10 Minutes Of arT's Ridiculous Aggression..

10 minutes of arT's insane aggression. arT is already known as the most aggressive player in CS:GO history and these are the best clips I could find. I definitely missed some, but keep in mind I can make part 2 anytime in the future. Who doesn't like to watch arT's signature playstyle? I mean come on. I hope you will like the video!

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[Electro Pop] Versio - Feel It (ft. Nar)

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This video is recorded using GOTV which is free to use, stream and publish by Valve - the developer of this game - Counter-Strike: Global Offensive.


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  • I feel like arT's PoV was definitely important for this video. Enjoy.

    Snipe2DieTV - CS:GO ChannelSnipe2DieTV - CS:GO Channel10 månader sedan
    • i think he'll probably spawn on enemy side, in matchmaking.

      JazzRadioFfmJazzRadioFfm7 månader sedan
    • @Lachlan Trescott with xray u cant see how it feels to rush enemy's place without knowing where enemy is and crosshair placement to the air

      el colitoel colito7 månader sedan
    • @Snipe2DieTV - CS:GO Channel I do think it's better with XRay, but besides that, the work you put in these videos are insane, keep it up!

      Lachlan TrescottLachlan Trescott9 månader sedan
    • AdmiraL I disagree on this one.

      Snipe2DieTV - CS:GO ChannelSnipe2DieTV - CS:GO Channel9 månader sedan
    • Should have shown the x-ray

      AdmiraLAdmiraL9 månader sedan
  • The man who can't press "S"

    PBRPBR2 dagar sedan
  • And I thought stew2k was the only one who was capable of doing this🤯

    De Den BramskiDe Den Bramski4 dagar sedan
  • He runs like an idiot.

    BHAGWANBHAGWAN6 dagar sedan
  • nice sound tho - no

    Alex PanikovskyAlex Panikovsky7 dagar sedan
  • arT plays like his mom is yelling at him to get off the computer

    p cp c11 dagar sedan
  • He buys keyboard with no shift..

    Hassam AhmedHassam Ahmed12 dagar sedan
  • I don't know how to explain this, but he plays like a tf2 player

    venawartmander :3venawartmander :318 dagar sedan
  • I have the Same Playstyle but me have Bad AIM :( only le

    sqeeze der bosssqeeze der boss20 dagar sedan
  • Art é doidao

    Matheus BuenoMatheus Bueno23 dagar sedan
  • Baap ko bhi no scope karta ha !

    _sad_ _panda_69_sad_ _panda_6923 dagar sedan
  • Announcer: don’t know why he bought the awp for this round Announcer: and that’s why you tak the awp in that round

    Ty NormanTy Norman24 dagar sedan
  • 6:56 what is he doing

    RaveNRaveN24 dagar sedan
  • радикулитная агрессия ?

    KAMENSK BOYKAMENSK BOY27 dagar sedan
  • Algum BR?

    blindãoblindão28 dagar sedan
  • Ryan 'William' O'DriscollRyan 'William' O'Driscoll28 dagar sedan
  • Fer has started this ten years ago

    P. sondaP. sonda29 dagar sedan
  • "there he goes manically killing things again" -The entirety of aRTs team

  • agora faz um vídeo dele sendo o primeiro a morrer no meio da mirage.. o vídeo terá umas 2 horas

    un1xun1xMånad sedan
  • being aggressive is often punished easily, but being SUPER aggressive is so smart

    jew campjew campMånad sedan
  • arT art

    Michał ZalewskiMichał ZalewskiMånad sedan
  • notice how their team is always winning...

    AndrewstownAndrewstownMånad sedan
  • If CSGO players were animals. Art would be a Boar, he charges straight to his opponents without holding back.

    HerculeanHerculeanMånad sedan
  • I think the strategy for arT’s aggression isnt to tilt or make an unorthodox play, but to make the enemy team panic. When you’re used to the patient and slow style that csgo encourages, its VERY easy to start panicking and take an extra second to go “wait a minute, what the fuck?” When you hear someone full speed running towards your position. It makes it easier for arT to FORCE those split second firefights by making enough noise and aggressive charges to make the enemy panic and give away their own position as they try to move and reposition for the counter attack. I think what arT is doing is using aggression as a main tactic to put pressure on the enemy team to give away their positions, and arT just has enough confidence in his skills to be able to quickly take those split second firefights. Basically, he’s turning a slow methodical peek-and-punish game plan into a game of quickdraw. Whoever fires first will win, and it’ll likely be arT

    KenjiTheSnekKenjiTheSnekMånad sedan
  • He doesn't look like an aggressive person

    MatikMatikMånad sedan
  • I play just like him only I get max 1 kill if I don't die insta :D

    KoSXxPotatisbarnetXDKoSXxPotatisbarnetXDMånad sedan
  • You say arT got aggression? All of u better see my mom when she finds out about my search history.

    CyCyMånad sedan
  • This how everyone plays in matchmaking/faceit anything not competitive thats why it works ... exploiting enemy weakness instead of working with his team with executes and playing safe

    duziduziMånad sedan
  • " I will keep moving forward ",,,,he took that pretty seriously

    Muhaimin MuazMuhaimin MuazMånad sedan
  • people plays like this on SA Servers all the time

    ErccoErccoMånad sedan
  • Art não bate bem não

    Jefferson BastosJefferson Bastos2 månader sedan
  • Please dont try this at home, you’re not art

    Fatih AalFatih Aal2 månader sedan
  • Os gringo viaja em noi ala

  • Furia give something to art that other teams doesn't have . IT FREEDOM

    Kael ShamieKael Shamie2 månader sedan
  • Silver rush style with Professional Aim

    Janad TongbramJanad Tongbram2 månader sedan
  • And people figured him out just like they did fer

    MichaelMichael2 månader sedan

    Bruno APBruno AP2 månader sedan
  • The art of arT

    Mazharul 2004Mazharul 20042 månader sedan
  • The last clip explains why my silver teammates buy awps when everyone else has $1700

    Jared FullerJared Fuller2 månader sedan
  • 3:32 "...and admire the awp skin" LOL

    FezcFezc2 månader sedan
  • He had played many games with Russians in early days XD 😂

    Nikshil PatelNikshil Patel2 månader sedan
  • pov: you don't have the "Shift" key on your keyboard

    TruckersReportsTruckersReports2 månader sedan
  • he makes pros look like silvers wtf

    Peter Bou SaadaPeter Bou Saada2 månader sedan
  • O melhor e o art usando perfil de anime

    Lucas RanielyLucas Raniely2 månader sedan
  • so.... he's basically every silver but with normal team and good aim

    Ahmad HanifurrohimAhmad Hanifurrohim2 månader sedan
  • 為什麼每場準心都不一樣啊?

    AdrenalineAdrenaline2 månader sedan
  • Admiral Nelson: ", just ."

    RatafakTehPlachtaRatafakTehPlachta3 månader sedan
  • o prata que deu certo

    MfuaoMfuao3 månader sedan
  • His play style is looks like SEA matchmaking lobby players

    The NasiudkThe Nasiudk3 månader sedan
  • Captain america: ..... And Hulk... Smash The Hulk:

    Doctor PDoctor P3 månader sedan
  • He's constantly on fight or flight mode

    AzmenAzmen3 månader sedan
  • Mfer plays csgo like its titanfall

    The Internet PoliceThe Internet Police3 månader sedan
  • Fella playing tournament like deathmatch

    bTziUbTziU3 månader sedan
  • I love his playstyle becouse i also likes to play aggresive

    Joseph JoestarJoseph Joestar3 månader sedan
  • There is arT aggression, then there's MM idiot aggression that shouldn't work, but it does because it's so fucking dumb.

    Nicklas VEVANicklas VEVA4 månader sedan
  • Art is basically all silver solo queue who actually has aim and knows what theyre doing

    no uno u4 månader sedan
  • Here's the thing .. Many faceit lvl 10s after watching this video will go aggro 100%, fine do it is all good but if you die 3 4 rounds going aggro dont do it .. You are not arT, he pushes he get 2kills round over 5v3 but he continues he makes it 5v2 .. Thats fucking disgusting

    The EmperorThe Emperor4 månader sedan
  • Stewie2k: *Being known as "the smoke pushing criminal"* arT: "Hold my anime girl."

    Bảo HồBảo Hồ4 månader sedan
  • Cara é brabo kkkk

    Daniel WolffDaniel Wolff4 månader sedan
  • I play agressive like this, but i dont kill anyone....

    Lais ThauanneLais Thauanne4 månader sedan
  • When ART was a child, his 'S' key in the keyboard was broken, so instead of buying a new keyboard, he *Adapted*

    SnehasishSnehasish4 månader sedan
  • 2:12 art plays so agro even his team mate didn’t expect him there lmao

    HUEEYHUEEY4 månader sedan
  • i try this,when i go forward solo at B mirage it waits me 5 bombs LOL

    PONORPONOR4 månader sedan
  • It's The "ART" of arT

    Ol FlOl Fl4 månader sedan
  • my teammate: *walks into my molotov and dies* art: *walks through 2 of the enemies moltovs and gets a 3k*

    Potato ManPotato Man4 månader sedan
  • the confidence is so scary. it freaks everyone out

    pimentopimento4 månader sedan
  • What a legend

    SenkotatsuSenkotatsu4 månader sedan
  • At 2:20 you start to realize how crazy his aggression is when even astralis are struggling

    rocker 10039rocker 100394 månader sedan
  • This man plays to shoot ppl not wait around. Chad energy

    SuperJetSkeetsSuperJetSkeets4 månader sedan
  • gives this man a medal !

    PepztPepzt4 månader sedan
  • Enemy : "yo where you at ?" aRT: "dont worry I'll come to you"

    J DJ D5 månader sedan
  • Navi Need This Man

    ken liewken liew5 månader sedan
  • Anime pfp. He’s a shonen protagonist.

    EpochEpoch5 månader sedan
  • Art doesn't respect a bit

    alea torioalea torio5 månader sedan
  • Such a good talent he is playing with his instinct...

    wLambewLambe5 månader sedan
  • "That is why you buy the AWP on an eco" Noted.

    Bee GeeBee Gee5 månader sedan
  • only guy with an anime pfp that i respect

    Sunny SituSunny Situ5 månader sedan
  • 9:45 Imagine having someone in your team giving you the defuse because you deserve it, thats awesome.

    Gustavo DavidGustavo David5 månader sedan
  • He doesnt even take time to reload, why would you when you can just pick up loaded weapons on dead people

    lologannuslologannus5 månader sedan
  • I would smoke him

    FmbleFmble5 månader sedan
  • alternative tittle: 10 minutes of aRT's being russian gold nova

    ClumsypandaClumsypanda5 månader sedan
  • 7:59 look at those toxic chats

    JethaLOLJethaLOL5 månader sedan
  • And that is why you buy and awp in an eco round

    Deependra Singh SaharanDeependra Singh Saharan5 månader sedan
  • Legend says he is still pressing w

    Your Free Windows 10 Upgrade is Ready !Your Free Windows 10 Upgrade is Ready !5 månader sedan
  • 4:27 That explains everything, he's got the power of god and anime on his side.

    Coldfront AlphaColdfront Alpha6 månader sedan
  • "That is why you buy an awp on an eco" sure pal, sure...

    ksawik 1212ksawik 12126 månader sedan
  • If I were a smoke, I'd feel violated.

    NigelWasHereNigelWasHere6 månader sedan
  • arT: *W* molotov: am I joke to you?

    Benja LanusseBenja Lanusse6 månader sedan
  • What a sick player. He's gonna singlehandedly revolutionize the game in the pro scene.

    Patrick FamePatrick Fame6 månader sedan
  • He just playing game

    Zhan KimZhan Kim6 månader sedan
  • arT is clearly just built different

    Felipe BrunettaFelipe Brunetta6 månader sedan
  • I play that aggressive too, the difference is that i die like a fucking noob lol

    Juzo S.Juzo S.6 månader sedan
  • Apparently the way to kill him is just by throwing an smoke and blindly open fire to it 🙈

    Jesús RedondoJesús Redondo6 månader sedan
  • Kid

    Cảm xúc lạCảm xúc lạ6 månader sedan
  • Hi

    Ks4yKs4y6 månader sedan
  • O art é um cachorro kkk

    Davi NunesDavi Nunes6 månader sedan
  • Na internet é um DEUS

    Rafael RodriguesRafael Rodrigues6 månader sedan
  • arT's tactic : Only W

    quoc datquoc dat6 månader sedan
  • TACO is the problem

    WaffleWaffle6 månader sedan
  • If art plays like this then fuck it im gonna use an autosniper in a tournament

    Fadly AgainFadly Again6 månader sedan