Visiting Dream [Dream SMP]

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  • skip to 9:17 if you want to skip me stalling because Phil's internet died

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    • Pwedeeaq

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    • 55:55

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    • Lol

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    • @DaPhatOneIsOut haha

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    • Technobabe

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  • 38:12 is when he visits dream

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  • Techno 30 mins later:breaks out to ring channel member bell, then quietly strolls back in prison

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  • why dosent techno just go into the laba and respawn and if sam destroyed the bed it would be better coz he wont even be in the prison

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  • And they (techno and dream) were roommates

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  • okmmn ,b mvm

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  • Nobody's talking abt the thumbnail?

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  • i stubbed my toe

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  • He he hua

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  • 32:25 he’s legit contemplating whether he should press the lever or not

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  • Techno blade😅😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂😂😂😂😂😂🤣🤣😂😂🤣

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  • That map was hacker

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  • Hi

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  • its ok ur upload schedule isnt as bad as vihart’s

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  • because of his awful upload schedule his old vids comments are pretty active, neat

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    • Ryan how you do that

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  • Techno u can help dream escape!! I'll tell u the plan if u permit or atleast reply back.

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  • dream is the best

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  • tchno u tryn to become 1# in farming subscribers

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  • Hey techno will you ever join the rachjelor of love or host?

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  • "You're incharge of distributing my stuff." could be weapons to break him out

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  • Hi

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  • Dream scream

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  • You should play Portals 2!

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  • Post all ready

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  • pog

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    • @Lokesh hello :D

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    • Hii cute axotl

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  • In the story techno and dream is a team right against the whole smp??

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  • Kill dream

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  • Alternate title: human pig visits a criminal blob in an inescapable prison.

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  • "I love authority" You can sense the fear in his voice.

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  • Is it just me or does this guy sound like Shroud?

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  • Is it just me or does techno sound like a villager when he dose heee

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  • Did anyone notice the bedrock and the three spawners in his ended chest

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  • i love the pig army

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  • I was ready to hear Phil say, "I punched that dog in self defence," at 12:14

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  • Like the home nail

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  • bro what about hes spawn point lol

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  • Piggy uploaded

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  • I know how u can escape without dying but it’s risky

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  • Technoblade never dies

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  • Pog

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  • Why didn’t techno kill himself? Wouldn’t he respawn in the bed where he sighted the contracts

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  • and they were roommates

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  • I like how this has 6.9 million views

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  • Its so funny that he is prisoned in the server in the name of him

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  • Techno knows he wont die if he gets hunted

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  • noo dt

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  • Have poeple realised that dream and sam sound alike

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  • The thing is dream is opped he can go into creative

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  • You who send several hundred dollars, what are you winning for? Technoblade do not care at all about you.

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  • Grande el tennoblade

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  • Destroy the egg destroy there country

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  • 38:46 ‘no what?!’ WHY IS THAT SO FUNNY?

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  • Why there is no more streams, or vods?

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  • 🗡

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  • Its 11:41 pm and im watching santa pig visit telletubie in prison

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  • Blood For The Blood God.

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  • Welp Their traitors

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  • TechnoJoy

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  • You are amazing technoblade

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  • 6.9 million views perfection

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  • hello pls noticce

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  • U could have just walked into the lava or is that part of the rp that u cant

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  • Techno your the best

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  • I am

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  • Techno be like hey roommate while dream be like is he stupid cause WERE NOT ON VACATION!!!

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  • Sam is a poop

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  • Just recognized that mum technoblades crow is made out of da infnity stones...

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  • 29:27 uh-

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  • hi

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    • Hello

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  • 40:43 it was at this moment that technoblade knew that he messed up 😂

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  • Look at the live chat when techno was ringing the bell

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  • Just break the obi 🙃

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  • Dream: clay Technoblade: Dave Tommyinnit: Tom simons Sapnap: nick Georgenotfound: Gorgi or something

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  • Do u know in the old versions can find some strengths entity's

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  • Funny thing about Techno's containment, he didn't sleep in the cell bed, all he has to do is die to go back the bed he actually slept in (which will be unlocked) allowing him to also release Dream. They can both escape from there.

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  • Notice the bedrock block in the ender chest

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  • bro

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  • 6.9m nice

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  • I am summoned

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  • Technotrapped

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  • one year ago when this video was uploaded, things went very wrong for technoblade... thats gotta be on purpose right?

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  • Technoooooooooooooooo

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  • sam: hello sir techno: WHATS UP MAN, HOWS IT GOING

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  • I think he should make techpeppa pig thingy movie bla bla blee

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  • Techno and dream escape

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  • at the beginning he sounded like a robot

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  • *bro your door broke*

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  • I love how that creeper guy has no expression at all

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  • 696969

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  • Who does your thumb nails bro, they look great! Tell em that we appreciate the art!

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  • Nice thumbnail dude!

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  • Techno: Phill, this is my will :D Me: Yeah... of course.

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  • 6.9 mill views pog

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