How many pounds do you guys think you would get?!

Ladda ner



  • If sb wondering is that work, the answer is no

    Tko PolandTko Poland5 minuter sedan
  • The fact that this is what shorts are nowadays amazes me, this is “content”

    Ty HolbertTy Holbert43 minuter sedan
  • My boy had to put it next to his waist, y’all already know why his is so high.

    Mitts FitnessMitts Fitness51 minut sedan
  • You need you a good ole country boy. We shake our grandma's hand harder then yall

    huh 4tofpvhuh 4tofpv54 minuter sedan
  • Pro gymnasts: *hehe grip strength go W E E E*

    𝓀𝓇ℯ𝒶𝓉𝒾_𝓀𝓇ℯ𝒶𝓉𝒾_59 minuter sedan
  • Well that test was bullshit lol. You're telling me the guy at the computer desk has better grip than that one black dude who looks like he works out. Nah Issa a setup.

    WavySlayWavySlayTimme sedan

    Kaden EdwardsKaden EdwardsTimme sedan
  • диззлайк фор ю щит😏

    Make AskMake AskTimme sedan
    • олсо блок) со щит лайк ю невер бринг ап иг шотртц😎

      Make AskMake AskTimme sedan
  • Find the house and burn it down

    Tyler DurdenTyler DurdenTimme sedan
  • His nickname Champagne but look broke asf 🤣😂😂😂😂

    dakota olivardakota olivarTimme sedan
  • You used your leg there homie . We all saw it

    Chris ChamberlainChris ChamberlainTimme sedan
  • Tis a hand grip dynamometer grip strength test

    Snowball CarrotSnowball CarrotTimme sedan
  • Couple of his friends gave a real half assed squeeze, *lookin at you champagne*

    Noah PerryNoah PerryTimme sedan
  • You cheated that's why

    Joshua BlewittJoshua BlewittTimme sedan
  • Pushes it against his hip

    Piper PruiksmaPiper PruiksmaTimme sedan
  • They all squeezed it normal and you used your leg though?

    Chance OlsonChance Olson2 timmar sedan
  • Last guy cheated against his leg.. punk

    Saigon_BabySaigon_Baby2 timmar sedan
  • The longer you hold it as well gets a harder grip strength

    Madara UchihaMadara Uchiha2 timmar sedan
  • i had 218

    Arshvir AtwalArshvir Atwal2 timmar sedan
  • Just watched him cheat bro tf. He pressed it against his leg

    [OSK] One Shot Kill[OSK] One Shot Kill2 timmar sedan
  • I'd like to see if I could do better

    ryan duncanryan duncan3 timmar sedan
  • Kaoru Hanayama: That’s cute

    Francesco MaurielloFrancesco Mauriello3 timmar sedan
  • Maybe Thanos had a point

    Dabbing DabberDabbing Dabber3 timmar sedan
  • 425 here. Not bad

    Joey KustersJoey Kusters3 timmar sedan
  • What was in that black water?…

    Gymnast Layla.SGymnast Layla.S3 timmar sedan
  • My PE teacher tested the whole class😂😂 with this thing but i don't remember how much was my score. It was about 5-7 years ago

    Rábai Balázs SANELRábai Balázs SANEL3 timmar sedan
  • Nerd

    Mikey JohnsonMikey Johnson3 timmar sedan
  • This guy is such a loser

    SiebernatorSiebernator4 timmar sedan
  • Gotta include that water in every shot

    widedwided4 timmar sedan
  • Can’t push it against ur body 😂😂

    JlowbagJlowbag4 timmar sedan
  • This whole thing was an ad for some lame water product.

    Levi SchaeferLevi Schaefer4 timmar sedan
  • You cheated

    Adam HernandezAdam Hernandez4 timmar sedan
  • In the next episode, let's lie about this being a challenge again so that I can look cool even though my ego is massive and I have to be better than my friends to feel accomplished

    Frosty OmnicFrosty Omnic4 timmar sedan
  • You used your leg lol

    Alejandro MartinezAlejandro Martinez4 timmar sedan
  • Dude has kauchdaddy in this vid😂😂

    Floyd DrizzyFloyd Drizzy4 timmar sedan
  • finally a youtube account that didnt show off their girlfriends body

    Mohd HafizMohd Hafiz5 timmar sedan
  • My father is one of the mass distributors for the BLK water you guys are drinking, cool to see the product out there

    BeefJerkyPlaysGamesBeefJerkyPlaysGames5 timmar sedan
  • This video is proof that saying men in general are stronger than women isnt sexist but factual

    YrzyYrzy5 timmar sedan
  • I don’t understand how people use the term “let’s go” these days.

    jravelljravell5 timmar sedan
  • Why yall look on drugs

    Amymoha10Amymoha106 timmar sedan

    sheeplawsheeplaw6 timmar sedan
  • Colty cheating

    NoahTube VlogsNoahTube Vlogs6 timmar sedan
  • Sponsored by blk water

    Bigg ChillinBigg Chillin6 timmar sedan
  • Haha loser I got a 223

    Balraj TavanandiBalraj Tavanandi6 timmar sedan
  • Lets go where ?

    Light BringerLight Bringer6 timmar sedan
  • I'd love a Crack at that and see my grip strength

    Bearded BatmanBearded Batman6 timmar sedan
  • My older brother has a 350lbs gripper he leaves lying around so that we all know never to fuck with him X)

    TibbityTibbity6 timmar sedan
  • 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻

    THE MOST CHANNEL VlogsTHE MOST CHANNEL Vlogs7 timmar sedan
  • " champagne"

    Prateek DasPrateek Das7 timmar sedan
  • 113 what pounds, kilograms, Newtowns, bar, psi?

    TesMatTesMat7 timmar sedan
  • Bro this is a paid promotion 😂

    Parvinder KourParvinder Kour7 timmar sedan
    • Of black water

      Parvinder KourParvinder Kour7 timmar sedan
  • Black water gives you power, I want some

    Jay ThreeJay Three7 timmar sedan
  • What a knobber

    gsggsg7 timmar sedan
  • Onlyfans of those girls?

    Punjabi ManPunjabi Man7 timmar sedan
  • Kylie won the darwin award

    Alex JanssensAlex Janssens7 timmar sedan
  • As if the black water did anything

    nobody is perfect. then i'm nobody.nobody is perfect. then i'm nobody.7 timmar sedan
  • Jack Daniels, 200.

  • Is this another hype house type thing? SEcrone and tiktok are not being smart with these kids

    Isaac SilvaIsaac Silva8 timmar sedan
  • He probably tried it multiple times until he hot a higher score

    Joran beumerJoran beumer8 timmar sedan
  • This machine is not good.

    Mehedi HasanMehedi Hasan8 timmar sedan
  • he cheated by pushing his arm against his thigh, but okay weird looking dude. you won.

    Kenai IMKenai IM8 timmar sedan
  • Y'all week

    Joleen RobertsJoleen Roberts9 timmar sedan
  • What a loser

    MarcoMarco9 timmar sedan
  • He cheated at the end lol uses his leg for leverage.

    Dustin MosleyDustin Mosley9 timmar sedan
  • Why did you cheat?

    Jens Christian TvilumJens Christian Tvilum9 timmar sedan
  • guys i don’t think this is sponsored by blk

    nzxuknzxuk9 timmar sedan
  • What u using that grip for home boy 😏

    JayyprrJayyprr9 timmar sedan
  • The ducking black water product placement just pisses me off

    Justin KingJustin King9 timmar sedan
  • é bionda é bionda

    skull wundskull wund9 timmar sedan
    • Another episode of all of you are weak as hell

      xrrxy vvoixrrxy vvoi9 timmar sedan
  • He pressed it against his leg when he squeezed it, what a fraud

    GoatScoperGoatScoper9 timmar sedan
  • Guys, who on 0:21? Inst ?

    #OVER#OVER9 timmar sedan
  • This one guy from country side finland broke of these devices in hospital

    ConradConrad10 timmar sedan
  • this video is why i’m straight phobic

    Nathan HuntNathan Hunt10 timmar sedan
  • My masn sat here and tried untill he got the highest

    Jamez. KiloJamez. Kilo10 timmar sedan
  • CHAMPAGNE !!!!

    V.O.A.V.O.A.10 timmar sedan
  • Nigga cheated 🤣

    Dr.Platinum 23Dr.Platinum 2310 timmar sedan
  • Blk water don't do shit

    John McDevittJohn McDevitt10 timmar sedan
  • Do it again without pushing it up against your leg from what pressure

    Seth MSeth M10 timmar sedan
  • I need one of these to boost my ego.

    J TJ T10 timmar sedan
  • Another episode of all of you are weak as hell

    Scott DenysScott Denys11 timmar sedan
  • Easy max out 😏

    IBTIBT11 timmar sedan
  • I had to use one of those when I sprained my wrist. Apparently it helped with getting its strength back

    Coffee JellyCoffee Jelly11 timmar sedan
  • He cheated using his leg

    John RiedeselJohn Riedesel11 timmar sedan
  • You are the strongest

    Mateo KušarMateo Kušar11 timmar sedan
  • everyone’s score would have been better if you told them to squeeze it as hard as they can.

    Tony rinaldoTony rinaldo11 timmar sedan
  • I’d break that thing

    Fuscjia CollinFuscjia Collin11 timmar sedan
  • Yeah. I like how you put it on your thigh to get Leverage so you can post a video of you out doing your roommates

    Victor HartVictor Hart12 timmar sedan
  • Let's see who's the strongest in the house Oh that's

    SmokeySmokey12 timmar sedan