader3 månader sedan
    • Look at the smirk as they say it; it's like he knew

      Ins41n3Ins41n32 månader sedan
  • These caster made me think I was watching a rewind or something

    isak sandmarkisak sandmark3 månader sedan
  • Commentators on Predict of a Lifetime

    Rumpelstilzchen LPRumpelstilzchen LP3 månader sedan
  • So insane, the commentators jokes and comments makes it even better ;)

    Alex MelbyAlex Melby3 månader sedan
    • couldn't agree more

      HiddeNHiddeN3 månader sedan